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23rd Oct 1966, The Jimi Hendrix Experience recorded their first single 'Hey Joe', at De Lane Lea studios in London. The earliest known commercial recording of the song is the late-1965 single by the Los Angeles garage band the The Leaves; the band then re-recorded...

George Wayne Adkins Where you going with that gun in your hand?
Al Toomey Didn't Otis Redding write and released this song first
Steve Chilli They look like man utd's midfield. Owen Duffin
Tommy Dozier Jr. Atlanta Pop festival, 1970 - Electric Church was born
Celeste Best Favorite Hendrix song 💕 Hey Joe 🎶🎶🎶
Linda Desmond They were so great!
Wayne Burrows A very unique trio
William Griffieth I love it
Ben Stevens Great musical trio
Dan Scandolera Jordan Delamere ✌
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See how many you can score on our very hard Led Zeppelin quiz: http://www.thisdayinmusic.com/pages/led_zeppelin_quiz

Roger Campbell That was not hard But then again....I am over 40
Sheryl Lynn Lasiter I got 10
Robert Beaman I suck
Dusty Osbourn I got 12 right lol
Beckie Jackson I got 55 but thought I knew more! LOL
Ron Hunter 95%
John Nace Daliborka Gavrilović Nace I bet you'll get them all
Alex French Bowden Knight 80% ☺
Alex French Josh West
Sheryl Lynn Lasiter Dusty Osbourn
Glenda Trammel Dallis Shyanne Trammel
Marian Dean Cheryl Bryan
September Fernandez Dramis Allison Wachenheim Tolpa
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22nd Oct 1969, Led Zeppelin II was released on Atlantic Records in the UK. The Jimmy Page produced album which was recorded over six months between four European and three American tours, peaked at No.1 in both the UK and US, going on to sell...

Peter Black In my opinion this album represents one of the greatest accomplishments in rock History. It sounded larger then life and louder then normal. Simply put it took the listener places they had never been before...........
Linda Desmond Our family belonged to the Capital Record Club and once a month my Mom would ask me to pick one out for me. This was one of them along with Jimi Hendrix and Bob Dylan. When I got the Led Zeppelin Album I made my mother listen to both sides. Afterwards all she said to me was: "Can I Go Now".
Jerome Evanson Loved the Beatles, loved the Stones... but hearing Zep the first time sort of scared the shit out of me. Page's riffs and Plants vocals were downright explosive. Not to mention Bonzo... I distinctly remember a party as a teen where I had engaged in something hallucinogenic, god knows what.. and hearing Whole Lotta Love come blasting from the tower speakers. A little voice inside my head flashed on a lyric from Three Dog Night... Momma Told Me Not To Come. 😎
Michael Singline Marty Loring You got me hooked on this album. My first Led Zep album. The nights we'd watch the song remains the same over & over again. Then a few years ago Robert Plant played at the Silverdome & I lined up early & got front row seats. To be so close to the man himself was a dream come true. To hear him sing live was quite simply mind blowing.
Paul Reardon Undoubtedly one of Led Zeppelins albums with strong songs...it took a while but the what an amazing album it is I've been hooked on Led Zeppelin since the first Zeppelin album and they are absolutely the greatest band of all time
Jay Alford Of all of the Led Zeppelin albums (which are ALL awesome) Led Zep II has to be my personal favorite! It's the one that got me hooked on the band and had a huge influence on me has a musician.
Dave Olson When I saw this record, I thought "How will they ever top Zep 1??" They are perfect companions! Not a bad second on either one of them!! The engineering is outstanding.
Mike Bailey When this record was released most cars still only had AM radios, yet the single, Whole Lotta Love took the light, AM sound and made it deep like FM!
Christopher Pizzaia It's tough to rank the led Zeppelin albums but this would be at the top or near it for sure. Great album.
Neil Bingham After Led Zepplin lll I think this was their second best album ever. There are so many styles, textures, brilliancy and innovation on this album, it's quite staggering really.
Andrew Hewitt Must not pick a best track - this is a no filler album start to finish. Blew more than one set of speakers out blasting the opening of whole lotta love.
Michael Sciuto Great album, this is their best album every song is great, you can’t just listen to one song, especially this album!!!!!
Bill Swartz This album blew me away from word go standard 8 ( grade 10 ) Brakpan High 1969 . Really love ALL tracks , but just listen to the change of tempo in " Bring it on home " the last track on side 2 .!!! Awesome !!!
Jonnathan Chapa When i was 13 I order Led Zeppelin IV BUT I got hooked on Led Zeppelin after I Heard The Lemon Song. It blew my mind. And ever since, every time I hear it it blows me away.
José Tadeu Barros Their best album ever, IMHO! One of the Top 20 Best Albums of All Time, again IMHO!!! Love at first hearing!!!
Andrew Mikula Heartbreaker/Living 'Loving Maid and the way one segues into the other. I don't think I've ever heard them on the radio any other way..
James Hazley Probably overall their best record top to bottom with no filler at all...and the holy grail of drum solos...."Moby Dick"
William Tatum Truly, one of the most important Rock records ever recorded, but "Houses of the Holy" is my personal favorite .
Greig Martyn I love zeppelin always will. Great music don't die we just keep playing, I might play it now, What else is there?
Brian Terrell Hard to say really but I’m partial to What Is And What Should Never Be. Great fun to play along with but so is Livin Lovin’ maid ( she’s just a woman)👈 can you say that now?
Richard Guimond favorite track? Are you kidding ...the whole album !
Glen Moon "What Is and What Never Should Be" and "Ramble On"
Abraham Power Grant One of the best rock albums of all time led zeppelin were on top of there game here
Steve Tyke Allen When I first saw the album, I thought there were that many people in the band.
Dan Shaw The Greatest EVER. Whole lotta love is the "Anthem" of Rock. 😎
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22nd Oct 1942, Born on this day, Bobby Fuller singer, The Bobby Fuller Four. (1966 US No.9 single 'I Fought The Law' written by Sonny Curtis of Buddy Holly's Crickets). Fuller died on 18th July 1966 mysteriously from gasoline asphyxiation, while parked in a car...

Roman Garcia a movie about his life would be cool - supposedly BF died after the Mob forced him to drink gasoline 🤔
Beverly Kenndy There is a Bobby fb page if you're interested. The guitar work on the above track is awesome.
Phil Corlis Bobby Fuller Died for Your Sins...
Rick Anthony One of my all time favorite songs.
Domagoj Bošnir
Song Surgeon Cool so much :p
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21st Oct 1976, Keith Moon played his last show with The Who at the end of a North American tour at Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto. On September 7, 1978, Moon died of an overdose of a sedative Heminevrin, that had been prescribed to prevent seizures...

Andrew Hewitt I was it there final US show ever with Keith Moon Seattle Oct 11 1976. I had seen them 3 times before, but this show was the second best concert I have ever seen. MOTHERS FINEST opened, then The Who with an all out no stop show....festival style in Seattle, so I was next to the stage the whole show.
Martin Jones The Who “Put the Boot In” tour brochure. Saw them at the Vetch stadium in Swansea along with Alex Harvey, Little Feat, the Outlaws etc
Joni Mansfield-Hazaz Loved them live, saw several in June 74 at MSG, 76 in NY and CA... I remember the day he passed, so bummed
Gail Wetton
Charles Paxford His last live performance was filming for the kids are alright.
Ron Wilmot I was lucky enough to see the 1975 show at MLG in Toronto....it was great to see a class group.
Peter Buckler I was there for "Live at Leeds". Tickets £1, deaf for a day, joy for a lifetime.
Jon Stephens The greatest drummer ever!
Chip Monroe Saw them in Chicago in 76 with Moonie. Crazy
Paul Betts Thanks for the memories Keith.
Brian Terrell I thought Bell Boy was that actor from Sons of Antarctica... or something
Lee Gustafson What else can be said about Moon ?
Song Surgeon Nice info thanks a lot 🙂
Melissa Frances He looks like Robert Downey Jr. here
John Koegel My all-time favorite drummer.
Lois Young My favorite drummer.
Kevin Corry "Bellllllll boyyyyyy"...
Denise Blake One drug too far...
Juan Ramone Los Who dejaron de ser Los Who sin Keith
Gary Pig Gold https://bobsegarini.wordpress.com/2017/09/07/the-pig-goes-over-the-moon/
Jayne Iley Suzie Howard x
Christopher Pizzaia Peter Lasky
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21st Oct 1958, Buddy Holly's last recording session took place at Pythian Temple Studios, New York City. The songs recorded included 'Raining In My Heart', 'Moondreams' and 'It Doesn't Matter Anymore' which became a No.1 hit. More here on Buddy Holly: http://www.thisdayinmusic.com/pages/the_day_the_music_died

John Koegel A great performer who influenced so many other rock & rollers.
Jeff Rowe Didnt realise until recently that Paul Anka wrote one of his big hits.A golden age
Song Surgeon Always love anything like this
Daniel Lake songs released and re-released after his death..."It Doesn't Matter Anymore" "Raining in My Heart" "Peggy Sue Got Married" "Crying, Waiting, Hoping" 1960 "True Love Ways" "That Makes It Tough" 1962 "Reminiscing" "Wait 'Til the Sun Shines, Nellie" Reminiscing 1963 "Bo Diddley" "True Love Ways" "Brown Eyed Handsome Man" "Wishing" 1964 "I'm Gonna Love You Too" "Rock Around with Ollie Vee 1965 "What to Do" "Slippin' and Slidin'" 1969 "Love Is Strange" "You're the One"
Mike Considine The true King of Pop.
Myles Schulz One of the best
Ilan Decker Rip
Darrell Driskell
Jim Branson A number #1 hit where? Certainly not in the U.S. !
Dennis A Brown My R'N'R Childhood Hero.
Pete Maw Laura Barley.
Andrea King Matthew David
Juan Antonio https://youtu.be/DW5h0ADRXnY 🎙
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Did you see Bob Dylan in the 60s or 70s? We are working on our new book Bob Dylan - I Was There. We would love to include your memory in the book, if you did please leave it here with as much of a...

Gert Ørnbøll I came from Denmark to Göteborg, Sweden, 1978. for a Bob Dylan concert ( I can't recall the date ) . He and his band played the good old and new songs, but in a new way. It was a great concert. When I came home, I made this water colour painting of Bob, with some of his songs illustrated in his hair and jacket: Isis, Knockin' on Heavens door, One more cup of coffee, Highway 61, and some others ...
Elise Billmaier I saw him in 2016 and I know everyone says his voice is bad but just to see him live WAS AWESOME!!!! I have much respect for him, I think he is a very talented guitar and harmonica player, and he wrote songs that got people's minds going. Bob Dylan is a LEGEND!!!!
Garry Valentine I saw him with the Band in Bloomington, Indiana, in 1976. He came out to wild applause and said, "Thank you. It's good to be here. It's good to be anywhere." He played an hour or so with the Band, then by himself with his acoustic guitar. It the best part of the show. He finished up by bringing the Band back out. Great show.
Rick Wallin April Fools’ Day 1978 the last leg of his Asia Pacific tour was at the Sydney Showgrounds. Other venues have been named for this concert: Randwick Park, Sydney Sportsground, but it was at the Showgrounds a week after the finish of the wettest Sydney Royal Easter Show on record. The ground was churned up mud from all the earlier events at the Easter Show. A quarter of the ground was still under water. You walked in, most people wearing trash bags with the holes cut out for their arms and head due to the rain and mud. You picked up a safety barrier plank and dropped it on the mud to sit on. Then you dropped another one cause the first one sank into the mud. There was plenty of fun to be had as the crowd in the stands cheered on the mud people running and diving into the pools of muddy water. Oh, the concert? Twas my first Dylan concert as I wasn’t old enough for his 1966 tour. Actually it was the first concert I ever attended. Dylan appeared in white leather and kicked off with Hard Rain and did most of his better known material. But the one that I remember best is Maggie’s Farm. I have the bootleg vinyl from that time with the Bowie image in the centre. I’ve seen him on all his later Australian tours. As long as he keeps coming back I’ll keep coming back.
David Lawrence Saw Dylan with The Band in 1974 at the Montreal Forum. During a Dylan solo set I swear to this day my friends and I were approached by Levon Helm. He joined us in finishing off the joint we were smoking.
Diane Leggo When I was 11 years old I packed my bag and was heading to the Isle of Wight festival to see Bob Dylan. My parents kindly pointed out I was a bit young to go. I was devastated! In 1978 Bob Dylan was to play in th UK for the first time in a long time. I was at university in Southampton and was lucky to live with some fans. We decided we wanted to go to the Blackbushe festival and also Earl's Court. The way to gain tickets was via the box office at the Southampton Gaumont. We queued all night, singing songs and I drank a bottle of Stones ginger wine - thinking it would keep me warm. Instead I got very merry and nodded off in my sleeping bag. At about 6am some horrible people charged the queue and it was chaotic. Luckily I got tickets and enjoyed every minute of the one day festival and the concert. Coincidentally I now live 5 minutes from Blackbushe and it will be 40 years next year - maybe there will be a reunion.
Warren Sanchez Sydney (Australia) sometime in the 80,s. double bill... Bob Dylan first up then Tom Petty & the Heart Breakers which included a special appearance by Stevie Nicks...fell asleep on the train on the way home only to awake as it was leaving our station. So me & my wife of 30 yrs jumped off. We both have scars to remind us of this special event
Kyle Moody Justin Denson this is still one of my fondest memory of hanging out with your dad at the Dylan concert in Shreveport with those hippies that sat behind us and bought us drinks all night and passed on good vibrations all just because it was our first Dylan concert. They had a sign with tangled up in blue on it trying to get him to play it because he hasn't played it for a long time. I wanted to hear hurricane and they pre warned me he wouldn't sing that either because apparently he doesn't do certain songs anymore. I still think it's amazing that when he sings I can kind of understand him but when he talks on stage in between songs nothing but mumbles. It was cool to hear all your dad's stories on the way there and back. He was the biggest music fan I know! He even had a pretty good Dylan impression but I liked his Paul McCartney one the best 😉
Dean Haas Jr Yes - a couple times. Last time was during the Rolling Thunder Revue, in November 19th, 1975, at the Worcester Memorial Auditorium (MA), with an entourage of iconic artists. He did the last half solo, all his classics. Because JFK, Jr. was in the front row, with Caroline K., he did a special version of his then-new song, Hurricane, with a plea to free Ruben Carter. It was an awesome show!
Bill Arnold My first Dylan concert was the evening show of the Rolling Thunder Revue in Niagara Falls on November 15, 1975. A specific moment that I remember was when someone yelled "Dylan!". Bob said something like "That's not me. He's isn't here tonight." At the time, no one was aware that he might be playing the Renaldo character. (This may have been two nights later in Rochester, NY, where I also went to the evening show.) At Niagara Falls, we were in row 23. Apparently, no one had cleaned up after the afternoon show, where beer had been sold. Under a seat in the row in front of us when we went in was a large pool of puke. While we were watching, a girl came in, sat down, slid her purse under her seat into the vomit, then hooked her toes over the metal rung near the bottom of the seat, sticking her toes into the mess which had been pushed back slightly by the purse.
Sue Small McLachlan On December 31, 1971, I attended a Band concert at the N.Y. Academy of Music. At the end of the concert, just moments after midnight, Bob Dylan suddenly appeared and performed songs with the Band, including Like a Rolling Stone! It was a great surprise, a great way to start the year and a great memory to have 45 years later!
Mike Begley Kiel Opera House... St. Louis, MO... Think it was 1965... First half of concert was Dylan solo acoustic... after intermission he was electric with The Band... Great concert... my memories of later concerts are somewhat clouded...
Ray Uppstrom Saw Bob in Worcester Ma. I was kind of broke and hanging out with a young lady who I eventually married. He was playing at the Worcester memorial auditorium. Melissa and I walked up to the back entrance I told the guard we were low on funds and did not have a ticket but really wanted to see the concert. He looked at us for a second and said follow me. He brought us right up front of the center stage and we sat on the floor with several others! We could not believe it! The band came out and the first number they played was you don’t need a ticket to ride this train! It was unbelievable! Still get a rush thinking of this all these years later!
Arnold Thomas I know this isn't what you want to hear, but I saw him in the late 1980s at the Meadowbrook Music Pavillion in Rochester, MI. It was the worst concert I've ever been to. He came out on stage with no introduction. At first we thought it was just a roadie or guitar tech doing a sound check. He never said a word, and never looked up at the audience. He just looked down at his guitar with his head down. We could barely understand a word he said, and he improvised his songs so much it was hard to figure out what he was playing. He only played about 45 minutes, then got up and walked offstage, still without even acknowledging the crowd. No thank you, no encore, no nothing. Except for several thousand pissed off fans that had paid good money to see him. I love Bob's music and songs, but that night kind of ruined my respect for him.
Brenda S Chaplin-Chase I saw Bob Dylan live in concert a couple of times in this century - not last. The last time was at White River State Park. It was a great show. He had reworked a couple of his classics and I actually thought they were even better. Love him as a poet and an artist although sometimes when he sings he sounds like someone is skinning a cat.
Mary Manning Schumacher I saw Bob Dylan and the Band at the University of Houston on January 26, 1974. I can’t remember much about it now though. A bit of a blur.
Steve Holley 1981 at the Fox Theater in Atlanta, GA. The girlfriend of a friend of my dad bought two tickets for herself and her boyfriend. When he found out he said "Why the hell would I want to go see that whiney-ass Jew?" No shit. She asked me on the day of the show if I would go with her and of course I jumped at the chance. We sat in the very very top, very very left two seats. When Bob played guitar we were looking almost straight down at him. When he played piano we couldn't see him at all because he was toward the back of the stage. Still, it was an awesome show and I still have the poster. She dumped the asshole not long after.
Matt Green I seen him with Lance Rambow in the 90's when he was touring with Santana. I enjoyed the show very much. Bob played mostly B-sides and obscure songs only a handful of true fans recognized.
Ileana Alim I saw Bob Dylan in 1992, in a private concert at the UM (University of Miami), 1993 in Miami too, that time with Carlos Santana, and in Argentina in 1998 with the Stones.
RJ Fuentes I was fortunate to be working at Universal Studios in 1975, got free tickets to see him at the Universal Amphitheatre when the roof was still open and you could still see the LA/Hollywood skyline...I also was in awe and it was also a religious experience. His presence was powerful and the music was on a level far above all others...
Nigel Ralph Yes saw him at the Isle of Wight 1970 ? i think, was not the best at that weekend even though he topped the bill. Lots of other bands were better to me, but was only a kid then.
Madeline Leyland Saw him in 1977 (Or ‘78) at Earls Court London . Queued all day in Stanley Street Liverpool for the tickets ❤️ He was so good then! We were so high up he was a dot but it was fabulous to see a legend ❤️
Carol Carothers We've seen him several times over the years. One in particular that stands out was 5or 6 years ago at "The Wharf in Alabama. It's an outside venue and we had a great time. He was with Willie Nelson that day.
Andrea Farblicht I saw him live twice in 1989 in Halle and 1987 in Berlin (with Tom Petty) in Germany. Still GDR. It was a never expected wonder... i was a great fan than and i could never ever expect the chance to see him live in a concert.
Jennifer Winninger I was born too late to have seen him in his prime, but I have seen him about a dozen times, mid-to-late nineties up through earlier this year. Dylan is my favorite poet- he’s an inspiration to me. I managed to get front row tickets to his show at The Hill Auditorium in Ann Arbor MI (early 2000’s?) and he was standing right in front of me. I could’ve reached out and touched his boots. At one point between songs, he looked down and said Hi to Me! That’s one of my favorite Dylan memories ❤️



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“I personally feel this particular art form is biography-driven … their memories, their visions, what was important of them is a part of their art.” - Marcia Weber, guest curator of the exhibit

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Glenn, a retired grocer, and Scarlett, who had worked alongside her husbands, built a home on the property and decided to make a go at tree farming.

Debbie Weems Congratulations to this beautiful couple. You have worked hard and created a sanctuary. Loved my visit there!
Gayle Sissy Carter This is awesome
Barbara Cox Jones Scarlett Nichole Riley Malone
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Farmer takes over for Tom Solomon, who retired in September after many years of service to SEARPDC.

Ellen Dawson That’s Great!! And you are wearing a winning shirt too!
Melba Chasteen So proud of you, Scott Farmer! Glad to see you recognized!
Scott Farmer Thank you all. Very blessed to have this opportunity.
Kim Griggs Congratulations!
Sandi Buntin 💕💕
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The tiered fines -- $200 for first offense – along with the likelihood of losing a drivers license for 90 days, should be a deterrent to those who consider gambling on hitting the road without insurance.

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Gary Moore, a retired Missouri State Trooper, has directed 179 presentations on active shooter school bus safety all over the country.

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The victory clinched a state playoff berth for Wicksburg (7-1, 5-1) in the wild and crazy Class 3A, Region 2.

Brenda Parker So proud of this team.