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LeBron James is the third-oldest player with a 40-point triple-double in NBA history. 🔥

He's going to be breaking more and more records as he gets older, much to the chagrin of his haters. Seeing them lose their minds on every post will be (and already is) priceless! 😂
- Lebron got swept in the finals - Lebron has as many finals losses as Kobe has rings lol - Lebron lost back to back finals - Lebron never three peated once, let alone twice in this weak era - Teams celebrated winning a title on lebron's home court on 3 different occasions. ('07, '11, '15) - Lebron lost to a Dwight Howard Magic team with no superstars in 6 games - Lebron been the best player since 2008 according to Lebron fans but he couldn't beat the magic to meet Kobe in the finals - Lebron is so great and goat that he had to leave his team and jump to another team with two franchise superstar players not role players, superstars. - Jumped ship joined two superstars and still lost to a team with one superstar and a bunch of role players past their primes lol - Jason Terry averaged more PPG's in the '11 finals than Lebron, goat lol - Lebron would've lost the 2013 finals if it wasn't for Ray Allen's shot - Lebron loses the finals in the following year by a record margin in 5 games lmaooo but he's the goat lol - Lebron got cramps in San Antonio meanwhile Kobe and Jordan will play till they die basically - Lebron then jumps ship again since he's the goat and so great he bails on Miami and goes back to Cleveland, like talk about loyalty smh - Lebron loses in the 2015 finals where he was in position to win when he was up 2-1 with game 4 in Cleveland with Kyrie being hurt he had the chance to cement his goat status by going up 3-1 but couldn't and lost those finals as well. - 2 years ago if Kyrie doesn't hit the dagger three Golden state wins - Lebron scored 11 points in the 4th quarter in the first 3 games of this years finals - Lebron lost in 5 games again lol - In the biggest stage of them all doesn't matter how many times you made it kids all that matters is if you won it and Lebron's finals record is 2007- L (Swept) 2011- L (Lost in 6 games) 2012- W (Won in 5 games) 2013*- W (Ray Allen's finals winning shot) 2014- L (Lost in 5 games) goat 2015- L (Lost in 6 games) 2016* - W (Kyrie's finals winning shot) 2017- L (Lost in 5 games) goat - Lebron lost back to back finals - Lebron almost three peated in the finals with losses Stop the comparisons with Michael when he's got to catch Kobe first smh. Kids and millennials stats don't tell the whole story in this watered down era of basketball with no physicality, hand checking, true 4 and 5's. Watch you Lebron fans make an excuse for each blunder in his record that I just pointed out lol and never accept the blame lol
Hate it or not LeBron James is the Greatest Athlete in the World. Plain and Simple!!!
I like James and all but please talk about someone else....thee are other players worthy of air time
ESPN Stats be like....LeBron is the third oldest to record a triple double while 8 complaints to the referee while wearing black shoes while having 10 cups of Gatorade coming off the bench while giving teammates 15 high fives while ESPN is waiting frantically to post on a Monday at 5 o'clock while getting ready to post the fact up on Facebook.
Sigh. Enough of haters talking finals and comparisons to Jordan or anyone else...Lebron Is Lebron... and you can't deny he's a monster. There's a reason people even debate...
Yeah but did he win an Oscar? I don’t think so.
Funna how we say 33 is old. Not even mid life yet
The old man still has it!
He's really trying to get in as much basketball as possible before he goes on summer vacation in April
Ho Mutha Effin Hum......why mus y'all keep reaching with trivial shyt how about 5 time loser no other GOAT candidate in any sport in History has such futility. Facts.
Yea well, I’m just wondering why his hair is running off to the locker room before the games over. 🤷🏼‍♂️
“Then there's the question of their opponents. While it's true that players can only play the teams in front of them, it's also a fact that LeBron has faced more difficult competition in the Finals than MJ did. Using a Simple Rating System, a measure of team strength, LeBron's Finals opponents have been, on average, 7.91 points stronger than the average NBA team. In contrast, MJ's opponents had an average SRS of 6.84. However, the difference goes beyond a simple average of the opponents. LeBron faced five FINALS teams (2007 Spurs, 2014 Spurs, 2015 Warriors and 2016 Warriors, 2017 Warriors) that were better than the toughest team MJ had to play (the 1997 Jazz). All five of those teams had an SRS over eight; MJ only faced one team with an SRS that high in his ENTIRE PLAYOFF CAREER (not just his finals career) and that team, the 1986 Celtics, swept him." #MommaThereGoesThatMan
They did not take 5 steps before they shot the actual basketball back in the day.....Wait for it..... Now will be attacked by each LeBron lover screaming he is the greatest basketball player of all time?!? Riding off on my unicorn now WEEEEEEEE!!!!
The entire over-hype of Lebron and Tom Brady achieving what they have at their respective ages is getting really tiresome. Everything about sports has changed so rapidly in even the last 20 years....nutrition, exercise and training, equipment, recuperation and medical advances, etc. There were so many great athletes before that had injuries that now are treated where the athlete misses maybe a season instead of missing years or having their careers ended. Yes, they are wonderful athletes but they are also a product of modern society as well.
LeBron is the oldest player to have the name LeBron and be a self righteous pos. Congratulations
Lebron could be the mvp when GSW beat them the first time, Lebron average triple double and lead all players in 5 categories when Cavs beat GSW, Lebron got 3 finals mvp. 🤷🏽‍♂️. Whatever dude
If it wasn't for James Harden and the season that he is having and the Houston Rockets, then I would chose Lebron as the MVP. Without him, Cleveland would be nothing. Averaging 27 9 and 9 at 33 years of age is great. Jordan was dominant at similar stretch with the Bulls and Kobe was before he tore his acl with the Lakers
...On a Monday, during a blood moon, on a non-leap year, whilst skipping to his Lou without Tyrone, on Kevin’s good knee, with JR smith playing less than 40 minutes in a game... cool statistic ESPN! Show of hands; who cares? 👎🏼
Who cares.....HAHAHAHAHAHA
LeBron James is even a better team owner than Jordan.
I witnessed it thanks lebron. And thanks for the cedi shirt!
Hey ESPN, wanna post more about this "Lebron" guy. I havent heard of him
Nice, i'm as impressed as someone who got third place.
Here comes the unnecessary hate and Jordan fanboy comments.
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Mark Henry's legendary career is getting a fitting conclusion.

How is there a Hall of Fame for a scripted show?
His fake retirement is one of the greatest moments in Raw history.
When is Lavar Ball getting in for that epic entrance into the ring.. His performance was an All-time great classic..
Vince Wilfork could take his place and no one would notice.
Don't want to be salty or anything. Nothing against Mark Henry, this was overdue but when is Christian getting in. I see guys get inducted right after they retire (some even before ala Ric Flair) but this guy is as deserving as anyone for that. Serious underrated and underappreciated performer. There are many Hall of Famers that didn't have the career he had despite him being overlooked as much as he has throughout his career.
It takes allot of athleticism and dedication to be in this business. These guys still get hurt and have to be in great shape to perform in the ring. If you spent 1 day at a WWE boot camp to train you would be hurting for weeks!
I always thought he was lame growing up. Maybe he got better?
People in the comments talking about how fake and scripted wrestling is but ignore how rigged the NBA and NFL are these days.
In before all the haters say "Why does ESPN post about this fake wrestling BS?"
A 30 for 30 recently aired on the XFL that Vince McMahon brought and another 7 months or so later of Ric Flair and next month HBO will show a documentary on Andre the Giant but when ESPN posts an occasional WWE themed post you get, 'DIE ESPN!!', guys it's like European soccer, fly fishing, or cricket, if it's not your thing: KEEP SCROLLING!!
I always wondered what happened to Roc after his show was cancelled. Dude put on some serious mass.
Espn has covered wrestling since the 80s with the awa and people act like it's something new
Espn has been covering pro wrestling since before I entered the US. AWA, they carried that show set in Vegas
WWE haters are the funniest of the funny
I didn’t know Rick Ross wrestled? The more you know!
Got to meet him at a Spurs game and he was the most respectful, humble, and just downright awesome WWE Star I met so far! He truly deserves this honor! Congratulations on your induction to the WWE Hall of Fame Mr. Henry!
Wrestling is a combat sport involving grappling type techniques such as clinch fighting, throws and takedowns, joint locks, pins and other grappling holds. The sport can either be theatrical for entertainment, or genuinely competitive.
Don’t know much of his WWE career but the dude was strong af, had a few weightlifting records.
He is also in the international sports hall of fame for his many strongman achivements.
Those if you complaining that wrestling is fake. It’s more real than the 2002 Western Conference NBA Finals.
Is it just me, or is everyone who's been associated with The Rock getting into the HOF? First his dad Rocky Johnson which if you look at his resume has no place in the HOF. Then there's The Godfather and now Mark Henry both of them were in the Nation of Domination with The Rock. Looks like The Rock is really pushing his influence. Who's next D'Lo Brown?
Here comes the dude that will say “it’s fake “. Like it’s some CIA secret and none of us know.
You dorks are really getting mad that ESPN is covering WWE lmao
congratulations to you Mark Henry a native Texan on making the wwe Hall of fame induction 2018
Congrats to Mark Henry. He greatly deserves this
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Triple-double No. 16 for the 👑

This is coming from MJ fan...I just have to admit Lebron is the Goat. Like I said before, I've been watching NBA since 1986. and have never seen a domination that can come close to Lebron's. This guy can do everything. Only thing I don't understand are comparisons of Lebron and Kobe. What a ball-hog like Kobe has to do in the same sentence with Lebron, I really don't undestand....Lebron destroys him as an individual player in literally everything, including: average points, assists, rebounds, blocks, steals. Better 2pt%, better 3pt%. More regular season mvps (4>1), more final mvps (3>2) (and counting).....16-6 head to head leading Kobe in pts, rbs, ast, stls, blk,.....only argument haters have against Lebron are rings....but Lebron hasn't have a prime Shaq to carry him...he hasn't played vs Pacers, Philly and Nets in the finals....he faced some of the best teams of all time...and he hasn't stolen a ring like Kobe had vs Sacramento....My point is, as an invidual player Lebron is the goat.
LeBron James is Greatest Basketball Player Of All Time. He will go down as the history’s greatest player, with the most versatile, athletically destructive game fans have ever witnessed. #KingJames #TheChosenOne #StriveForGreatness
Still Not Close TO Micheal Jordan
LeROID James strikes again. Just wait til the truth comes out. He's been juicing for most of his career.
Anyone else in the league gets a 40 point triple double: "omg what a night, this guy is amazing" LeBron gets a 40 point triple double: "he is just stat padding"
Where was this last night when Westbrook got his 5th straight triple dub . No where to be found
SHUT UP. Here you go. PS: Check the talent each played with. I am a heat fan but you Brought 3 all stars together. #commonsense #NBA #ESPN #FACTS #LENGENDS
I don't follow the NBA, but I assume that this man is the only player in the league?
Get all the stats he wants and needs because he's never going to win another ring.
I'm not trying to take anything away from LeBron James but when it comes to Michael Jordan it's not even close. Nobody can argue with me that Michael Jordan played his heart out every time he was on the basketball court. We've seen LeBron James quit many times are in a season and even in the playoffs. There's no way you can argue that. Again I respect LeBron but I think Michael Jordan should we expect better. If anybody can show me a video of Michael Jordan quitting let me know. The prison LeBron when he quits on the playoffs and finals I've seen it.
Who cares.....Lebron needs to be humble and just play basketball.....if he’s so great, he should get off his on high horse and just play.....humility is what set Jordan apart from everybody else.....FU labron.
Scoring went way up across the league after the nba changed defensive emphasis to hands off around 2000. Of course there was an increase in stats too. More offense, more threes (record amount) more assists more rebounds. There already are a record number of triple doubles this year. Bron’s stats and status are WAY overrated
Nobody deepthroats LeBron quite like ESPN. It disgusts me. Three times a day we have to see a post of a dunk he's done a thousand times before. It's not amazing. Not average by any means but not exciting when you keep ramming into our skulls a thousand times a day.
Last time he was putting up numbers like this on a consistent basis the Cavs lost to Warriors and he was sitting at the podium dodging questions about the lost but continuously brought up how he's the greatest.
Crown him ! He’s the GOAT, get over it! MJ garbage compared to this man
ESPN jerking off Lebron, again. Cleveland is 5-5 in their last ten games and this season have a positive point differential of +.3 pts per game. They won’t make it out of the eastern conference finals.
Like him or not. He is the most dominant player in the NBA. He can make the average NBA player look like they choose the wrong sport.
If you let any player over 6ft5 have complete control of the ball, that player can average a triple double for the season. Of course you have small guards who might not get the rebounds...and taller centers who might not get the assists...but on a nightly average...they can & will produce these "numbers". It's actually, not impressive! Russell Westbrook's season last year wasn't me. If you can combine those "averages" with a WIN.....then we can talk.
Absolute best all round player to ever play the game..LeBron James is the Greatest Athlete in the World. Period!!! Haters can bring up whatever they want, it doesn’t matter. He is the GOAT.🐐 Solid Lbj Fan From PHILIPPINES 💪🚀
After heated argument on bench..... Lue: Sorry Bron....we still good? LBJ: Yeah. We’re good. Are you ok’re looking like you have some “health issues” bro.... Lue: I feel fine. But thank you for asking. LBJ: I said you have health issues. Lue: Ok. I have health issues. ( I’m not the original writer of this )
A triple double on top of almost being killed earlier in the game when he took that WWE style elbow and even more, after firing his top assistant, so he is the only coach on the team.
Yeah For sure James Will get this MVP this year. And hes the Greatest of all time player of all time! Greatest player in history! The real Goat! and Finals MVP and A Champ! yah! That’s James, James Harden #FearTheBeard🎅🏿
As a Michael Jordan fan I have to admit that Lebron James is the GOAT but I will admit that MJ was a better player than Steph Curry!
Ho Hum, just another 40,10,10 night. Maybe he knows how to pad the stats, but it comes so nonchalant, so easy like he ain't trying to post those numbers regularly but he does.
Awesome what a great game king Lebron James had tonight and securing a victory for Cleveland Cavaliers tonight and recording another triple double with his 16th triple double of the season tonight in victory over the Bucks
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If you've got a top-flight engineering program, you might as well see if it can build a brace for your elite center's injured elbow.

I really hate to see this team without Haas, they’ve been a great team all year to lose their center. Michigan fan!!
Purdue top flight engineer school LOLOLOLOL
"Injured" Sounds like a sprain. Dudes elbow is broken. He will not be back in the game, it's possible he could miss next season. The brace, while a nice idea doesn't help speed up healing, only pass NCAA standards for being pliable (squishy). Again, his arm is broken.
But they couldn't provide proper medical attention to wilton Speight in the mich-purdue football game.
This is literally the most Purdue thing ever. As a Boilermaker alum, just when I thought that I couldn't find new ways to love this school even more, something awesome like this happens. Hoping this "brace" gets approved and Isaac can play effectively on Friday. But if not, the effort and heart that Isaac and the school have shown to get him back out onto the court is still worth cheering for. #BoilerUp #ForIsaac
Nice article, I hate that he is hurt. If you want to check out another school getting help with athletic equipment from their engineering department look at Va. Tech's work with football helmets, concussions are very rare for the Hokies, over the last few years.
"Best news I've heard all day." --me (a guy who picked them to win it all in his friend's big money pool)
NCAA already thinking of ways to punish Purdue for this
His jersey and skin are the same color #WhitePeopleWinterProblems
Lachlan McAllister Ask Jeeves any chance of getting the AUES on a Terminator style shoulder brace for yours truly?
Even as a life long Hoosier fan, I find this idea absolutely fantastic! Hope they can work something out!
Probably need to go down the road to Rose Hulman to meet that kind of deadline
They already invented braces and sell them on Amazon with next day delivery lol
I’m not a Purdue fan but I like this kid Haas and his attitude. He gets fouled more than any College player I have seen in a while and guys try to rough him up all game long and he never seems to get angry or be thrown off his game. With that said the last line summed up this story. He still has a broken elbow and IMO delaying the inevitable is pointless, go get it fixed and make that money young man. He has an NBA future for sure.
If we can send 20+ astronauts into space, we can design a brace
My son is a math genius and wants to go into engineering. He picked Purdue to win it all. Assuming the Engineering dept comes through and Haas plays and they win the National Championship then I’m pretty sure my son will want to go to Purdue. JS.
He won't be in there long after he gets dunked on by Zhaire Smith.
Ryan Snowden purdue engineering saving your bracket
Thanks for sharing. Hope you are doing well. It will be interesting to see how it goes for Purdue this week.
I've been laughing for 5 solid minutes at this, I freaking love my school!
Emily Kaminske is this what you were talkiing about earlier today ?
Rich kind of what we talked about lol
Chriselle Fisher mark should check this out
lol Randy I’ve got Purdue winning it all....get to work bruv
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That was on LeBron, the same way Lebron got that dude in Portland last week. Only difference is, that dude in Portland had the backbone to step up. Lebron just stood there wondering what his new superteam is gonna look like. #quitness
Best player in the world woulda played defense, just sayin 🐸🍵
Zeus has posters of Giannis hanging in his room.
I hate people who say lebron isn't the best nba player let's argue😎
LeBron took a shot to the face in this game that I swear I thought he would never get up from. They brought a stretcher out onto the court, but that was waved off in favor of an ambulance. But he got up and kept playing, even with the weight of firing his top assistant coach earlier today, what a guy. Just think we he could do if he had more all stars and an even easier eastern conference.
I eat pieces of sh*t like you for breakfast.
And where is the and one? Dude puts both hands on him in the air. That’s usually a foul
Now show brons face gettin dunked on for two weeks like you did with him vs the blazers you pricks!😅
After that zero look pass couple weeks ago (quite impressive may I add) I feel Bron could have prepared to defend this play. But Bron is smart... he knew better... #thedecision
You know its nasty when Hubie says “oh my/wait a minute/hold on here” lol
Anthony Davis does this every night for like the last half decade. “Only” lol
I figured ESPN would leave LeBron out so it doesn't tarnish their butt buddy relationship. #baesgonnabemad
Apparently the meaning of impressive has changed over the last 25 years.....👎
Not even Tejus Pradeep trying to convince me that Dennis Smith Jr should win ROY is this much of a stretch
LBJ 40 points, big boy 35 any questions!! LMAO
Stretched that arm out like he was trying to dunk on the Monstars
Look at James wanting no part of that. 😂😂😂
Lebron had a dunk in the same game that was monstrous! Oh, and they won the game.
Cavs defense is so amazing...what a lucky dunk..:p
How is this impressive? The kid was so worried about turning one of his ankles that he just cashed out and went to the ground.
Right, because Lebron didn't do that last year...?
LeBron making a business decision. I bet he didn't D him up once in this game.
Giannis got them elephant trunk arms. He could've caught that alley-oop from anywhere and dunked it.
James was speechless looking at the dunk 😱😱
Man I wish LeBron would've actually attempted to block that lol.
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Sign us up for Round 2.

I don't understand how any of you people think that Floyd wouldn't have a chance.. he is a fighter, period... he can grapple, and throw hands, he's quick, he can block and dodge... at one point in a mma fighters life they wasn't able to fight the way they can now.. It's a process .. But this guy has years of experience already, he just has to work on his kicking...
Ugh. Can we please not even entertain this? Conor would end that fight at any moment he wanted. A single leg kick from Conor would debilitate Floyd to the point he wouldn't be able to fight. This will never happen, no commission will EVER sanction this. Are we gonna talk about a potential Brad Pitt Vs Tom cruise fight next? Because it's more likely to happen than this.
I always found it ironic that anyone would do UFC. To spend your life mastering an art just to go in a cage and risk never performing it again. I never watch UFC any there's too many cocky people in the sport and it drives teens to think they're mma fighters and fights break out.
They sold the first fight to idiots and the second fight will be bought by idiots. Precisely why I didn't buy the first fight; won't buy the second. And if you bring up how much money they make, fine. Worship whatever and whomever you please.
Unless Conor draws it out, Mayweather wouldn't last 2 minutes in the cage.
If Mayweather can run for the first 3 rounds Conor will gas out like always, and then maybe he might have a chance.
This by far the dumbest thing Floyd has ever done because he is playing in Connor's yard now. He's in for a fight not a boxing match .
Picture Conor going for a take down then getting a heavy upper cut, bc it’ll come quick 💤 if he attempts that
Don't matter,everyone will pay to see Floyd lose,but he will still be 50-0 boxing and another 200+ million richer!
May and Mac both the "winner$" while we the fan$ are the only "lo$er$"...while ruining both $port$ product, credibility, and reputation$.. @$ long @s they making $ tho right??
Lol, I think this fight is pretty likely. Lets be real here there is a lot of money to be made. They will find a way to make it happen just like they found a way to make the last one work.
Jaime Sparks Rustin Sparks Conor is a huge favorite in mma. Espn with the exceptional news reporting lol
McGregor wins. Not because he's better in the octagon (although he probably is) but because this whole sharrade was set up well before the boxing match. Floyd's payday came there, McGregor's will come in the octagon.
It's smart on Floyd's part. I mean, even if he loses, he is still 50-0 in boxing while still banking mega $$$. I think his goal is to just not get KOd
I just to see mayweather get his face smashed by McGregor inside let's see how long mayweather can last inside this cage of no escape
There is no way in Hell Floyd gets in the Octagon. Why would he? He is already loaded and has nothing to prove. I like both these guys but he want last one round in the UFC with conor going 100% no way right LOL? But I will watch it for sure. There is always that chance and it is a fight. Team Conor
Just like McGregor had no business being in a boxing ring with Mayweather, Mayweather has no business being in an octagon with McGregor.
1st fight Floyd carried McGregor through 9 rounds to make it look like it's looks like a boxing match even tho we saw that Floyd didn't even start fighting until rd 10 so now it's McGregor who will do the same through 4 and finish by choke in 5th? Common, this is just another way to get the most money out of public and put more $$$ into both of theirs bank accounts
Just to watch them dance around for 30 seconds and then mcgregor kicks him straight to hell doesn’t matter high or body
It’ll be set up so that Mayweather can win. It’s going to be a UFC match, but with “Special Rules”! Basically a boxing match in an octagon..
Unless McGregor toys with him, Mayweather will be getting strapped to a stretcher within 30 seconds. Someone needs to tell mayweather that money is useless if you're paralyzed or dead.
The massive favorite being Conor Mcgregor. In a boxing match, the boxer wins, in a UFC fight, the UFC fighter destroys the Boxer, that’s just how it is.
They'll be in their graves and you guys will still be playing out some hypothetical fight scenario between them. These guys are just old now, they're not even the best in their own sports anymore.
I say that Floyd wins 999 out of 1000 (at least) boxing matches, and Conor wins maybe 9 times out of 10 in MMA. Y’all forget how forgiving boxing gloves are and how unforgiving the “4 oz baby gloves” are in MMA.
Rematch in the Boxing Ring or the Octagon? Boxing Ring I would think Floyd would survive, in the Octagon McGregor wins in less then 30 seconds.
ESPN5 hours ago

The Milwaukee Brewers recreated an iconic moment from an iconic movie.

Hamilton "The Babe" Porter would be proud.

Smalls: No... you guys don’t understand... THAT WASNT MY BALL... some lady gave it to my dad... Baby Ruth or something.... Guys: BABE RUTH?!?! What are some other great quotes? You’re killing me smalls!
Brewers winning 90+ this year, I like the confidence of the club
Um Porter’s nickname is not “the babe”.... it’s “The Great Hambino”!!
Wasting away spring training. Another sub .500 year for this club
The Babe? Clearly whoever posted this has never seen the Sandlot.
This video is why Yu Darvish didn't sign with the Brewers.
This may be the greatest thing of all time
I'd rather see a team do a reenactment of the original Bad News Bears so I can see someone cuss like Tanner and smoke cigs like Kelly Leak.
So love the chemistry on this team. Vogt’s take on NCAA refs is gold too, especially with Brett Phillips laughing off camera 😂
Great tribute to the baseball movie that took me back to my Sandlot days!
Watch the full video... “The Beast” gets me every time!
Ian Mehl I might become a brewers fan just bc of this
Becky Jordan Dana Baumgart this made me smile today 😀 this movie will always remind me of growing up and our summers playing ball like everyday!
Aw your version cut out Hank the Brewers rescue dog at the end!
Porter hit right handed tho...
Shelli, i thought this was your husband!
This is on point! Laughed so hard. Pitcher had it down to the T with his laugh.
The Brew Crew has a fun mix of players that genuinely like each other. Should be a fun year. Love this!
who points with their inside arm?
This is cool but saw it done by the Yankees two years ago.
The Brewers play ball like a girl.
A little LAME Porter wasn't a lefty
Cubs fan but this warmed my heart love this movie
Katy hate to admit this is good
Andy DeCaluwe i am sure you have watched this but i laugh every time Vogt makes that scrunchy face at the beginning. Brewers went up a point in my book taking the time to make this.
ESPN6 hours ago

"Dirk, you HAVE to land at Tilted Towers."

–Dennis Smith Jr., probably.

ESPN has become that old awkward guy that makes terrible jokes because he's desperate to fit in with young people.
Let lebron land hes traveled a lot for 15 years
Or maybe they're watching game film like real pro athletes and not a 13 year old.
If you are playing Fortnite on a laptop with no mouse, you dead.
Joseph MalafronteMatt Heine tilted too mainstream. Gotta find a new spot
Battle your way out of Pochinki and then we'll talk.
Tejus Pradeep good to see the boys brush up on First Aid together
“So here’s how we’re gonna lose tonight guys.”
🤦🏼‍♂️ why espn 🤷‍♂️ 🤔I can’t even give you the RESPECT of using capital letters for your so called company anymore 🤢🤮 🤨Worse than hot garbage
Really trying a fornite joke with a random pic?
So Adam Silver said we can’t tank but I came up with a way we can without looking like we are...Dirk- this is brilliant let’s do it
They're booking their summer vacays cuz Dallas will not be in the playoffs...
Zach Zach Michael ESPN wanna fit in so bad 😂
Are they trying to find something they can actually win at???
“I told you all I got paid better in college”
You mean Dirt Nowitzki like Smith thought his name was 😂😂😂
People hating on this joke are just mad ESPN is talking about something other than Lebron.
Dirk is considering retiring after this season but he isn’t sure yet tho
Dirk is old enough too be their dad and still going strong lol
Nicholas Fitz Thanks for getting me hooked before the game was too-too normcore
Fortnite really took over the world
He prolly asking for help finding a good lawyer
Keith even ESPN loves fortnite
ESPN shared First Take Your Take's episode.8 hours ago

Stephen A. Smith and Max debated long enough, now it's time to hear YOUR take.

Upload a video to Official First Take: Your Take Group and let us know which team you think, if any, can potentially disrupt a Warriors- Rockets...

First Take Your Take
Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman weigh in on if anyone can disrupt the Warriors-Rockets Western Conference Finals. Stephen A. is going with the Trail Blazers and Max is all in on the Thunder. Upload a video submission giving us YOUR take.
Don't let this distract from who the GOAT is ! Funny I don't see anyone named Jordon on the list
Rockets will turn back into a pumpkin when the real season starts. They have no heart. Warriors in 5.
People still giving the Jazz no respect.
It's hands down the Thunder! Max is right. Their top 4 guys are better than Portland's. Westbrook is a top 5 player. I'd argue top 3. Lillard lands somewhere between 10 and 20. I predict the Thunder beats one of the top two.
This morons wasting time watching the NBA, we all know that cleveland will wi the championship powered by the real goat LeBron James #2peat #TheChosenOne
I like First Take buy Stephen A Smith is crazy. Blazers won't knock off Houston. I do think Thunders have the best chance. I want to see Warrior's vs Rockets.
Portland vs Houston WCF..... Toronto vs Boston ECF Toronto vs Houston in the Finals
Stephan A. There is only one Mr. Big Shot and his name is Chauncey Billups
No team will be able to stop Warriors vs Rockets conference finals.
Stephen A Smith is so obnoxious. I refuse to even watch
I don't think it will happen. But remote possibilities would include OKC, NO (only if Davis continues playing out of his mind), and the T-Wolves (only if Butler is 100% when comes back)
Stephen A. Smith is an A-HOLE, LOUD MOUTH, who doesn't like to listen to other peoples opinions because he thinks he is always right. Skip & Shannon: Undisputed, so much better than listening to Stephen A-HOLE Smith. I love having choices with sports stations, I love ESPN, just not when this blow hard is on. Max Kellerman: Great boxing analyst, other sports not as much.
The Timberwolves could do it if they have Jimmy Butler.
Really? Giving any team a chance to beat team usa/gsw? No team can beat gsw and that is reality. Like usa getting gold every year in the olympics enough w ds nonsense.
I think everybody’s sleeping on the Suns. They’re the most underrated team ever and I think they have a real shot at the NCAA Tournament Title
I think we’re all sleeping on Utah and their superior team basketball they’ve been playing. Superstars are make or break for teams and if any of these teams stars break Utah will be there to clean up the mess. They don’t have a Superstar yet EMPHASIS on yet shoutout to Mitchell. So I believe Utah has less pressure and I don’t think Mitchell seems like the kind to break down, throw up shots or just disappear like harden has. They are a great all around squad and they play cohesively. I’m going with the dark horse pick in UTAH!!
The way Utah Jazz are playing, I wouldn't rule them out.
Portland and OKC for sure. And I won't ever count out the Spurs. Jazz are playing like a WCF team as well.
ESPN acknowledging the Blazers exist?! That's a first.
Utah will never get any respect. They match up well with almost every team in the league. Lights out defense, good perimeter shooters, they're young and athletic, and they're well-coached. They play some of the best team basketball in the league. If you don't think they can give Houston or Golden State trouble, you haven't been paying attention.
Better question - when will ESPN realize two / three / four or however many folks yelling and screaming their bloated opinions at one another isn’t good television let alone worthy of additional conversation? #TiredOfAllTheScreaming #HowAboutMore30for30
Nobodys beating Warriors.. Only team other than HOU only Timberwolves can be in the WCF
Didn't talk about the only Western team who could really interrupt a Houston/Golden State final. The Utah Jazz.
I honestly think Minnesota can possibly be in there and even the Pelicans!
I said it at the beginning of the season. The biggest threats to a rockets vs warriors WCF is Chris Paul, Stephen Curry, and Kevin Durant. All injury prone players.
ESPN8 hours ago

1. Villanova Basketball
2. Duke Men's Basketball
3. Clemson Men's Basketball
4. WVU Men's Basketball

The rest of Myron Medcalf's Sweet 16 rankings:

Kansas only had 1 legitimate win over WVU. They shot lights out in the conference championship and that won them that game, the other 2 were total screwjobs
Lol your gonna rank Kansas 10th and Clemson 3rd..HAHA ok we will see come Jayhawks basically are playing a home game against Clemson playing in Omaha Nebraska. This list is wack. Oh and they ranked WVU as 4th which KU has beat 3 times this year! Good joke ESPN gave me a good laugh this Monday.
KU sweeps WV 3-0 and you've got WV 6 spots higher? How do I get your job?
LMAO at Michigan being 15. Myron Medcalf... STAY OFF THE WEED!
This guy is insane. He put KU behind both WVU and Tech. KU is 4-1 against them collectively this year. They beat WVU all 3 times. Not to mention their victories against Kentucky and A&M. The fact that Devonte didn’t shoot the ball well on top of having a limited Udoka...and still winning...against a good Seton Hall team...should only help them.
Lol haha there's Michigan getting zero love once again. That's ok. Keep sleeping
Lol. All the haters here. KU is trash. But all i care about is seeing ALL upsets in the sweet 16 except for Duke! #BluedevilNation
Villanova always overrated with theur seeding. Duke going to win it all.
Texas Tech has beaten 4 of the remaining teams in the field and is stuck at #8?
LMFAO how you going to put Michigan at #15 you guys just love to hate on Michigan when the team makes it to the final 4 it won't be so funny then
Hoping for the day 16 left teams in tournament will b re-seeded. We will have quality 16 matches and the best team out of all will win.
How about the Orange D! If you’re a fan of one of the remaining schools, you gotta be happy you’re not going up against that zone. Unfortunately, we got Duke. Coach K is very familiar with the zone. But to be where we are, who can complain. SU may not score much, but they’re playing pretty good ball right now. This is quite a run for a team that most said didn’t belong!
Isaac Haas will return. Even without him that you have Purdue 9th means this list is without all merit.
Very much off. UK definitely should be ahead of wva. Hell UK beat them on their floor lol earlier today ESPN had UK in the title game vs nova lol
You cant just reseed the sweet sixteen! Otherwise destroys the fun that the first two rounds were, if you renumber them now. Let their original number flourish!!
Makes sense to rank KU below West Virginia even though they beat them 3 times this year and in the big 12 championship game without Azubuike...
No, it's not. The top seeds already have an advantage of basically playing home games, they don't need more help. You know what they need to do? Win their games.
You fools are sleeping on those Jayhawks. Devonte and Malik are going to see this. You’re lighting a fire. Thank you.
Man 15 seed for Michigan. Everyone was saying final four team after big ten tournament. What a joke most of these so called experts had msu, unc, cinn going to the final four. Its march and seeding doesn't mean squat. GO BLUE🏀
Who is Myron metcalf and why do I care what he thinks about this tournament. Your analysts are wrong like 98% of the time so why click this article. ( which I didn't )
Minus nova and duke, the rest of this list was generated by random numbers
First they said Penn would beat Kansas. Then Seton Hall would beat Kansas. Now it’s Clemson, Duke, And WV ranked ahead of Kansas. ESPN is about as accurate as their reporting.
Writing NOVA in all caps on my bracket for about 10 years has made me a die hard Villanova fan. I've watched 0.5 games since the 2016 National Championship game.
Hmmm. Ok, it took me a minute to realize what this list was. It's not a ranking of each team. Its based on the matchups and strength of opponent in the next round. But, in that case Kentucky would be the 1-seed.. Actually, I have no idea how the author compiled this list.
Lol. Michigan, winners of the Big Ten tourney, beat Sparty twice, and still no respect because they had to rely on defense in the 1st 2 games.