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In 2010, tragedy struck the Notre Dame Football family when student videographer Declan Sullivan died filming football practice.

8 years later, his family has turned their nightmare into making others’ dreams come true.

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Oh no ... 😰

Quick response by the medical team reattaching his head
You mean that wasn't an actual animal doing those flips? My world is shattered
This could traumatize small children and a few drunks
He’s got 9 lives and 9 wives.
I’m startin’ to think that’s not a real cougar
Is it a big deal that no one knows who the mascot is? Or am I completely missing something here?
First rule of being a mascot:. Don't lose your lid
Reminds me of the Always Sunny fake hands scene. “NOBODY LOOK! NOBODY LOOK! NOBODY LOOK!!!” 😂😂😂
Idk if this is the same for all schools, but BYU has like 8 different "Cosmos" that all do different kinds of stunts, dancing, dunking, cheerleading, etc. You're sworn to secrecy over it, can't even tell your family. That's why they rushed to put his head back on 😂😂😂
I love that there are, like, 5 people employed just to chase that head and reattach if it inadvertently becomes dislodged. Stellar response time.
It’s the Santa Claus debacle of 1991 again... when I found out my mama was biting the cookies I left for “Santa”
That’s probably against the honor code.
The mascot lands like that and the first thought of those standing near by, lets grab his mask and put it back on
That happened at Chuckie cheese. Chuckie tried to stand on a chair during the birthday song and slipped and fell and the head came off. The kids were screaming and the parents were laughing.
That happened to me before, I was a mascot in high school and one year we played our rivals and I was celebrating one of our touchdowns and was walking backwards. But I didn’t notice our band stand and toppled over it with my head coming off, but I quickly put it back on and nobody noticed.
It’s been a great weekend for them mascots... one makes sure he can’t produce any offspring by firing himself in the nuts with an t-shirt shooter, and now this dude
He should of been more head strong. He will never be head of a major corporation. That’s not a way to lose ones head.
Seth Pottle Phil Karam Not a good time to be a mascot. But honestly why was everyone freaking out? They do realize it’s a stadium full of people old enough to know that there’s some unfortunate student under those mascot heads, right?
Cosmo would do well to get in touch with the costume folks over at Disney to make sure such a heinous wardrobe malfunction doesn't happen again.
The university wants Cosmo to be a character, an important part of BYU, not just a person playing a mascot, so the people who wear the costume are under strict rules to not reveal their identity during their time as a student, though some have come forward afterward to reveal themselves.
I’m just here to see Karen with the cupboard full of expensive plates that nobody can use cry thinking he got hurt
So I mean if the mascot is a student there, won’t his or her friends find it odd that every Saturday another member of the friends goes to heaven n that’s y they can’t ever go to the games? I mean is the mascot not supposed to even talk to actual humans?
Mascots suffer from CTE,they usually end up killing those they love...Lots of pain behind those smiling,furry,odd looking masks. 😔
They take the mascot thing way too seriously lol. Look how how fast they ran to give him his head back. Like oh my god people will know who the mascot is quick we cant have that.
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Still looking for this kicker ...

That’ you lose a scholarship
He Gordon Bombayed the hell out of that thing
Wait, is that Zane Gonzalez' son?
Shoutout to everyone that is also stalking ESPN’s page so they can be top comment on the Longhorn’s upset #hookem
And in the 2019 draft the Minnesota Vikings select this guy! We really like his speed off the side lines.
I honestly laughed out loud when they showed the BRICK! 🤣😂
That’s Ray Finkle y’all 🏈 Laces Out!!!!
40 years of watching all levels of football...never seen this Lol!
How do you get fully set on a field goal and last second realize you don’t have a kicker to kick a field goal? 🤦‍♂️
Nic Campion ESPN savage bro video edit and photo shop all done by them 😂
Had run in at the last second to kick that brick
Hahahahahaha wait, ahh, what me?? What okay...
John Brady III 😂 I’m crying so I figured you’d get a kick out of this too.
ESPN you are bigger than this..Let the guy live
I lost it when they zoomed out from the kicker🤣🤣🤣
If you're going to miss the play, at least make it because you're hitting on a cheerleader.
Alyshia Parnell lol he should be the raiders next kicker xD
I’m embarrassed for them 😭
Stick to fookin sport news. It's up to us to make the memes of your show. Settle down.
The browns and vikings can use this guy..... still more accurate than Vikings and browns kickers lol...
Legend states they are still looking for the kicker
The holder didn’t realize the goddamn kicker wasn’t there? Like right away?
Me when I don't expect to go out. Then be the way i expect to happen when I go out
Poor boy hope he still has his scholarship. The special teams coach , what da hell was he doing?
Mike Tolle Clint Dugger Seth Savage these are the kind of cupcake teams the Irish are scheduling this season
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The No. 7 Cardinal overcome a 17-point deficit to get their largest comeback win since 1996.

14 points courtesy of the referees. It would be honest of those calling the game to at least acknowledge the gifts the refs gave to Stanford and stole from Oregon. Just acknowledge it.
Great Job, Coach! Less than 1:30, First Down and Stanford only has 1 T.O., KNEEL DOWN! Don't they teach Math in Oregon?
Oregon is the biggest choke job program in college football. Good representation of the pac 12 though. Soft.
Worse officiating I’ve seen all season. 3 straight pass interferences to end the game. Plus the overturned touchdown in the 3rd
I love how every call went Stanford’s way as soon as Oregon took a 14-0 lead. The play in the 2nd quarter should’ve been a fumble, the receiver lost control of the ball before he hit the ground.
Literally take 3 knees and Stanford has no chance of winning. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to coach. Why do college teams feel obligated to run the ball until the clock hits 0 🤷🏻‍♂️
Oregon deserved to lose. Refs weren’t great but Oregon should’ve taken a knee at the end
Actually Stanford had two freebie TD’s. First half a player had the ball stripped before he was down and there was no review. 2 plays later was a Stanford touchdown. 😨
Well.. if Oregon would've used the same effort they used on signs about Willie Taggart and FSU on College Game Day, maybe they would've won 😂 that's the reason why you have 🏆0🏆 and 80 uniforms. Willie will bring us our fourth while y'all still chasing a ghost. Thanks Stanford!!
Referees wanted for robbery in Eugene, Oregon
That was the Ducks game to lose. Bad snaps by the Center, and young running backs made mistakes. They had it in the bag. And then mental errors.
I’m from the East Coast and I’m a fan of the ACC so I am neutral. The refs blew that game. Oregon won!! That’s it! The referees took the game away from Oregon! Stanford did not win that game.
The refs cheated. There’s no other explanation. They called back a legit TD and stole a fake win for Stanford.
no the cardinal didn't. the refs did. this is the 2nd time I watched the refs do this for the cardinal this season. enough is enough. all I ask for is a fairly called game. I don't care who wins or loses. as long as the game is called fair.
Can someone explain how hitting the pylon with your foot is out of bounds, but touching it with the ball is a touchdown? And what’s worse is the back easily could have avoided the pylon and definitely didn’t know the rule.
Ohh yeah, they "cheated" when DUH quackers center couldn't snap the ball to save his life, lol LOSERS blame the refs for their inability to get the job done
Oregon fumbled it a way Then the refs gift wrapped the win for Stanford with the no interference in ot.
Gotta love the obvious missed PI in overtime yea Oregon made mistakes but come on now. But Oregon should have kneeled it when Stanford only had one timeout left. That would have won it for them right there. Shame
While y'all were chanting overrated about Florida State this morning, we was down here in Florida trying to count y'all National Championships. Aye, but you look great on the field in those nifty unis though 👍🏾
Oregon had this game. All Oregon had to do was not fumble the ball at the end of the game and they win. Didn't do that and ended up blowing the game
Yes, missed calls in OT, but come on man. They didn't control what they could when it mattered most. TD called back, but still chance to score. Bad snap --> scoop n score. Went up 31-21, then turned into swiss cheese and gave up a touchdown so casually. Then a fumble trying to stretch for icing 1st down when it wasn't 3rd down yet.
Love all the clueless Ducks fans on here blaming the refs. There are always blown calls on each side. Get over it. This Ducks team is fresh with a fresh coach. They ran out of gas and Stanford didn’t. Not the first time to happen in college football.
To think next week a Brain Kelly lead football team that has never beat Stanford has to play and win. Good lord. But it was a good game best of luck Irish ☘️ y’all will have a dog fight on yalls hands.
As an Oregon fan I always worry especially after the game against TCU😭. Either way I’m y’all boys to the bitter end. Let’s go out and win the next ones.
The strong survives! Congratulations to coach shaw of keeping those guys believing threw crucial times in the game!
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John McEnroe let the umpire have a piece of his mind.

Notice how John isn't insulting the umpire calling him a thief constantly for 10 minutes
McEnroe does it and he’s giving the ump a “piece of his mind.” Serena does it and she’s “hysterically throwing a fit.” 🤔
Serena insulted the ump, calling him names and wouldn't shut up for a solid 10 minutes. John called out the ump for a minute and gave up. Theres a huge difference. And one bringing up race or gender are absolutely delusional.
Here come all the serena defenders who probably didn't even listen to this audio or watched serena in her match, coming to cry and complain...
So Serena is throwing a fit but McEnroe is giving him a piece of his mind
Double standards at its best, seriously he’s giving the umpire a piece of his mind, but when Serena Williams does it it’s called “ throwing a fit” or what about being called a “ thief”. #JusticeForSerena
You can probably compile every single McEnroe meltdown into 1 and it still wouldn't be longer than Serena's tirade 😂😂😂😂 The key difference that Serena enablers fail to realize is Johnny boy argues about the point/match and leaves it at that. He doesn't bring up parenthood or children or gender into the argument. He also says his piece and gets over it without bringing it up again. If the match would've went to a 3rd set she probably would've still brought it up again. There is no possible way that what she did is comparable to what McEnroe did.
Gender card John..use the gender card..if that doesn’t work, talk about your grey hair, then kids, it works
So when serena does it the world is coming to an end but when he does it it's all fun and games? I wonder why.
Soooo....are the umps gonna boycott their matches from now on, or is that energy only reserved for Serena?
McEnroe argued briefly Serena complained for over 10 minutes and called the ump sexiest when both competitors were woman....huge difference
McEnroe does it for show. Always has. And he does it now because that is what people want to see when they watch him. Serena's tantrum was a genuine disgrace and definitely not for show
All these people talking about "oh he gets to do this but Serena doesn't" or "if Serena acted like this she'd be tossed" need to go home cause they drunk. 2 totally different situations here. Don't believe me go look at both videos back to back. All you rebels without clues bug do some research for God sake.
Interesting how people try to compare the behavior of a retired tennis star in a exhibition game versus the behavior of an active player in the final of a freaking grand slam. Respect 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Wait so y’all aren’t really trying to compare this 30 seconds to Serena’s 47 minutes!! And for the record Kyrgios did receive an infraction for his “you’re delusional” comment.
Double standard Serena does this she’s a sore loser and unsportsmanlike, he does it it’s fine no o w is going at him hard. Y’all just don’t like Serena but she’s the best tennis player period I have ever seen
I'm going to start by saying that Serena behaviour was inappropriate at the US Open Final...But this is what she was talking about. There is a lot of dialogue between the Mac, Krygios and the ump. Krygios even calls him delusional and there's not even a warning. Mac is screaming and again there isn't even a warning. She is right about the the double standard...Plain and simple...
McEnroe didn’t insult the umpire personally for minutes on end, multiple times, or have any other infractions(to my knowledge). And yes Serena was being hysterical. Bringing up her daughter, her gender, threatened the umpires job and insulting him to no end. McEnroe argued only about the call.
So he’s calming down...that’s nice to see 😂
John has calmed down over the years but in the 80's he was a player from HELL. He did on a daily basis what Serena did only once. If you don't see the difference then you have blinders on.
Jack Jack Jordan Kyrgios and McEnroe together is an amazing link between 2 generations of tennis bad boys. Historic to say the least
The fact that it’s an “exhibition game” and not a superstar CHAMPION makes this even worse. Player called the ref “Delusional” and the ref didn’t even pay attention.
C'mon guys....Serena said she wants to be a "role model" for her daughter. We all see how GREAT that is working out for her.
The Bad Boy of Tennis is back! While I loved this reaction to now end and think it's fantastic, it does raise some concerns that he could do this but Serena gets in trouble for her tirade.
Lol exactly what Serena was talking about but yet people still find a way to defend it! My God people. Ignorance must be bliss.
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Oregon Football running back CJ Verdell took off 💨

Trent Richardson would of found some way to lose 5 yards.
CJ Verdell took off!!! With a lot of help from his linemen! Come on credit the big guys who make those runs possible
CHOKE...the official drink of Oregon football.
Missed call on interfetence and touchdown that Stanford did not get gave them tbe game. Oregeon was better that them but they do need a 6'5"" TE.
Thanks, ESPN, for letting me watch a RB hit a gap. I wish you aired more Usain Bolt carrying a football on a track.
If 68 didn't make that block, he would not be going anywhere. Offensive lineman deserve way more credit.
Give credit to that O-Line. My grandma could have gone through with her walker with the hole they opened
After this impressive win, Oregon should be ranked in the top 10. Go Ducks go!
I’m not at all an Oregon fan but they were totally robbed of this win.
Looks like vintage Oregon football is back. That’s exciting great for college football.
Refs turned this game around for Stanford pretty quick
It's called a rushing touchdown. It's pretty common.
He cost us the game. Secure the ball!!!
He fast! He so fast, he make fast people look slow...
I remember watching him in HS. He did that very often
Yea he also lost the game for them too
Cristobal is making this team physical and Herbert is looking dangerously accurate!! Go ducks!
Amazing night so far! Hope they keep it up! Go Ducks! 💚💛
I wonder what it's like to run that fast
With everything you see in this play,linemen are not getting what they deserve in terms of $$$$$$$$$$
Despite the loss, it was an exciting game. We had a blast❤
MY MOTHER could have run through that hole
Why is ESPN hanging out with Wells Fargo?
Not real sure but he looks awful fast haha dang!!
Talk about turning on the jets ✈️
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Down goes No. 13 Virginia Tech!

The Browns, Old Dominion and Michigan won in the same week. What a time to be alive!
Not the worst loss a Virginia team has had this year #UMBC
Tech should walk back from norfolk...
The same Old Dominion that lost to Liberty, Fiu and Charlotte?! Man this game is weird...
Calm down Old Dominion, it's Virginia Tech.
Old Dominion has a football team?
This was my absolute favorite night of college football ever. The game was amazing and I'm so glad I got to be apart of it! Go Monarchs!!
I have always been a HUGE Old Dominion fan!
.....considering the nasty comment the AD made when ECU had to cancel due to Hurricane Florence.... very befitting
When ODU played UNC a few years ago, the game was so lopsided — I think UNC won, 80-20 — that the fourth quarter was shortened to 12 minutes. I expected the same thing to happen to ODU again today.
Could the Virginia Tech fans mark themselves safe. We want to make sure you’re ok after this beat down. 😂
Mayne...I know I aint the only one that thought Old Dominion only had a Basketball team....They must've just got a football team...Ima look up next week and find Witchita State beating up BYU or sumn...
Justin Gordon... I will never think of Old Dominion and not think of Drew Brees because of that dream years ago lol... At least Purdue beat Boston College today.
First Mayfield plays better than Tyrod, now they lose to Old Dominion. It is a bad few days for Virginia Tech alums.
Did VT pay ODU to schedule this game? If they did then that’s a great deal. Got some cash and a win to go on top of it 😂
This is a hilariously pathetic loss. Even with the horrible rules and officiating. This loss makes 0 sense. I swear whether this was Rigged 100% or not. The excuses won't matter either. It's like even if the players were drunk/high they should've won regardless. They just gave in and let ODU choke the hokies to death. 🤪🤨🤔
Glad I was able to watch this. My cable provider never has the games I want to watch. Glad I gave the guys at a chance. Now I get all the sports games and all the channels. Xtreme Advertising
Can we please stop saying that Bud Foster is a great defensive mind now? 49 points allowed to Old Dominion? Insane
Talk about a game you underestimated your opponents will to beat ya. I watched the whole game and Vtech was never really ever in the game.
I feel like “ice cream and cake”-ing it everyday this week at work😂🦁💙 #proudmonarch
Very Proud of the Monarchs!!!! Stay safe tonight Hampton Roads!
Wasn't this same OD team that got throttled by Liberty
VTech has been hyped up for the last decade and have never lived up to it not surprised at all 🤷🏾‍♂️
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You can hear Samuel L. Jackson's voice in this picture.

Congrats ESPN, you're only 3 weeks late on this joke.
Too many mfing snakes on this mfing team!
...I thought he was moving to Canada. Oh, okay, I get it. Trump made things so good, he stayed after all.
No I cant stop yellin... , cuz thats how i talk. Aint you ever seen my movies...!?? Deep blue sea!??
On motherfukkin two, break
I have had it with these mfn Cardinals and their mfn points
I hear Dave Chappelle's voice but to each their own I guess
Just give me tha ball Mf!
I've heard at least fifteen muthafuckas and twelve "What's in your wallet" since I saw this.
"Now here's a guy" (in Samuel L. Jackson voice)
Creed Arthur Welch it’s the return of Samuel L. Jackson
The other one was for Louisville, now Western Kentucky. Weird.
On first mutha f***a, mutha f****as! BREAK!
Does Marcellus Wallace look like a b**** to you?
Is this going to be a weekly segment?
Didn't Louisville have this last year?
Maine beat them two weeks ago 🤣🤣🤣
WKU is a solid "smaller" FBS program, they're no cupcake
There's some cold blooded sh*t going on here.
One of the most annoying voices on planet earth.
This used to happen all the time at Louisville over the few seasons.
Louisville " Cardinals " did it the last 2 years
This picture just asked me to join the Avengers
Lacey Carpenter. Makes me think of John and Phillip’s commentary during the Wisconsin game. 😂
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Did he drop the ball before scoring? 🤔

How this continues to happen is mind blowing.
We don't know ESPN because your crew placed a camera on the 10 yard line instead of the goal line. And where's the pylon cam? With today's technology, no reason not to have pylon cams on every televised game.
How hard is it to just hang onto the ball until your 5 yards deep into the end zone
If I were a head coach and one of my players did this. He would be benched for the rest of the game and the next game.
Every TD Barry Sanders scored he found a ref and handed him the ball and acted like a pro. Too many showboats and brats doing this. Be more like Barry Sanders.
Ball broke the plain so it's TD, but if I'm coach I'm giving him an earful and probably even giving him up downs next practice lol. Hold on to the ball all the way through 😂😂
Definitely crossed the goal line, definitely a touchdown. Tired of all these wanna be coaches saying they would bench this guy or whatever... he wasn’t even showboating just dropped the ball 🏈 after he scored. Smdh quit hating.
There was so many bad calls in this game! All in Georgia's favor 🤔...I'm by no way a Missouri fan, but the got robbed on many calls today...
I’m not here to comment on whether the ball broke the goal line or not; I’m just here to let ESPN know that their camera angles for football games are terrible.
Why is this still a thing haha. Like just wait till your in the middle of the end zone. No one thinks the celebration is any cooler.
Was it a stupid play? Probably. But it sure looked like he crossed the line with it before he dropped it. But in that situation you hang on for another couple steps just to be safe.
It cant be that difficult to hold the ball for another SECOND but its obvious this is a touchdown his front leg was over the line and the ball was in front of his leg
It's all because of a simple fact that these players that do this just want the attention and to show boat. They're the same players that run away from their teammates and straight to the cameras in hope of everyone recognizing what they did.
They should just not rule those type of plays as touchdowns. Maybe then it will keep these idiots from dropping the ball before crossing the endzone🤦‍♂️
You need to be benched for a game for this nonsense, costing your team points, no need for this kind of show off garbage.
This happened 2 weeks ago with DeAndre Baker too. You'd think the team learned from that almost fiasco. Coach Smart is gonna hammer this team this week.
Football has been going on for years and the field has been the same shape for years!!!!! Why can’t they get video of every angle of the game????
Probably. But without instant replay. Who knows. Bottom line. Hold the ball for sure after you cross goalline for at least 2 or 3 steps
Carlos Ramirez: Hey Pit Bull, what is your coaching pedigree? Were you an assistant coach under Nick Saban when he was at LSU, or were you an aide of Pete Carroll at USC back in the day. This isn't sandlot, pee wee football, Pit Bull.
Looks like the ball breaks the plane before he pulls it back and drops it. Annoying they don’t have a better angle in the multi billion dollar organization that is the NCAA that doesn’t even have to pay for the costs of televising the games.
People,he wasn't celebrating to early! Does it look like he's celebrating? Had he Not dropped it before going across the goal line and dropped it on the ground,you all wouldn't even say anything about it. However,if he and his teammates would've dabbed together,made some choreographed celebration,you all would be saying "act like you've been there before".
The university of Utah did this a few years ago against Oregon. That’s why when you score a touchdown you hand the ball to the ref.
This stuff drives me crazy. Especially as a UGA fan. Not sure if he actually did or not. The view from behind made it look like he dropped it early and the view from the back of the end zone looked like he was in. Regardless, inconclusive. This shouldn’t have even been an issue though. Pure stupidity
SECN...I mean ESPN....please give us better things to talk about. This was a non-issue. Ball broke plain, there were so many terrible calls in this game it's scary how those didn't make it on heren
Ball lands 2 yrds in the end zone. If he had dropped it before, would have landed outside the end zone like the one they had a couple weeks ago. But there was no angle to overturn the call on the field, which is odd because I thought ESPN had pylon cams at all major games now.
ESPN20 hours ago


Manti teo’s girlfriend was the fg kicker for wake forest today .
Why would the coaches not make sure he's out there, he's busy warming up
It kills me when kickers miss. Its a pet peeve up there with stubbing toes and unflushed poop in public toilets!
Browns kicker got demoted back to College and still having bad luck?
Special teams coach, holder, waterboy...somebody needs to grab him when that unit runs on the field.
Best trick play I’ve ever seen. It was so good it even fooled the kicker
Well to his credit.....he was trying to get the practice in he clearly needed....just needed more time lol.
The field goal would not have been much help. Wake Forest was no match for Notre Dame this week. The score could've been a lot worse if Notre Dame didn't play it's second string in fourth quarter.
Nice partial clip. How a little before and after so we can have some context. Annoying.
Brad Matt Jonathon Tommy Brandon C’mon man... this is something Woz would do because he was trying to get one last bong hit
I love how the holder is like "wait, I think we are missing someone....oh yeah, the kicker. Who's kicking the ball?!?!?" LMFAO!
Stop having your people pick football games without the point spreads! It's Unbecoming and who cares
Someone's not gonna be very popular on campus this week
Andres Burgoin Andres Drenz Tello Danny Lira dre hopefully you have a better debut or start then this guy 😂😂
Why they don’t take the delay of the game?
Michael Hopson Jr., this is what the hell I was talking about. They got me in my emotions right now.
Austin Larson with the Vikings first round draft pick they choose...🤣
Josh Smith the holder just looking like “where tf is Fred at”
This is cyber bullying espn.
All bad. I was thinking trick play, but he on the sideline checked out lol.
The other team can’t call our plays if we don’t even know what we’re doing 😉 Trent Mac
Ken Weaver Jr. wow the caption I literally just said that to you about this 😂
John Yeah that team was tough matchup. Lol
Matt Wright lol thought this was Ucf for a second until I saw the helmets😂😂😂
Zach Nieto LMAO come on kicker, you have one job 🤣🤣🤣🤣