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This Day in Music
This Day in Music5 hours ago

25th March 1942, Tomorrow it will be the Queen of Soul’s 75th birthday. Aretha Franklin was born in Memphis, Tenessee, US, to a preacher father and a successful singer and pianist mother. During her lifetime she achieved over 110 charting singles on the Billboard top200...

Roddy Martinez And on top of that a hell of a piano player. I love Aretha Franklin.
Michael Jorgensen Happy birthday Aretha. Loved your music since the 60's. "Chain chain chain/ chain of fools".
Christine Grant Happy birthday and many more hope you have a great day xo
Terry Rodriquez The Queen of soul Now you are talking Sweet unique sound Awesome R-E-S-P-E-C-T
John Koegel The Queen of Soul will reign forever!
John Joseph Ryan 'Appy Birthday Aretha, your voice knocked my socks off.... :-) xxx
Shaz Shaz Happy Birthday to the Queen of you...x 🎤
Andrew Hewitt Greatest female singer ever
Sophia Ransom Happy birthday Queen..
Elaine Ceslewski-Martin And it's also my sister Shirley' s Birthday ;)
Nasja Stokvis Rowan Cairo
Marius Blomli Mira Isabel Niedzielak
This Day in Music
This Day in Music11 hours ago

24th March 1966, Simon and Garfunkel made their UK singles chart debut with 'Homeward Bound.' Simon is said to have written the song at Farnworth railway station, Widnes, England, while stranded overnight waiting for a train. A plaque is displayed in the station to commemorate...

Rick Lynch People that ruin posts and have negative thoughts (Karol Mamot) with name calling and basically being negative should be banned off pages. Why do we have to be subjected to thier pethetic, negative shit? The admins of this page should try monitoring it a little bit better so we can enjoy the post and not have to go through this BS.. Instead of engaging in your post.. We scroll right past it and the negativity... Smh.
Dave Muise Always wondered what that area where the picture for the album cover was taken (a park in New York?)looks like now.
Marian Osmon Loved their music then and still love it unconditionally today, so easy, so melodic, when listening to it the words just roll of the tongue.❤❤
Michael Jorgensen Great album. There was also a song called "Kathy's Song".
Alan Denning He wrote Bridge Over Troubled Waters near Tiverton in Devon, apparently. Britain was most fruitful for his songwriting, it seems.
Luke Mckeown Farnworth railway station is Bolton not Widnes
Stephen Critchett Great album 👍
Gaynor Bishop Fantastic guy fabulous voice's and songs.
Izzy Burberry Its a beautiful song.
Crysti Burgess Deusterman one of my favorite songs by S&G
Steve Zoll Fabulous opening line and just keeps getting better.
Linda Woodward One in a million
Meta Martinez LOVED this. Still can sing every word.
Vicky Dart I like the song Leaves That Are Green on this album.
Pattricia Blazina I WAS THERE
Tom Bergeron Played this album forever!!
April Adams LOVE them
Deb Parker Beautiful music iconic singers songwriters the whole package.
Karol Mamot
Roberta Monsour Beautiful music 🎼🎤
Cloyd Moll Wow great story
Randy Ripley Iconic album!!!
Teri White Tony x
Linda Pettis Odom I had the album... Played it often!
Bernadette Leila Basha John Barrie Basha
This Day in Music
This Day in Music23 hours ago

Did you ever see David Bowie live? (last call for these).
We are working on a new book - David Bowie - I Was There - and we are looking for fans memories of seeing David live in concert. If you did, please...

Giorgio Bianchini 1990 "sound+vision" Milan 1991 "tin machine 2" Florence 1995 "outside" London 1997 "earthling" Pistoia 2002 "heathen" Lucca 2004 "reality" Milan I wish I was older....
Julie Ayres 1973 11th June Leicester I was 15 years old my friends and I went to see David Bowie in his Ziggy Stardust tour and after the concert we dashed to The Holiday Inn Leicester where David was staying. I jumped into the lift and went up to the floor David was on and he was in the corridor he walked past me and I said ' hello David !! ' he just turned and smiled at me as he walked past. I will never forget that sideward look and smile he was a beautiful man and I could hardly believe I was so close to him ..... Mick Ronson was not so far behind him and he spoke to me he asked me if I enjoyed the concert and I told him yes I did. I was such a young girl and so excited then a bouncer guy quietly told me it was time for me to go and I left on a cloud !
Kristy King Glass Spider, Toronto, Ont. August 24th 1987. I was 16 years old and it was my dream come true. My boyfriend at the time was too tired to stay 😨. I only saw half the show 😭 and could hear him starting to sing some of the great older tunes from the parking lot. Beyond devastated! What I did see was fantastic though. It was my one and only Bowie concert and one of my biggest regrets is I didn't get to see another. I still have my ticket stub ❤
Stephen Carter 1978 Earls Court - aged 14. Bunked off school to go with 2 of my mates. 1983 Milton Keynes - stranded at Euston after missing last train home. Singing Ziggy Stardust album cover to cover through the night. 1987 Wembley - Glass Spider. Wet!
Michael McAleer Promised id get back to you on this sorry forgot all about it...december 95 Kings Hall Belfast...4 of us got was the 90s so we were ah....chemically refreshed...Carlos Alomar and Hunt Sales...not Robert fuckin Quine as my mate kept sayin lol...Hang the DJ in the set then Moonage Daydream...blew my head off...even more...Im so glad I got to see him as I missed the Glass Spider tour at Slane 87 due to a broken down motorcycle...but thats another story...
Kathy Ingram I think i was 17 and saw him at the Capital Center in Maryland around 1976. It was the first time id done acid. His whole show was done with a single spotlight on him in a black & white suit. In those days concerts were usually full of wild colors, flashing lights & exotic costumes, so it was actually quite trippy to see this contrast!
Gail Powell I saw David Bowie at the Santa Monica Civic in 1972. It was brilliant. I remember "Width of a Circle" and Mick Ronson was so incredible. Bowie was just so commanding of the stage. I was 17, it was such a special event. I am glad I got to be a part of one of his first concerts.
Sandi Taylor Saw Bowie February 25, 1976 at the Montreal Forum. It was the tour to support Station to Station. Opened with the surreal black and white movie. Had excellent seats, it was awesome concert.
Steven Kaminsky Saw him live in Philadelphia PA during his "Serious Moonlight" tour. The late Mick Ronson was on lead guitar. I was probably 19 or 20, which puts that around 1981 or '82. Great concert!
Ordnassela Ittelihc The Reality Tour in Milan. I was in front, on second row. Bowie came on stage while the band is already playing Rebel Rebel's intro, he shook hands with the audience in the front row in front of the extension of the stage, Accomplice my height, I stretched out my arm, but we got in touch only with the phalanges . He looked at me and smiled as if to say "we tried" then he went to the microphone and start singing.
Krista Pursell Walters 1974, the Philadelphia Spectrum. I was 14 and it was my first concert. It was magical! But as great as the concert was, the fact that we all snuck out and slept out for tickets for the show was just as great. Met so many wonderful people and all night long we talked Bowie, listened to Bowie and sang Bowie. (And never got caught sneaking out.) that was it - I was hooked⚡️⚡️. After that I was lucky enough to see him live 20 more times and once on Broadway in "The Elephant Man". And the love affair lives on........
Jimmy Gobi Saw him when he toured with Iggy Pop and just played keyboards and didn't do any of his own stuff, saw him at Radio City , thin White Duke tour and met him backstage when Simon and Garfunkle did their Central Park show too
Wendy Wallace World music theater in Tinley park Il- Adrian Belew played together with him! He did all his classic songs.... I have to double check the year but for sure pre-1996 - stage right 13th row 💖✨💫
Diane Gaskell I was 25 now I'm 51...I saw him at Maine road Manchester on the 7 the august 1990 ..the sound and vision tour....waited for hours to get in and when the gates opened ran like the clappers across the football pitch to get near the front... James was the support's a pic of my programme x
Kwesi Collisson June 4th 1990 at Starplex Amphitheater, Dallas June 7th 1990 at Woodlands Pavilion, Houston March 2nd, 1997 Lou Reeds Birthday at Gramercy Tavern NYC Oct. 2nd, Rockefeller Center, SNL w/Jerry Seinfeld- yes, I was there!!
Annie Espinoza I was 23 yrs old and it was The Diamond Dogs tour at the Universal Amphitheater at Universal Studios. We had seats on the floor and he was so awesome. I was with my two best friends and we were all dressed up. When the encores started we made our way down to the edge of the stage wow he was beautiful. My friend got so excited she threw her mink stole up on the stage and some other girl grabbed it and she never saw it again lol..We heard he was supposed to show up at rodney bingenheimer's english pub on Melrose in Hollywood so we headed over there. No such luck he didn't show but we had a blast talking with a famous male groupie named Chuckie Star. I saw the same tour not long after that in Anaheim.We also went to the Station to Station tour at the Forum in Los Angeles and the last time I saw him was The Serious Moonlight Tour at the Forum I miss him..
Kara Perkins At the end of July 1983 at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit Michigan I loved every minute of David Bowie's Serious Moonlight Tour. I was young, free and loved to dance (still do!). I remember the lighting was perfect. He was beautifully dressed in a zuit suit. Every song was perfect. I still have the sleeveless sweatshirt from that night.
Lori Woodhouse It was the Serious Moonlight Tour Aug 7,1983. It was hot and the concert was outdoors. We had a BBQ that day and all our friends attended. We were so high and our bad drove to the LRT station and parked our cars. We couldn't close the door on my old boat. Needless to say we didn't care . Just left the door open and hurried to the concert.Peter Gabriel and The Tubes opened for David Bowie. It was so amazing!! We played frisbee and danced all night. Seeing David Bowie was surreal. What a spectacular performance!! Let's Dance China Girl, Heroes, Jean GenieI'll never forget that concert. Shared that moment in time with a dear friend who has since passed away. Oh yes and the door on the car wouldn't shut because the seatbelt was hanging down. Lol!!
Criss Pampillón Seeing D. B. in Buenos Aires ( Argentina ) was a dream came true . ( please, forgive my bad English ). I discovered him when I was a teenager and loved him and his music inmediately. He and his Tin Machine performed an amazkng show on September 29, 1990 at River Plate Stadium. The opening act was Brian Adams. D. B. and his band with Adrian Belew performed an amazing show full of energy. My eyes and ears couldn't believe it. Now I can't believe he isn't in this world. I'm still sad and cried when I knew about his death. He is a part of my personal story.
Dianne Kathryn Glass Spider Tour in New Orleans at The Superdome. Peter Frampton on Lead Guitar. Went with my cousin, we were both about 30 yrs old. When Bowie started playing Jean Genie we jumped out of our seats, much to the surprise of other fans. We DANCED AND SANG EVERY VERSE!!! Wow what a memory! ⚡️⚡️⚡️
Helen Murdoch Lyon, France 1983 the Let's Dance tour. I was 21. It was fabulous. I remember Scary Monsters and Heroes as highlights but the whole experience was fantastic. I still have the ticket stub too.
Paul Drew 2000 Glastonbury, England. Had seen Bowie before in the eighties and nineties but was really excited when I decided to embrace middle age/ relive my youth and get tickets for the first time at this famous festival and was over the moon when it was announced that Bowie would headline/ close the weekend. Thing was , after 4 days of drink/sunshine and smoke , I wasn't in the best of states and can remember David singing for the first 15 minutes but little else. Everyone always says it was one of his best, gutted !
Anna-Maria Paraskeva Not on tour but January 1999, Burlington Arcade (opposite The Ritz, London) - I went out for a stroll at lunchtime and walking towards me were David and Iman. I was so stunned, I just stood there staring as they walked past me. Wish I'd had the courage to ask for an autograph - no selfies back then !!
Andy Pudelek Seen him a few times at the Rosemont 83 Milwaukee 87 Thinly Park opening nights of the World, but the Tin Machine show at the Riviera still one of the most sonic and oddest Bowie shows I witnessed.
Sharon Darquenne Glass Spider Tour Tampa September 1987. I can't remember the exact date...maybe the 24th. I was 23 years old. I remember being amazed Bowie was doing cartwheels! It was such an amazing night.
This Day in Music
This Day in Music1 day ago

23rd March 1974, Marvin Gaye and Diana Ross entered the UK singles chart with ‘You Are Everything’ which was originally recorded by the Philadelphia soul group The Stylistics. Released as the second UK single from the Diana & Marvin album, the song reached No.5 in...

Jan White Marvin, he was a friend of mine And he could sing a song His heart in every line Marvin sang of the joy and pain He opened up our minds And I still can hear him say Aw talk to me so you can see What's going on Say you will sing your songs Forevermore
Christopher Kimble Gone way to soon! One of the most soulful and smooth voices ever!!
Deb Parker Love his music. Especially what's going on such a heavy song I know you're singing with the angels rip
Jw Coates RIP. Soulful singer.
Carol Carothers Loved him and his music then and I still play it like he is singing it today. One of the best of all time.
Michael Jorgensen Amazing singer and songwriter.
Helen Clay Love this song xx
Theresa Arthur rest in peace
Song Surgeon Nice :p
Karen Clark I like his music.
This Day in Music
This Day in Music2 days ago

Happy birthday to Damon Albarn, born on 23 March 1968, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and record producer. With Blur he scored the 1994 UK No.1 album Parklife, which spent over 2 years on the UK chart, and the 1995 UK No. 1 'Country House'. Albarn along with...

Harvey Spectre Great Music Mr Tembo, defined my youth and I have grown up with your music 🎶
Jazzmyn Lynn Olohita A Gorillaz track is meant to be released today
Jazzmyn Lynn Olohita Happy birthday, Damon!!! 😀😀😀😀😀😀
Paul LoPiccolo Heir to the Ray Davies throne. Genius!
Jack Parsons Jr HAPPY BDAY Damien
Song Surgeon loving the comments everyone :p
Douglas Rock happy birthday
Brian Craig Churchill Great Talent..!!
Pamela Biasi Damon!
Angie Battenbough Fewless Megan Lesmeister
Uwais Asghar Reece Fennel
This Day in Music
This Day in Music2 days ago

22nd March 1965, The Temptations released their second studio album Sing Smokey. As its name implies, it is composed entirely of songs written and produced by Smokey Robinson, and several other members of the Miracles as well. More importantly, it featured one of the well...

Douglas Rock great soul mosic
Song Surgeon I always adore everything like this
This Day in Music
This Day in Music2 days ago

See how many you can score out of 20 in our Queen quiz:

Oscar Angeles Nano 85% .... but the fisrt one number song of Queen was "Bohemian Rhapsody" en UK ... bad
Jonathan Rogers 90%
Jan White All I know is Freddie was one hell of a singer & Entertainer
André Westerdijk Erwin, ik heb 7 fouten... En jij?
Jack Parsons Jr 14/20 those U.K. questions ugh
Valerie McIntyre Ouch! That hurt! I love Queen...and only got 45%.
Dianne Spary Burgess Shauna, have a go!
Ray Reyes Got it at 75% correct!
Jayne Iley John Oatway have a go xx
Callun Tracy Craig Fenton
Tina Gypps Paul Canavan
Danielle Parker Sallie Colaco Wagner Kensey Colaco-Hulett can you guys pass?
Rachel Long Zöe Lefebvre
Deb Haber Katie Haber



Dothan Eagle
Dothan Eagle1 hour ago

Open records advocates have claimed charging the public for records retrieval serves as a deterrent to the disclosure of public information. More:

Dothan Eagle
Dothan Eagle3 hours ago

Although the air will soon be free from pollen, the perfume smells from the wild flowers will keep local pharmacies and doctor offices busy. More:

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Dothan Eagle16 hours ago

Estimates to renovate the house, add functionality, make it compliant with the Americans With Disabilities Act and repair the driveway neared $600,000. More:

Steven Ray Vaughan Nicole Vaughan Jimmy Vaughan just in time for a good anniversary celebration
April Gress Happy to hear this!
Dothan Eagle
Dothan Eagle18 hours ago

All eligible first responders need to register online at by May 22 to receive the specially designed medal. More:

Tripp Little I'm good lol ty thought
Kelly Sexton Thank you first responders!
Sandra Copley Tripp Little
Jennifer Bowley Falkner Heard
Dothan Eagle
Dothan Eagle20 hours ago

More than 200 people participated in the event. Check out the story and photos of all the fun, here:

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Congratulations to the Super 12 honorees! More: