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Happy Birthday to Bob Dylan, born on 24 May 1941. To celebrate his birthday we have our first This Day in Music book out - Bob Dylan - The Day I Was There. More than 300 fans, friends and colleagues tell their stories of seeing,...

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23rd May 1991, Photographer Michael Lavine took what would be the publicity shots for Nirvana's Nevermind album at Jay Aaron Studios in Los Angeles. The idea for the front cover shot of the baby swimming was taken after Kurt Cobain and Dave Grohl saw a...

It's a very good pic.
Caitlin Asuncion Velasco Sistoso hehe
Joshua Pascoe
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23rd May 1970, Paul McCartney's debut solo album, 'McCartney', started a three-week run at No.1 on the US album chart. Apart from Linda McCartney's vocal contributions, McCartney performed (and recorded) the entire album solo. The album featured 'Maybe I'm Amazed', which Rod Stewart and The...

All 3 Beatles songwriters came out with great solo albums in 1970. Shows the band broke up while they were still extremely creative . Pauls album is gentle and relaxed while John's is angry and bitter . Both returned to simplicity compared to George's epic production with Phil Spector... By 1974 the creative well had run dry . They all started releasing mediocre records ...
Great album! I loved every song. Every night I just want to go out, get out of mind. But tonight I just want to stay in and be with you. And be with you! Bought this album when it came out. I was 9!
I purchased McCartney after buying John Lennon's epic 1970 album and my personal favorite, All Things Must Pass by Harrison.Ringo? I purchased nothing from him during the 1970s.
Oh, I had that album, couldn't wait to get it, after I forgave him for getting married 😊, loved it, love that photo so much
Maybe I'm Amazed that this was 40 years ago. I know it's not his best, but it's my favorite Paul McCartney solo record. Yes, Junk.
It's hard not to compare musicians but try to take each one individually. The Beatles were made of 4 independent mysucisns who collaborated with a great producer. Then they were independent musicians doing their own thing.
Disappointing solo debut with one great song and a terrific cover photo. I appreciate it more today, though.
John's POB album was better but George's ATMP was better then both of them.
Crap compered to Harrisons All things must pass album from the same year
Didn't really like the Beatles or Paul McCartney,loved john Lennon's album,shaved fish.😊
I remember John told Rolling Stone this album was "rubbish. He'll get scared and do a better one."🤣
I love this album and the picture !!
they were good together.and themselves on their own!
Saw Paul Twice in Concert! Both times Linda was with him! Amazing! 😍
1st 8 track tape I bought. My favorite McCartney works.
Ce disque est magique, au même titre que 'Pills 'et 'Ram '
Who is the baby in his coat?
"Long Player" was an album by The Faces ...not Rod Stewart & The Faces !!!
Stephen Glover , you had this record I remember in your room, u still have it ?
I love album!
Much better than lennon
“Maybe I’m amazed” 🎼🙌🏻❤️🙏🏻😍
They made a good Couple
Those were the days!
Faul's first attempt
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23rd May 1960, The Everly Brothers started a five week run at No.1 on the US singles chart with 'Cathy's Clown', which also spent seven weeks at No.1 in the UK. It became the Everly Brothers' biggest hit single and their third and final US...

The album cover looks like an advertisement for "Good Fellows ~ The Teen Years". I swear, that's Joe Pesci in the background!
My big Sister's name was Cathy and that's the song she teased me with.
Saw them as a special guest in the middle of a Simon & Garfunkel concert.
Saw them and John Prine and John Berry at the Central City Kentucky Homecoming concert. Great show.
As a youngster Cathy’s Clown was one of my favorite
Yes Lewis Kuperman they were big a influence to The Beatles.
Beat harmonies on the planet. SO many artists were inspired by their music and harmonies.
Saw them in Nashville with Albert Lee on guitar. 🎸
They did not influence the Beatles totally corny and on George bush Jr. S IPod...nuff said
In the same year the Chemosphere house was being built
Influenced The Beatles..... nuff said.
Kathy Davis-Stanton
Cathy Pound Panica
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Happy birthday to Bernie Taupin, born on 22nd May 1950, English lyricist, poet, and singer and Elton John's long-time song writing partner. Rod Stewart, Cher, The Motels, John Waite, Starship and Alice Cooper have all recorded his songs. In 1967, Taupin answered an advertisement placed...

I think these two are only second to Lennon and McCartney in terms of writing great songs, an amazing catalog of music
Happy Birthday wishes for Bernie and Thank God that Bernie and Elton teamed up. I can't imagine music without their incredible songs.
Happy birthday Bernie! Love your music! Even today's teenagers are listening to your music! I watched a high school "Pop Show" a few years ago and a teen boy and girl did a duet rendition of "Your Song." They were fantastic! You and Sir Elton would have been proud! 😊
He was SEVENTEEN when he started writing with Elton John.
The best ad he ever answered
The team that wrote the greatest love song of all time, “Your Song”. Happy Birthday Bernie Taupin.
The man behind THE MAN! His lyrics will live on for many lifetimes. Brilliant duo!!!!
Liberty ceratinly got its money worth from that ad
Happy birthday Bernie! You and Elton came up with a lot of classic songs in the '70s.
Next to Mike and Quincy simply amazing duo
Those were the very Elton years, by far.
Burning Terrapin as I used to refer to him back in the day.
Bernie wrote the lyrics but Elton wrote the music,
Happy Birthday Bernie,,many more....😎
Thanks for all the beautiful words Bernie.
Talk about luck that meeting was it some of the Greatest music ever came from it.
One of the best songwriting duos in music history!!!
Happy birthday Bernie Taupin!
A perfect pair.
Indian Sunset! Need I say more.
Didn’t know that!
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22nd May 1971, The Rolling Stones album 'Sticky Fingers' started a four-week run at No.1 on the US charts, the group's second US No.1 album. The artwork for Sticky Fingers which, on the original vinyl release, featured a working zipper that opened to reveal cotton...

Awesome. This one created a lot of conflict between the older and the younger generations. It exposed the underbelly of the Woodstock Generation as dirty, dark and drug ridden. In other words, another day in the park for the World's Greatest Rock and Roll Band. Mick Taylor shines and the Stones would entered their next to last great album of music that ended with the classic Exile On Main Street. The tongue appears for the first time and the zipper is forever apart of rock and roll history. It's just that demon life has got you in its sway. And man did we love it.
This, Let it Bleed, and Exile. The best.
This album featured a lot of songs that did not even sound like the Rolling Stones. There was the commercial hit sound of Brown Sugar but there were also some pretty deep and dark sounding tunes that showed the band was moving in a different direction.....purchased it at Sam The Record Man in Toronto the week it came out.
The Mick Taylor era, 69-74, was the Stones most creative one...
Mick Taylor's work on Can't You Hear Me Knocking? gets a lot of well-deserved attention from this LP, but listen to him and Keith work it out on Sway especially in the solos ... The most underrated track on Sticky Fingers, in my opinion.
Surprised they did not have cardboard cut outs inside the zipper of each members junk. As Scott said, Let it Bleed, Exile & add Beggars Banquet with this one
Has anybody seen the bulk under the jeans at the right side of the crotch ?
Great album.December' Children, also one of my favorites.
had this album,love all their albums
Not Mick's crotch?
best cover ever!
Their best, IMHO!!!
Very good Johnnie
Love it!
Great album!!
My fav...
Have it
Charlie Pine
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Happy birthday to Morrissey born on 22nd may 1959. English singer, songwriter from The Smiths, who scored the 1984 UK No.10 single 'Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now', plus over 15 other UK Top 40 singles'. As a solo artist he scored the 1988 UK No.5...

I will wish him well as I'm scoffing my bacon butty later.
Not really. I liked that "How Soon is Now" song but in reality, my friends and I heckled him as he left the stage door and ran into his bus after a concert in 1986 or thereabouts. We were petty and he was... Morrissey.
I've come to wish you an unhappy birthday...
Happy Birthday, Morrissey......I Just Want To See The Boy Happy 👍
Mine is the track "How Soon Is Now"
Brilliant in the smiths...turned into a bitter old man..
"This joke isn't funny anymore"
He looks like Bobby Davro, doing Morrissy now!
Does his bday get cancelled?
“So scratch my name on your arm with a fountain pen.” (This means you really love me).
What about playing guitar with "The Sharks"...
First of the Gang to Die! Great lyrics, great sone!
Happy Birthday Mozza, I hope you’re not miserable today fella!
You're the one for me, fatty.
“All of the rumors Keeping me grounded I never said, I never said that they were Completely unfounded”
Anyone who can get away with “ let me get my hands “ lyrics deserves a medal lol
Great 👍🍀 great voice 🎶🌹
Just shut your mouth, How can you say... I go about things the wrong way...?
Wanker ...
How Soon Is Now. Mainly for the music
“Please, Please, Please, Let me get what I want “
This Charming Man.. fav Smiths song



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According to a study, weekend snoozers lived just as long as the well-slept.

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Feral cats are a part of their neighborhood, and the nuns feed and name them. They plan to spay and neuter them, too.

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Are you prepared?

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A piece of molten rock struck Darryl Clinton in the ankle as he was on the phone. The power of it pushed him off his feet and onto a couch that was promptly lit aflame.

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The test verifies that each machine starts with a vote count of zero and the date and times are correct.

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The ball was only in the air for two or three seconds, but when the nearly length-of-the-court heave went through the basket, its effects lasted a lifetime.