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Happy birthday to Richard Carpenter born on 15th October 1946, American record producer, arranger, pianist and composer Richard Carpenter The Carpenters who had the 1973 UK No.2 single 'Yesterday Once More' and the 1970 US No.1 & UK No.6 single 'Close To You'. The Carpenters...

Dawna McGlothin Scarborough there ya go 😂
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15th October 1943, Born on this day, was American drummer and session musician Larrie Londin. He played on more hit records during his career than any other drummer, with the possible exception of the legendary session drummer Hal Blaine. Londin moved to Nashville in 1969,...

He also played on Elvis Presley's last 2 concerts as Elvis' regular drummer, Ronnie Tutt, was absent.
Wow he had quite the career! That's a fairly awesome repetoire
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14th October 1988, Def Leppard became first act in chart history to sell seven million copies of two consecutive LPs, with Pyromania (their third studio album released in 1983) and Hysteria, (which became the band's best-selling album to date, selling over 20 million copies worldwide,...

Best drummer single handedly!
That's love for you-the poor guy loses his arm and the band waits for him to recover and he still remains their drummer..very loyal and an inspiring story
These guys started out slow but got better and better in which has made them a great rock group, seen them 2x as well in concert.
An awesome band!!!!
First 2 lps were great rest over produced shite aimed solely at the US market
I’m surprised Michael Jackson didn’t do it first…with Thriller (1982) and Bad (1987).
Had a chance to see Def Leppard on their first visit to North America. They were fourth on a bill at a stadium concert in Cleveland (the last World Series of Rock for those in the know) and no one had any idea who they were. Played a short set and were fairly well-received but the crowd was waiting for the other acts -- Eddie Money, J. Geils Band, Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band. The Leps were still teenagers.
Nuff said Paul Röbinsön
Garry Davies great huh bet your blasting your LP out right now!
I was about 8 years of age. l.a.county residents: anyone remember them coming out on pirate radio?
One of the greatest rock albums of all times,still that and all my cd’s.
I saw their concert 13 days before this happened.
Definitely earning their place in Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!
...the beginning of the end of a once promising hard rock band...
RRHOF for these gents
Don't like their music after "Pyromania", but I admire them forever for standing at their drummers side, after his terrible accident ... instead of kicking him out, like most other bands would have done!
Great live band - RIP Steve Clark
Trent Delamore David Epling
Lots of hair!
Gena McDonald jordan
Dafydd Samuels
Theresa Montney-Dowell
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14th Oct 1977, David Bowie released his twelfth studio album Heroes, the second installment of his Berlin Trilogy with Brian Eno (the other releases being Low and Lodger). Heroes continued the ambient experiments of Bowie's previous album Low (released earlier that year) and featured the...

The amazing thing about Bowie was the way he changed things up with his albums. Always doing something different & fresh.
Incredible...Low and "Heroes" coming out in the same year. Two of his greatest albums.
There were Tony Visconti too...
One of his BEST songs of all time!!!
...LOW was our first 'Chill out' Album ever..x
Moss Garden my favorite
Incredible talent!
I have this album
Sam Bolt that you?
Ulisses Lomonaco Priscila Viriato Lyvia Matsubara
John Stevenson-Foster
Rob Lambert
Roger Nowell
Gary Doherty
Trent Delamore
Katie DeLargie
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It's the first-ever National Album Day. Share the album that has most inspired you and at 3.33pm fans, stores, radio stations and public spaces will be invited to play their favourite album in full. What is your favourite album of all time?

Up there with several favourites it has to be my first ever album; got it in’66 when I was just 9. The Beatles Revolver
Dark Side Of The Moon Pink Floyd
Meatloaf - Bat out of Hell - Never heard anything like it when i bought summer of 1979 after 6th grade ended. Heard it on the radio , had to buy it
Live at the Fillmore East. The Allman Brothers Band.
The Clash's brilliant 1977 debut album "The Clash".
Don't laugh but my favourite album is my very first album I ever bought in the early 70s called 'Believe in Music' by the Winnipeg company K-tel. It was a compilation of rock songs. It has led to an ongoing collection of vinyl in the thousands, and I have very many favourites that range from all genres of music- rock, metal, alternative, Christian, country.
Best of the Bee Gees Vol. 1. The reason it rates as the album that had the biggest influence is because it was my first album and I got hooked on albums thanks to this one. I also played it often through difficult times in my life and it brought a bit of sunshine with it.
It has to be Sgt. Pepper because there was such a drastic change in the look of the Beatles and the music that they presented on the album it was stunning. The music was different more grown up more accomplished, bigger then life along with the actual album cover and pictures. It ushered in the Summer of Love and stayed with us for decades and decades and decades......the most discussed album in the History of pop music.
There are a lot of full albums I like. My personal favorite is Billy Squire’s “Don’t Say No.” Well written, produced, and engineered, it is tight from first track to last.
This is very difficult and there are some fantastic albums here. I’m picking two, probably a bit less well known, but ones I have returned to time and again over the years. Shawn Mullins - Souls Core and No Dice - No Dice.
Hotel California by The Eagles. Way ahead of it’s time when it was released - still as fresh as a daisy today! A masterpiece in my humble opinion 😘
A decade after its release, The Velvet Underground & Nico began to attract wide praise from rock critics. Christgau wrote in his 1977 retrospective review for The Village Voice that the record had been difficult to understand in 1967, "which is probably why people are still learning from it. It sounds intermittently crude, thin, and pretentious at first, but it never stops getting better."[26] In 1982, musician Brian Eno stated that while the album initially only sold approximately 30,000 copies, "everyone who bought one of those 30,000 copies started a band."
Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon...played over and over on my older brothers tape recorder ,still listen to the lp today ,i have 3 copies ,one on pink vinyl.
"Heart Like a Wheel" by Linda Ronstadt. "Rubber Soul" by the Beatles "Captain Fantastic & the Brown Dirt Cowboy" by Elton John I can go on forever.
Although I was aware of jazz, and into Rock and Folk, at the time (the 60’s ) the best album for me has to be Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue. It still is, for me, THE quintessential album.
Incredibly difficult to pick a favourite or definitive album over the decades however the first album was definitely Duran Duran's for most inspired album Jamiroquai - Emergency on Planet Earth
Exile on Main Street, by The Rolling Stones
The soundtrack for La Bamba was the first album I ever got but my favourite album I own is Queen A Night At The Opera.
The Beatles White album is still my favorite. It played a part in a lot of life changes for me.
For true music lovers there's no such thing as a one favorite album of all time so I'll post just one of my favorite albums.
My life's not that put together to have a favorite album. But, Death Magnetic is the first album I ever bought from my favorite band
Songs in the key of life Stevie Wonder
The beach boys...Pet Sounds.
The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars ❤️
Jimi Hendrix. Electric Ladyland. Blows your mind on headphones!!
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13th October 1965, The Who recorded 'My Generation' at Pye studios, London. When released as a single it reached No.2 on the UK chart, held off the No.1 position by The Seekers 'The Carnival Is Over'. Roger Daltrey would later say that he stuttered the...

Saw The Who 1963 when they were The High Numbers. Wealdstone London 😊
ThunderFingers proved then who is the best EVER!
Good old bbc ! Banned the song , jimmy savile took a little longer ! 30 years
The stuttering was nothing to do with the pill-popping thing then ?
Love the band but after members starting to die off they lost a lot of what made them a great group.
Matthew Applegate.
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12th October 1965, Working on their next album Rubber Soul at Abbey Road Studio’s London, The Beatles recorded ‘Run For Your Life’ in its entirety, in 5 takes. (Lennon later admits to lifting two lines from Elvis Presley's 1955 hit ‘Baby Let's Play House’). And...

See My Friends by the Kinks, which was released in July of '65 had an Eastern influence, complete with a guitar imitating a sitar. They might have been the first band to use a sitar, if they'd only had one! I think the Kinks song beat Rubber Soul by about 6 months. Just a Kinky foot note.
I liked all the early stuff but nothing really jumped out. This album, when I bought it 35 years ago, floored me. And yet they still got progressively better as the 60s went on. The stones also had a 4 year stretch of phenomena music from 68-72
The U.S. Capitol issue of "Rubber Soul" was a better LP music choice wise.
Fantastic album, before Rubber Soul they were more pop / radio singles band. This album displayed the artists they were becoming & concentrating on different ideas in the studio.
This one and the White Album are at the top of my favorites list! 😊❤️
One of my top favorites. I love that album.
My favourite Beatles album
I have all The Beatles albums this is definitely my favourite.
Definitely one of my favorites!
Un de mes disques préférés avec le merveilleux Norwegian wood.



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Florida: Anyone one requesting a well-check may do so by calling (850) 718-0019.

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More than 160 line workers worked through the evening to continue to restore power.

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Do you think his fear is a possibility?

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Work continues in the Garden District area. Six electric crews continue work with four mutual aid crews from Riviera, Opelika, Sheffield, and Cullman.

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Despite his injury, Tagovailoa continued to make his own Heisman case with his play on the field,

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Originally known as Marshall’s Sandwich Shop, the Midland City diner is located in a building that’s more than 100 years old.

We loved it!
Emma McGrady we should eat at then one in ashford. Chicken and dumpling coming soon!!!