Sonny in the Mornings

SonnySonny in the Mornings

Sonny Cooper has been entertaining radio audiences for decades. From Tampa to San Diego, Key West to Norfolk, and all points in between. He has jocked every format from Big Band to Album Oriented Rock, Oldies to Christian Contemporary, and Classic Hits to Country. This illustrious broadcast calling started at the ripe old age of 14. The year was 1974, the station was WARI in Abbeville, AL. His radio heroes dropped the needles on George and Tammy, Merle and Willie, and Ronnie Milsap all day, then Sonny would show up at sundown to spin McCartney and Wonder, Fleetwood Mac and Wild Cherry, ELO and AWB.

Sonny and his wife Barbara have three grown sons and reside in the beautiful hamlet of Haleburg, AL. He is an expert “tinkerer”, roller derby fan, guitar “plucker”, and wishes he could recall mathematical formulas as easily as he recalls song lyrics….he’d be a friggin’ genius!

Among Sonny’s hobbies are beaches and beer. His spare time and money (though there is much too little of either) are spent helping pound puppies through the Humane Society and the ASPCA.

Sonny says, “Adopt your next best friend, and remember to spay and neuter.”