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Happy birthday to Anni-Frid Lyngstad, born on 15th November 1945,Swedish singer, songwriter from ABBA. Their first UK hit was the 1974 No.1 single 'Waterloo', followed by 8 other UK No.1 singles and 9 UK No.1 albums. ABBA are one of the best-selling music artists of...

Katie Cousins- birthday pals!
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14th November 1967, Pink Floyd were added to a 16-date UK tour with Jimi Hendrix, The Move, The Nice, Amen Corner, The Outer Limits and The Eire Apparent. It kicked off at the Royal Albert Hall, London. The headlining Hendrix was allotted exactly 40 minutes;...

PF limited to 15 and 20 minutes?
WOW...what an incredible moment in time forgotten. Thank you for sharing! Great read.
That would have been a pretty good concert, seeing I collect Floyd, Hendrix & Move recordings.
Was at this concert. Memorable night!
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14th November 1987, George Michael went to No.1 on the UK album chart with his debut solo album 'Faith'. The album won several awards including the Grammy Award for Album of the Year in 1989. To date, the album has sold over 20 million copies...

I just LOVE this one!
Like this album very much...
One of my desert island album picks for sure.
Cracking album!!!
Sandra Salinas de Guzman Isabelle Cassandra looks like papuchi was born on an international holiday!!
Shakeh Tashjian
Elena Rowlatt
Lane Reed
Where’s David Lee Roth’s Eat em and smile?
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13th November 1990, Patricia Boughton filed a lawsuit against Rod Stewart claiming that a football he kicked into the crowd during a concert at Pine Knob Music Theatre had ruptured a tendon in her middle finger. And as a result the injury had made sex...

Where was she sticking the finger!? 🙄
I think she might be doing it wrong!! 😉
She doesn’t have another hand? You know what? I don’t even want to know. Lol
Y'know what? I see Rod paying for that. He's not gonna want to be in the way of anyone getting it on.
🎶🎶🎶Stay away from his window.....stay away from his buthole to 🎶🎶
What! Maybe because she could put it up his A**. What a joke of a lawsuit 🙄
Other than the Rod Stewart connection, what does this have to do with music?
Why ? Did he hit her in the pussy with it ?
So she was giving him the shocker eh?
Judge should have asked for demonstration
I believe this settles the who should be running the country debate. Snap
....What a waste of tax payers money...
Some people will do anything for publicity and money! Desperate!
About the same year Rod asked my X wife out. A humble apology came from his minder..& an embarrassed Rod. When we met in the loo (don’t ask lol). ✌🏼😂
Then they were doing it wrong
Every finger tells a story, don’t it? I’m gonna need to hear this one!
That would have been a fun case for the judge to verify the truth on.
money money money it’s so funny, in a rich mans world
When he kicked the ball she was picking her nose and that finger was the one that tickled things into gear
Pine “Knob” ☺️
Oh jeeze!!!!!!
Tonight's the night gunnar be alright
Fickled finger of fate
Did she win or lose?
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13th November 1964, Decca Records released The Rolling Stones' 'Little Red Rooster'. Written by Willie Dixon (as The Red Rooster), and previously recorded by Howlin’ Wolf and Sam Cooke, the single was recorded at Chess Studios in Chicago. The single was a No.1 hit in...

It’s on this collection:
Still got this Album
House of The Rising Sun?
Loved it , it was my first record



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What would your policy be?

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Ham cooking is a cinch with this recipe, choice of glaze included.

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Must be broke for why me movement......who cares😴😴😴😴
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He's probably living a better life in prison than he ever lived when he was free. They make prisons like country clubs now. I say make them dig holes with shovels and fill them back up with tea spoons 8 yrs a day.
You're probably half right. He may be doing well in there but i dont think any prison in Alabama could be confused with a country club. Walk into one and you'll see what I mean.