Auburn Tigers Football



Date Game Location Time Media  
09/03/16 vs.Clemson Clemson Auburn 8:00 p.m. CT


09/10/16 vs.Arkansas State Arkansas State Auburn 6:30 p.m. CT
09/17/16 vs.Texas A&M Texas A&M * Auburn 6:00 p.m. CT
09/24/16 vs.LSU LSU * Auburn TBA MORE
10/01/16 vs.Louisiana-Monroe (HC) Louisiana-Monroe (HC) Auburn TBA MORE
10/08/16 atMississippi State Mississippi State * Starkville, Miss. TBA MORE
10/22/16 vs.Arkansas Arkansas * Auburn TBA MORE
10/29/16 atOle Miss Ole Miss * Oxford, Miss. TBA MORE
11/05/16 vs.Vanderbilt Vanderbilt * Auburn TBA MORE
11/12/16 atGeorgia Georgia * Athens, Ga. TBA MORE
11/19/16 vs.Alabama A&M Alabama A&M Auburn TBA MORE
11/26/16 atAlabama Alabama * Tuscaloosa, Ala. TBA MORE
Auburn Tigers
Auburn Tigers6 hours ago

"A love of Auburn is what brought us all together."

🗣 » Nosa Eguae

#WarEagle | #AuburnInspires

I still tear up with this.
I wish they could tag on how these kids are doing today. They are in what? 5th grade now?
Better than a basketball win any day! War Eagle!
Love this.Need to keep the connection
You guys are awesome for sharing the Auburn spirit with these students! War Eagle!
Awesome story. Life changing. It's great to be an Auburn Tiger!
Kathleen Reed Bright.....
Auburn Tigers
Auburn Tigers with Auburn-Opelika Tourism Bureau.1 day ago

Enter here for your chance to win four tickets to the Auburn Football A-Day Game, four VIP Pre-Game Hospitality Passes, and an AU Prize Pack courtesy of the Auburn-Opelika Tourism Bureau!


War Eagle everybody! I love my Tigers, always!!
My family would love ❤️ to win!🦅🦅
My grands would love to go ty done
Love watching the eagles fly down, gives me chills to see such awesome birds! War Eagle!
Alex Castañon you should enter to help tony win lol
Done hope to win never been can’t afford it bc of disability check don’t allow it ...War Eagle
Done and crossing my fingers. Would love to get there during my niece's senior year 🙂.
Love this I will take my niece from Liberty university cause she could not pay for auburn and would love it War Eagle
Done! Hope I win so I can take my auburn loving 10 year old!!
Sure hope to win War EAGLE
War Eagle!!!
Would love to win. Auburn graduate, 1966. War Eagle!
Jessica Gomez you should enter for tony to win lol
Done! War Eagle!
Please and thank you!!!
Done. Austin Chalker do it for dad!
wonderful gift to my son and grandsons
THAT is an AUsome picture 🦅
Linda Reynolds Flynn you should enter to help tony win and invite us to go with you if you win 😬
Done! War Eagle!!
Would like be to go!!! War Eagle
War Eagle! BOOM!
Did it!!
Done! WDE!!!
Auburn Tigers
Auburn Tigers2 days ago

One step at a time.

Auburn Men's Basketball is MARCHING ON!

#WarEagle | #MarchMadness

Auburn Tigers
this game sucks
What a joke! Hahaha GO KENTUCKY!!!!
Choke artists just like the football team
Can we vote you clowns out of the SEC? Blown out by Clemson?
Lethargic on the court the other night, but high energy in the locker room? WOW! 🙄 War Eagle anyway!
Atleast you won half the half sec award!
Should have stayed home
War Eagle Guys! Now go beat those "other" Tigers!❤️🦅🐯
I bit all my nails off last night ... War Eagle
Keep on moving up 🦅🦅🦅🦅
Great game. Do your best.
War Eagle 🦅
Go tigers!😺
WDE men! 🏀
Auburn Tigers
Auburn Tigers added 69 new photos.2 days ago
Auburn Tigers
Auburn Tigers shared Auburn Men's Basketball's post.3 days ago
WDE win and advance. Whew I need a strong drink!
Whew ...
This program has come a very long way in the past few years. Thanks for a great season; let’s keep it going another week!
Blind ref, but hey, what can you do?
Hard fought win, War Eagle! Now calm down and play a smart round 2 game!
WAR EAGLE! How about a runaway next time so I don't almost have a heart attack.
Barely. I get that the 3 got you here but maybe, just maybe, wait at least 4 seconds each possession before you launch it from 33 feet. Just saying.
Love... these... guys... WAR EAGLE!!!! I'm so happy I can't describe it!!!
HOT GRITS AND COOL BUTTER BABY ALREADY I know that you would do it
but i saw somewhere where auburn lost to kansas
All for nothing after the investigation forces a forfeit of this season
War Eagle! Need to start hitting our free throws. We were a mess from the line tonight.
Congratulations on the win! Work on your shooting for Sunday!
#OnAMission #FearlessAndTrue #WarEagle🏀 "I Believe In Auburn & LOVE IT"
So proud of these young men!!! War 🦅!!!!! Movin on!!!!
Horne says this much of a victory
Picked Auburn for my bracket, way to go!
#Men on a Mission. Go War Eagles!!!!!
Cardiac pack lol
War Eagle-Nice win!!🏀🦅🏆
Proud of our guys!!
War Eagle!
War Eagle!
Auburn Tigers
Auburn Tigers3 days ago

Auburn Men's Basketball vs College of Charleston

📍 San Diego
⌚ 6:27 p.m. CT
📺 truTV
📻 Auburn Sports Network

#WarEagle | #MarchMadness

Auburn Tigers
What kind of ? Is that duh
You get em Tigers War Eagle
That was TOO close. War Eagle!
Make us proud, War Eagle
What channel?
War Eagle!
War Eagle!!
Cameron Stephens Yall have cable? lol
Auburn Tigers
Auburn Tigers4 days ago

"I felt valued and cherished. I felt welcome."

🗣 » Dr. David Mines

Dr. David Mines works to make sure Auburn Tigers from all backgrounds feel the same way about their Auburn University experience as he did.

David, you are still the same great guy I knew many years ago - a perfect role model for youth! War Eagle!
Great job, David! And to think I knew you way back when.... Super proud of you. War Eagle!
Proud to have known you for almost two decades and proud of the great Auburn man you are! War Eagle!!
Nothing like the Auburn family. Wonderful article!
War Eagle! Great to be an Auburn Man!
War Eagle!!!
Great guy.
David Mines! Great Article. Proud of You, my friend!
Great article, David Mines!!
Auburn Tigers
Auburn Tigers4 days ago

Auburn Men's Basketball in action TOMORROW!

#WarEagle | #MarchMadness

Auburn Tigers
That was a horrible game. We do not seem motivated to play. 🤨
Congratulations Auburn but you’re giving me heartburn in the final minutes of the games!!
We love you Tigers!!!! You have made us so proud - we know you can do this. War Eagle!!!
Someone please take these things down
We are really pulling for you guys, I just HOPE that you play with a different emotion than the one you guys played with against ALA in the the SEC tournament when you were SO upset about being slighted in the ALL conference awards!!!!
It was so sad but when you are up against a better team this is what happens
Don’t choke like the football team
Go Auburn Family
War Eagle. We will be cheering for all of you. Play smart and fast
War Eagle!!
Go get em 🐯
Let’s go Tigers!!!
Let's go AU!!
Get it done!!!!
Make us proud
War Eagle!!!
War Eagle!
Aaron BenandiW🦅
Bring it!!!
David Anderson
Stephanie Hixon Rothoff
Caraline Harper Jake Harper
Auburn Tigers
Auburn Tigers4 days ago

Day two Auburn Men's Basketball practice report with Rod Bramblett and Joe Ciampi.

#WarEagle | #MarchMadness

Auburn Tigers
Who knew Verne Lundquist had a daughter that worked for TruTV. Laverne did such a bad job I had to switch to the AU Network instead. Thank-you Rod Bramblett, you did a great job calling your 1st game in the NCAA Tournament!
Great job guys..... War Eagle from N.J.!
Auburn Tigers
Auburn Tigers4 days ago


Auburn Baseball matches the 1997 squad for the best 18-game start in program history.


Auburn Tigers
Wasn't that Tim Hudsons team?
Shannon Nelson get you a school who can do all three? 🤔🦅
Nice strike zone! 😬
War eagle 🦅
Kyle Davis Benjamin Leslie Beasley Jake Harper
Andrew Martin
Trey Miller