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25th April 1979, The Police made their debut on BBC TV's Top Of The Pops performing 'Roxanne'. The single which was taken from their album Outlandos d'Amour was written from the point-of-view of a man who falls in love with a prostitute. More on The...

In the 80's "Roxanne" was one of my favourite songs. "Roxanne, you don't have to put on the red light. Those days are over, you don't have to stay your body through the night".
On their first american tour, they played the UC Davis coffee house, in California, which is hella small....
A great tune.. but I did the Eddie Murphy schtick before Eddie Murphy when I was in grade 10 French class!
It was over played
You don't have to sell your body..
I shudda knone yu, oncce....
Did a parody of it called "Batman" in 1985. Was on Dr. Demento.
Jaynee Mcdermott Roxanne Sadler x 😍
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Happy Birthday to Bjorn Ulvaeus, born on 25th April 1945, Swedish singer, songwriter, producer who started his musical career at 18 when he fronted the Hootenanny Singers, a popular Swedish folk–skiffle group. After forming ABBA in 1972 they became one of the best-selling music artists...

True gods of pop. I was living in Melbourne in 1977 when ABBA landed in Australia. It was truly akin to a Beatles tour. The Aussies went ABBA crazy. I mean, lunch boxes, t-shirts, figurines... you name it. The media was all over them. Crowds gathered at hotels. They were like royalty. It was a phenomenal experience.
The Winner Takes It All, Thank You For The Music, The Way Old Friends Do, Happy New Year, Take A Chance, Agnetha & Frida have Fantastic Voices!
Fernando, Ring,Ring, Chiquitita. Only three because i was still a little boy when ABBA was on top charts throughout the 1970's.
My 8 year old self had the biggest crush on both Anafrid & Agatheena....
Taryn Wilson Cynthia Wilson
Thotsaporn Phiphatthanasuk
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24th April 1976, Paul and Linda McCartney spent the evening with John Lennon at his New York Dakota apartment and watched Saturday Night Live on TV. Producer of the show Lorne Michaels made an offer on air asking The Beatles to turn up and play...

What was hilarious was that a couple weeks later, George Harrison did show up on SNL trying to claim his portion of the money. There was a nice drawn out gag with Michaels arguing with Harrison that the offer had been for all four of the Beatles... all or nothing. But what WAS nice about that episode was that Paul Simon was the musical guest that night, and there was a nice set of duets performed by Simon and Harrison, Here Comes The Sun and Homeward Bound, with each of them taking the lead vocal on the other one’s song. This, at least, is preserved on video for us.
And Lennon didn't die until 1980?. Wonder why there was a 4yr strain......to not see eachother again. Weird
“Divide it up any way you want. If you want to give less to Ringo, that’s up to you.”
Two of my favorite people in this whole world, unfortunately I don't think I will ever see Paul in concert. All my efforts to do that never happen. This is his home in Sabino Canyon. It's said Linda Passed there.
Wonder where he got that blouse from?
I've been loving George bigtime. I'm watching video after video on YouTube. He's become my favorite Beatle. I get peeved when I think of how both John and Paul could be so petty at times. Of course I will always hate Yoko. LOL
He and Linda made such a wonderful couple. He and John Lennon, too -- different kind of couple, but no less wonderful.
I read that Yoko Ono called him on the telephone and that's why he didn't go. And Paul left the apartment
Paul tried to get money also with Lorne Michaels in 93 when he was on there and supposedly Ringo and George were together at the same time watching SNL also
I was thinking about this episode of SNL today. A possible lesson learned: don’t put off an opportunity to do something memorable because it may never come around again.
Doubtful it would have been like old times even if they played together. Never would be like the early days again. After they stopped touring Fab Four era was over but great memories never die.
Michaels winked , and said " give Ringo less , if you want , it's up to the rest of ya "
I respect them for not going through with it. The Beatles were done and moved on, and shouldn't risk old wounds being reopened. It's a shame that Lennon was taken a few short years later, such is life though.
Always thought this was an urban legend that was hyped in some TV movie
There was a TV movie (2000) loosely based around this called "Two Of Us"...decent film. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0228979/
Was it stated on the record by either John or Paul that they never saw each other again after that? All John said was he asked Paul not to just show up at the door with his guitar without calling ahead. As a parent, Paul could surely understand that.
Just think of what could've been witnessed that night if they did show up
I remember that show! We thought it was a set up when Lorne Michaels made the offer. We thought they would show up! Sad that was the last time they spent time together. Sad they didn't show up on that show!
Rick trice I saw that episode Harrison was too funny
I have a Bridge in Brooklyn for sale ... xo 🤓
That would have been awesome!! I saw that show.
It would be a blast if they did went. The gag of the century....
John Wilkinson here’s a fact you could impress Pat with on Fridee.
Beautiful Picture Of Paul And His Wife Linda Rip Linda
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24th April 2007, Sheryl Crow said a ban on using too much toilet paper should be introduced to help the environment. The singer suggested using "only one square per restroom visit, except, of course, on those pesky occasions where two to three could be required"....

Debi Jordan Music Alli wanna do is wipe my bum. I got a feeling one sheet won't get it done.
I challenge her to clean me up with one square of toilet paper after one of my "sessions". I recommend long rubber gloves, goggles and a snorkel 🤢
I'm sorry but I'm known for going through whole toilet rolls after a toilet trip. What about those with crohns or is etc? It's lovely in theory but quite impractical
She did that to distract from how much her music stunk
Considering she is such a eco nut I was surprised to see the rider for her band to play in Hartford had multiple SUV's for members of her band? Guess hybrids are for other people? Mind you, I don't mind the band doing this, just wonder about the intellectual dishonesty that this demonstrates?
Can you spare a square,lol
I need a whole roll any time I hear her voice.
Sorry that's gross. I'm not wiping my butt with my sleeve. Sorry Sheryl.
Note to self: never, ever shake hands with Sheryl Crow. I wonder if she limits her ZigZags to one sheet also.
How bout we limit the oxygen you’re consuming instead?
Miss Sheryl has obviously never had explosive diarrhea ...
I need half a roll most visits, and a bath towel when I'm really under fire.
May I suggest a right sleeve for wiping her mouth, and a left sleeve for wiping her...whatever.
1 square if it's a Vanity Fair paper napkin, maybe...lol
Sorry, but unless the square us at least 15 x 15, ain't no way. You stick to your music and leave other people's bathroom habits to themselves.
Good luck enforcing that ban.
And I thought she was a hedonist .All I wanna do is have some fun.yeah right.no fun in not being able to wipe ur bum properly.
Wonder how all that is working out for her today?
I) Seinfeld episode; II) Not a hypocrite, with biodiesel bus, but III) Toileting is different experience for each of us.
Probably only needs one sheet, as she talks more crap than she dumps..!
no, I can't spare a square.
Always had a wee soft spot for Sheryl since her debut, absolute honey! ❤️ 😊
Good for her on using a bio-diesel bus for tour. The toilet paper idea is terrible. I personally don’t use anything to wipe my mouth 90% of the time I eat.
I think she means 1 arm length of paper per wipe, no more than 3 wipes, how many squares is that? Over the limit? Spare Squares, lol =)
She may be misguided, but love me some Sheryl Crow
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24th April 1975, Peter Ham, British singer, songwriter with Badfinger committed suicide by hanging himself in the garage of his Surrey home, aged 27. Ham co-wrote 'Without You', with band mate Tom Evans (who also later committed suicide). The song won an Ivor Novello award...

Guess I got what I deserved. Left you waiting there too long my love. All that time without a word. Didn't know you'd think, that I'd regret, that I'd forget, the special love I have for you. My baby blue 💙💔
Collected Badfinger since the beginning, great band, even the rare stuff is pretty good. Watch the film, "Tragic story of Badfinger" excellent & sad bio on band.
Badfinger played a small bar (The Sandbar, in Pasadena, Maryland) near me December 1, 1982. Although it was announced that they wouldn't be signing any autographs, i hung around and showed the road crew my sheet music for "Maybe Tomorrow". After they showed it to the band, i was asked to wait. Tom and Mike came out and talked to me briefly, and; signed my sheet music and my ticket. Great guys, extremely sad story.
So few people realise that they wrote the song without you. It turned out to be their demise in the end because there were a lot of wranglings over credits etc
" Carry On " is my favorite .
Loved them.Treated very badly. Sad times.
Met Tom Evans by chance in a pub in Chobam in ‘82 he told me about Without You the wranglings over royalties etc I knew of Badfinger and loved their stuff and it’s so sad that less than a year after that chance meeting Tom Evans took his own life .
A talented band with too much pain and suffering.
So sad, when this was such a big hit in the 70's...but they never got the money, which is why they both went the way they did. Very sad loss of two extremely talented musicians. RIP xx
Badfinger had some of the worst luck in music history . The one saving grace for the magnitude of talent this band had came so many years later when the series Breaking Bad used their song Baby Blue on the season finale of the mega hit series . With the song Baby Blue, they hit the top of the ITunes Charts at # 1 albeit several decades later. Sadly,,,,,, they "finally got what they deserved" .... Recognition ..... Their story breaks my heart💔
I watched a short documentary on this how tragic.
Loved this band and only recently learned about there sad history. So glad that there music lives on.
I always smile but in my eyes my sorrow shows,,,,,,,, yes it shows 💔
Another member of the 27 club. I loved them, and Harry, when I was a grom in the early 70's...
I saw a documentary on Badfinger not too long ago. What a sad story. And they were so good. They had quite a few big hits.
Very talented band, their songs are both timeless and an indelible musical snapshot of the very early 70s. 👌
Great band sad ending
So many good songs, but Pete's ballads always stood out. One of my favorite bands ever.
The Greatest Band That Never Was. Great songs but bad luck.
You guys wrote “Carry on till tomorrow”. Why didn’t you listen to yourselves.
Sad ending
So sad both taking there lives..
go in jim
Matt Francis - we were just talking about bad Finger yesterday...
Scott Black 🙁
There are some deep dark songs on this album. The whole album has varied styles of music on it....
One of my favorite albums
come on jim i sent you something
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23rd April 1971, The Rolling Stones released their classic album Sticky Fingers in the UK. The band's first release on their own label via Atlantic Records, the cover was designed by Andy Warhol, who was paid $15,000 for his efforts. The LP sleeve featured a...

The best Stones album!
Lil' Joe, never once gave it away....
I will pick Sway... It's always been a favorite. The guitar interplay between Keith and Mick Taylor shows just why they ultimately asked Mick to be in the band. Sticky FIngers is in a dead heat with about five or six Stones albums (with others in the wings) that is a favorite at any given time. Just depends on what happens to be on the turntable.
Can't You Hear Me Knocking... Moonlight Mile...
Can’t you hear me knocking
… Well when you're sitting back in your rose pink Cadillac Making bets on Kentucky Derby Day Ah, I'll be in my basement room with a needle and a spoon And another girl to take my pain away…
Best album of the Big Four. Not a weak track on it.
Can’t you hear me knocking.....is their best song, lots of musical instruments with the longest Rolling Stones’ song length time
Without doubt Wild Horses
Dead flowers for me. Still got my original copy , plays great.
I usually pick this album as my favourite!
And for me their Best , no fillers on this album , one super track after another
Can’t You Hear Me Knocking. I ALWAYS crank that intro!
Wild Horses...the eest of them are all great!
Can't You Hear Me Knocking, Wild Horses & Dead Flowers, among others on a great album.
My very first concert was in 1972 at Kansas City’s Municipal Auditorium. Stevie wonder was the opening group for the Rolling Stones late played most of Sticky Fingers plus at least 15 more of their greatest hits believe it
My favorite album of theirs!!
All time favorite stones album.
I'd have to go with Brown Sugar and Wild Horses, but it's tough even to narrow it to two! My favorite Stones album. Still have my copy, even though I don't play vinyl anymore. Can't part with it!
My favorite was also DEAD FLOWERS
You couldn't go to any club without Brown Sugar playing
It’s all good.
Wild Horses
Can You Hear Me Knocking
Very best Album!



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A 30-year drought is over for the Houston Academy boys tennis team.

Dothan Eagle
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The trio saw smoke emanating from the dwelling and managed to awaken a man who was sleeping in the residence.

Good job fellas
Strength Sarah
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Geneva Police Chief Tony Clemmons said authorities believe there are “suspicious circumstances” surrounding the death.

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Chief: Suspicious circumstances surround body found in Geneva ...

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A look at the top offensive prospects available at each position in the upcoming NFL draft.

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The Henry County Horse and Saddle Club, the Maddox Family, and First South Farm Credit will host its annual trail ride May 5.

Why not do all you can do to help prevent children from being hurt or possibly killed in an accident .. Friday afternoon at 3:13 I saw school bus #58 make an illegal turn. It turned off of Houston St. and on to N. Park Ave. It turned right in to the south bound turn lane and continued in the center lane up to Choctaw. As I said , it turned right in to the south bound turn lane on N. Park Ave. Then someone told me that someone else saw the same school bus (#58) do the same thing again Monday afternoon. This is a case of protecting the children on every school bus , and all the other drivers on N. Park Ave. as well. I posted my comment about what I saw last week , but I have not seen it on the Dothan Eagle Facebook page. I am not accusing anyone of anything ! I am saying that to silence someone because you do not agree with them or what they say is censorship. It is also a violation of our 1ST Amendment Rights. We are all or should free to say whatever we want , and we can also choose to not listen or read someone else's comments. But to not print or publish someone else's comments is.. wrong ! I won't bring up all the honking and speeding by cars as they pass Mother Goose day care and honk. today for example we are certain a parent of a child at Mother Goose day care honked about 5:08 this afternoon at Mother Goose. It was a black car with a pink tag. Other parents were there and had to have heard the honking. I hope this removes any doubts they had about how insane the honking is over here , and how hard it is on defenseless residents that the city of Dothan has totally abandoned while giving the drivers that are honking a blank check to do as they please. The owner and adults at Mother Goose day care and the drivers honking have had too many chances to get any more. Mother Goose day care is at the very heart and the cause of the honking and speeding by drivers that honk then speed away. I hope you all agree with me that Mother Goose needs to be closed for being a public nuisance on several levels. How about 3793 separate horn honks in 2017. Need more reason than that ? Then come over here and park Monday thru Friday during the day and see for yourself.
Cindy Diamond new trail ride?