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Stuart Scott would have turned 53 today.

He was an inspiring, motivating soul.

As cool as the other side of the pillow.
I once sat next to him on a flight from LA to New York....we spoke about everything under the sun!!! What a chill dude, a few months later he passed away!! You just never know man!!!
Lost my mom to cancer last month. But she BEAT it. By how she lived, why she lived and in the manner in which she lived.
While the cure for cancer sits locked in a vault somewhere so big pharma and other can keep racking in the money instead of actually helping people. Sad world.
Did not know who he was when I met and served him at the Moffitt Cancer Center, he was always so courteous, Happy Birthday keep Sleeping and Resting In Peace
The “new” ESPN would’ve fired him if he were still alive. The good guys and classic dudes are gone. ESPN.... where talent goes to die
Stuart Scott was just a cool guy all around ... RIP
BOOYAH!!!! Sportscenter, ESPN & Monday Night Football Countdown, Pregame & Postgame was never the same after he passed. #WeMissYouStuart
I didn't like his style, at all.
One of my heros ! A true legend love this man
His book is an excellent read! I encourage all to read it!
I remember this like it was yesterday. Way to young. Happy Birthday Stuart Scott🎈🎂🎉
As cool as the other side of the pillow
One of the greatest! I sure miss watching him.
"i got game like stewart scott, fresh out the ESPN shop And the sportscenter poppin Everythang stoppin"
Happy Heavenly Birthday... even in heaven you inspire people
love this guy! amazing yet beautiful speech he gave on this night! ❤️
He was a great dude. Watched him for a long time on espn. RIP man
Just watched his speech an hour ago. Still moving.
As cool as the other side of the pillow
Holler at a player when see him in the street
Aye, great to share a birthday with such a legendary figure
One of the BEST! You're always missed!
I would Jimmy Vs speech is number one then this one is a close second if not tie
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The Klawwww, it moves.

If it was a real claw game it would drop him somewhere around Indiana...
I like he's been traded to the furthest team possible and it's in another country..... This is classic Pop....
...Drake aint gonna haave noone to bicker at because Cry Leonard wont even be healthy all year...He may not suit up...God's plan....
Cooper Eaker Jesse Kessler Andrew Patton a wonderful combination of two topics we have discussed the last couple days
Would’ve been funnier if you photoshopped kawhis face onto one of the aliens
ESPN trying hard to copy Bleacher's humorous content eh?
Be careful grabbing him so hard like that, he's gonna get "hurt" again.
This was actually funny. I died when it showed Khawi and I even knew what it was gonna show 😂
In the movie the better place is sid's house where he destroys toys. So is ESPN implying Toronto is going to destroy his career?
Kawhi wanted to go to LA, so Pop promptly sent him to Siberia 😂😂😂
If this was a real claw game.....he would’ve been zip-tied down in San Antonio.
.34 seconds of my life I’ll never get back
I don't know about better place but ok
Not cool ESPN! You might hurt his feewings like Tony Parker did
Staphany Hou you and Kevin shared a favorite player without even knowing it!
Yall just injured him for a good year there
What would stop Toronto from dealing him to The Lakers? They know he won’t sign with them... better to get something for him now!
O hell no the internet always stays undefeated 😂
I always thought ky was slippery.
If she doesn’t understand this quote, she’s too young for you bro lol.
Calvin Ray ESPN too extra for this 😂
This is the single dumbest piece of content and self promotion that I have ever seen.
Lets just see if he actually shows up in Toronto. He has USA Team workout this weekend.
Exactly and thank you Stana katic and I Iove you with hugs and kisses sincerely your fan Elizabeth
Dean Bellai this is amazing 😂
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On This Date: 22 years ago, Muhammad Ali lit up the 1996 Summer Olympics.

I remember when he threw the first pitch out at the all Star game. He kept shaking off the catchers sign?!
Kurt Angle won a gold medal with a broken freaking neck too !!! 🇺🇸
Will Smith should have won an Oscar for best actor as Muhammad Ali will did a hell of a job and he kind of look like Muhammad Ali
RIP Champ .... All of us with Parkinson's continue the fight.
2nd greatest ever, right behind marciano
Unbelievable how many people are making fun of a man that past away from Parkinson's disease.....
Remember when everyone called him a horrible unpatriotic traitor? Peppridge farms remembers
Draft dodger
We will never see a man like him. Ever he was a real fighter
I turned 30 a few days before this!
Since that was my Sr. Year & it seems like yesterday, does that indicate I'm getting 0ld..?
I remember this, now so very long ago!
Surprised he didn't drop the torch
Deborah Howard and Danielle Guevara is this the torch I held at the Colorado Springs Olympic Center last week?
For a second I thought he was holding a stick of dynamite
Not only did he shake the world. He shook the crap out of that torch.
Quite an honor for a draft dodger.
Tricia Matt Wampole can't believe it's been 22 years already.
The true GOAT 🐐
RIP to the 🐐
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There's a new Los Angeles Lakers mural in LA and it's 🔥

Let's be honest here, LeBron is battling Jordan for spot 1 and 2. Everyone else is under them, including the legends on this wall. No hes not a "Laker Legend" yet, but hes a Basketball legend, and it's only a matter of time before he solidifies his spot as a Laker Legend too. And don't talk to me about final records, that's a team accomplishment, not an individual players feat. Better to lose in the finals, than not make it there at all - A Bucks fan
How long till they vandalize this one? My guess is 3-6 days.
That’s KOOL and all but don’t forget about 3-6 #Lebum Biggest choker in professional sports history. All of his 6 finals losses are against underdog NBA teams. #RetireLBJ
What I find hilarious it’s been about a little over a month since the finals ended, and we never heard about the broken hand again?!?!? 🤔😂🤔😂👊🏽
We get LeBron as a Laker and I still can’t believe some of y’all other fans are complaining. He literally is one of the greatest to play. I’m not even a huge LeBron fan, but if you can’t acknowledge that having him will definitely make us better, then you’re not a real fan. Part of our fan base is our legacy. In the mural, he’s looking at that legacy, hoping to become a part of it. That’s definitely a reason of why he came, so respect to him for joining our culture.
LeBron is the biggest superstar the NBA has ever seen! Yes I said it
They got lebron looking at lakers greats with championship trophies like lebron don't have 3 and he's going to be better than everybody on that wall when his career is set & done I know how to read between the lines Bud
Laker Fans dont deserve LeBron. Hes the Greatest of this Generation and they act like its nothing to have him. Come to Detroit LeBron, our Fanbase is Loyal and would love to have you bring another Championship to the Motor City. We wont compare you to the Bad Boys or the 04 Pistons.
Now, this one is way better! He’s no king of LA.
Still needs James Worthy, Jerry West, Elgin Baylor. Lakers got too many HOFers for a mural. That's a good problem to have.
Lakers fans are not trolling it's only the haters..don't confuse Laker Fans with Lebron Haters..They are not the same
Funny how LeBron is higher than all of them in the all time list 😁 but that's ok the only thing ya haters can say now is 3-6 try something new
Sorry LeBron will not bring a title to the Lakers. The next 4 finals may all include the Celtics/76ers and Warriors!
Accurate. He's still going to be looking up when he is done too lol. Kidding aside, LeBron is a great player, but he is not a Laker great and never will be.
So amazing that LeBron left not only a city but the whole of Northeast Ohio that idolized him and his efforts for a stuck up city that doesn't want him. You stay classy, L.A.
Maybe they won't deface this one.....SMH.....Why hate on a mural for a guy who will try and get championships for your team?
Keep looking up. Lebron is about the be just the second person all time to NOT bring a Championship to LA.
Honestly Wilt isn't a Laker legend.... He played 3 years with LA and produced 0 championships with Jerry West and Elgin Baylor next to him.... Either one or both of them should've been up there before Wilt.... He's a Warrior and Sixer legend
This says it all and 2 of them are or were Lakers lol. This is the only way crybron should be listed with the greats lol
Laker Fans are like the snotty bratty rich kids son. The dad buys him the Lambo being ungrateful the son spray paints it and wrecks it for fun. Then on his 21st birthday the dad trying to please the son buys him a jet. The kid sets it on fire. Then the dad buys his son his own mansion. The idiot sets a fire and burns it down because he can. Laker Fans are given everything on a silver platter not because they earned it but because of a zip code. You’re never grateful and never satisfied when everything is literally handed to you. You’ve never had to work for it and never will. The dumbest and worst fans in sports by far.
My opinion with this current roster they have.. they will not make playoffs in the west.. remember just my opinion, if they were in the east he would've been in the conference finals or maybe finals again.. but he's not making playoffs with the current roster that he has right now in the western conference.
Laker fans, more importantly Kobe fans, have so much LeBron hate they can't even see the real meaning of the mural. It depicts the legends that have brought championships to LA as Lakers and LeBron looking up knowing those are the expectations.
Now that's a way better mural. Get us some trophies, then we can refer you as the King of LA.... Til then.... Keep hustling to win some Championships for Los Angeles Lakers
LeBron is not considered a Laker Legend...the players from the 1980's era stayed together on one team that whole decade....when the Lakers was known as Showtime !!
This is a more appropriate mural... You gotta earn it LeBron. Can't be called the king simple because you joined the team. Especially when you're a "king" Who's deserted his kingdom 3 times already!
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"To all the kids watching: Don’t let anybody put limits on what you can do.”‬

‪ESPYS Breakthrough Athlete Donovan Mitchell had a message for young athletes everywhere.

Voted for by the fans! All you haters stop... No worries. Ben Simmons will get ROY next year after his 3rd season in the NBA 🤣🤣🤣
That was the speech he prepared for the ROTY award lol.
Fun fact, fultz and Simmons started playing a game of horse at the beginning of last season, and that same game continues to this day.
Ben Simmon is the real ROY.. shut up ESPYS!
I'm disappointed that most of the comments are negative about his suit and his sunglasses. First of all you really shouldn't comment if you don't follow enough to know what his nickname is. His suit is perfect for his nickname! And second, you're missing the point. This kid is amazing and a great inspiration. He is a positive role model and has done great things for the Jazz! (And I loved his recognition for his momma!) 🏀😁👌😁🏀
Lol at everyone thinking this is the same as the ROY award. He deserves best breakthrough athlete because no one expected him to be as good as he was at the beginning of the season. Please don’t get that get confused as being the best Rookie in all of sports lol.
My Detroit Pistons passed on this kid. Tremendous talent and seems like a good dude. Another regret our organization will have for years....
Admittedly, I root hard for this guy! Notice tho that he didnt thank Ricky P (for holding him back) 😂😂 Bob Christopher
He will be a Knick or a Laker or some big market team soon. But I hope he stays in Utah. The Jazz need a good guy like him.
Don’t let it distract you from the fact that facts are sometimes distracting.
DM has nothing to worry that man is top dollar talent can't wait to see what's in store for this young man
Great job Knicks, passing him in the draft was clearly smart. This guy is an all around great basketball player and guy. SMH...
Best thing to happen to Utah in years
As a Kentucky fan I’ll admit I respect Louisville it’s a great university with amazing teams and phenomenal athletes and this guy is no exception! Guy is a monster and a class act!! Super awesome speech
Go ahead and give him best dressed too 😎❤️🕷🏀🕸
anytime I see his jacket I think of Venom... coming to theaters October 5th!
Very humble and kind man. He's gonna be a legend. Just getting started👀
Should have gotten ROY, NBA is a joke
Message from Donavon Mitchell fans and Utah Jazz fans: if you don’t win and don’t get your way, constantly cry about it.
Rookie of the year in my book......
Indoors take dumb sunglasses off looks foolish
Anyone else wondering why he wearing shades lol
So much money and don't know how to dress 🤦🏻‍♂️
He shouldn’t get robbed of rookie of the year next year!
Was the sun shining through inside or what?
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“To all the survivors out there, don't let anyone rewrite your story. Your truth does matter. You matter. And you are not alone.”

Tonight, Aly Raisman and her sister survivors brought the ESPYS audience to their feet.

To the men laughing... I bet you don't have daughter's or sister's do you? How about growing up and take something serious for once in your life besides video games and porn
Much love ladies. You showed more strength than any of these keyboard warriors ever will.
It’s heartbreaking, that men need to make a mockery of this or take the spot light from this issue. I just don’t understand it. I can’t relate to that, as a man.
Pretty sad to read some of these comments from the men here I can only hope no one in their family or for that matter anyone’s family goes through something like this You have know idea what it does to your family
Where are the dads of these girls? I have 4 daughters and the first story I hear from my girls would be the last for Larry.
Hard to take them seriously with all the fake accusations going on and woman not being punished for it. Now all they got to do to ruin a mans life is one little lie. Even when he is found innocent his reputation is ruined
"To all the "survivors" out there. You don't get to make yourself a victim. You either are or you aren't. You can't claim assault and harassment for every little argument or look or because you didn't think before hand. You're taking away the importance of someone with an actual issue coming forward and facing a truly difficult event." That's the speech that should be made.
Those that are laughing are sick.
She helped bring down a man that had sexually abused children for years, and would’ve continued had she not come forward...if that’s funny to you, you’re a sick, pathetic human being.
Hey ESPN, I support this cause. But how bout we stand behind all the homeless and veterans who nobody speaks for. How bout we recognize all all the men who work three jobs to put food on the table for their families. How bout all the single Dads who's women left them stranded with kids to support!! How about a voice for cancer research for men who die every year testicular cancer. So in short where is the voice for all the men who get crapped in everyday in this country!!
I really don't understand what's funny about this....many of these young women were children when this happen...what if it was your sister or daughter...then would it be funny...I wonder how they'd feel knowing that the fact that they were strong enough to stand up and not be a victim but be a survivor was amusing to the father of 2 beautiful girls I tell you that you are a vile disgusting pig and should be treated as such
Can you imagine being a child and knowing something is not right with a Drs treatments and being such a powerful organization as well, coming forward and no one listening to you, telling you you’re wrong .. the confusion and shame these kids went through.. sickening. And no one wanted to get involved .. ugg So glad they were finally able to put this man where he belongs.
With the amazing women getting this award, and the fact the best coach award went to the Stoneman Douglas HS coaches. ESPN isn’t trying to make this all political. They are just making a point. Either it sexual assault or gun violence we as people need to step up and make those differences.
The worst threat an abuser can make to a victim is “They won’t believe you.” Because it’s so often true. They told. So did I. Nobody believed.
As a Michigan resident I’m glad they got a chance to speak on a forum like this. It is absolutely disgusting what Nassar did and put them through. I wouldn’t categorize them as survivors but victims of that monster.
Aly is awesome! Such a strong woman! Totally crushing on her right now! No weirdness...just a great woman who exudes amazingness! Hope she keeps up the fight!
Your truth matters. My daughter was a victim and is now a beautiful truthwarrior. We've started the #truthwarrior movement with similar facebook live videos of our stories. It's so important to share each other's truth and stop silencing the victims as if their trauma is a dirty little secret.
These women have already been threw there own personal torment and rised above it, fought off the coward and come together to build awarness so something like this never happens again, they deserve so much respect!
If you told your parents about this issue then you might want to look at them for being selfish and not caring for their child. Let this happen to my daughter and find out what happens. It won’t take 30 years.
I want an award because I am a survivor of racism.
Kudos to these women. Having said that, how can ESPN ignore the Humboldt tragedy altogether tonight. Wow, just wow.
The men are laughing at the things they try to protect their daughters from that they tell grown women doesn’t exist.
Why they wait that long to say something!! And the girl in the white dress naming all the years, why allow Keep allowing it and why keep going back to the same doctor!! If a doctor touched me once I would never go back it doesn’t make sense to me
Sadly, my granddaughter is at her third gym because of verbal abuse & belittling. She is Level 8 & hopefully this new gym works. All were men! The gym's reported to safe sport today.
These women show strength and courage to come forward to face this heinous monster. I hope they continue to get the support they need for their healing and well being. God bless you all. As for the men belittling the ordeal they went through, show some compassion. Most were naive and vulnerable young girls when Larry began abusing them. Think about your daughters, sisters, and neices, it could have been them.
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Aly Raisman's message to other survivors: You're not alone.

So much fragile masculinity on this thread. If you don't support this movement you are part of the problem. lost all credibility in 2015 when you gave this same award to Caitlyn Jenner. #NeverForget
If you have a problem with this, you are part of the problem they are talking about
Come forward to the police right after it happens, is what the real message is!!! Don't Waite years or months, don't be afraid!! If you have been sexually assaulted, COME FORWARD THEN!!!!
I still dont know what they are surviving from...
As long as we live in Trump’s America they definitely are alone in terms of any government action. We have a molester in the top position of leadership. Vote Democrat.
While I'm happy for these women finally getting their story out, what is this "your truth" and "our truth" nonsense? Truth is not relative, facts are facts.
Who on earth is laughing??? You’re sick.
Bravo ESPN for shining a spotlight on the courage of so many victims of sexual abuse and rewarding their bravery and courage.
The same time they showed this Women Togetherness Thing, ESPN aired that, Anti Masculine commercial a million times. telling men that being masculine wassnt about being strong. Giving Bruce Jenner a bravery wast enoupgh.
Y’all got justice already, I feel like they’re milking it now to be honest
I can’t wait until we see a crowd like that stand up at an award show for the poor unborn children that get ripped apart and slaughtered every day.
supporting the survivors, now what about the women and men in struggling countries who not only get raped, also are constantly in the face of death? Venezuela for example.
300 ladies molested intire life by one man at my alumni school so means was going on while i was there life sentence to good gave school black eye?
So is she doing another nude photo shoot?
The sexism is real it's beyond disturbing & disgusting to talk about & some of you people endure it. "Don't even call yourselves human beings if you embrace hate for people standing up for a cause to actually save lives of others".
Where were their parents? She said if one adult had believed them...didn’t all of their parents believe?
The espys are a joke, it time to cancel
So many people on here who are talking from behind a computer screen, but the sad thing is that being behind a computer screen makes them feel comfortable enough to say these things. I know there are inequalities, but honestly at the end of the day, how do you have such an utter lack of empathy for people? How do you go on a Facebook post and joke about sexual assault and abuse? Do you simply log off and go about your life afterwards? I don’t understand, but then again, I’m probably not capable.
We live in world where people care and don't care
ESPN you finally got it right. Power on that stage. Heroism.
People should never forget that it was the media...yes, the media that saved these girls. So go MAGA all you want on the media. Larry Nasser would still be molesting girls under the guise of a doctor were it not for the media. Period.
these ladies were patients of msu doctor olympics ladies to scared to tell at 7-8 years old
ESPN18 hours ago

A picture of courage.

These 141 women on stage are representatives for all the survivors who spoke out about the abuses they endured by their team doctor.

How sad does your life need to be to make a negative comment about this? You better hope it never happens to your wife, sister, mother, or daughter. You’ll change your tone real quick.
I hope everyone knows president trump has appointed more women to his presidency then any other president in history
But if a man speaks out about similar things he’s laughed at and told to “be a man and deal with it.” Liberals are hypocrites.
This says so much about the culture today. None of these victims stood up to their oppressor. None. All of this has already happened. I think I’ll raise my daughters to notify me as a father if any of this nonsense took place with them. I would have stopped this sooner. Look at this and think about it. How in the f*** did this happen. It was ALLOWED for too long. Too f****n long.
I don't care who you are if any abuse allegations male or female are swept under the rug than any university official needs to be fired and sued. You saw what happened with Penn State when they let a child molester in and swept it under the rug.
those amazing , brave women have more strength then I could ever have in 30 lifetimes.
Like if you want Michigan State to get the death penalty.
Ridiculous that the Humboldt Broncos weren’t honored or even mentioned at the ESPY’S. THE most horrific sports tragedy in at least the last decade and you don’t honor them at all. Shame on you ESPN!!!!
For those making rude and ludicrous comments remember who brought you to this world in the first place. An apron belongs to the 1950’s, real men stick up for their mothers, wives, daughters, and sons! F U to the creeps commenting negative things. Take a seat or take a time travel back to the 50’s! These women are strong as hell and I couldn’t be more proud of them!!!!
Without anyone speaking, the sheer numbers on that stage spoke volumes. Powerful.
Oh Lord just when I thought ESPN couldn't get any more politically correct, who raised these kids, my mom taught my sister's to never ever be alone in an exam room with a male doctor without another person stupid parents, quite frankly stupid girls to let this occur
Regardless of your political views or how you feel about some of the methods of the Time's Up Movement, we can all agree that we can do better in protecting our children from this predatory behavior. It's bigger than politics.
Bravo, ladies! You are the real winners tonight. I admire your strength, courage and perseverance to push forward to protect our youth!
I’m just reading some of these comments and I’m just appalled. What if this happened to someone you love. These women who came forward have more strength & courage then I would ever have. I applaud these women. I was in tears listening to what these women went through. Their strength & courage is amazing
Not taking anything away from these women had the courage to do!!! But imagine if instead of bashing and judging people all day on social media America could stand together against violence against racism against homelessness against gas prices!!! Imagine what kind of signal that would send!!
And we still have women out there that are scared to come forward. Maybe this will help in giving them the strength to come forward and get them the help they need. Good on these women!
Powerful moment but how does not one of them say anything? I guess I dont understand. My daughter is 13 and would've raised hell if someone breathed on her wrong.
I still can’t believe all the misogynistic behavior going on in the comments on this post. It’s sick really...
This was actually pretty awesome to see and hopefully perverts will think twice before taking advantage of kids, also opens yours eyes up to ppl In charge that just let it slide and make excuses, glad that guy never getting out amd hopefully they can live a normal life now
Is this why women won all the awards?
The rape culture is strong in these comments! They spoke up and nothing happened. These comments should tell you why..
The fact that Bruce Jenner won a courage award at this show says everything you need to know about ESPN and our world. Congrats to all these women who were victims of a sadistic person.
Death period to all the child molesters and rapist should face the death penalty period. But nope we put people in prison for life for weed 😒😒😒
They aren’t “survivors”. Their lives were not in immediate danger. They are however, victims who have found a voice. I wish these women never had to go through what they did. 😡😡🤬🤬🤬
I’m not a liberal nor a conservative but molestation and sexual abuse is something that I despise. I hope that SOB tots in hell and the rest of you child abusers and pedophiles there’s a special place waiting for you either in this life or the next!
ESPN18 hours ago

Chloe Kim just won Best Female Athlete and she's only 18 😳

It should be kawhi leonard
Lebron got screwed
One of my favorite Olympic Athletes!!! She has always been so sweet, humble and put her heart and soul into everything she did.
Oh No 18 years old ... In 5 years she can go after any man that tries to help her career with the Me Too club
Are you guys pissed that a hockey player won best male athlete or is it because it was a non American?
Not saying that she doesn’t desearve it. But Ester Ledecka won 2 gold olympic medals in 2 different sports.
And on being reminded again, the ESPY's are WAY off track! THIS person, along with her partner, is the best female athlete.
I bet when someone says her name they follow it with, “kardashian?” Lol
Another great performance as well. I saw her and I was blown away.
She only won it cause she is a female smh
PC move. Should have been game 5 of the World Series
This is how you know the show is a joke. So many more physically superior and skilled people they give it to the girl who looks like she’s been on the barely legal casting couch
At least it was a real female who won it...
Congratulations. She was hilarious during the Olympics.
Is this the Asian Kardashian?
Still waiting on espn to make a post about the best male athlete... lol smh
Love watching her! AMAZING young lady!
Aaron Rodgers is the 🐐
Shes a transexual should b disqualified
Rose Namajunas gets no love?
Good pick
They misspelled her name. It's Chroe.
ESPN is asking for donations to The V Foundation for Cancer Research.18 hours ago

Jim Kelly's speech accepting the Jimmy V Award gave us the chills.

Join the cause to fight cancer with a donation to The V Foundation for Cancer Research.

As someone who is fighting cancer, Jim Kelly is a huge inspiration.
"Make a difference today for someone who is fighting for their tomorrow!"
I am a Die Hard Dan Marino and Miami Dolphins Fan and the Good Lord Knows We had some epic AFC East battles vs Jim Kelly and the Bills but Mr. Kelly give cancer heck, it’s K Gun time and you will Win. You are all heart Mr. Kelly, we are pulling for you, God Bless You!!!
I am also fighting cancer for the third time. Jim Kelly is a huge inspiration. Be positive and stay up beatj
I cried a lil. I don't know the guy one bit. But I know now he's a true human
A great speech by Jim Kelly. He has already beaten cancer once and if anybody can beat it a second time it's Jim Kelly. He is an inspiration because he never gives up.
Jim Kelly is a incredible example of a MAN, husband, father, friend, citizen with unending faith, strength, character & courage. I pray on his upcoming trip to NYC he will receive good news and continued best of healthcare. We need more people like Jim Kelly and should all listen and learn from him.
Patrick James I will always concede to you that Brady is the GOAT but I will stand by my stance that Kelly was the toughest QB to play in the NFL.
Stand up guy right there. I was a Dallas fan as a kid and they ended up beating the Bills quite a bit. Regardless, when Jim lost, he lost like a gentleman and always kept pushing ahead. God bless him, his family and may they continue to keep fighting the good fight.
Jim Im a Dolphin fan from Sacramento Ca. I dont know you but I admired you as a fan and I cheer for you as you fight this terrible disease. You inspire me to be a better man and I pray have that I will have 1% of your courage when it comes to my personal adversity. Thank you for being a role model.
Even though Jim and the Bills lost 4 Super Bowls in a row, the Bills of his time rocked! He rocked! He still rocks! What an incredible and inspiring man. God Bless him and his family. Let’s hope a cure is found for all the cancer sufferers out there and for all those suffering with serious illnesses.
As a cancer survivor and some one who grew up watching Jim Kelly play it is inspiring to see Kelly’s tenacity! Yet it is also shocking to see what cancer has done to one of the best quarterbacks to play in the NFL! Cancer is a truly monstrous scourge that no one should ever have to experience! You are in my prayers Jim Kelly and I know you will beat it!
This is why I wear #12 during games...this is why, no matter what the standings say during the season...this is why it’s still easy to be a Bills fan. Today, everyone should be a Bills fan...Kelly Strong 💪🏼
Make a difference people! You cant change the world but you can always start by making a difference to the people around you! Never give up baby!!
As a Buffalonian, I love Jimbo! At first I was upset when I saw Kareem Abdul Jabbar- he was the only one standing. Then I realized everyone WAS standing! Stay strong, #12GOAT
I was very happy they let him talk and didn’t start playing music. Two thumbs up ESPN. God bless you and your family Mr. Kelly.
Kelly Strong! Balled my eyes out. Watching this legend. Never a Bill's fan. But a great fan of great character and man.
Brought tears to my eyes. What a warrior!! Very inspiring, moving speech. His courage, the "will to Live" resonates deeply to many Survivor Warriors, like myself. I say this knowing that #NoOneFightsAloneEVER !! #CureAllCancers ❤️🙏🏼 God Bless those who are doing treatments and those keeping this awful disease at bay.
Salute Jim Kelly!!!! Before Nashville got the titans i was a huge bills fan and still follow them. I remember your years with the team. And was glad to be a part of that win or lose. Thanks for the memories and more for the speech. Keep that faith!!!!!
It's so difficult watching a man staring down cancer and the inevitable that comes with cancer. A brave and valiant man.
I remember growing up as a young man in the late 80s,early 90s hating this man becasue he would always beat up on the Miami dolphins, but as I've gotten older I have the upmost respect for someone like #jimkelly who has always handle himself with so much courage, and has done so many wonderful things for others throughout many charites #getwell soon Mr.Kelly well wishes from a dolphins fan ♥️🏈
I saw my Mom suffer terribly from cancer at a young age. When I listened to Jim Kelly’s speech I heard positive and inspiration about being nice to one another. U don’t know what someone’s going through but a quick hello a thank you show some respect goes a long way. God Bless u Jim your a winner and class act. Cancer sucks!!!
God bless you Jim!!!! Just like the football player you were strong and a fighter never gave up on your team and I know your not gonna give up on your family or for your son. I watched this live and it brought tears to my eyes because to see a guy so positive after his son then fighting cancer for the third time and I think when Im having a bad day it’s the end of the world. JK12 I’m a patriots fan but right now I’m rooting for you!!
In coming even though I'm a fan of a different team comments. Is it honestly necessary to plug who your favorite team is to show respect to another player? No, it isn't.
All the best to Jim Kelly, his family, and the rest of us battling in one way or another. Be exceptional to each other, and make this world a better place for those around you.