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Chris Coghlan can soar!

Eileen G Fry Flew over Molina just like a blue jay! 😂 Can't stop watching this! 😍
Abdiel Garcia Didn't even touch 3rd
Robert Shawn Brakeall He pulled a Willie Mays Hayes!
Andres Urrutia No out?
Brett Shadrick Front leap frog!
Brayden Hill Kaden Jason Goddard Yeah screw the Cardinals! Haha
Stephen Williams Another former cub embarrassing the cardinals. Love it
Brad Young Jays.
Tanner Hanes I Molina can fly
Michael Angelo Vivas Blue Jay flyin' home 🤔🙄😂😜😂😜👀
Samuel Joseph Paul Rubin Major League 2 in real life!!
Jason Moreno He still missed 3rd base...
El Strong That wasnt a slide. It was a front flip. Fkn awesome!!
Matthew Gage I believe I can fly!
Ebrahim El Sharkawy 💛✌ shark w76ny m8rb 💛 🌐
Hamza Jani Excelent
Urban Gonzalez Gabriel Luna check this out!!
Leön Hüäng Jim Wu must C.
Kareem Deanes Emily Clinger that was crazy!
Daniel Garcia Haydon Logan Bogard Can you do this? hahaha
Liam Moore Kameron Trenten
Nick McKeiver Pat McKeiver Jim McKeiver
Max Castillo Bonilla Allan Wolf Zeledon
Liam Moore Adam
Tyler Garcia Caleb Hett
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An MLB-leading 11 home runs in April ... so far.
Watch them all here:

Nathan Konrad Lol at all the steroid comments. His 2 hone runs against Garett were cement mixer sliders. Maybe instead accusing him of roids, we should first investigate the Reds pitching. Just saying
Austin Klassen Just seen him on Sportscenter yesterday doing an interview and he seemed to be one of the most soft-spoken cool regular guys out there. Instantly wished he was playing for the GIANTS but oh well. It will be fun to watch what he does.
Nick Zilli Id question it as well. But since those FIBs from the north side called him out he's been tested 3 times. Passed all of them. So he's clean or he is friends with the smartest South Korean doctor in the world
Brock Webb Cubs cry he is juicing. Joe and that whole team are cry babies
Sean Murphy Not a Brewers fan, but I really, really hope he's not juicing. This is an incredible story that I hope is real.
Caz Pellowski [being a Brewer fan and trying to stay positive that he isnt going to slow down too much or fall into irrelevancy in 2 months because he's a Brewer]
Christian Tucker Lord please let someone who crushes homers not test positive for roids amen 🙏🏻
Denise Moore Wartan He's crazy good ! Too bad he plays for a less than mediocre team
Patrick Tyler Bryce Harper will catch him
Joshua Monk Better hit as many as he can before he's suspended 80 games lol
AJ Schildmeier 7 or 8 of those are off the Reds correct?
Mike Anderson you can thank the reds for most of those early homers
Joey Gordillo 💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉.. 1 for each homer Al Sadasop
Nohj Hcaeb
Juan Ceballos Somewhere Ryan Braun is laughing.
Dan Crawford 💉
Homar De La Torre Question is hows the team.doing?
Kevin Smith Steroids
Steve Poppaj Juiced
Jason Mulder He who sees the ball clearly, will crush the ball clearly.
Tim Teresi Anyone remember Chris Shelton?
D Jay Hauge Who?!?!
Vincent Stepan Glad I drafted him😏
Nick Goodweiler *Insert Cubs fan steroids comment here*
Dan Frank This guy reminds me of Cecil Fielder.
ESPN shared SportsCenter's photo.1 hour ago
Matt Schrupp LeBron couldn't get to that because he only had to play in 4
Trevon Calhoun Sportscenter has got to be just trolling now All these pointless stats lol
Kelly Watson Does it matter if you lose the series? I guarantee Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Lebron James, and many others could have done the same, but they were more interested in winning than the numbers. Before you start about the help, don't forget Lebron didn't have anybody for many years when he was first in Cleveland.
Michael Wallis That's the stupidest stat I've seen, yet!! So he scores a lot, so what? Doesn't matter when the TEAM loses in the first round!
Brad Bell We already know that Russ is going to win due to all this media about him. Harden is the real winner because his team is actually winning.
Jeremy Davis Russell's stats are inflated. They don't equal meaningful wins or championships. Yeah he may not have a great supporting class, however he couldn't win when he had Durant and Harden either. Oscar at least got a championship in his career.
Nate Cline Seriously, who is the second best player on the Thunder? I'm not a fan of Westbrook, but aside from him, the Thunder doesn't have the talent to compete with a good college team. If he isn't the MVP (not co-MVP, either) the award means nothing.
Josh Darnell Don't leave out, "the first player with those numbers to only win one game in the playoffs."
John Thompson Westbrook, Harden and KD all wanted to be the star, and yet neither has won a championship! had these guys stuck together possibly, NO i in team man
Steve Schmidt Can't score when it counts though. when did he score his first points in the 4th, 2 minutes left?! Also love how he left for the locker room immediately at the buzzer when the rest of his team was out congratulating the Rockets. Sore loser with no clutch bone in his body...this is your MVP?! Too funny!
JD Ironmonger Westbrook out after the first round but he deserves MVP. Sure his shooting percentage wasn't great but the Thunder are a 20 win team without him. Look at their +/- when he is in vs when he is on the bench. He's not just a scorer. Gets a lot of assists and makes sure his teammates are involved. No disrespect to Harden or any of the other MVP candidates, they had great years as well. Durant may get his ring this year but Robert Horry had seven and that's who he should be compared to by joining a 73 win team. Roberson needs to improve his free throw percentage and the Thunder need to sign Paul George to become serious contenders. Wizards fan here, so not biased. Just my honest opinion.
James Vega Russ is talented as hell but he needs to use those skills to win games and not just inflate his stat line. If he and Harden would've just put their egos aside and played as a team, OKC would've been unstoppable.
Patrick Terry All this talk but it's because of his bad decisions and horrible shooting down the stretch that cost his team. Hardin is the MVP. He has been all season. Just because Westbrook average a couple more rebounds (most likely from horrible shots that he took). Doesn't mean he should be the MVP.
Rick Alexander Everyone talking about him losing the series and stat chasing. Look at the teams numbers when he's on the court compared to when he's not. Then look at every other star the same way. He had to put up those numbers and the team went straight downhill when he wasn't on. I'm not an OKC fan but if you're trying to deny this guys greatness you're crazy.
Ronald Bowers He deserves MVP. Its really not questionable. He is the most valuable player to a team. I honestly think OKC would go 0-82 regular season without him. Cavs/Warriors...etc would still go at least 41-41 without LeBron or Curry. Just give Westbrook the title.
Tommy Hull Rodney Alfieri Nate Lindsey it's crazy sad that this dude has no supporting cast to make a deeper playoff push! In my opinion he should hands down win MVP!
Paul Mello But he's the least clutch player I've ever seen in my whole life. He can't close a basketball game. He shoots and misses, shoots and misses, shoots and misses. Granted okc has no other offense but got damn it's so hard to watch. I can't even believe he's going to be a free agent next season and he's probably going to be another teams franchise player. Ugh please don't go to the lakers...
Devin Garrett Forget the MVP. I'm just saying this straight up. Surround Westbrook with shooters. He'll average 25,20,15. Points, assists, rebounds. He will create for everyone and he doesn't need a big man cuz he will grab boards.
Cody Peck Gotta feel bad for westbrook. First KD leaves, then he has to literally carry the entire team for his MVP season, and then they get to the playoffs and he gets absolutely no help from the rest of his team. Such a talented player but he's all by himself
Ryan Williams First off, congrats to the Rockets on the series victory. James Harden and the Houston Rockets as a whole have both had great seasons and I think it'll show that they're for real in the next round. On to Westbrook.... His team is terrible lol his next 2 best players are Adams and Kanter, and you don't win in today's guard heavy league with big men as your primary go to players.. and unfortunately Oladipo is too inconsistent and unreliable. Just look at the teams, Westbrook and Harden are completely equal in how good they are, but Harden has the superior team and more importantly, by far the superior guards. Give Russ some legit and consistent scoring weapons and we'll see what happens.
Cris Padagas I'm sure he'll enjoy looking at his accomplishments while watching the NBA Finals in the comfort of his home.
Jacob Renfroe Everyone saying he doesn't play team ball is out of their mind, watching that last game was like watching a college kid play with a bunch of elementary kids on their team, nobody on the team can make a play for themselves except Westbrook and every open shot they have, they blow it. if they had decently reliable shooters Westbrook would get 20 assist per game.
George Boyd Im a Mavs fan but i HAVE TO give this guy his props. Remarkable player amazing & down right great basketball player... Much much much respect for westbrook #MVP
David Litrenta AAAAnd his team got bounced from the playoffs. Good thing he did all that though. You know. Since it means nothing. Because they lost. Losers. Including him, This is why the NBA is heading toward a crash. It's built around individuals, not the game. If it weren't for ESPN saturating the market with NBA talk because they have a vested interest in people watching, it would have faded away already
Mj Street See....even in a loss they stroke this dudes ego....great numbers Brodie...have fun watching from the penthouse... the refs couldn't even help y'all to a win...enjoy your MVME...
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"It's outta here ... No! My goodness, he caught it!"

Justin Adams Everyone laughed when i said the Astros were coming... Now at 14-6 tied for the best record in baseball, not so funny anymore lol
Mike Devine Michael Vito Ciraco I bet Tom Hamilton swallowed the mic and died on this one 😂😂😂😂
Kathy O'Mara Love you, Josh. Miss you in Oaktown.
Steven Edwards Go Astros!!
Carlos Carrillo Great clubhouse guy. Glad he's doing well!
Mimi Cassidy Tom of course he did.
Chuck Bedwell Josh being Josh. Miss you In Oaktown Spidey.
Jason Orange Golden glove catch there!
Arlene Dominguez That was AWESOOOMMMEEEE
Kameron Bridges Who said white men can't jump? Nice catch!
Chris Basurto Great catch.
Lavar Ball Best snag I've seen in a while
Mason King Katelin McBride 👀👀
Alicia Lynn Josh Love
Jim Sullivan Matt Sullivan
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Russell Westbrook's season wasn't just a chance to witness history.

It was a window into greatness.

Ridge Hinkley I've never seen a player that can carry an entire team like he can, but then piss it away with boneheaded plays down the stretch. He's an odd player. So reckless.
Adin Ducker Man Russ's fourth QTRs were a sight for sure eyes for sure lol. The 2016 thunder had a stacked roster and russ shot 28/76 in games 5-7 that series vs warriors. helped blowing a 3-1 lead. Lol the dude just bricks in big playoffs games. Its not because he is tired lolWestbrook in #OKC's 4 losses: – 48/128 fgs (37%) – 13/48 on 3pt fgs (27%) – 9/47 in the 4th quarter (19%) inefficient Your boy crumbles in the fourth in playoffs simple as that. Playoff basketball is different than regular season basketball. Ask the champions. Lol He needs to polish his game. He has no finesse to his game its just loose cannon aggressive play. Championship level players learn a balance. Russ has never been a good shooter and his bread and butter is transition game not half court offensively.
Jeremy Travaglini See, people say he makes awful plays in the 4th quarter, but what else can he do when he's physically exhausted from putting in 200% effort during the other 3 quarters just to keep his team in the game? He has true passion for the game
Kevin Perry People just don't like Russ from how the media portrayed his and KD's relationship. If a fan favorite like Iverson lost in the first round but averaged a triple double they'd call him the 🐐
Christian N Nayelli Valdez But where's the championship to show for it? He'll be able to pat himself on the back tomorrow since he ain't gonna have nothing else to do.
Ian Goggin A window into a selfish ball hog mind set with a first round exit losing in 5 games. But hey...those triple doubles hope he enjoyed the stat padding while it lasted and can now sit back and watch rest of playoffs.
Matt Krusinski Just shows how little most people know about greatness here....just a vey inefficient player who had a horrendous shooting percentage and turned the ball over a ton....1st round exit....enough said!
James Cortez You're an idiot. We all just witnessed winning basketball and losing basketball. In the fourth quarter when the game is on the line, Westbrook choked over and over and over again. That's your definition of greatness? You must be under 30. Moron
Omauri Martes For all these people talking about how Westbrook did not have a great season, are the real meaning of hating. This guy put his heart and soul into the game. Every time he stepped off the floor the team lost the lead, and that has been the whole series. Today was a perfect example. Russel left the floor for 3 min, and had a 5 point lead, and in those 3 min the rockets took that 5 point lead. The coaching staff sucks, and the GM sucks. When you pay Adams 21 million a year, and he only average 7 point, then you start to see where is the problem.
Kimani Kimonster Brickhouse i still think he had a great season, and the team did better than people expected. so he lost in the first round, who cares. i think he will be even better next year. so i dont fault him for losing. just get some shooters and he like a top 4-5 team. he got my respect regardless
Kevin Gantz Nice season But......... numbers are cute ask Jordan he had crazy numbers until he had right coach teammates and some old age or breaking up of Lakers/Celtics/Pistons you can be great but even Jordan needed pieces to fall
Brandon Hannebaum Greatness in basketball is championships. He will never win one. Can't play with other stars and he can't play half court ball. Oh, and let's not forget he set the season high for turnovers. #NotMVP
Michael Brandon One and done Westbrook. Will never win a ring in OKC. KD was the star of that team, and he'll get his first ring this year with Golden State.
Grant Higbee Credit where it's due. May not be a great team player but he is nonetheless a supreme individual talent. That's worthy of recognition.
Elliott Strowbridge Russell Westbrook still the regular season MVP. This playoff series doesn't effect that.
Eric Germon Hampton Bruh y'all talked about the Thunder losing more than the Rockets winning🤦🏽‍♂️
Savon Sumrall Westbrook will be MVP soon... Harden will be at home soon.. take that for data!
Richard Palacios So we gon act like the Spurs didn't shoot the Griz out da building?
Alec Felitte Points, assists, and rebounds don't mean anything if you can't make it out of the first round. Winning is everything.
Tyrell Adams Ik people are gonna hate on this but i believe russ is by farrrrr the mvp this year without a doubt the best single season peformance i have ever seen in any sport.
Nehal Patel Okay he lost, he's gone fishin'. Time to lay off his cucumber. #RedNationForever
Divino Suobiron team up with harden. you and durant did not click but what if with rockets!
Fabian Lewis The most selfish player alive countless times his team mates was open I mean wide open if u gonna go down go fighting team team team not I I I... Gtfo
Brandon Ford So if he's kicked out in the first round does he still win the MVP??
Carolyn Baker Yeah, I wish the Rockets could have played him more, get to 60 wins. 😂😂😂
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Tyler Herndon OKC up 5 to start the 4th. Westbrook rests. Three minutes into the 4th, OKC down 5..
Richard McLucas Way to go shoot yourself out of another game Westbrick. Couldn't handle Beverly and the Rockets. Harden MVP
Wade Siers Don't forget the checkmark next to that first round exit block .
Casey Peralta If ya'll gave Steph Curry Unanimous MVP last season there's no way you can't give it to Westbrook this season.
Chris White And still lost in the first round, get off his nuts!! #harden #realmvp #cantshakehands?
Skyler Bauer Thunder Basketball logic: Gains 34 point lead with Westbrook on floor Westbrook steps out for a break. One blink later... Rockets lead by 12.
Tom Miller Now that he has all these records maybe he can focus on actually making his teammates better. Maybe he can learn to trust them a little more when it counts.
Adam Duchesneau I think Westbrook deserved this kind of season. Always playing in KDs shadow, he just wanted to show everyone he ain't made to live in the shadows. Next season, i bet he has a more stable season, especially if OKC gets another all-star. Anthony Davis should come to OKC!
Timothy Gates He may have produced outstanding numbers, but proved what a selfish individual he is by walking off the court as soon as the game was over. His teammates didn't seem to have a problem with being good sportsman as they congratulated the Rockets. Nope, only Westbrook had a problem with doing the right thing.
Mike Moran He needs a lot of help. Thunder need to make moves this offseason mainly getting some shooters and they need to get at least another all star caliber player. As great as Westbrook is he can't do it on his own
John Riehl And what did it accomplish? He's the quickest player to ever lose in the playoffs after accomplishing all of that. That's all that matters. He's done. Now he gets to watch from home.
Jason Ward Harden has shooters around him... anyone who knows basketball sees that Westbrook can't even pass to wide open guys for 3 cus they miss... Westbrook has Eric Gordon and Lou Williams that series is 4-1 thunder
Chris Wong I feel bad for Westbrook he is definitely MVP. You take him off OKC and they are probably worse then the 76ers. Houston still has weapons if you take Harden out of the picture. Westbrook did everything for OKC except sell the popcorn. #WestBrook4MVP
Adrian Javier Martinez I'll take Kawhi Leonard's shooting percentage (48.5) over Westbrook's (42.5), thank you very much. Harden's (44) too for that matter.
Tyler Wheat Westbrook should still be unanimous MVP. No other player had a season as good as him as an INDIVIDUAL. Sure Harden is good but so is the rest of his team. Westbrook carried the Thunder all season long. He deserves it.
Ernest Callaway Unanimous was because they had the best record. James harden had the better record over Westbrook. History shows they've never given an MVP to a player who didn't have 50 wins 🤷🏾‍♂️ lol #Rockets
Eric Hanbury Why does it matter that he lost? Someone tell me how he could have done more so that they could win. Every single time he leaves the game they start losing. Did anyone see the difference in how the benches performed in this series? Just saying everytime yal say he lost dosent change the fact that he is better than harden.
Nathaniel Hyde When people say he shoots too much or forces shots or doesn't involve teammates, look, who's gonna pick up the slack? Who's gonna be that second guy consistently getting 15-20 a night? Adams? Robertson? Victor o? Mcbucketts? Here's one for y'all. Melo to OKC, no longer a ball handler and can play ISO off the ball. Secondary scorer with the ability to get 25 plus any givin night. Or maybe bring in griffin on a cheaper hometown deal plus injury riddled past few years makes his value go down. Then u got A dynamic front court( and small enough to play with anybody) and big enough to rebound with the best of them (Adams and griffin). So ur starting 5 would be Westbrook Vic o Melo Griffin Adams
Greg Potts Westbrook is a great player but all the talent (besides him) bounced from OKC. Sure it was fun watching his stat line this year but at the end of the day everyone, including Westbrook and coach Billy D., knew this team had no shot to make a run this year! As good as RW is, he can't do what LBJ does! If anyone questions that, just look at LBJs First cavs team he took to the finals!
Michael Belcher He just needs some help.. as bad as his supporting class is I'm really surprised he did what he did and that they made the playoffs.. the had a chance to win every playoff game as well.. he should be the MVP
Matthew Genuise Don't let this distract you from the fact that Al Bundy scored four touchdowns in a single game while playing for the Polk High School Panthers in the 1966 city championship game versus Andrew Johnson High School, including the game-winning touchdown in the final seconds against his old nemesis, "Spare Tire" Dixon.
JD Ironmonger He won't win a ring this year but he deserves MVP imo. Thunder win 20 games without him. Look at their +/- with him in the lineup vs resting on the bench. If you want to use the argument that wins and rings are what count then why isn't Robert Horry with his seven NBA titles considered better than MJ?
Vandell Thomas Our society is caught up in "the first to do something" trend at the expense of not pointing out what's most important... stats are cool but winning is better. No company stays in business talking about all the sales they made if the company goes under for bad business practices. The sales obviously don't matter. Westbrook is super talented but has yet to and probably never will learn to play the game the right way. Once he learns how to play with another or other stars or superstars, he will truly be great. If not, he will go down like many other NBA players who couldn't win it all. Westbrook told Beverly tonight that they couldn't guard him because he had 40 points. He said that to beverly as they were losing. For all of you who think Westbrook is a team player, he's truly got you and many people fooled. Westbrook is all about Westbrook.
Branden Criddle Still doesn't deserve mvp. Not a team player, and only reason he got those triple doubles is due to his team padding his rebound states. Almost got swept. Proof enough he wasn't helping the team, and just a stat chaser.
Mj Street Yeah...but he...and his team lost. We get it love him...but it's hard to make the news when you're not playing anymore...better luck next year I guess
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Eric Gordon can fly!

Carlos Ortiz Isn't ESPN supposed to be posting more about Westbrook?? What's this Rockets post doing here...
Carolyn Baker Well thank you ESPN for posting something about the Rockets. You were a little biased in this series. GO 🚀.
Ian Goggin But Westbrook got all those triple doubles...that's all that matters...Now he is bounced in 5 games lmao
Vicente Perez
Justin Adams Russell Westbrook in the 4th quarter of this series 9 for 47.... 19% shooting... Some MVP! LOLOLOL #REDNATION
Chris Bensuk
Tyler Bryski Eric Gordon > westbrick
Joe Quintania
Shad Kline Can't wait to watch the rockets get sent home.
Ben Ballew Cry baby
John Botello When you get dunked by Gordon you deserve to lose the series
Stephanie Garcia
Dalton Jevnick He didn't get injured?
Jonathan Quinteros Paul Quinteros 🔥🔥🔥🔥
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Houston Rockets destination: Round 2.

Rabah Jaffal Honestly not a big fan of Westbrook but this man here deserves MVP. Averaging a triple double is not easy by any means and he did it. Without him his team would all have been home watching the first round and not playing in it.
Rob Ross First off Billy Donovan needs to learn to put in offensive players... Abrines is a deadeye shooter like get him in the game, good game to Houston thought, and last thing Russ = MVP
Jacob Norton Imagine if Westbrook had 3 shooters in his starting 5 and a 6th man of the year coming of the bench. He might actually not have to shoot 35 times every game and lead the team in every stat to win.
Eliezer Dusowitz Rockets did not impress me, and should have played way better in this series. They can't get away with the same high screen and roll the entire game and expect to beat the Spurs or Warriors in a 7 game series.
Brad Wier Westbrook makes Carmelo look unselfish, no ball movement on the thunder at all, just trying to drive and then get an assist.
Brandon Yoder Yea, Westbrook shoots too much. But how can you knock a guy who goes out EVERY game and gives everything he has. You don't see effort like that every game. Maybe if OKC would play their shooters more, they could actually hold a lead and Russ wouldn't have to feel obligated to shoot 50 times a game. Not to mention all those ridiculous 3 point fouls they called. Oladipo disappeared in the playoffs, Roberson can't hit free throws, Kanter has defensive issues. Definitely some work to be done this off-season...
AJ Papagno Westbrook deserves MVP for carrying the Thunder all season and averaging a triple double on top of it. Without him, OKC is no better than the Lakers or Magic.
Casey McPartlan Why did the Thunder just give up that last minute, not foul and walking all dejected, then with 20 seconds left are like "hey, let's foul maybe we can win this." Both these teams are terrible at end of games situations, including Harden and Westbrook.
Jonathan Arreola The best thing about this season was watching Westbrook play he has so much talent he single handed carry the thunder to the playoffs
Jacob Westfall Good. Westbrook is such a little punk. Loves to pound his chest but storms off the court after losing a series. Wouldn't want him on my team. He has the maturity of an 8 year old. Don't worry Russ....the sun will shine tmrw morning lol
Ysidro Garcia Zepeda Rockets don't have what it takes to get passed San Antonio let alone golden state you Houston fan boys enjoy this playing round win. Westbrook's taking home the MVP and harden and his fans can stay salty.
Christian Knight I respect that the Rockets are the better team and deserved to move on, but Westbrook definitely played harder and showed more of an MVP performance throughout the season and post season more so than Harden, so I hope he takes home the MVP in June. The Thunder need to tighten up on their shooting this summer, and need to sign a good free agent to help Westbrook. Maybe drop Kanter, Sabonis, Singler, all for maybe a trade for something worthwhile? Just brainstorming. Also, Beverly is a thug and it reminds me of Draymond Green and Matt Barnes, which bothers me. Best of luck in round two!
Justin Adams Westbrook storms off the court without shaking any hands, Poor sport for someone who shot them out of the game in the 4th quarter. LOLOL #REDNATION #RUNASONE #BYBYEWESTBRICK
Derell Johnson None of this matters anyway. If the Rockets get past (potentially) the Spurs next round they're likely gonna get waxed by the Warriors. Doubt they'd get even one game the way that team is playing right now.
Gibrain McElroy I feel bad for Westbrook. All the personal accomplishments are great but he will never get to the finals with the group of guys there now.
Matthew Strader Now we can stop hearing about Westbrook and focus on legitimate title contenders.
Elliott Strowbridge Westbrook still the MVP. The Rockets overall is the better team.
Stephanie Garcia This is why ESPN is lagging in ratings and letting people go, this channel is bias. Harden and the Rockets Win the series, and right after, let's talk about Westbrook's season.
Christian Dimandja If Houston thinks playing like that will get them past the next round. They better rectify
Ray Atkins They say don't play hero ball. Don't do they,do you.-Russell Westbrook
John Fiorentino Yeah im sure 6 for 25 was really clutch. Yall still think harden can actually win MVP? Youre drunk go home
Babatunde Adesanwo Say sorry for the goatbrook text and ill stop now Danny Dayton
Ray Atkins I'm sure ESPN will be amazed with Westbrook's triple doubles at the neighborhood ball court.
Ben Park Harden showing why he's the true MVP and showing why KD left Westbrick. Westbrick is insanely selfish. Westbrick/uneducated NBA fans say Westbrick has no help but that's not true. Westbrick has plenty of help but doesn't know how to use them properly compare to Steph, Lebron, and Magic; the three I've mentioned don't force hard pass to get an assist and they don't even care about assist. They pass when they have to compare to Westbrick. Westbrick also fails to get his teammates into a great shooting rhythm because he mainly shoots the ball and only pass to one person to get the assist. Compare that to GSW or Cavs where everyone passes the ball but Westbrick is too selfish to allow this to happen. Adams, Kanter, Gibson, are all great big men but Westbrick fails to use them properly. McDermot is a great three point shooter but doesn't keep feeding him. This is exactly why KD left; KD decided to join the best PG of this era because the best PG isn't selfish and cares about wins not stats. Westbrick will be ringless.
Shawn Pilgrim ESPN social media guy trying to be Bleacher Reports social media guy. Fail
ESPN4 hours ago

Now that his QB camps are over, Jon Gruden breaks down which signal-callers have the brightest NFL futures:

Houston Landry Nobody ever has a real clue how these guys will pan out. It's as much luck of coaches and surrounding cast as anything. Imagine if Troy Aikman got picked by the Bucs and had no Irvin or Smith. He becomes a Tony Eason footnote just like that.
Matthew Love Remember when he didn't draft Aaron Rodgers???? QB Guru huh... 🤔🤔🤔
Randy Willis He was part of the start of the downward spiral of the NFL Yep I wouldn't walk across the street to watch the Bucks play after what that organization did to Dungey who is a class act that built that team just saying🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Morgan LeClair Is there anyway to buy tickets to the draft where I could meet Jon Gruden? I just want to see if he is as intimidating as he seems.
Markavius Bryant Jon Gruden is one of the greatest coaches of all time and he didn't need to cheat to win
Seth Molloy Watson is the best QB in this draft. Simple as that.
Travis Simms Jon Gruden said Johnny Manziel should have been the 1st QB taken during his draft class. Not sure he is all that good at QB picks.
Kevin Lavin The same Gruden that passed on Rodgers? If you went to pat Gruden on the back you would bump into his hand on the way there. Egomaniac to the highest degree
Joe Fisher I have no idea why trubisky is getting so much hype he didnt even win anything
Brian Fletcher I put as much faith in John's QB camp as I do a plumber doing the job of a dentist
Akio Fish Dont let this distract you from the fact that Russell Westbrook PROVED hes the MVP. He carried the Thunder all year and ran out of gas at the end. No shame in losing to a better Rockets team. ANYBODY who thinks Westbrook isnt MVP is a HATER & stupid idiot!! Russ is a throwback to all the greats in the 80s & 90s. Congratulations on carrying a draft lottery team to the playoffs singlehandedly. Russ, you are the REAL MVP!! Only REAL NBA fans know this.
Rich Thomas From the guy that loved Manziel....
Crosby Timmons And I say QB's because he couldn't decide who he wanted to go with. Even in the playoffs.
Crosby Timmons Seriously Gruden coached a team carried by it's defense to a Super Bowl. How did he become a Guru? Check out the Bucs QB's that season.
Bo Powell Insider...
Zack Perez Insider does not have a bright future.
Dave Stearns Glad I can read it & not have to listen to him.
Derrick Lollis #clemsonfamily
Luke Novay Nobody cares what gruden thinks. He sucks as a coach anyways.
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Maria Sharapova's aim to play in the French Open is likely to be more complicated than she had hoped.

Josh Goutte The cheater shouldn't be playing, get your ranking points back and qualify like others
Alejandro Sanchez Can take all kinds of drugs and still lose to Serena. Probably can't beat a pregnant Serena
Branden Simmons Doubt that she will be in Paris when it begins next month two years without playing is going to be hard For her.
Bob MacRae Hope she's clean and comes back with vengeance. Except your fault and get on with tennis
Rae Smith Rushing back in because Serena won't be there.
Christopher Bacon Serenas unborn kid has a better chance to win.
Steve Padilla I hope she gets in and wipes the floor with everyone.
Ryan Zhen Hua Ye Go Maria!
Steve Reeves We need her for eye candy...😀
Mike Pantelakis Your fans still believe in you MaSha
Travis Baker She disappointed me so badly.....
Clayton Geizler What sport is this?
Matthew Shelman Has it been two years already?
Joshua Thompson Alexandra Thompson