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✅ 20-year-old rookie
✅ Not afraid of the big stage

Didn’t know Kevin Durant had a clothing line?
He's dressed like he just stepped off the set of "Paid In Full". Which, by the way, is one of the best movies ever made.
Reminds me of T Mac, but with a better jump shot at this age, once he bulks up, learns to get into the line more often, his vision of the court, his movility without the ball, creats his own shot, creats offense, and way better defensive player than what they credit him for, and he is only 20 years old, Kyrie Irving will not be happy again in 3 more years or so, Boston will be Tatums team
This man deserves ROTY compare to Simmons and Mitchell
Better than LeBron's rookie year. Everyone knows that Darko was ROTY with a ring that season.
So was he afraid in games 3 n 4
He only said that cas they won let’s replay this after game 7
They have a good one in Tatum, he’s going to be a star.
Stevens Coach of the Year...Tatum ROY...future finals MVP
Edward Im us during finals, we like the big moment
Except on the road where they can’t win....
League’s future is looking bright with guys like Tatum, Mitchell and Simmons!
I still think Cleveland wins
Just imagine if they had Kyrie and Gordon... 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
Tell how u done n da fake goat...I love it
Look at his chain Michael Williard! But it's all good. You suck at basketball. 😉
Chain is low key yet high key flexing 👌👌💪💪
He’s deserves ROTY just for the simple fact that he can actually dress unlike the most of the NBA league
Do the CS know what on the line on the road means?
In another year he will be the best player in boston and a top 10 player.
Big Boy contract comming up next year.
Did he get that shirt with snakes on it from Durant?
Lmaooo Travis Seto my guy is Gucci’d up to the neck
Give this man his ROTY
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LeBron looked absolutely gassed.

Jordan scored 38 points with the flu!!! Jordan is THE GOAT!!!
He’s only gassed when they’re losing.
It's funny to me watching people criticize him for being tired even though he's consistently been one of the top players in MPG since he's been in the league. On top of that, he's been to 7 straight NBA finals. He has the most playoff minutes in NBA history. The fact that he has been this competitive for this long is a testament to his greatness. If you don't understand the physical fatigue and hard work that kind of production takes, then you truly don't know greatness.
He's mentally exhausted from carrying those bums. But when people say he's the greatest player ever, he's gonna be subjected to this type of scrutiny.
Yeah, after 15 years of carrying teams through winning seasons and throughout the playoffs, he's finally not as tired as the couch potatoes making fun of him after getting off the couch.
Of course ESPN makes excuses for him. He should’ve been put out in 6 in the first round by the Pacers if it wasn’t 5 on 8.
That hair looks gassed 😂😂😂
Forget him being "gassed" let's talk about Tatum and how he is carrying the Celtics, now if Kobe or Jordan was in this series even having to carry the load offensively they would be the leader and put the clamps on Tatum defensively and not allow him to beat them. That's the huge difference between LeBron and Jordan
Ehhh. I’m a self-proclaimed LeBron hater but I still have to respect his greatness... He’s not even breathing heavily here. He’s probably disappointed, maybe emotionally gassed, but he definitely could’ve gone another half if needed.
I think it’s funny when everyone says he has no help....this guy has literally made his teams dating back when he went to Miami, chose them, chose to go back to Cleveland with Kyrie and Kevin, and we are still complaining about him not having any help! He isn’t playing against any superstars besides the Warriors, tell me how many HOFers are on Boston right now?? I’ll wait! When Jordan played in big playoff games, HOFers on both sides, Lebron is a good player in a terrible NBA! Pacers Raptors and now the Celtics, not a single future HOFer on any of those rosters....and we are saying this guy has it tough??
So fake! The NBA story line is to make Lebron "come" back from adversity to force a game 7 and then make it to the finals. No one will watch the Finals without Lebron in the them.
He has no help. They can't expect to go 7 games and be ready for Houston or Golden State. Boston would be doing them a favorite by eliminating them.
Even when Jordan had the flu he still dropped 38 points and won the game. This guy didn’t look engaged at all. A true G.O.A.T gives it his all to the very end no matter what.
funny thing is lebron is doing nothing but tarnishing his reputation. If he does which I doubt he will make it to the finals. Hell lose again. only putting distance between the goat talk. And I'm an LBJ fan. he needs to hang it up already. talks over
Ty Lue is blind! Why else would he continue to put JR Smith in.. he's got good guys on the bench, shady guys on the court.. he's blind or dumb maybe Both! Fire him!!
Greatest of all time? Seems to me Jordan played sick, played hurt, played tired. To me, Jordan is and always will be the greatest of all time. If the NBA actually called traveling, a lot of LeBraun's stats would be wiped out.
He does looked gassed.....every time he is losing. It’s a show he puts on, just like the “Cramp.” Cool story ESPN, move onto something better kid.
He's probably thinking about which team he's going to next. Of course, whatever team it is, rest assured it will be full of all stars so he can get another win. He's a good ball player, but he's no leader cause the dude is all about me, me, me. Not a team player.
This dude can only do so much he rebound assist score he basically plays every position on the floor and ppl always wanna say what MJ did I'm a Jordan fan however MJ wasn't ask or had to carry a team on his back like LeBron I respect King James greatness this dude is a beast #CAVSIN7
Who wouldn’t be exhausted after grinding for 15 years? I’m no LBJ fan, but give respect and credit where it’s due! He is literally out there giving everything and some!
You guys really need to stop bagging on Lebron. He is a great basketball player. Most non media NBA analysts even put him in the top 15 all time. If Lebron can develop the killer instincts that Bryant, Duncan, Iverson and Bird had, he even has a shot at cracking the top 5. Time is ticking though 🤔
I guess so, he’s the only one on the team who does anything!!! His back hurts from carrying 4 other teammates and an entire bench (and probably a coach) nearly every game. And that equals a lot more than 250 lbs lol. He’ll be back next game #KING #WITNESS
For all those making excuses to the so called goat. He's losing to a team that has no Hayward no Irving along with the fact Boston have mostly rookies and second year players one guy rozier I believe was in cba. And James has plenty of help he's just a choker
I thought he is the most physically fit athlete in the world? He never get injured. he never get tired. So, what is this?? Excuses?? Boston did a great job to win, dont be blind and accept the fact that boston win because they played with more heart.
Absolutely guess he just doesn't want to lose in the finals again just retire homeboy retire like your hairline
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The Celtics are one win away from the NBA Finals. ☘️

Don’t let this distract you from the fact Lebron had 2 points - 3 Turnovers in the 4th quarter yet they still say: “goat” lmao....
Lebron fans: Lebron has no help! If he had a squad like MJ he would win easily!! But Kevin Love alone averages: -2.2 more PPG than Pippen -3.2 more RPG than Grant -1.5% better 3pt shooter than Paxson -had more All Star appearances than the entire Bulls squad (except MJ) had by the end of the first 3peat
So much hate for LeBron, the dude wins he's hated, he loses he's hated. We should appreciate his greatness bc we'll never see another player like him again.
Back to Cleveland where the refs will allow the Cavs to win game 6 easily. Then back to Boston where the refs will appear to make it look like it was called fairly. Only to allow Cavs to squeak on by to the Finals.
Loved how Jackson and Van Gundy were making excuses for LeBron with him facing fatigue LMAO Time to finish dethroning "the king" #CUsRise
Terry Rozier wasn’t wrong when he said he believes this team can still make the finals before the playoffs started #CUsRise ☘️🔥💯
When LeBron walks up the court on every play and cherry picks instead of playing defense, this is what you get. He is already checked out. He will never be Michael Jordan. He will never even be Kobe Bryant. No killer instinct.
Let’s not forget when Lebron tucked his tail in and left Cleveland, The Celtics eliminated him that year! This year DEJA-VU and Lebron high tails it out again!
Inside job. Clearly an inside job by the wizardry of the refs. It is undeniable that the NBA playoffs are being determined by literal wizards. And not just typical wizard refs, ones that can control the minds of the players. It's the only plausible excuse as to why JR Smith and George Hill have been dog excrement this entire series. ESPN tried to get a puff piece on Korver and his tragedy but even that wasn't powerful enough to stop the mind controlling wizard refs. REFS 3- LEBRON 0
The great lebrick James cant put away a team missing its two best players....and Cavs down 3-2...the goat....yeah right!!!!
You guys really need to stop bagging on Lebron. He is a great basketball player. Most non media NBA analysts even put him in the top 15 all time. If Lebron can develop the killer instincts that Bryant, Duncan, Iverson and Bird had, he even has a shot at cracking the top 5. Time is ticking though 🤔
I'm 95% convinced this series is going to a game 7. Nothing to do with Lebron and more to do with the fact that none of these teams can win on the road
Facts: Jordan had the flu/hangover and willed his team to victory. LeBron was tired and phoned it in. Who’s the GOAT??
Lebron the greatest player of all time to sit down when his team is down 16 with 5 minutes left. What a joke.. if hes seriously the GOAT then he should have been out there 😂😂
Good win Celtics! See ya game 6 in the Land! Gonna be another GREAT game! Boston’s Defense is great and Lebron and the Cavs to watch a lot of film on it! Let’s go Cavs get em game 6 to force game 7!
I'm just here for the excuses.
Series is going to seven games now lol that’s my opinion. No way Lebron loses at home because he will drop 40+ points and lets be honest, it’s home court advantage
I am finally going say this. The NBA needs to change his conference format. The Eastern conference it's being suck for over 20 years. This two team in the east are playing to see who goes to finals. I think the western conference is the actual finals.
This series has nothing to do LBJ. It has everything to do with his supporting cast and their inability to play serviceable basketball on any level on the road. The Celtics playing poor on the road is to be expected seeing as though their median age is like 25. The Cavs playing poorly on the road with a team filled with veteran players is pathetic.
Oh yeah,the boring series between the Celtics and Cavs. Please,game 7 between the Capitals and Lighting was better then this! Of course,the only interesting thing about this story is all the LeBron haters who always complain. Jordan,LeBron,Kobe,Bird,Walton,etc were all great players. Yeah,LeBron is 3-5 in the Finals but,Jordan would've been 2-6 if he wouldn't have quit in 1993-94 and would've lost in the Finals in 1995 against Olajuwon and the Rockets!
The Celtics played an absolute hard fought winning game. The squad is phenomenal when it comes to protecting their home court. Hopefully they beat The Cavs just because I’m a Lebron hater 😏. With that being said, Warriors in 6 🙌🏾
What you want Lebron to score 40+ every night? He was gassed out. It didn't help that Thompson scored 1 point in this game.
Darko Millicic won 2 straight Eastern Conference finals in his first 2 seasons of the NBA. Cleveland definitely should have thought out that #1 draft pick.
LeBron struggling to beat the Celtics without Kyrie and Gordon Hayward and all the bronsexuals making excuses that he has no help lmao!
Brace yourselves.. here comes the LeBron hate because he didn't score 40 points like that's dissappointing.. let's hear some more lousy excuses in why he isn't one of the greatest
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It all comes down to this.

Don’t act like you like hockey now ESPN. Just because LeBron’s down 10 right now to some role players doesn’t mean you can switch up like that.
As a Caps fan, I respect everything that the Golden Knights front office put together and accomplished this year, but this is our year. #LetsGoCaps
I’m hoping Vegas, but I wouldn’t be mad if the Caps won. That franchise has seen ridicule (especially during the last decade), and Ovechkin deserves a cup. Here’s hoping for a good series.
One team desperate to get their hands on a Stanley Cup after 40+ years. The other team still has that clear sheet of plastic that comes on your new cell phones and clocks on their hockey visors lol.
As a Caps fan, I've got no animosity toward the Knights... that being said, I hope we sweep y'all 😂 #AllCaps #BeatVegas
ESPN. Stop. Don't try and pretend you like hockey now. Go back to your LeBron and college football. Caps win in 7
Not only will both teams be looking for their first championship, but both teams will be looking for their first Stanley Cup Finals game win.
For any Bolt or other fan out there you can’t be salty about this. Washington took it hard tonight in every element of the game. Go Caps in the final!
These "wow, ESPN cares about hockey" posts cary zero weight now. Joke isn't even funny. Their target audience only cares about the NHL during the playoffs, so guess what? That's right. You'll see NHL posts from April-June. Unless something noteworthy happens during the reg season of course. If you're a hardcore fan of a particular sport, you aren't their target when it comes to that sport. Lol hate to break it to you. Don't be offended when it doesn't get the coverage you think it deserves. I'm ranting now, so I'll stop. Go CAPS!
The Knights opening ceremony is gonna be crazy. After all they've fought through, they've finally made it to the Capital.
Don’t let this distract you from the fact Lebron had 2 points - 3 Turnovers in the 4th quarter yet they still say: “goat” lmao....
This will be the extent of ESPN coverage for the Stanley Cup Finals. Meanwhile, camera crews are racing to a local Burger King, where it's been reported that Jimmy LeBaron (or whatever the f**k his name is) has ordered extra ketchup on his Whopper at the drive thru. Details on SportsCenter as they unfold.
Vegas should change their team name to the Fleurys...Go show who’s boss and win your fourth Stanley Cup Flower!
These Capitals are the first Washington franchise to advance to the championship round/game since the 1997-1998 Capitals, who got swept by the Red Wings. Before that, it was the 1990 Redskins, who beat the Bills in Super Bowl XXVI. So these Capitals are looking to end our nation’s capital’s 27-year championship drought! I’m guessing that this is the Golden Knights’ first ever Stanley Cup Final appearance, but I could be wrong about that 😜
It amazes me that a sports network would have the basketball analyst announce the results of a Stanley cup game. When both games are on at the same time, sport fans DVR the other game. Bush league
I honestly really hope Flower wins another Stanley Cup. He deserves it after Pittsburgh threw him under the bus last year in the conference finals. But then again I would say Caps but I don’t like that cheap shot artist Tom Wilson.
I’m good with either of these teams winning the cup. It’s nice to see different teams in it for once. Especially a new franchise in their first year. I’d like to see Ovechkin win one too. Hope it’s a great series.
Im just a casual fan my rooting intrest is with the Blackhawks usually but I love playoff Hockey and been rooting for the Caps the whole way through. I couldn't help but notice that you guys got that old Pitsburgh Goalie to go through again in Fluerry is that making anyone sweat or do you guys attribute the peguins wall the last few years to Crosby and Malkin? Honest question not trying to get under anyones skin and you played great all postseason just wondering if that crossed any fans mind cuz it was one of the first things I thought of when the game went final and the Stanley Cup Final was set.
Be hilariously to see the Golden Knights with more championships in the last twenty years than the Raiders
Wow... all the highlights to the hockey game, intense moments, Ovie’s reactions to getting to the Stanley cup finals, and this is all you can do? You guys are terrible.
The caps are drained they’re tired they were tired tonight they just had more step even though being tired then the bolts Vegas is going to take it to them they may even sweep them
If you would of told me capitals vs vegas. I would of bet my car, house, wife, kids, everything ....that being said hope for an awesome series 😂😂😂
Washington Capitals win the cup in six games. Alex Ovechkin and coach Barry Trotz get their elusive championship finally.🏒
Ryan I thought this said 20-8 at first lol I was about to say somebody turned their stats up in the settings lmao
Knights all the way #shouldvebetonthem before the season started like i said they would win it all their first year!!! 😈😈😈
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Nance and Morris got into it in Boston 🔥

Please like my comment for no reason.
Here's a random picture of some Thai food I made by myself tonight
There's a reason Nance pushed Morris from behind. He doesn't really want any part of him. As soon as Morris turned around he was gone.
Hahahaa...a little schoolyard pushing....this is getting into it.
Two Hard Pushes and not 1 player hit the bottom of the earth like Lebron does when you push him...he truly is the #KINGofFLOP
The only time you’ll hear of Morris, not because he’s a good basketball player, but because he accidentally bumps someone from behind then talks some trash like he did something impressive 😂
Who does Marcus Morris think he is?
Morris is just instigating. Either let the shove go or start giving him techs for all this jawing he's doing. Can't just let it go and then get mad when it comes back. He's the draymond of Boston tho. Knows his role
To me it seems like the cavs are paid to lose this game. All the turnovers. Jr 1 point. Hill a few, LeBron and love had 40 together. Just out of character. The turnovers and the malaise look on bron didn't seem right. I don't understand this. This was very bad effort by the team, the coach. Just awful.
Worst officiatiating I've seen in the post season so far and we are only in the second quarter. I am just completely disappointed that these so called professional referees cant get a call right which started this scuffle in the first place #boston #cleveland #NBA #playoffs
FOOD 4 THOUGHT!!! REY is better then KYLO even tho he trained under MASTER Luke Skywalker since a child n also trained under the dark side as an adult
That’s “getting into it”? Looked more like two kids pushing each other on the playground from behind then waiting for their friends to “hold them back” from the cat fight. You want to see athletes “get into it”, turn the channel to the NHL.
Nance's shove, or should I say Nancy's shove, was more physical than whatever Nancy thought Morris did to him. Even if Morris gave a little trash talk after the play, Jr still comes across as a snowflake.
Boring! Morris and Nance trying to instigate a hockey fight. Game 7 between the Capitals and Lighting is alot more entertaining then this little shove fest. Come on National Bribery Association, if you're going to rig fights then make them like Tanahashi vs Okada in NJPW. Or at least Artest vs Pistons fans.
Where’s the “goat” at? Not in the middle of it like she should. Soft, lazy, plays d when it feels like it.
It was funny to see LeBron near the back of the human pile, nowhere near the scuffle within. Can't have him break a nail and miss the rest of the playoffs, now can we?
What's more crazy is that Labron can just travel all he wants apparently. 4 steps at beginning of video....
So much ignorance in one video. Lol big bad ole’ Morris gone foul you “real hard” and then stand over you like he really did something. Bruuhhhhh
Remember when this happened all the time, and now its lebrons team involved you make a big deal out if it.
Why does ESPN consider this “getting into it?” This isn’t the NBA of the 90s where they really threw punches , this is mere horseplay
Morris is a bully. I'm sure as Nance matures he won't let taunting get the best of him whereas Morris will never change
Yeah just let him get to you. Doing exactly what we want you to do. He gets the tech. But you react unsportsmanlike 😂
Why did Rozier get a T for making sure Nance didn't touch his teammate? Refs gonna start helping LBJ get to the Finals, eh?
Those 2 are being harsh. They need to be careful because they don’t want to get thrown out of the game
Y'all act hard in basketball. When the real sport is hockey
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In the midst of a playoff run, Cavs guard Kyle Korver has been trying to find balance after the death of his youngest brother Kirk. Here's his story.

So crazy I to have three brothers all together is 4 and we too unfortunately lost a brother to a car accident when he was 15 years old...growing up in our neighborhood we were all known and every knew us and when my brother was taken off life support we to sat in there and talked to him said our goodbyes and we to said there will always be of my other brothers has that tattooed on his I relate to them so much RIP Kirk and hopefully the family is healing...your nothing without brotherhood and brotherhood is nothing with out ur brothers...🙏🏻✊🏻
Growing up in the area, I was lucky enough to go to b-ball camps at creighton when Kyle played. Stand up guy, always cheer for him
Incredible story ESPN. Such a strong family with great values. Loved this piece.
We love you brother
The Korver Family. What a class act. We miss you here in Utah Kyle. Thanks for sharing your emotions and your faith.
I worked with Kirk and he was an amazingly kind individual!
My prayers go out to his family. The second Kyle’s lower lip started to quiver it got me emotional. What a great family with integrity and class.
That's so sad but a what great story but praying for you Kyle you are such a great nba player fun to watch CAVS Nation i am so sorry lost still but keep playing great basketball 😱😱😱😦😦😦😰😰
my God 😢 i had no idea. i love korver and i think he is underappreciated. and to know that he is going through this and persevering on the court makes me admire him even more. RIP kirk, we love you kyle!!
God bless the Kovers. It is so hard to lose a sibling. Kyle and his brothers are courageous for sharing their story.
Man, I had no idea he was going through that. RIP to Kirk and amazing what Kyle's even able to do in this playoff with all that on the mind. Keep pushing forward brother!
Kyle, go get that championship.
I Got the privilege to play basketball with Kirk at northwestern basketball camp a few years he was fun to play with, had a great shot(who Kyle calmed was the best in the family in a SI interview in like 2005ish), and was always positive and I think he had a new pair of Jordan’s on everyday to match his shorts. He had a smile on his face everyday day, fun guy to be around and great family. Great to see the joy in his family knowing he is in a better place in such a hard time. God bless!
What an amazing family. I lost my sister suddenly, and my brother and I still sat there are three of us. No one takes the lost one’s place. Kyle, prayers of grace and peace. Go play each game in honor of your brother. He is right along side you, and is proud of the man you are.
I believe that everything that happens can be used for good in some way, even if we cannot understand it. Kyle's family is strong in their faith and I'm sure that that faith is helping them to heal. I do also believe that their strength in this can help others to heal in similar situations.
Didn't know this about him, sad to hear this. I'm a die hard C's fan and he killed us in those games in Cleveland. But this is something that transcends the game. Korver is going to be a HOF'er for a reason. One of the best and purest shooters of all time. Sorry for your loss man.
I lost my sister last year to cancer. I know how he feels. The min he started to cry. I broke down. Know that he is looking down on you and your family. He's your angel Kyle. Much respect and love to you and your family. Go get that ring Kyle!
Boy, does this hit home! So hard to go through! Love keeps you grounded and family is everything! And family can be blood or extended to those you hold dear as more than just friends!!
Thoughts and prayers to Kyle and his family
Im a Celtics fan but lost my mother to kidney disease and diabetes. Kyle I know your pain. Sending healing vibes to you.
Why you're all up in the man's business? Hope he scores 90 Okay, all lebron needs is 18+ from him to win.
The only likable guy on that team..a true professional..sorry for his loss..lots of love in that family
Family is everything! Kyle your a tough man. I believe that you and your family will pull through. Sending prayers man. 🙏
This seems like one incredible family. The love and strength they get from one another is amazing. Lauren Fialko Ian Andersen Brian Kuhlemeyer Judy Kuhlemeyer Love you guys.
I'd love to see Kyle get a ring this year. For his brother...
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How though?? 🤔

What does this have to do with Lebron??
Technically I feel like that should still be in play. I would have kept running until I scored and then challenged it if they argued.
That guy misplayed that ball by 15 feet
Baseball has been played for over 120 years and you will still occasionally see something you've never seen before....
Blake Seever when you're playing golf clash and in a shootout, hit the ball and lands .38 yds from the pin..🙄😒
Well; see what happened was the ball fell right between the two cushions causing it to get stuck because the increasing pressure from the cushions and the decreasing velocity of the ball.
Isn’t it a live ball? Prince Fielder hit an inside the park home run on a ball that got stuck just like that but on the bottom of the wall between the padding and dirt.
That's a smart but cheap play by the fielder. Should've been a live ball since it was still in plain sight, was easy to get, and he grabbed it very easily anyways
Touch every word and see the magic You’re the best Xoxo You’ve got this Congrats Bisous Pupici Masaya
Yeah, that’s definitely a ground rule double. I think that’s the way they ruled it and I can’t argue with that. If it’d bounced out he wouldn’t have had a triple anyway.
Mitchell It took 149 years of baseball for this to happen, and now that it has it’s cracking me up 😂 but that could also be the Guinness.
Outfielder took the wrong path to the ball. Should have caught it in the air. Smart to throw his hands up and signal ground rule double though.
This is like getting two basketballs in the rim at the same time. Only seen it once, probably will won't see it again
So is that a fair ball? A out? Or a ground rule double? My guess would be fair ball but I honestly don’t know
Somehow, James Harden was fouled.
I am 43...have watched lots of baseball over many years never seen that!
He had the worst route to the ball. No way he would have caught that even if it had been lower.
Bob N Rachel I see a ground rule double. You?
needs to hit the weight room. warning track power
What sport is this? Wheres the real sports WWE
Nolan lol how does this even happen?
Austin Niese this happened today I was so confused lol ended up a double
Joel. The chances of this...unreal!
Is it still a live ball?
If that wall would have been wood, it would have been a homerun.
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The policy approved by owners says players and personnel have the option not to take the field for the national anthem, but those who do must stand.

Fascism at its best. Forced patriotism is unamerican and so are those that show more loyalty to a symbol than to the rights of other citizens.
Way to go NFL owners! You own the business and SHOULD be able to create policies that prohibit employee behavior that is detrimental to YOUR organization.
I have been a big NFL fan my entire life , but I have chosen this motto. “If you can’t stand, I can’t watch”.
Imagine you own a business. Now imagine a few of your employees standing in front of your shop insulting half of your potential clientele... You may feel a certain way about a particular topic, but that certainly doesnt mean everyone agrees with you nor does it make you right... You can judge the NFL or owners when you own a team...
Players expressing personal beliefs to a wide audience while on the job is quite frankly no different than Trump expressing his personal unfiltered beliefs on Twitter, while on the job.
Too bad the Players Association wasn't consulted. Ya know, since the players are in a Union.
Next to go out the door. Constitution of United States of America 1789 (rev. 1992) (Amendment l ) Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
National Anthem has nothing to do with football so this is stupid as hell.. Hopefully they stay in the locker room
1st Amendments rights do not extend to the workplace. Sure you can say whatever you want, but you can also be disciplined for that as well.
All you sensitive trumpflakes did this solves the problem? Will you still be upset now? 😭😂 jesus the NFL just never gets anything right its unbelievable
If the players don’t like it they have the option to find another job. I can guarantee that 95% of the players will take the millions of $ they make versus coming down to reality. Why is this even an issue. We have rules and laws in place that we have to follow whether at work or in society.
Where does it say to stand for the anthem in the constitution? It's a common courtesy. I support our troops all the way, I support our flag, etc. But way to force something that's not even a law to begin with.
Kneeling and not showing respect for America, cry me a rivers, they don’t respect the flag , they should not play and get into politics,, disgusted .
This is ridiculous, forcing people to stand for the National Anthem is not what this country is about. Are you forcing everyone in the stands and watching on tv to stand?
Owners are saying “know your place”. NFLPA will have something to say and having no one standing on the sidelines is embarrassing, watch. When the players decide to strike, it’s going to get bloody.
To all you clear people out there who have an issue with kneeling as a peaceful way to protest social injustices maybe you need to speak up about these injustices that happen daily instead of standing on the sidelines. Make sure when your at home watching games stand up. It’s what we all knew would have but if the players come out and raise the ✊🏾. Just continue to be quite and watch.
They are employed by the owners. When they disrespect the national anthem, they hurt the business. Try doing something like this at YOUR place of employment. That's all I need to say. By the way, the First Amendment freedom of speech applies to the government. It does not protect you while you are employed at your place of employment. For example, you can support whatever causes you want, but not when at work.
Their job is to play football. When they are at work, they need to do their job. If they wanna be an idol, they need to do it on their time, not company time.
Unfortunately players can still stay in the locker room but it's about time they do something about this
Both teams should stay in the locker room like they use to. It's only been the last 10 years or so that players are out there during the national anthem. Either that or they should get paid what a commercial actor gets paid because that's what they are, actors in a commercial for the military.
The NFL took a baby step, the players forgot one big thing. Fans pay to be entertained , if we want a politician or policy reform we get active in our communities.
What if every player had a different cause to protest on the field? The NFL had to stop it or they would have players doing headstands and cartwheels to save the petunias. Protests can be done and should be done when an employee is off the clock.
I personally think you should stand as my parents served in the military, however I do take issue when we can so easily pass policy like this but there exists no policy in the NFL to Bar someone who has a history of beating the s*** out of their girlfriend or is a habitual drunk driver, or is a cokehead or is a murderer. Somehow I think our priorities might actually be backwards here
As much as I disagree with it, it’s well within the NFL’s rights to make rules like this. They’re not a government or tax-funded organization. I am glad, however, that they gave the option to sit in the locker room if you choose not to stand. I’m all for giving veterans and military their due, but in my opinion there’s no reason to play the national anthem in the first place unless a national team representing the U.S. is involved (Olympics, World Cup, etc)
I don't like that anyone kneels during our anthem, but that is their right in our free country. I agree that to force anyone to stand or salute or anything else is a sign of fascism. I am so very saddened by this and the barring of or free press from the EPA meeting today. So Sad.....
ESPN8 hours ago

Will Liverpool FC spoil Real Madrid C.F.'s hat-trick bid for the UEFA Champions League trophy?

Junsok Ko I don’t understand every year it’s the same thing “Real Madrid will lose” and they always win. You’d think people would learn but I guess not smh 😂😂😂
#GoReds !! Come on boys, we've secured our spot for next season, lets bring this trophy back to our cabinet!
Chelsea fan here, but also Barça, so go Reds!
No one can spoil Real Madrid from winning its championship!
Rather have esports posts than soccer.
Real Madrid all the way, I hope the Reds step up and represent the EPL and make it a game at least!
Do something reds! Dethrone the boredomness!
Must feel like Christmas for you Evan
I belive In the red for win you all never walk alone
Rather watch 80’s women’s bowling on ESPN 7
They better start Bale if they want to win
I’m not going to care in 3 days either.
Kenny Oppon really hoping Salah takes it
The Best Football Club in the world!Ryan Vogelsberg
If Liverpool wins it. Salah should win Ballon D'or. Doubt they will but anything can happen.
Ronaldo gonna score a hat trick. ⚽️
Wow so not interested
Salah Fermino Mane' let's eat
Lets go liverpool!!
Hala Madrid
Which sport is this???????????
¡Hala Madrid!
ESPN9 hours ago

On this date: Shawn Green did THIS ...

4 HR
19 total bases

Ahhh back when ESPN and SportsCenter only focused on sports reporting and didn’t use its show for political platforms...the good ole days
Kobe drops 81 on the Raptors, Boston gets Tyler Seguin, Tukka Rask, and Doug Hamilton off of the Leafs, Mets get Syndrgaard, the Dodgers get Green, and the Phillies get the great Roy Halladay off the Jays... it's been pretty tough being a Toronto Sports fan
I miss steroids in baseball 😯😔
Forgot about this dude. Puig reminds me of him. Neither really lived up to the hype but did some good things
Can't believe this was in 2002. Remember watching and sport center going crazy over it the next morning. I think Mike Cameron also hit 4 HR in a game that season as well
Shawn Green is better than Lebron.
And we thought the clarity of the TV was just perfect only 16 years ago. Looking at this vid now, you would think it was from the late 80s...
That's weird you didn't show mike Cameron doing the same thing a week prior. Oh that's right he played for Seattle not precious LA so he didn't matter....and Cammy missed HR 5 by about 10 feet...
Used to be my favorite player until he took a couple days off for a Jewish holiday at the end of the season in a playoff push. I remember being so mad as a kid lol Tommy Carlson Shawn Achettu
Well on Feb 21st, 2005 at a Spring Training game he dropped my son's sharpie under the bleachers while signing autographs. Aaron Kern
Remember watching this game. Hard to believe it's been 16 years. One of the best performances in a single day of all time.
This guy caused me to lose my fantasy baseball matchup. I will always remember how much of a ridiculous day Shawn Green had to beat my team that week.
I wish players still did steroids. I think it should be a requirement....who doesn't want to see 700 foot home runs??
I traded Vald to Robby this year for Green, almost solely based on the week he had ,including this day. Honorable mention - Jon Rosenthal
Brian Anderson was talking about this during the Brewers side of the broadcast in today’s Brewers/D-Backs game
Brendan Comstock first swing I ever fell in love with. I used to try and mimic the open stance as a 10 year old lmao
52 bombs that year and then an incredible sharp decline...steroids are neat
I almost went to that game. I changed my mind last minute. I live in California so I would have been late
Billy Hatton Jonathan Yavorsky Evan Klimchak I think this guy’s Showdown card was like 17+ for homer. Guess this is why
Andrew Castaneda Keith Woodcock I was at this game. Second deck on the first baseline never seen anyone hit like this!
Cousin Paul, add “Always Respect hot hitters” to the “Lost Arts” of baseball. “Lost Arts” thus far: 1. Pitchers valuing their movement over velocity 2. Hitters shortening their swings up when behind in accounts 3. Catchers being able to frame, coach, and help pitchers 4. Base running 5. Small Ball **Disclaimer to facebook soldiers*** My cousin Paul and I are keeping a “Lost Arts of Baseball” list. Feel free to laugh and enjoy or add other “Lost Arts.” Any other thoughts should be housed with the other comments that have made you a miserable person to this date.
That was the year my Angels won the world series.
He didn't bat flip once?? He didn't pimp any of the 4 HRs?? What's wrong with this dude?!!
Wow! This was actually when sports center actually talked about games and showed highlights.
Beltre is in the twilight of a first ballot HOF career 16 years later.....