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Was this better than his dunk contest effort?

Brandon King Saw it live. Wade said NOPE and jogged out of the way laughing as he ran back up the court to play offense. This guy literally jumps out of the building. Monster dunk
Ryan Graves Uh yeah, idk why he tried to go between the legs everytime. The man can fly
Kevin Greene Umm that was weak as hell. Wade could have put him in the third row.
Luigi Garcia Of course it is better. He missed all of his dunks in the contest.
Austin Wagner Like, does he have any other skill? Or is he just a dunker? If so, he shouldn't be in the NBA.
Jaron Hargrave Why wasnt the King Lebron in the dunk contest probaly cause he knew he would of won it with ease lmao
Charles Kim Adam Jones dude Derrick Jones took FLIGHT!!!!!!!! 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀
Brandon Widman "Video not allowed in your country" I live in Florida fam
Dalton Chandler
Kevin Charles The whole dunk contest sucked
PJ LeRoy Idk I didn't watch that either!!!!
Nealon Truong Nervous in the dunk contest I bet
Brandon Speaks Well at least he made it...
Kamarious Carter R Kelly: I believe Me: I can flyyyyyyyy
Dallas Reeves Westbrook just got a triple double in 19 minutes
DeMondre Williams He is a better in game dunker in my opinion
Richard Gorth Flight? Kyrie doesnt believe in gravity. Not possible
Jack Loffredo Sumner Corbett Jesus
Art Amador Ivan Torres finally!!
Alex Benjamin Kylie Ohringer
Tristan Melgoza Christian Melgoza
Joseph Goodson Cruz Villarreal
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Could Adrian Peterson be changing teams in 2017? Should the Texans make a move for Jimmy Garoppolo?

Here are five offseason moves that would improve every NFL team.

Chris Walters AP already changed teams last year. From starting Minn RB, to starting rehab...again. And then came back that one game and fumbled near the goal line.
Brendan Roberts Not like the texans didnt take bradys last 2 backups... 3rd times a charm. Right?
Troy Ludwig what ever quarterback they get will fail until there are several coaching changes made in the organization
Nick Abdo AP is like gronk. So much talent, just too injury prone.
Jaron Hargrave Question of the day guys who would you rather have Mike Vick in his prime or Cam Newton
Wayne Bockhol The Pats will not trade Him to The Texans or anyone in their division most likely it will be to a NFC team
Chris Kelly If AP wants a ring, he signs with the Patriots.
Corey Skanes Ross So y'all have 8 posts, 1 for each division. THEN make 1 post for them all. ESPN, screw you lol
Frank D. Calendrillo How many times are you going to post this?
Tyler Herndon Peterson makes the most sense to go to the Giants
Ray Sandoval Raiders with Calais Campbell.
Jaron Hargrave Please AP go to the patriots trade jimmy G
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Kevin Durant had some words for Shaquille O' Neal after his criticism of JaVale McGee.

(via SportsCenter)

Arpan Lobo Shaq is also one of the most dominant players ever while KD blew a 3-1 lead against a team that would go on to blow a 3-1 lead
Coby Cook He also has 4 rings and you have none so there's that.
Joe Pezzimenti Shaq actually earned his rings. Yes he left the Magic but he went to a rebuilding Lakers team with a rookie Kobe. Took them 5 years to win one. KD is a typical millennial expecting everything handed to him
Eloy Sosa So green can say what ever he wants about pierce and make fun of him but Shaq makes fun of McGee and they get but hurt about it.
Dell Nell If you are using shaqs rings too dismiss kevin Durant you are a moron. That has no merit in this situation. Team mate looking out for his brother.
Steven Herrmann How ironic the guy that left a contending team to play for another contending team that his team almost beat is talking about how another player played on multiple teams. This guy is something else
Drew Owens Jaaaavaaale McGee won't even be with the Warriors next year regardless to what happens. You think the Warriors want to stay put with Mr.Shaqtin a fool for more than one year.
Thomas Phillips Great player? You mean one of the most dominant players. Players these days don't get it. Unfortunately it's like that in all sports. All have gone soft. Even players putting their hands all over Shaq, he still got the job done. KD just sensitive about blowing a 3-1 lead insults.
Rome Gehrig I don't get it....Durant is going after arguably the best big of his generation? A sure HOFr? Teammates and all...But Shaq is a top 50 player of all time, and McGee isn't a top 50 player of this year. Whays he got to gain?
Eric Be Kevin Durant and Draymond will never be close to the greatness that once was Shaquille O' Neal. During that 3speat especially, Shaq was the most dominant player to ever play in the NBA
Dremel Burrown says the 🍰🍦 why you in shaq business you had beef with the shaqtin a fool mvp last year during playoffs now riding his nuts???? the next year prove how soft kD is dang 1 of my fav players but mind your business kD you making yourself look worse 🤡
Andrew Graus You are a grown man and professional athlete, quit acting like a child. Shaq is making fun of you, so why not prove him wrong or reach out to him about the matter. Easy way to take care of the issue is to call Shaq and say hey, I respect you as I hope you respect me and i want to ask why you are frequently going after me, how can i earn your respect. Instead he just sends out a tweet that is hard to read and makes no sense. Grow up brother, quit being a wimp and go directly to the source to ask why he is doing it. That is why I never want to be a sports agent, you are constantly having to babysit grown men when they make poor decisions.
Richie Mac Mendez Figueroa ShaQ is also not a franchise player. .......His A champion as a freeagent just like lebron n Durant if he wins. n Clyde that's a fact...Orlando drafted him for a title n he fail them.
Jeff Frentress KD, I didn't think my respect level could go lower for you. McGee is known because of Shaq. And if McGee wants actual credit for his tantrum. Do more than dunks, lobs and random slap blocks.
Kesha Witherspoon This is why alot of ppl wanna see them defeated. Too arogant. Shaq a four time champion who didn't jump on teams who didn't need him.
Torey Boykin Shaq: One of the best to do it Warriors: Blew a 3-1 lead One of the highest scoring players in NBA history, DESPITE the free throw thing (can't deny that), one of the most fearsome and dominant big men ever. The other guys keep taking shots at legends. Not good. Rings argument suspended...
Kevin Mcintire Way to stick up for your teammate KD. People call KD soft and not loyal and he stands up to a monster like Shaq and defends his teammates and you still criticize. Let me know your credentials to criticize the man!
Antonio M Roman Inostroza But KD all thou I like you- and your decision to sign with Golden State, in search of an NBA Title Shaq has what 5 rings! McGee 0 I believe and KD 0. That's a Big Difference!
Jerry Blatnik Jr. Those Laker teams from Shaq's 3-peat era would have ate up Durant's Golden State team this year or any year of the OKC team he used to play for. Shaq has 4 rings. Durant has none.
Brian Lowe Shaq was a fraud - typically took 2 months off during the season due to conditioning issues - Kobe called him out, which led to the feud. After 2000, he only plated more than 60 games once. He was a huge guy, whose popularity helped the NBA during a decline in ratings. He's a lousy analyst, barely intelligible when making comments, better when he spars w/Barkley.
Chúcho Berrera Yeah, says the man who jumped ship and left to play for a team that was already stacked with all stars because you couldn't beat them with the team you already was apart of.
Eric Lealamisa There's soooo much I can say but I'm not even gonna bother 😂😑 KD shouldn't even be in the same sentence with Shaq 😑 This is Shaq we are talking about 😎👌
Dre Alvarez Jordan Ray Tomblin exactly lol I hope we meet them again so we can go back 2 back with him included. That's just gonna put LBJ as the GOAT 😂
Joeseph E Dotson Shaq was a man amongst boys and has four rings and three straight final mvp's and Durant has nothing but some scoring titles ... bfd!!
Mini Helmet Shop Oh look at that, another "beef" story from the NBA. It's like the old rap beef wars. A giant soap opera for a bunch of fools.
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"There can be no way the ball is turned over to that extent, so I think he'd be the first one to say that he has a lot of work to do."

Shah M. Rahman As a Celtics fan, I hate when people start off a comment telling you who their favorite team is.
Louis Todd He coached the Turnover king for all those years with NYG..
Stephen Visokey I think Bortles can be a good QB if the Jaguars can get a solid offensive line and running game to help him. He does however need to make better decisions. He always tries to make the big play and not what the defense gives him. Very much like how Brett Farve would try to do which is partially due to the lack of a good line and run game. Each play doesn't have to be a big play,first down,or,a touchdown.He need to be more patient and accept sometime he have to check it down for a 2 yard gain at best.
Timmy Vansel Since they play in the AFC south with my Titans, I was like " the jags may actually win some games this year benching this trash". Well played Coughlin
John Peyton The real question is who is on the roster that has the potential that he does? He's got skills, but there has been some big issues around bim
Travis Rendon So many comparisons to Eli Manning's turnovers, but the Jaguars are not the Giants. Their margin for error is very slim as they lack in greater areas than some of the superbowl Giants teams Coughlin coached. Not sure why competition would be a bad thing when the goal is delivering the best product.
Sean Feeney T-minus 4 months until ESPN pundits are talking about how amazing the Jaguars are & how they're going to be the dark horse for a SB run. Every. Single. Year.
Josef Lindberg Bring in competition for Blake, please. He's regressed and needs somebody to compete with him.
Spencer Thiel
Dylan Woolum Maybe if the rest of the team wasn't complete garbage he would be a better QB
Scott Fernelius Brice Bortles pretty closely resembles Ben Roethisberger. Unfortunately for him, his football skill set pretty closely resembles Bubby Brister.
Aaronrevmerkel Estes He will have a seat for a few games after they sign Smoking Jay Cutler.
Karpinski Daniel I laugh looking back at the people comparing him to big Ben during the draft.
Fawad Bangash I thought Eli was the one who lead the league in turnovers over last decade.
Kane Bressi I hate that people can see the old comment before I edited it because then they can see my silly mistakes.
Keghan J. Lawhead Coughlin knows football. Bortles was horrible last year. His spot shouldn't be guaranteed.
Albertico Vasquez Bortles needs better coaching. THAT'S IT! He has the talent. Just better coaching is needed.
Neil Patrick Healy I feel like he could be saved with good coaching. He was decent two years ago.
Evan Hall Thank you Tom Coughlin! We may stand a chance a winning the division.
Sean Greene Needs coaching up. Look at his numbers, other than the picks. My God, what do you need. Dude has all the talent you need.
Chad Lewis If you actually listen to the press conference that is not exactly what he said he just said there was work to do and was giving examples on what he needs to work on
David T Corson Do everyone a favor and get rid of him. He is HORRIBLE!
George Loukas Bechakas Bills will take him !!! Good young QB !!! Need a running game take pressure off him !!!
Jeff Bird Says the guy that coached Eli for so many years ☕️🐸
Ancel Robinson Says the guy who coached Eli have another INT Manning... lol
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"Shaq was a s---ty free throw shooter, he missed dunks, he airballed free throws, he couldn’t shoot outside the paint."

Luis Hernandez Says the guy who hasn't won a championship 🙃
Peter Heck Shaq never blew a 3-1 lead in the playoffs and then ran with his tail between his legs to the team that beat him like Durant did, so...
Carlos Santiago Even if he wins a ring, Javale McGee will always be remembered for shaqtin
Shetal Shaq Bhakta But he has 4 more rings than you do. And didn't have to join a super team to earn them.
John Sisley They cry about Shaq making fun of McGee but it's ok for draymon to trash Paul pierce, a first ballot hall of famer. The warriors are nothing but pansies and hypocrites. I can't wait for the cavs to smash them again if they even make it out of the west.
Michael Garcia But Shaq was a beast of a man. A 7 foot 2 in man the size of a freight train with the agility of a dancer. Do you really think anyone gave two s***ts if he could shoot a jumper or make a free throw when it was pretty much a guaranteed 2 points when he got the ball in the low post?
Cody Clemons I like how you trying to dog shaq but he was one of the most dominant players inside the paint in history, your just a above average NBA player for now. Do something great then talk trash to the greats.
Grady Lewis I get sticking up for your buddies and teammates... but are you serious? This is a twatter beef. Stick to trying to get your first ring. Let Shaq say whatever he wants. Prove him wrong on the court.
Daniel Yerkes It's true. Shaq's only real attribute was that he was big and knew how to use his body. When it comes to actual basketball skills, most bench players are better than Shaq ever was. Shaq was just bigger and stronger than everyone else.
Chris Bracey Shaq never said he didn't have flaws. He was in scary movie 4 making fun of his own free throw shooting. He had to make it to save his life and he missed 😂
Enzo Corleone Shaq was also the MVP, 15 All-Star game selections, three All-Star Game MVP awards, three Finals MVP awards, two scoring titles, 14 All-NBA team selections, and three NBA All-Defensive Team selections and got 4 rings just saying 😬
Kevan Pierson We all knew what Shaq couldn't right. However, he was dominant because of his footwork in the paint. The guy was unstoppable in a different era. In today's NBA, Shaq would be good, but wouldn't had played 30 minutes a game because of the run and gun style that most teams have including Lebron's team. Power forwards that could shoot from the outside would give Shaq all kinds of trouble.
Tytus Millikan This new generation of NBA stars is embarrassing. paying no respect to those who paved the way for them and pretty much acted as inspiration for the guys playing today. its disgusting. and surprise surprise its all centered around the warriors..
Luis Valdez Don't know exactly what is going on between Shaq and Javele but Shaq is a Huge reason the Lakers 3 peated Made his free throws when he had to Shaqs Dominance made up for any flaws he had
Mark Breidel Shaq WAS a horrible free throw shooter and couldnt hit a jump shot if his life depended on it (except for the playoffs oddly enough), but he has the right to talk sh#t, hes in the HoF, has 4 rings, and probably a top 5 center of all time. That's more than almost everyone in the NBA can say. With that said, he has the right to say it, but should he, probably not.
Allen Ronald Crouch Wait I'm confused, since when does KD have the right to criticize someone who will always be bigger than him? KD will not touch 4 rings. He will never be as dominant as Shaq. He's just mad that Shaq made someone on his team sad
Rogelio De Anda That's why it's called shaqtin a fool! He knows he used to miss free throws! Shaq is making fun of himself. When he says a current player is shaqtin a fool he is saying that the player acting like he did when he played! But don't let this distract you from the fact that KD blew a 3-1 lead to the team that blew a 3-1 lead against the Cavaliers in the finals! Then decided to join the Warriors only weeks after he blew that lead!😂😂😂
Kevin L. Jones KD is exactly right and bravo for saying it. The NBA likes attention because attention garners interest and increases profits. As far as skills go, Shaq wasn't close to several dominant centers like Abdul Jabbar for example, but he is 7'2 and one of the strongest people to ever play the game. A dominant force in the post, but Durant is right. His game had many weaknesses that his sheer size and strength made up for. I love Shaq and think he's as cool and funny as any former NBA star on TV, but enough is enough. Stop this stuff Shaq.
William Jackson Call the Warriors soft if you want, but sticking up for a brother in arms being verbally abused is something entirely different than soft.
Ivan James Talo Shaq compared to skilled centers such as Hakeem The Dream, D. Robinson, Ewing, etc isn't a comparison. He was big and strong... Athletic for his size, especially early in his career but I agree with KD. Definitely had his flaws, and he isn't half the ball player Durant is.
Jp Yu Says a guy who blew a 3-1 lead and left OKC to join a team(GSW) who blew a 3-1 lead. Shaq is a beast in the paint doesnt matter if he cant shoot a jumper and freethrows #draymondgreenkickingsomeballs
Erick Miller Shaq was always his TEAM no team won until he got there kevin durant is a sellout who left his hometown team to go to a team just to win, a team that won 73 or so games the year before in my mind he will never be considered a great because of it.. maybe he should realize who he is speaking to next time.. and i was never a huge shaq fan but have much respect for who he was
Eric L. Miley Let's just put it this way, Shaq could be blindfolded and have one hand tied behind his back and J. McGee and Kevin Durant wouldn't come within 50 feet of him and say any of this. I like all three of these guys but Durrant and McGee need to have a seat...
JJ Krum Well every one knows he.couldn't shoot free throws so yea....couldn't shoot out side the paint?? Well a lot of centers couldn't....he dominated every center he played against with the exception of the dream....won 4 rings and 3 finals mvps....So yea about that
Travis Lloyd Y r today's players so defensive....soft? Can't take criticism? Don't really understand the game? NBA right now is average at best. Games don't even matter most of the time, players need rest....NCAA all the way!
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Who won the battle of trash-talk between Draymond Green and Paul Pierce?

SportsNation debates:

Scott J. Clayton Green will never everrrrrr finish with the career that Paul Pierce has had. Easy to look good when two other players on your team are the main defensive focus for opposing players. Pierce has been the best player on his team nearly his entire career.
William Michael Thompson Draymond. Pierce couldn't think of anything to say then came back with a TWEET at 5 in the morning. Was he really losing sleep over that? He's soft and can't talk when he is on a team thats lost to GS 10 straight especially if he's not even good enough to see the floor anymore
Craig Mapp As much as I respect Pierce, Draymond really put the nail in his coffin with that, "You're not Kobe" because of the farewell tour thing. A lot of people are mad because they act as if Green isn't suppose to say anything because he's the "4th best player" on his team, but yet they praise old school players for talking trash to one another. Legend or not, once you're on that court, you're subject to getting trash talked. Doesn't mater what status you are. That's how it is in life as well. Just because someone is a higher "status" than you are, that doesn't mean they are excluded from a verbal beat down, especially if they started it.
Claudlin Pierre Louis Draymond. Everyone keep saying PP is a legend. How many years has Draymond been in the league? Yall sound like babies. Hes right he aint kobe lol. Paul Pierce probably started the trash talking
Leroy Watkins III They only feel Green won because of being prisoners of the moment. If both events happened simultaneously who you think would have won. Pierce easy! You just lose the championship series after being up 3-1 and Pierce says his retort then Green says his.... It's not even close! Pierce all day!
TyQuan Hawthorne Paul Pierce never said he was trying to go out like kobe did the man just announced he was retiring at the beginning of the season and he did things in his career that draymond green will never do. Draymond will go down as the guy that piggy backed curry and Thompson meanwhile PP is basically already a hall of famer
Shamar DeCambre Draymond ETHERED Paul Pierce in the heat of what's considered a rivalry (Not sure how when you've lost ten straight). Paul Pierce resorted to a tweet... At the crack of dawn. He's supposed to be the OG in the situation. Handled it like a scorned teen. Draymond with the first round KO.
Marcos González I'm team Pierce on this one, that choke will be mentioned every time a finals are 3-1, fact, plus Green will not be half as great as Pierce is going down.
David Elguapo Ramos Maaaan o maan..Mr Pierce delivers again! No one could draw a shooting foul like him that is for sure. And boy was he clutch in his!
Dre Hilton Draymond's words stung so bad that Pierce was up all night thinking about it and then resorted to tweeting a 3-1 joke at 5 am.'s pretty clear who won.
JyKerum 'Keman' Lambert Green won! lol it doesn't matter but he got him , it was an individual comment pierce came back saying something about a 3-1 lead the "WARRIORS" blew as a team , Green didn't even play one of those games & he did play a great game in game 7 so pierce should of came harder
Patrick Elias PP34 is going to the Hall Of Fame Draymond isn't. Period. Don't humor me Warriors fans telling me "he will"
Saye Yilleboe Don't let this distract you from the fact that this copyrighted broadcast of the National Basketball Association may not be retransmitted, reproduced, rebroadcasted, or otherwise distributed or used in any form without the express written consent of the NBA.
Allen Day I would of respected Pierce a bit more if he didn't take it to Twitter. He likely started the feud than took the L to Twitter? Ouch
Humphrey Williams Paul Pierce is better than all of this baloney. Besides, everything that comes out of Draymond Green's mouth is TRASH - So, who cares???
Tony Cherriz Basically it was "You can't get no farewell tour, they don't love you like that. You ain't got that type of love. You thought you was Kobe? You ain't Kobe,"..... VS 3-1 joke Draymond wins with ORIGINALITY LMAO
Drew Pendleton It doesn't matter, nobody will ever take Green over Pierce in any situation on the court and I like Green. Trash talking is cool, nothing wrong with it but Green will never be a legend like Pierce is. He'll never be able to touch Pierce as a player regardless if he's got 1 ring or 20. So, who cares? Lol. And as far as being "like Kobe", Pierce was to the Celtics what Kobe was to the Lakers. He held that franchise up all 15 years he was there. He would still be there but the Celtics just accepted a rebuild and didn't wanna put Pierce through it, which is respectable. He would have got a farewell tour if he was still in Boston.
Nicholas Aaron Holland-Reed If they originally suspend green in the OKC golden state gam3 they would have never been in the finals but karma happened that year...
Martin Macias No one cares about Wiley annoying/biased opining and who tf is that predator looking dude. Bring back max or cowherd the good old days of sport nation
Matt Harmon Who cares. Get back to showing highlights like you used to. You put the best anchors you have on the midnight show. No wonder ESPN sucks now.
Andrew J L Miller Paul pierce won
Gibran McElroy Paul Pierce. Because Pierce has a championship also, and two, No one will forget the Warriors was up 3-1. And they lost.
Steven Lugo At least Paul Pierce will be in the Hall of Fame you bum!!!!
Scott Walter Is this a stat that's kept now? Paul Pierce has done his fair share of it. Draymond has to be like or compared to P.P. now. Seems that way.
Josh Leach Green was right but he has no place to talk since Paul is a legend in his own right and his career will be remembered as much better than Greens.
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"I imagine between J.R. [Smith] and myself, we'll get out there and get our wind and be ready to go for whenever [the playoffs start] in April."

David Scruggs This is good, since Lebaby is in desperate need of help, just to keep the Cavs above water in the juggernaut of the eastern conference.
Kevan Pierson Well, between JR and Kyle Korver, someone is going to be playing less than 20 minutes. Judging by the way Korver is playing, it could be JR. I don't JR is going to like that though. Especially if Korver stays on this team going into next year.
Justin Adams And the back to back participation trophy for the regular seasons of 2016 and 2017 will go to - The Golden State Warriors
Michael Rodriguez He better be ready or he better be ready to move to another city! Lebron don't play that! Cavs should've traded him for Carmelo but that's none of my business!
Sam Lueck
Duke Laberdee 2017 champs
Jacob Eldridge Unless cavs an Boston meet in playoffs then Kelly will hurt his arm again🤣😂
Vikash Gautam No Love lost, no Love found.
Tony Cherriz E.R love
Andy Nelson he always injured
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"I don't care if anyone wants to build around me, just win. ... I just want to win at all costs."

Glenn James Berry Don't let this distract you from the fact that I ordered a pizza an hr ago and still haven't received it!!! 😠😠😠
Travis Guyton Jimmy if you wanna win and win now, get the hell outta Chicago
Bobby Joyce Butler, Paul George, Melo and Cousins should split the cap and sign with a team in 2 years.
Steven Boucher They are a long way from ever going anywhere. He will not be winning a championship with the Bulls, ever.
Dom Bies Jimmy never gonna win with bulls. His dumbas should of went to the celtics
William Fernandez I don't even know what to say about the bulls..condolences
Sam Foreal Jimmy's still having a sleepless night over trade rumors.... Relax and enjoy the game
Leo Swift Staying put on a bad team.This guy doesnt care about winning.
Kavan Loughlin Accordion to scientific studies, 90% of the people do not realize I replaced the beginning of the sentence with an instrument
Elijah Daniels There are no team players or city players these days it's as long as I win that's all that matters
David Remaley Jr. Come to the spurs. Well give the bulls 1st rounder Parker and green.
D.j. Harris "I don't care if anyone wants to build around me, just win. ... I just want to win at all costs." -Melanie Trump
Jason Jones Now that's who you want to build around. In case anyone didn't already know lol.
Lino LoGiudice #FireGarPax
Ayeni Damilare Daniel Like if the bulls suck.
Mark Anthony Rivas Bulls needed to trade Butler. Now they're doomed.
Jonathan Adamaitis Id like him on the bucks.
Chris Cleveland
Adam A Miranda #firegarpax
Jocelyn Fernandez Serrano Please don't trade Jimmy !
Cornell Melton I wish my rockets could have gotten him
Nadinka Papazian too bad he cant play like michael jordan
Paul Krachtt Joshua Wolfgang Starks
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The Golden State Warriors have contacted Turner Sports officials expressing concern that TNT's negative portrayal of JaVale McGee is doing unnecessary damage to the center's reputation.

Noel Anthony Fuller 90 percent of the country wouldn't know who JaVale McGee was if it wasn't for Shaq and the TNT Team. JAVALLLEEEEE MCGEEEEEE
Jack Hd Kananian When will the Warriors contact Draymond about the negative portrayal of himself each and every night?
John Junior Raesen I agree. I love Shaq, but it started out funny and it's not funny anymore. It's more like some sort of bullying which is not an example you'd want to make imo
Josef Lindberg Aw cry me a river, Golden State. Shaq has been doing that segment for years, so now that a ROLE player has his feelings hurt, you complain about it?? This is a league of grown men, not some pansies. Get out of here.
Carter Man Too bad, Shaqtin a fool wouldn't be the same if it stopped mocking him
Brian Ross Millennials such as JaVale McGee are too thin-skinned. Man up, dude...
Brandon Marks Lol😂😂😂😂😂 the equivalent of a parent calling another parent to ask their son to be nice to my kid... JaVale is A GROWN MAN!! Don't wanna end up on shaqtin a fool? Don't make dumb plays.. he literally air balled a layup!! We just gonna ignore that? Maybe they should call espn and complain about NOT top 10.😂😂😂 cuz he's been on there a few times too
Jây Gûrb Shaq is just being real lmao McGee is a bum who's only getting attention because he's on the Warriors.
Jarrod Brown Lol c'mon now. Shaq been talking about JaVale for years. He could let him slide a little bit. I'd be tired of that mess too..
Dominick Campagna Shaq is one of my favorite players ever and I think he's awesome, but I think he really needs to get a hold of himself here, both do, but it seems like enough is enough, I get Javale can do some questionable things on the court but I don't think that warrants consistently mocking the guy. A few times is funny, at this point it's just excessive.
Calvin Logins Sr. This is ridiculous. Your a Pro-Athlete and it's their job is to be critics. The only thing that was ever done "over the line" was this last twitter rant. That was also in response to Javale being disrespectful by telling Shaq "To get his 🥜 out his mouth!" I'm not for violence, but where I come from that will get your teeth knocked out!!! This is stupid and ridiculous. This is what I hate about our society today. Everything is PR and everyone is so sensitive!!!
Nelson S. Meza Dear #NBA I love #Shaqinafool!!! Tell these "Professionals" to play better. Plain and simple. Basketball players are soft now a days. What happened to the Barkely's, Jordan's, Kobe's, Johnson's, Pippin's, Rodman's. hell even Artest!!! 😂😂😂 NBA players are just too soft these days 😑😂😂😂
Chase Fan Before you start hating hard again. The Warriors are just supporting their guy. Shaq took it to the next level and the organization is backing McGee! Nothing wrong with that!
Garland Westerfield I wonder how many times shaq would make it on "shaqtin a fool" with his own free throw attempts? He did give us the hack-a-shaq after all. Dude had no skill. He was just bigger than everyone else who ever played basketball
Ron Piper George This is a type of bullying, which started off funny but now getting ridiculous. Shaq didn't appreciate "hack a Shaq" and got mad about the use of that phrase, but now he feels it's ok to be bullying the guy that way. I love the TNT show, but this ain't funny no more.
Dominic Blaze Schatzan What if I told you neither party is wrong here? Shaq isn't wrong because Javale is a blooper machine made famous by Shaq and Golden State isn't wrong for sticking up for their player instead of simply letting him be made fun of. Move along.
Ali Mazaltarim To be fair, this is by all definitions a form of bullying regardless of the age of McGee. At the same time he plays on live television and all Shaq is doing is showing a lowlight reel similar to SC not too 10, but focused heavily on one individual.
Jethro Andrei Canlas Shaq has gone too far making fun with Javale McGee and its not funny anymore when you constantly humiliate a guy on national tv, the Guy Javale was working hard to help his team win and he is done a great job this season, everyone loves Shaq, but it has to stop now.
Albert Millard Javale should just tell Shaq to see him in a ft contest. lol but I see both sides and it's probably annoying for McGee but just keep playing man. I'm actually glad McGee got a chance with GS. It's saved his career. I'm a wiz fan and he was just hot garage in DC and pretty much all his other teams.
Richard L. Larson Shaq never has been known for being very mature. Anyone who's seen the video of him mocking Vlade Divac and the Kings after the NBA rigged the Western Conference Finals when the Lakers played the Kings, knows that. He knew the refs gave them that series. Yet he acted like it was all him.
Ehrikhe Fructuoso But before shaqtin a fool nba has its own segment for nba bloopers in the 90's and even shaq told javale that i was the tragic bronson during my time so i dont know why these cupcakes are complaining
Avel Alvarez Your team has a player that kicks more than Cristiano Ronaldo, is always trash talking other players and now your feelings are hurt over Shaq's roasting of McGee? 🤔😂🤣
Neil Faerber Wait a minute JaVale McGee.... The Oakland Warriors team you're on has a bigtime trash talker in Nutcracker Draymond Green, and now the team is catching feelings? Your team really were right to wear those cupcake shirts a few weeks back in OKC, because you guys can dish it but can't take it. Say what you want, but at least LeBron didn't ask the Cavs to contact NBA on TNT when Barkley and him had their squabble. Don't want to be on Shaqtin? Stop doing stupid plays. Simple lol.
Trevais Walker Tnt helped him establish a reputation. Thanks to shaqtin a fool he had a reality show with his mother ( who could flat out ball back in the day). If he wasn't 7 ft tall he would've been out the league a long time ago.
Aj Eali Man I remember a time when you can make fun of people and they dont get butt hurt bc it's sport entertainment.. Funny thing about if ya know Shaq he always talk about ya mans potential but I guess he sensitive
ESPN4 hours ago

Ben Simmons is out for at least the remainder of the season after tests revealed his broken right foot hasn't fully healed.

Brice Clark Every high draft pick for the 76ers is required to be injured and miss their first season. At least that's the trend. Can't wait to see Ben play though.
Joe Pezzimenti The 76ers are just playing safe. They aren't winning anything this year. He and Embiid will be something special in the future and the Sixers could be a championship contender if they are able to get a point guard
Marcus Napolian Smith Do you ever wonder how great it would be if Lebron James sat out a season.Less trading,less whining and less drama.Not to mention we could actually see just how great Kyrie Irving is,without having to deal with some Michael Jordan wanna be😏wishful thinking.
Michael Reid Coleangelo deceived the fan base on this one. He said it was going as scheduled in early January after that appointment. End of the month we find out it was the case. The February appointment would show how things look. Coleangelo just like with Embiids tiny meniscus tear from hyperextending his knee, Coleangelo lied to the fans. I'm all in with the players, they're fighting, they made this a more than successful season. Coleangelo royally screwed up
Chris Pin Blake Ruicci theres never been a player in NBA history to miss his first season and do well the following years. I'll talk trades when you're ready
Brian C. Biscieglia There are like 3 teams that have a chance to win a championship this year. Out of the rest of them, sixers are in as good a position or better as any.
Ben Guentner He just wants to win ROY next Phily trend, win the ROY in a year you weren't drafted. Can they do it two in a row?
Joseph Ientile What do I do I had him on my fantasy team all year what a rip off this is why I hate injuries wasted a pick ESPN should compensate me for it this isn't a keeper league either I feel scammed
Andrew Perritte He will be traded before the deadline next year for another 1st round pick
Diego Shamar Rostón Don't let this distract you from the fact that John Cena dropped platinum hit "My time is now" in 2005.
Scott Douse It will be funny when dude's career is done and he'll be said he pissed away his education.
Rafael Bazan Does the team take a bat to these guys. How many #1 picks will they have that don't play their first year?
Charlie Mullins It's been a tough 4 years as a Sixers fan but it will all be worth it in a few years. That's if everyone stays healthy.
Steve Jawback It figures, they should've went with Ingram, this guy will be like ming always hurt foot
Brian Beavers I hope Ben Simmons doesn't keep getting hurt that would be sad.
Travis Adkins He was not that great at Lsu and now hes hurt for the year? Talk about a BUST like Greg oden
John Lamneck Remember that time people were trying to compare Ben Simmons to LeBron James?? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Nick Phelps I have been saying it from the first time I seen him play!!! This kid is a bust!!
Rodney Mcmillan No need to play this yr we'll be just fine in the lottery
Emilio Martinez How come all these first round picks are always injured and become busts
Matt Charkowick I still say people give this team 3-4 years and Philly gonna be disgusting!
Raheem Mayes They won't be getting anymore of my hard earned money this year to see a bunch of bums play
Anthony Hernandez Dont be fooled with a haircut like that we knew this was gonna happen.
Anthony Marshall 76er's are a joke. Making a mockery of the NBA. They are tanking yet again and nothing is being done about it. Starting to hate the NBA now.
Tyler Yeaman The next two ROY awards will go to players that aren't even rookies (Embiid, Simmons) pshh