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"You can keep singing that nonsense all you want to. It didn't happen."

Ryan Rylander I'm perfectly cool with LaVar hyping his kids up. Millions of kids wish they had a dad around that are tight like that. My problem with him is him hyping himself up and disrespecting great players as if they are not great and mentioning other peoples kids. The media talks crap about him but they're just as guilty too because they are loving it that's why he's getting this air time. If that was one of us trying to get on any of these shows they wouldn't even answer the phone...
Robby Rob and that's why you are losing money and viewers... #FakeJournalism
Kevin Fair Maybe its just me but ball has terrible form. His dad needs to shut up. Stephen curry is a million times better than his son I hope UCLA wins tonight can't stand Kentucky but I hope ball sucks it up badly
Geramie Ingram ESPN is jumping on the bandwagon of putting trash on tv. I applaud Stephen A for going after him but he shouldn't have even been in the show. What has done to deserve air time?!
Lee Chapin Ball has been getting the best of you sportswriters for some time now. Just keep running his name out there, don't you? lol
Lewis Marien
Eric Pace They're both idiots.
Steven Jaworski Whyyyyy did the put him on first take... this is exactly why he talks so much crap, you're making him famous
Mitchell Rossman It didn't happen the same way lavar didn't average 2 points a game in college
Patrick Butcher Just because he talked louder and said more dumb things doesn't mean he got the best of himn
Joey Dowling Ball clowned Stephen A. Without a doubt showed that he isnt really a journalist
Dwoine Phillips 2 Big Mouth Non College Basketball Players that Avg The Same PPG!!
JoAnn Knowlton Phelps And today Smith and Michael Irvin screamed at each other. What is the point of this show?
A Jay Roy The fact that you're on the defensive Stephen A means that you know you took an L
Douglas PillartoPost Krueck Please stop talking about that person. He is of no relevance.
John Carrico Why even talk about him let alone interview that guy. Who cares about what's his name. SVP is right there is no reason to talk about a crazy person
Steve Dobson Please remove Stephen A Smith from my TV. I turn the channel from ESPN whenever he is on camera.
Daniel Rocha
Pat Murray Who cares if he got the best of him? That's like punching a handicapped person in the face and telling your friends you won a street fight.
Kevin Fair Maybe its just me but ball has terrible form. His dad needs to shut up. Stephen curry is a million times better than his son I hope UCLA wins tonight can't stand Kentucky but I hope ball sucks it up badly
Brian Gibbon no he steve won easily that guy souded like a street person arguing with someone who knos what hes saying. lol
Tyler Mcdougal When will we stop talking about this guy? I follow this page for sports.
Scott Black the two biggest loud mouths together on one stage....smh...what a waste of time
Colin Vasereno
Rick Stuart Papa Ball is an idiot.Stephen too much of the time.Perfect match
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On this date in 1990, Christian Laettner hit a buzzer-beater in the NCAA tournament.

It wouldn't be his last.

Greg Wilson And on this date the Ball boy will miss a shot that costs UCLA a win!
Cody Hall And now he pees in a bottle if he is traveling through Kentucky and has to go.
Tytus Millikan very tired of seeing this. there have been other buzzer beaters by other teams ya know
Justin Rowell I guess they have to talk about the past to keep duke in the news!
Ricky Williams We all know he should have been ejected from the game way before that *other* buzzer-beater. Not bitter at all. 😒
Michelle Jacobson I hate Christian Laettner
Roberto Gonzalez Cade Leitheiser the goat of college basketball
Rob Haselrig Irrelevant
Eddie Ybarra I think Bryce Drews shot was better than this one
Dustin Pearce But Lavar Ball could beat him in 1on1 just saying
Martin Miño Dream team best player
Nathan Heinl Here's a picture to add to your meme arsenal...
Jason Rosenbluth I remember doing a victory lap
Bob Garabedian Grrrrrr
Ryan Hallock I know you hate this Tavares Robinson!
Jack Stephens Wayne Logan what a day
Amie Klein-Snyder Shannon Snyder
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First, the Chicago Cubs win the World Series. Now Xavier is in the Elite 8?

Not a bad year for Bill Murray.

Terry Tinich Bill Murray - I'm a high school coach in the Kansas City area. Think you could follow our team next season? 😉
Bryan Lineberry Yeah. I've been there. Was having the greatest sports year of my life. I thought. Nothing could change the fact the Royals won the World Series. The Broncos won the Super Bowl. It was the sports years of years. How often will your favorite teams win the championship games of their respective sports the same year. Then UNC was killing it on the NCAA tournament. Made it all the way to the championship game. I knew they were going to win. I mean. It was my sports year. Yeah. Heart break hotel decided to toy with me. Paige hit that three to tie. I knew we had it. Then "IT" happened. Never thought my two favourite teams winning the championship could be clouded. Still haven't seen a replay of that shot. Nor do I hope I ever will. Huh. The triefecta was so close. So close.
Ana Rivera I'm sure he's not the only one having an epic year of this sort, but we can all agree that he must be loving it this much as we speak.
Steve Gonzales The Baby Ruth scene from Caddyshack. Still a PRICELESS movie moment.
Jake Gravenish Just remember he also defeated a rubber handed Roy Munson in the Oder Eaters bowling tournament
Kevin McCarthy The power of Bill Murray >>> the power of Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Proven.
Michael Angelo Vivas Villaluz
Brian Ruiz Oh god I'm going to puke if another Cubs story gets made up.
Joe Dalgarn Plus, on his deathbed he will receive total consciousness. So he's got that going for him, which is nice.
John Reis Personally this was my favorite moment of his....On Wisconsin!!
David Paladino
Noah Dess Never forget
William W Murray It has been a good year for the Bill Murray's.
Bob Jones Bet on teams Bill Murray follows
David Nelson Not to mention his Masters win
Richard Gorth My pens won the cup. All that matters
Curtis Early Wonder what a parlay would've paid on that?
Frank Navarro Can't forget he beat Lavar Ball one on one
Eric Stoll
Gregory Samms whats the xavier connection ??
Ron Russell Love Bill! He keeps it real!!
Jose Monterrosa Jr. Clown
Marcus Maddox GOAT fan
Cory Maas Go Mariners!
Lyle Dunn Jr. Hopefully on to at least the final four
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Which freshman will have the biggest night for UCLA-Kentucky?

Mike Shook Me and my 3 sons could win the ncaa championship by ourselfs we wouldn't even need a 5th player were that good.... also us 4 could take magic Jordan kobe and lbj all in there primes shoot will even make it a little more fair and let Shaq be on there team! We will win 100-17 - lavar ball
Johnny Lombardi People need to stop hating on Lonzo just because his dad is an outspoken fool. The facts are still the facts the kid is a beast and will more then likely be the 1st pick in the draft.
Ben Limbaugh "I could've beaten all those freshman, as a freshman in high school." - Lavar Ball
David Paladino Rather pay for insider to find out its Ball than hear it from LaVar himself
Lawrence Solorio Don't forget Leaf from UCLA...he could easily be the best in this's a toss-up between these four.
Brantley Bub
Tina Ritchie Gordon Monk is due.
Cedric Reyes Well both of them are overrated. But I'll say Lonzo Ball because he can facilitate the break better than Fox.
Rocky Williams Mock Draft 2017 (Think about what the team needs) 1. Josh Jackson (SF Kansas) *Celtics* 2. Markelle Fultz (PG Wash) *Lakers* (Trade Russell or Clarkson) 3. Jayson Tatum (SF Duke) *Suns* 4. Lonzo Ball (PG Ucla) *Magic* (Trade Payton) 5. Malik Monk (PG/SG Kentucky) *Sixers* 6 De'aaron Fox (PG Kentucky) *Kings* 7. Dennis Smith (PG NC State) *Knicks* 8. LAURI MARKKANEN (PF Kansas) Wolves 9. Jonathan Issac (SF FSU) *Kings* 10. Justin Jackson (SF UNC) *Mavs* Think about what the needs not whose better than who. The celtics definelty aint taking Fultz and since they wont take him, then the lakers will.
Lester Sizemore I'm going with the best player tonight and that would be MR MONK
Jeff Rideout Gonna be all 7 of them on UK, since they're gonna win 92-73
Chad Harmer L ball is gonna dominate, if he was on the Sacramento kings they would win the title 😂😂
Alex Catano Lonzo is going to make sure it's T.J Leaf.. He is due to have a big night
Johnny Lombardi C mon man!! You can't seriously be asking this question, Lanzo Ball is by far the best player in college.
Bryan Haupt Steph Curry, I mean Magic Johnson, I mean the God of Basketball himself above all.. Lonzo Ball!!! Duh!!!
Matt Reishus
Evan Kolden TJ Leaf
Mathew Do So 3-1 VS LaVar Ball Joke ?
Shane Macias Lonzo Ball, because his dad said so
Luke Winnett LaVar Ball jokes incoming...
Stiles Winterhalder UCLA losing tonight and I'm gonna die laughing
Dave Warren LaVar Ball!!! Freshman 50
Travis Rainey Jr. Everybody sleeps on De'Aaron Fox
Shad Waldron Go UCLA!!
Ryan Sharp BALL!! Ball is Life, Big Baller Brand!!
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We're still without a buzzer-beater in the NCAA tournament.

That doesn't mean there haven't been chances.

Balldinho Junior I swear that guy Carter on West Virginia just kept shouting: "KOBE!" with hopes and wishes that one will eventually go in. That was the worst 30 seconds of basketball I've EVER seen from an individual
Nakia Randell The shot selection and execution at the end of a lot of these college games, is just heinous at times. 9 seconds left, down by 1, ball inbounded at half court, and you resort to a off the dribble, step back, fallaway 22 footer? Welcome to the Steph Currying of basketball.
Nick Kersting Everyone trying for that one shining moment. Need 2 points to win and bust a three when they are only shooting like 25% from behind the arc.
Ý-Nhi Phan As my friend said, "Lavar Bell would've made ALL those 3s and then some. He would've turned them into a 4 pt play." DYIN' ... joking aside, UofA's stupid 3 still hurts 😭
Justin Golden Trier was the closest in around the hoop and out ugh.. So many good looks just didn't go down for him tonight.. Oh well.
Jonathan DeSira Why couldn't you hit that three Walton? It's okay, no one is going to beat Kansas.
Lewis Marien *Insert corny LaVar Ball joke where he would have hit all 3 with his eyes closed and sitting down*
Brian Bobby Foster Who needs buzzer beaters when you are destroying the field by 30! RCJH
Jeremy Zahn It's weird, I watch the video and all three are from the West Virginia game 🤔
Jeremy Padilla
Levi Raber My Ducks got lucky with that yesterday lol. Hopefully if it comes down to it Oregon can nail one lol.
Kim Ketner That Carter kid killed me. Ugh
Cesar David Aguilar West Virginia though... 😂😂 To-to-to-today junior!!!
Dennis Hagerich This guy would have drilled it...
Matt Stepro "My son would have hit those buzzer beaters" -Lavar Ball
Shane Parker
J.T. Johnson That dude from WVU missed them all! 😂
Matt Reishus
Rudy Henriquez Spencer Terris🗑
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1. ??
2. ??
3. Chris Jericho
4. Bray Wyatt

Felix Atene What next? Power rankings for The Young and the Restless
Sean Hodges Let me guess, Oldberg, I mean Goldberg? I'm all for nostalgia acts, but I think it's ridiculous how they are brought back and pushed in front of more talented wrestlers.
Cas Sanchez "My son would win all the WWE championships!"
Shane Sharp 😂 at the people who are mad at ESPN for covering wrestling. If not for ESPN, I wouldn't know who Nick Bockwinkel or the Von Erichs were. ESPN has been covering wrestling since the 80s when they aired AWA and WCCW. This is nothing new.
Jason Melton So excited to be going to my 1st Wrestlemania. The card is actually shaping up to be a good one if it's played out right. Hoping to see some surprise appearances by legends also. Go Vols
Jonathan DeSira I'm not saying what they do is easy but calling this a sport is an insult to real sports.
Glen Iurilli dear ESPN i love when u post WWE stuff and all the socially slow sports fans be like "WWE IS FAKE AND SCRIPTED" yet have a photo of lebron james or tom brady as their profile picture thinking their titles werent scripted as much as john cenas 😏😏😏 sheep
Luis Vasquez AJ Styles is the best wrestler in the world and has been for the last 3 years
Ray Fett Keep this a secret everyone ESPN only posts crap like this because they are working with Bravo on a show called The Real Lives Of NBA Players. They are taking their obsession of the NBA into the players lives off the court. The shows will be seven hours long and air daily this summer. Remember its a secret people.
Eric M Gilbert Considering this is ESPN, I'm surprised they're not pushing for a man to become a transgender woman so they can win the Women's Championship too.
Adam Batista You know what happens when you put a name that isn't Chris Jericho at number 1? ESPN, you just made the LIST!
Austin Wagner
Scott Johnson Miz should be ranked higher. His segments are can't-miss for quite a while now.
Austin Willard Hey guys umm you know wrestling is fake right? Stupid idiots it's still more entertaining then most sports
Rob Pippen my boy should be number one in rankings he could beat aj styles, kevin owens and goldberg at once with his hands tied behind his back
Cameron Locklear If you dont like the post move on. I don't come on every baseball post to say how much that sport sucks.
George Samuels Wrestling happens only in the NCAA and the Olympics. I watch that. Not a "soap opera".
Mike E. Dmytruk The hate is real! lol it's for the sake of entertainment. Y'all think ESPN is so "real" smh😂
Jace Weiss These rankings are garbage, the only one ESPN got right was the phenomenal one.
Sun Moua ESPN cared about WWE now but where was ESPN during the Attitude Era and the Monday Night War
Pauly Ryder People who complain about pro wrestling being fake should not watch TV shows and movies because they're fake too.
Paul Markovich Why is ESPN covering this nonsense? Wrestling was cool when I was 12
James Coleman Hahahahahahahahahahaha! Show a real sport! There's more REAListic drama in a t-ball game!
Bobby Robert Utterly disappointed in you ESPN for posting this glorified DWTS stuff.
Doug Forrest .....WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
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"My first thought was, I would have to say goodbye, but that's me."

Patrick Duncan I think AB's play overshadows a dumb mistake he won't make again
Kenny Morhiser Are we talking about mean Joe Greene who used to fight in games and argue with refs in every game? I realize it was a different game back then but Brown (the best WR in the league) made a video celebrating a win, calm down Joe.
Joey Dusci Incredible player but the games changed. You can't just come up with a good team in a year the competition is too high, you cut ties with brown your letting a player go that you may not see another one like him for 10 years or longer hell many low level teams have never drafted talent like that. I respect Greene and am thankful for what he's done for the steelers but old school mentality doesn't work in every situation in the nfl nowadays.
Andrew Louis Your 70 there's a lot of things you wouldn't accept or understand today 💯😂😂
Khiry Brown Not making excuses for AB but I think he won't do that again. Some players have done far worse things to get cut. I respect Greene though.
Tyree Willis That's why you're not the GM. The Pitt fans would be livid.
Corey Crown I vote for Joe Greene to be our 2017 head coach no one needs tomlin!
Greg Schaiberger Is joe green on an acid trip?
Brandon Hayden Yea tell me about it, mean joe, that locker room video is far worse than all of those rape allegations
Elijah Norrick I have to agree with Greene here. Maybe not cut him, but he needs disciplined. Totally destroyed the trust of his teammates.
Bill Evans I wouldn't cut AB for that, but I sure would make worried that we might.
Sam Harris Brown is a key part of this team and it would be stupid to let him go. He made a mistake. Live and learn.
Adrian Flores Guerrero Joseph Wood they should of traded this moron to the saints for Brandon cooks.
James Parker Arguably best receiver in the NFL, easily in the top 5 for sure. And you wanna cut ties cuz he took a video?
Grant-Alexander Malvin I mean he's a huge part of their offense without him I don't see them making much noise. Letting him go over a dumb mistake is a bit much
Felipe Leiva Dias queremos ver de nuevo por espn la NHL hockey sobre hielo para colombia y latinoamerica como antes lo pasaban
Jaron Hargrave Mean joe greene shut up this a new era Antonio brown is the steelers they would suck without him
John Esse Auble Yeah so let's get rid of the number one receiver in the NFL right now. Because he made a mistake that you most young men make
Mike Williams Old school mentality. Hes on to something. Most wouldve depending on his status in the leugue. His status is all the way up. You get away with more.
Matt Yarbro Dude wanna be Chad Johnson and perform like AJ Green so much smh
Adrian McLeod Who is this guy
Norman A. Mowad Totally agree Joe!!!!!!!
Tom Hofer That's probably why you aren't running the team
Steven Hammond livin in a different world now joe
Blake Davis More garbage reporting by ESPN.
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Where do the New England Patriots rank with the addition of Brandin Cooks?

Russ Lamberti Have you read the actual article? It ranks Rodgers as the best QB, based on having the a great 2nd half of the season. C'mon ESPN...A good half season, and another bust in the playoffs...Give me Brady until he is retired.
Jay Frye He doesn't make the Patriots rank any higher because he hasn't played and doesn't know the system yet. We've seen several players come in and not be the impact players they were on other teams because they've failed to learn the system.
Scott Moen They won the superbowl and had a 14-2 regular season record theyre obviously #1. ESPN doesn't need to keep patting them on the shoulder about how good they are. We get the picture already
Brian Boyer Patriots should be in the cfl they are the worst franchise is sports
Jaron Hargrave The fact ppl think rodgers is better than brady is insane
Steven Natale Femia The Superbowl champs dont need to be top ranks in any position ESPN, if you havent learned that by now
Shane McConnell It works gained one whole inch as Lavar Ball is my witness.
Justin Shultz "My sons would EASILY take the top spot in the ACF East." -LaVar Ball
Zack Klimper Everyone is acting like they got AJ Green or Julio Jones. Cooks is good, but not elite like people are acting
Colby Crick Same place they will always rank as long as Brady is there.... at the top... which hurts me to say 😭
Brad Maze Where does the team rank that's been a super bowl favorite for the last decade? Hmmm better give espn my money for that.
Jeff Smith Who cares, Brads wife was fired! So sad...
Myron Smith Tarrant ChurchKid Steele tell Maurice to update the rosters now
Javier Vasquez #1. Brandin Cooks is about to rip this league up!
Ricky Keith I think Tom Brady could beat Michael Jordan one on one!
Trevor Bonnette 28-3 had pretty good win percentage rankings
Juan Gomez They rank where they have rank for the past 15 years #1
Brandon Herman Horrible rankings
Devin McMackin ESPN INSIDER 🖕🖕🖕
Chindavon Phonasa SCARY 🙀
Robert Placona Lmt #1 cheaters
Bruce Oricchio
Herb Roach I hate to say it, but #1
Dick Carbone 32nd
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"Plain and simple. Things didn't go well there."

Adrian Plascencia The nba needs more players like this, not soft shooters who huck up from 30 and dab after barely getting a dunk in on a fastbreak. I miss the 'ron artests' of the league
Juan J Martinez Matt Barnes being interviewed.
Alexander Parton He's going to kill them with what 4 points in this game?
Justin Frost Can't kill us when we're already dead 🙁 Being a Kings fan is literally a soul crushing destiny.
Josh O'Brien I hope a Kings player comes out and knocks this chump down a level! If he could ball as much as he talks he'd be playing 30 minutes a game rather than10.
Tina Guzman C'mon they weren't a good team last year...he thought it would be different because he was back. The Kings haven't been good since..the Mike Bibby, Chris Webber & Vlade (when he played for them)days.
Luis Angel Solorio Good riddance. Stop pretending like you care about Sacramento. In reality you didn't want to be a part of the rebuilding so they let you go. Dude just wants attention.
Jaime Sanchez Haha he only got signed cause kd got hurt otherwise he will be at home..acting like he a difference maker..he's just a spot filler ..I bet he's gonna think he's a true champ of warriors win it all haha
Chris Curtsinger The real story I see is that his day in court for assaulting a woman is postponed so he can play basketball, wth
Jesse Etter Great article title that absolutely nobody will take out of context.
Mike Dennis Relax. Not like there's a bunch of Derek Fishers on the Kings roster.
Richie Calif Matt Barnes sucks and always has enjoying killing them from the bench
Carlos Franco
TC Carr C'mon bro you gotta be a lot more professional than that. Lol. I'm expecting 20+ and a win for that comment.
Richardo Williams Garret Dwl the kings been dead for years now man lol if u kill them again that's just over kill lol
Terri Martin You should thank them, now your on the Warriors! 😂 We are happy to have you! 💯👌💦💪🏀🔥☔💧
Melvin Dumlao That's the spirit especially coming from a player who played high school ball in sacramento.
Frank Kerr He's so terrible why does he get jobs? The least tough enforcer around
Jesse Conover This dude will get arrested multiple times after he's out of the league, just watch
Franklin J McDaniel He was trying to put the team back on the map? Lol 😂
Derrick Slater The team that brought him into the league some respect Matt Barnes you hack
Kyle Hainstock He's got to be LaVar Ball's favourite player..all mouth and no game
Robert BigCat Brown Mark Novakovic 90% of me thinks he actually wants to kill them
Pat Murray
DM Bonner Jr.
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The Phoenix Suns' starters were, on average, a full year younger than Gonzaga University's Thursday.

Alexander Simon Don't let this distract from from the fact that 3-1 jokes are being overshadowed by Lavar Ball quotes
Jboy Dulay Bucks starter is the oldest starting line up in the history of the NBA with Thon Maker at 48 y/o
George Linz This is a direct result of having one and dones in college .. It dilutes the NBA talent and ncaa as well .. if kids had to be at least juniors like in football to go pro .. than both the NBA and ncaa will benefit
Austin Connolly People hating one and dones shouldn't be blaming phoenix. From what little I've seen of them this year, their team has great potential. I think they have too many wing player honestly, but they play the right way. They need to make some moves and diversify the lineup. Get some PFs and Cs, but I like their potential.
Josh Barrera "My three boys are the youngest in the world." - Lavar Ball
Kevin Donley Nick Mosbaugh Nick Boyd Mitch Donley Brian Grossetto The Suns got snubbed by the NCAA Selection Committee this year, I thought for sure they would have received at least an 11 seed.
Austin Parish Prime example of why they need to raise the age of early draftees. This has ruined NBA basketball and has diluted talent. They are not ready to play at the highest level because they don't know the game. I've completely stopped watching the NBA since 2000.
Dallas Belford And what's their record ? Robbie Belford . They need to find a way to keep these kids in school for 1-2 more years. Similar to the NFL. Incentivize it or something. NBDL wouldn't even be a thing if these kids developed in college like they're supposed to.
Nicholas Hytrek Andrew Bottaro, they are saying the sun's are younger on average than the Ducks. What have I been doing with my life? Every team averages younger than me except gonzaga who has me beat by like a week
Leo Rippe For selfish reasons we want them in school. It's what makes the NFL draft great. You've seen them for years already. NBA draft is like who? Even guys like Anthony Davis and Karl Anthony-Towns have great stats, but zero team success in a league where EVERYONE makes the playoffs. Zo, Shaq and Duncan instantly changed franchises.
David Doxey In my honest opinion, if you're not in college for education purposes but only to make it pro, take business classes, take money management courses, investment classes. Most players squander all of there money and have nothing to show for it. Learn something while you're in college at least. Most average players will make far more than the average person. Be smart because the average career is only 4 years or so, then what???
Michael Serge If anyone ever suggests that the NCAA champ could beat the worst team in the nba show them this game. Harry Reynolds. Matthew Lamastus. Thomas Chasz Bohannon.
Fred Renteria Billy Cee Oceans that's because the bums at gonzaga have to stay all 4 years
John Bevers There ya go, for all those who keep saying "this college team can beat the worst NBA team". Somewhat of an example of that scenario
Dylan Baboth I think Gonzaga would have beaten the Nets tho. 😂 Dan Allan Simon Audisho
Justin Shultz "If my kids were in the NBA. They'd be YEARS younger than these guys. Lonzo would beat their starting lineups age by YEARS." -LaVar Ball
Chris Smith That's because they are trying to catch the Lakers for the 2nd worst record in the NBA.
Erik First Must be why they got drug but one of worst teams in NBA haha
Fozzy Brown Michael Skillman. The compared it to Thursday's sweet 16 teams and their avg age of starters and only Purdue was younger.
Cody Culbreath
Brandon Fields Justin Fields Yooooooouth. Lols last time they had a bunch of young, decent players they had a run and all split.
Anthony Mikesell Big things coming for Ulis #youngblood #LimaOhio #419
Kalil Robertson Suns should really keep this team together!! They have potential
Matt Sudol "I'd take my 3 boys against the Suns 5 boys. Winners get a box of Huggies and their Dad a box of Depends. " LaVar Ball
Justin Carey Is that why they got demolished by the worst team in basketball??