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Shaq's "Broken Rim Tree" is made from of all the backboards he's ever broken. (via Shaquille O' Neal / Instagram)

Alfonso Avalos Imagine if it was made from all the free throws he missed, We'd be able to climb it into space.
Luis Mendez Now if only he added a light for every free throw he ever missed. It would really give it that christmas vibe.
Dan Posey Peeps bashing his free throw misses but didn't shaq score over 30k in points for his career. So get new material
Kyle Wheeler I legit live within a mile of him. He lives in Henry County, Georgia which is south of Metro Atlanta. I’ve met him many many times. Big guy but very friendly.
Brian Lybarger I have a tree in my backyard made with rims like that to show all the points I had in high school. It's really small because I made one free throw.
Mabeny Malath In other news, Ball is secretly helping Trump build the wall with his numerous bricks forgetting he was selected to resuscitate LA Lakers franchise.
Gilbert Rios Emmanuel Perez Is Lonzo gonna build a house with all his bricks?
Steve Ruegg ESPN - I don't see a single backboard on that tree. Those are RIMS - not backboards. I would think a sports network would know the correct terminology. No wonder your network has gone so far downhill!
Devin Teig Shaq's so big it would take him a half hour to have a heart attack just because that's how long it takes him to fall down. Shaq's goin' down, baby!
Todd Buemi Sadly Shaq embarrassed and broke a backboard on my Tar Heels in the tournament. I couldn't stand him then, but I have grown to respect him since then. Cool tree.
Devin Teig Where does he keep the GOLD BOND tree? Or as he pronounces it, GO BON.
Wesley Snipe Don't let this distracted you that lonzo make nba record last night again the Sun 6 6 6 first player to do that 6 point 6 rebound 6 assists
Nate Blanchette I️ Love Shaq, but, is it really a skill to break backboards when you are a 7’0” 325lb + being? Does he have a collection of broken chairs as well?
Jason Lee Also I seriously doubt those are the actual rims of backboards that He has broken they probably just represent each backboard that he has broken through his career
Madelaine Vargas Steve should we do this with the toilets you've broken?! I'm sure my dad still has it around 😂 😂
Steven Townsley I guess that Shaq now lives at 21c in bentonville AR....
Yvonne Black He should have a wall built from all the bricks he throw at the free throw line. Then he sale the wall to trump.
Andrew Camner Playing basketball on that is probably a lot of fun! XD
Aassem Hadiouche Not a basketball fan, Seleem, but this is dope
Denzel Dela Cruz When its Christmas but ball is life.
Sunny Kay Cee Steph curry can make a trick shot in every 1 of those baskets with 1 shot
Steve Toots I am surprised espn didn't put lonzo ball here
Richard Gorth Are we gonna sleep the flop tree for all the times lebron has flopped?
Bid Bidnanakowski Still can't hit a free throw even with well over a dozen targets.
Austin Curtis Clardy Thats really cool. Id shoot all day of this
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14-year-old Jarren Jasper almost lost his life on the operating table and is currently waiting for a heart transplant.

Until then, the entire Navy Football family holds out hope.

Adam Batista How terribly tragic.. unfortunately the line is very long of children looking for a transplant. There arent many donors, many parents refuse to sign off on having their children become donors after they become deceased and its their right, i dont blame them. but there are children out there like Jarren whos life needs saving.
Laura Anderson My son was born with both heart & liver disease. He has endured 2 open heart surgeries (one at 5 months old and the other at 8 years old). He also had liver transplant when he was 2 years old. The scars on his chest are the only outwardly reminders of those surgeries. Otherwise, you would never know what he has endured. He celebrates his 27th birthday next month. Miracles do happen. We will pray for yours.
Gary Keating "Regardless of what happened on the field, Jarren Jasper is here". Inspiring story of what is bigger than the game. Courage and strength of this young man. Thoughts are with him and the family. Miracles do happen.
Tyler Desrosier Unfortunately the reality of the situation is, you can’t move Jarren up in the list. At least for the children portion of the list.
Jesse Pabey Prayers for this young man and his family.
Jen Collins Buxtin Was a heartwarming story on college game day. I hope he gets a transplant.
Ken Stagg Just seen his story on game day. Keep fighting young man.
Margaret Anne praying
Rosie Mikeska 🙏🏻
Nicholas Kalams Elizabeth Frenaye
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The battle for Los Angeles. The battle for ... the No. 1 pick?

A lot on the line at the Coliseum tonight.

Chance Skeen Why does the kid from USC look like he either was dropped on his head multiple times as a kid and or sniffed way to much glue and sharpies when he was in elementary school?
Greg Hohenberger As long as the Jets stay away from both of these quarterbacks they're both turnover machines and our Fool's Gold if you think they're going to be good in the pros
Jordon Nartker Better question would be who's more overrated? Who will throw more picks? NFL teams jump at QB's too quick in my opinion. Neither of these guys have been great this year.
Matt Dickerson Lorenzo Hines big PAC12 match up today. Funny your boy Darnold said he would stay another year if Hue Jackson and the Browns have the first pick
Brandon Anderson Sam is the most overrated QB in college football history. Hes terrible and they have abd Hes the #1 rated prospect if he was to come out. Smh!
Josh Ooa Sam Darnold is very over rated. He is a decent QB but I don't see him changing the face of any organization. Personally I see another Joe Flacco or Trent Dilfer, competent and consistent, but is not winning a ring without a murders line on D.
Steve Johnson Under the radar...Pac 12 QB Falk at Wash State has better completion pct, more yardage, more TD's, better TD/ INT ratio, than either of these two QB's. He might go higher than either Darnold, or Rosen in next draft....
Justin Macke The No. 1 pick? Really? Both of them have underperformed expectations this year. Also, I thought the rumor was that Darnold was staying
Joel Walker Who cares? Mediocre vs. Overrated. USC would have at least four losses if they were in the Big 10 or SEC.
Tyson Thomson Sam Darnold is SEVERELY OVER RATED and ESPN'S love affair with him is quite sad. The commentary at the end of the WSU was hilarious though... Situation: with about a minute and a half to play and down by three USC gets the ball inside their own 20 and that's when the ESPN announcers start caressing the DARLING DARNOLD! ESPN Announcers: "These are moments DARNOLD lives for...he's the best, he's a Heisman canidate, he's the man, these are the moments he shines...these are the moments...." Insert WSU'S Jahad Woods blitzing and flushing Darnold, causing Darnold to.... "FUMBLE!" I'VE NEVER LAUGHED SO HARD AT TWO KNUCKLEHEAD ANNOUNCERS IN MY LIFE. Meanwhile little mention of Luke Falks performance in that game. #bandwagonmuchespn?
Jairo Jair Ramirez UCLA will always be better than USC, regardless of the records.
Ryan Pietz Is it me or does Darnold look like the kid from Jerry Maguire stopped working out and hung out at In n Out 12 hours a day?
Christine Hutchinson Cone I cannot believe that Clemson is the #2 team in the nation and you are not carrying them somewhere today! This sucks!
Andy Thompson If the USC QB doesn't make it in the NFL, I have this weird feeling he would fit right in at Dunder Mifflin 🤔
Chris Feltes Why does Sam Darnold look like he could be Jay Cutler? He has that "Idgaf" face.
Billy Madden UCLA!!!!! #atrojanlastsamoment #abruinlastsalifetime
Ryan Navillus This is hardly a battle for the #1 pick. Neither one has a shot at being #1
Chris Harrigan Rosen’s nose looks worse even with his helmet on
Cole DeBorde Baker Mayfield is way better and will have a better NFL career than both of these two ☀️ ❄️
Calin Marian Winner goes to Browns hahaha!!!
Nick Van Vorhis Could there be two stupider looking players?
Eli Hydro Davis "Chosen" Rosen isn't even good though. Any time there's pressure on him he freaks.
Nelson Ramos We gonna Ruin some Bruins tonight, Let's Go Trojans!!!
Taylor Norris USC’s QB already said if browns have #1 pick he will probably stay in school
Dave Goudailler Not sure but Tomorrow is NFL SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY!!!
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"Don't tell me nothing. Everybody wants to make it seem like he helped me out."

Dakota Rayy Breaking News: Trump sends UCLA basketball players back to China.
Cindy Garik And if Trump didn’t intervene, and the boys were still there, he would be calling him all sorts of names and asking for him to do something.
Doug Poore Why is this man given a platform
Michael Miller Your son isn’t rotting in a Chinese prison, is he? Good Lord man you’re ungrateful!!!
David Lee Wow, just wow. The ignorance and lack of gratitude here is astonishing. Actually I should expect nothing less from this man. Or at least the persona that portrays in public.
Zach Anders I'm not even a Trump supporter, but if he helped my kid avoid a Chinese prison after HE did something that pointless and stupid I would be very grateful and appreciative to President Trump. Lavar Ball is a tumor.
Christopher Kasik Maybe he does not have the intelligence to grasp the gravity of the situation! His son was going to be potentially charged with a crime in a foreign country! The arrogance and stupidity are astonishing
David McGee The UCLA players shouldn't get a special treatment for what they did...the should suffer their consequences for their actions like anybody else.
Kenny Kocincki Lavar Ball needs to shut up and thank President Trump for helping his son and the other knuckleheads he could have said nothing and let the courts in China decide there fate which he should have done
Robin Phillips No you POS, he helped your kid out! Life ain't all about LaVar! And yeah robbery is a pretty big deal!
Andre Spivey Like many people he is afraid of being tied to trump. It has hurt many economically, ratings, generally people see you as a worse person. So he is trying to distance himself. President Obama had the opposite affect, it was beneficial to be tied to President Obama. The optics are bad for GOP right now.
Keith Platt I dislike the President as much as anyone and look forward to his defeat and removal from office. That said, here is the correct answer that LaVar should have given: I’m happy to have my son back in the United States and know he has learned a very powerful lesson about what is expected of him as a leader, athletic ambassador and, most importantly, as a man. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped in securing his release and return home, including the President.”
Eric Petor It’s not a big deal till 3 kids come in to try on some big baller brand shoes and walk out without paying. Then what does he think when it happens to his merchandise? This guy is a disease.
Joseph Perry How do we really know if Trump actually helped them though? Anybody can take credit for something they didn't do. I'm not saying Lavar is right either though but who really knows what really transpired. So we should be careful how we judge this situation.
Steve Christy This guy is an idiot. It doesn't matter what it was (a car or sunglasses, high end versions) or what age it happened at. You failed your son. He doesn't have enough respect to know not to steal other people's property. Your son could still be in jail if it weren't for the president. Your ignorance and stupidity is showing up once again.
Ed Wabals LaVar is an ungrateful, bigmouth P.O.S. who is trying to gain fame and fortune hanging on to his kid's coattails.
Rosales Omar I don't like trump at all, but god forbid if my son was that stupid to steal in a foreign land and trump got involved...I will be in trumps debt and grateful
Eric Gerton Fact is most of china knew nothing of the incident it wasn't a big deal there as it was here. So trump really didnt do much it was glasses for petes sake
William Westfall ESPN sucks! Any chance you have to bash OUR President, you will. These scumbags are going to be millionaires and the ball kid already has a millionaire brother. Yet, he has to STEAL!? That’s a direct result of your raising! You embarrassed all Americans.
Aguilar Drew Don't let this distract you from the fact that Hector is going to be running 3 civics with spoon engines. And on top of that he just went into Harry's and he ordered three T66 Turbos with NOS. And a Motec exhaust system.
Carlos Cosme Sr. " I scored 131 on Xi Jinping back in the day on a 1v1, that's the reason he let my boy go" ~ Lavar Ball
Ken Rock President Trump should have left his little sticky fingered criminal over there. Sell your stupid shoes for as much as you do and your kids still steal? Bad characters are built by bad parents.
Rob Hayes He should have left him there... On a brighter note it didn't cost taxpayers 450 million dollars brought in by an unmarked plane channeled through a Swiss bank to get them released. It was called diplomacy
Claudia Noel Scalzo This is a poor excuse for a father. Telling his son his shoplifting was nothing and didn’t matter! His son will get caught up in something wrong again. He has his own arrogance to blame for his sons bad behavior. There are consequences in this world. And now his son doesn’t understand that point.
Lysa Sellers This man! His son would be rotting in China if Trump didn’t have a good relationship with a China’s President and make that call. This idiot.... Trump should’ve asked for the other two to be let out and left his son there to rot that way this idiot can show us how it’s done! He can film it all for his reality TV show too!
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Rudy Stringfield Le🐐! 15th season and possibly having his best year. This man is the model of consistency and greatness. No Derrick Rose, Tristan Thompson or Isiah Thomas but y’all don’t care it’s become the cool thing to diss lebron. On aboard the Celtics hype train. We’ve seen this story before all i want to say is when the cavs win the east and advance to the finals do not revert to “the east is weak”! Let’s all take time to respect the greatness of lebron and the overall greatness of the league.
Michael Kelley What cracks me up is if social media was around in the 90s, all you fools would be on here saying Jordan is trash and he doesn't have as many rings as Bill Russell... 👀
Matthew Louisignau Is this photo capturing the lack of defence these days or photographers really weren't doing their job in any other city?
Robby RB If someone can find me a pic of Jordan dunking with 4 defenders picking their noses and just watching, then we can compare the 2.. you won’t find one ( spoiler alert )
Cody Horne If you look closely he's trying to get his head turned around to find the ref so he can cry about a call.
Dominique Brown Photo of the Night should be LeBron taking Doc River's son ankles
Leonard Remenny Frias LeBron is like wine, gets better the older he gets...
Jay Hicks He must have been the only one to dunk in the whole NBA who cares if it's the photo of the day
Cisco Noclaf So we're not talking about the Spurs' comeback against OKC?
Reggie L. Harris After that crossover Lebron gave Austin Rivers he now has AUSTIN POWERS
Rick Foster That's his best angle to hide that hairline and his 5 head!
Patrick Flowers How ‘bout them Spurs and a 23 point comeback? No?
Stephen Navarro That’s a great photo. Look at the opposing teams faces. Nice job mr. photographer.
Keith Nasta LeBron takes sip out of water bottle.. ESPN " photo of the night"
Chris Sockwell Great pic by the photographer but #wherestheD?
Chris Brav No body wants to see Lebron in finals anymore. Warriors vs Celtics!!
David Garcia Cheating cavs
Marecus Mosley
Mike Miller
Ricky Veatch Wow great defense in this photo
Duke Carter King of NY
Kévin-Pinit Scott 😲 2 pts. Quit selling out to this headass. Dumb. Spam. 🚮🚮🚮
Rafael Santos Jimenez The Queen 👸
Humberto Neto MVP
Danielle Leslie Michael A Jordan did you see this game?
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At least he's honest 😂

Robert Ortiz Gregg Popovich is an icon of a coach..the day he retires we're going to miss the most keeping it real Coach ever...
Bryon Ganson I hope the "screw you" doesn't come back to bite him as sexual harassment in ten years when she isn't making money on TV anymore!
Shawn Labaqui He went from Liberal Left (poor me) to Far Conservative (screw you)
Chet Manly I'm so glad he's the couch of our team here!!
Nic Conder Hate what his teams do to the Jazz, but I respect the crap out of him. Great coach, love his honesty and attitude.
Trey Warnock This is good advice for life, not just sports. You can either be the aggressor or the victim in life. Your call. I do not like the Spurs or Coach Pop really at all, but this is what makes him such a great coach.
Kyle Borst God i love that man. Not a big fan of nba but he keeps it real 100% of the time
Junior Bugsy Not a Spurs fan but this dude is way better than Phil Jackson.
Matt Jones Nick Meno Chris Howland wish Carlisle would do this, would be about the only entertaining thing associated with Mavs basketball this year
Stephen Fox Sounds like Coach has a hard time expressing his fondness For Doris Burke. Coach really like Doris Burke, coach is just being a stiff in a weird way.
Nello Cammarota Pops is the best coach the NBA has ever had
Michael Villaluz
Keith Murrell One of the greatest coaches in any sport EVER!!!!
Logan Kirby
Marc Schoenherr Pop is a national treasure
Jordan Little When Pop walks in he is automatically the realist guy in the room. 😂
Sergio Rangel SPURS 23 point deficit to win against a great OKC team without KAWHI.
Tutu Udeh We’re witnessing the best basketball player of all time. Lebron king James 🐐
Omari Grey He looks like a walking piece of fungus.
Murray Scott the 2 biggest clueless bums are popovitch and james. they think clinton won nov8. #cluelessbums
Steve Trinward kinda like the Celtics with the Warriors the night before
Albert Flores I love this man... even if he was on another team.
Adam Reinhart That's a lot more words from Pop than usual.
Nick Mcallister Michael and another one
Lluk Manh Alimi Pop knows if its a mental problem then the body follows.
ESPN with Wells Fargo.17 hours ago

In this week's Wells Fargo Innovations of Better, Iowa State is changing the game when it comes to monitoring concussions.

Jared Zimmer Real great sponsor you got there ESPN.......Better make sure the check clears and that they didn’t open a bunch of secret accounts........Greedy corporate scumbags....the both of you.
Fred Thomas Stealing money from hard working folks wasn't very innovative though was it. So glad most of the Saturday night games have been terrible blow outs. Stay classy ESPN.
John Jordan Innovations!?!?.....Innovations!?!?....How bout' we talk reparations!?!?
David Williams For Scott Van Pelt: This is meant for "right to your face"...Hey, it's football Van Pelt and not very good football or broadcasting.
Daniel Zamora Nicole Cavasos is this what you where talking about?
Shaun Collins All should NFL too.
Greg Ermatinger Andrew Lindner pretty awesome!
Jason Hite Lauralee Hatleli Sue Willey
Brandon Kane Mike Kane
Mitchell Hanson Paul Hanson
Reginald Lee Harris Dennis Dolan
Mason Veyveris Joshua PlunkettAaron Garrett AguiarKyle Hogencamp
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The former NFL QB made the final $1.5 million payment to creditors on Thursday.

Jeremiah Reed If anybody has paid their debt to society for their crimes, it’s Michael Vick.
James Anderson Good for him. I don't liked what he did, but he served his time and paid his debt and is making the best of his second chance.. agree or disagree with him that's America at it's best
Adi Cortez Unpopular opinion: Mike Vick spent almost 2 years in Leavenworth AND repaid 100% of what he owed when he filed Chapter 11. Time to forgive him
Carlos Modesto Rodriguez Still don’t like what he did with those dogs, but the man got a second chance and made more than good on it, salute.
Rƴan Töwnsěnd Could have easily had $17M in his pocket but chose to do the right thing. I won't ever support the Vick of the past but it's hard to deny he is an example of someone who has changed and made right on their mistakes
Omar DeejayOmarb Becerra I paid my credit card debt last week, do I get an article too?
Robert Lancaster Dude made a poor decision. He's been more of a man about rectifying those mistakes than 99.9999% of world would. He's got my respect.
Michael Mullen As a dog lover..... Kudos. He took his second chance and ran with it. He's served his time, paid his debts and is a role model for people who make mistakes. He should be proud of the man he's become. Way to prove me wrong MV.
Justin Milford I’m a huge animal advocate, and I hate what he did to those dogs. But, he has since taken several steps towards redeeming himself. While nothing can take away the pain and suffering endured by those dogs, it is important to note that Vick has been an advocate for animals, paid his debts, and faced society’s shame since being released from prison. He has done more for his community and for dogs than many other people in his situation. Let us not forget what he did, but forgive him and appreciate his efforts toward becoming a better man.
Adam Brown Dude made a big mistake. I hated him for it as I am a huge dog lover. But part of being a good person in my opinion is forgiving people. He has served his time and done everything right since then. Now he shows yet another example of doing the right thing. I’m not saying put him on a pedestal but for god’s sake the man is trying to do right. We have enough problems in our crazy world. Move on and stay positive. ✌🏻
Dustin Marino I give this guy credit. He paid his due in jail. He made this wrongs right. And he paid back more than he had to. He 100% turned himself around and never stopped.
Joe Bedrin In a world where we constantly see athletes and other high profile celebrities commit crimes and half heartedly apologize, say they'll change and then three weeks later find themselves in the news and in trouble again, Michael Vick seemed to actually change his life around and I personally feel that's something to be praised and looked up to.
Elizabeth McDonald Yeah Michael , im so happy for you keep on doing the right thing sweetie. May the Lord be with you.🙏🙏🙏🙏
Delores D. Darling Folks don’t care about INJUSTICE (fake outrage about a flag) But, STILL holding on to all this anger... you would think Vick killed their personal Fido! 🙄 Get over yourselves already! (We know why you really hate him) So much HATRED for ONE man! FYI he’s UNBOTHERED... you haters are non- factors! Byeeeee...👋🏾
Philip James Let anyone talk bad on this man. He paid his debts and did more than 80% of all professional athletes would have done. Some people really can change. Always a fan
Terry Robinson He still has a debt to pay for his murdering and mutilating innocence dogs when he meets his maker in Heaven!!
Gary Nelson Forgiveness is what this world lacks. He paid his dues he messed up he knows that no one can hate him more than he hated himself. Let the man rest and find something else to put your hate n anger towards.
Kevan Pierson Mike Vick still holds the record as the only player to sign 2 $100 million dollar contracts in NFL history. Paying off that $17 million in debt wasn't as hard for him like we think it was.
Trey Fallon Mad props. I don't typically reply to espn postings but Michael Vick deserves it. I love dogs but he paid his debt to society. Keep it up Mike.
Michael Corey Elkins This is pretty personal stuff I don't think it should be all over the news but he did the right thing didn't take the loopholes. What's next for Vick I hope some good karma
Zach Morrison Chris brown beat the brakes off Rihanna.. ray rice beat his girlfriend.. so many other cases of celebrity men who were never held accountable for their actions. But this man mike Vick did his time, found God, and became a better man. Athlete, celebrity, human being, this is the kind of man who sets an example for everybody. Hats off Mike Vick enjoy the rest of your days
Michael Madden This guy participated in unthinkable things. He should be an inspiration to a lot of people...that no matter how bad you think it is you can always change your life for the better. I look at him today and see a very humble man. Loved watching him play, too, @ VT and ATL
Paul Jacobson "Poor decision...made a mistake." I've read all of that in these comments. Killing dogs is not a "mistake". It's an indication of what you are as a human being.
Dereck Chester Kopczenski Kudos to the most exciting man I've ever seen play in person. He's wholly the reason I became a Falcons fan while living in Atlanta.. it turned my stomach when all this came to light. Very impressive comeback, on and off the field.
Michael Martin Good for him. I know a lot of people will never forgive him, and even as an Eagles fan I didn't love him on the field, but the man has worked hard to atone. He deserves credit for that.
ESPN20 hours ago

Well, that's a new one ...

Myers Davin Dude on that frozen food ale and didn’t have anything else but probably picked up a frying pan that he didn’t have any attention on buying & ask him to sign it and he did. Two for one, a frying pan signed by a nba player.
Eugene Egelstein Is Giannis one of the Ball family members? If not, I’m not sure why this is on my news feed, ESPN. Waste of my time if it isn’t something about the Ball family.
Paul Wright This looks like the section where all the failed comedians come to try out their lame jokes. Get over yourself ppl and don’t quit your day job that’s if you have one🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Kyle Wood "when i ran into him all i had was this frying pan on me and your not going to not get the greek freaks autograph"
Sean Asbury He's trying to be the toaster guy.
Anthony Edwards Don't know if this will pan out
Douglo Forgi That fan can fry foods on that without the stove now
Johnny Bollman Just a pubg fan. Pans are the holy symbol of pubg.
Cedric Dillion Well anything you have at the time will work. 😂😂
Jeremy Smith Ahhhh he’s trying to copy the Klay Thompson toaster thing.
Troy M Lehman Hey Grant Tingley looks like this fan plan really panned out
Greg Ermatinger The toaster worked wonders for the Dubs last year. Watch the Bucks take off!
Adam Conley Tim Lange maybe he would sign a salt and pepper shaker for me
Tejbir Dhillon just like that annoying toaster meme
Dan Schnapp Psshh... I got Jabari Parkers autograph on a bowling pin
Ryan Reahard I heard that another guy there asked him to sign his Rice-A-Roni box as well
Steven Shelton He is listening to Taj mahal
Alex Murphy The new toaster that takes him to the finals
Andrew Keysor You're not gona not get a signature from Gianis
Piro Rayner Klay won a championship after signing a toaster
Keenan Sanderson Nothing will ever beat Klay Thompson’s toaster.
Kody Scott David Greenfield I think we know what u want for x-mas haha
Ty Linville Aaron Stafford that’s like u Sign my itty bitty of you !
Roberto Garduno He’s the real deal, He’s no flash in the pan. ⚡️⚡️
Austin Wagner Giannis to the pit of misery :
ESPN21 hours ago

Muggsy Bogues. Isaiah Thomas.

Small-ball legends. (via SLAM Magazine)

Juan Jesser Did they meet at the kids foot locker?
Reggie L. Harris I'm sure it was a short conversation
Kevin Hiddemen Muggsy is about 5 years from becoming black Yoda
Jorge Santos Lil’ Giants.Both got to play a big man’s sport and flourished.It’s a privilege and honor to play in the NBA.
Aaron Phillis Look out NBA. When Isaiah back, the Cavs will be a force to be reckoned with. Game over
Denny Rivera Saw Muggsy play live once, he was so agile and fluid. Wasn't till Jason Williams came around that I really had another favorite point guard.
Brian Michael Lusignan Jr. Isaiah Thomas is not a legend. He is a good player who had the season of his career last season. Mark my words he won’t come near those numbers this year. ESPECIALLY if they rush him back
Marc Boka Let’s pump the brakes on Isaiah Thomas being a legend. His dad was but he’s not even close to being there yet
Brady Wyant Muggsy Bogues was my idol growing up...Stopped at 5'4 but still literally when I was growing up.
Mike Williams Just shows what he did in that era was phenomenal, tiny but balled against any and everybody. He looks like the monstar character now lol.
Larry Carbon People talk about ball handles . N always forget tyrone was nasty handling the rock n was a great passer too
Josh Westover Brian Joel John Konnor Ephraim Jordan .... I told you guys he was taller than someone in this world!
Ray Clark Vann Calvin Murphy ,Mugsy Bogues, and Spud Webb proved little guys can play if they have the talent
Adam Lasky Isaiah looking tall. Firsts for everything.
Rick Sirl Just need Earl Boykins in there
Vic Ross How did Mugsy ever score at that size! A real legend!
Joseph Fry I could pick em both up and carry em to where they are going and dribble a basketball
Giovanni Merone I thought it was manute bol and spud Webb.
Michael Netko Trip Warren I believe Muggsy Bogues was the smallest player ever in the NBA
Sam Foreal Wow! Isaiah Thomas looks like Shaq standing next to Muggsy... Isaiah feeling like a giant
Sunny Kay Cee Isaiah Thomas looks gigantic compared to mugsy
David Leek I wasn't ready for the comments 😭 Jack
Ceasare Johnson He makes Isaiah Thomas look like Shaq.... How TF is that possible???
Kimber Carcillar Mugsy Bogues looks like an older brother to Dr. DRE
Jahaun Phillips Muggsy still recovering from the monstars stealing his talents