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13th Dec 1966, Jimi Hendrix made his TV debut on ITV's 'Ready Steady Go!' (Marc Bolan was also on the show). The Jimi Hendrix Experience also recorded 'Foxy Lady' on this day. The United States version of Are You Experienced listed the song with a...

Geoff Clements Hendrix had only arrived here in London a couple of months earlier in Sept 66, as a virtual unknown to the British record buying public. It was due to his manager Chas Chandler (the ex Animals bass player) shouting his praises and spreading the word on how good Hendrix was, plus an impromptu appearance at the Bag 'O Nails club where all the muso's hung out - that kick-started his almost immediate rise to fame. So much achieved in such a short space of time 🎼🎸
Brian Byrne I think that Joanna Lumley was in a film for the song.
Neil Cossar Thanks Geoff
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A-Z of music, today is L for Live Aid: http://www.thisdayinmusic.com/pages/global_jukebox

Joe Intravartolo Hot miserable and the bands took longer to set up than they played
Marianne Jacobsen Good gig - too bad Akon wasnt around to help them spend the money 🙂 http://akonlightingafrica.com/
Robert Bryans I was in Philly a very hot day but worth it inside the stadium at 630am out at 1130pm
Matt Leen Queen <3
Rémi Wllbrck With Freddie Mercury and Queen
Pedro Francisco L is for Led Zep
Thomas Moore ?
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12th Dec 1970, Smokey Robinson and the Miracles started a two week run at No.1 on the US singles chart with 'Tears Of A Clown'. It was the group's 26th Top 40 hit and first No.1, and also a No.1 hit in the UK. The...

Kevin Rogers I have a UK Motown Single ( Mint ) with the withdrawn B:Side “ I Need Love ✨🎸
Mary Devaney Sherengo Smokey is the only one of the many celebs I have seen in NY whose autograph I just had to have
Cathy Gonsalves 🔈🔉🔊🎙️🎷🎺🥁🎸👠🕶️👗
Gino Fegan The Trump Song lol
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Good page on Frank Sinatra here from our friends at uDiscover: https://www.udiscovermusic.com/artists/frank-sinatra/

Marianne Jacobsen The guy from Nickelback loves Frank
Thea Bazzini Tony Bazzini
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12th Dec 1915, Born on this day, Frank Sinatra American singer, actor and producer, who was one of the most popular and influential musical artists of the 20th century. He was the first singer to encounter 'pop hysteria', and his single 'My Way' holds the...

Francis Henry "A Very Good Year" is a Fabulous Bittersweet Song. I've always Loved it. However, all his Songs were remarkably delivered. A Superb Singer.
Peter Black The Best Is Yet To Come.....starts out slow and builds to a huge ending. Has all the signatures of a classic Sinatra song.....
John Callicott He was not only a singer.. he had his hands in a lot of crazyness.. Not to mention is Mafia affiliation .....
Louise Napoli My favorite song by Frank is Nancy With the Laughing Face...❤
Gregg Parmenter Summer Wind. I'm a big Johnny Mercer fan:).
Carla Luiso-Petrena Theres just too many. I grew up listening to this type of music.
Feros Ponce Strangers in the Night, Something Stupid, too many to tell.
Bradley Quine I did it my way.Wishes Frank member rat pack.
Margareta Lundström Fd Jonsson So difficult. Perhaps I've Got You Under My Skin. But all others, too!
Tiffany Newell one for my baby, one more for the road, saw him in london in the 90's and it gave me goosebumps
Judy Jasinski All of them, he was and is still my all time favorite.
Tony Dobbs Good voice but one dimensional and dull.
Andrew Hewitt Best male singer of all Time
Matt Leen The Summer Wind <3
Kevin Liening Cycles is my Favorite FS song!
James W Church It Was A Very Good Year
Andrew Mikula Witchcraft is a personal favorite
Schoonover Kenneth "My Way", definitely.
Paul Foster New York New York & My Way 🙂 any duet with Nancy
Ro Martz "New York, New York".
Pattie Kelly Ole Blue Eyes! So Handsome!
Christopher Surber Three coins in a fountain
Chuck Moffitt Over-rated
Christopher Bowman SUCH A COOL GUY. !!!
Amanda Keith Maguire The Summer Wind.
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A-Z of music. Today is K for The Kinks. Do you have a favourite Kinks track? http://www.thisdayinmusic.com/pages/the_kinks

Geoff Clements Impossible to select just one track - so for me 'lyrically' it would probably be "Muswell Hillbillies" - "Autumn Almanac" & "Victoria" - I can't think of any songwriter that has written specifically and accurately about life and attitude in London/Britain, like Sir Ray Davies - an extremely talented and often underrated British legend🎼😉
Carrie White ....yep, LOLA... because it was about a ‘different side’ of life most people tend to ignore...transvestism......x
Sarah Bah Humbug Jones Better Things is my pick me up song when I'm feeling down. Low Budget, State of Confusion, but as much as I love their early stuff I have too say that I love their Phobia album.
Andrew Mikula The most underplayed Kinks song is This Time Tomorrow. Dave Davies on banjo and some of Mick Avory's best drumming. Favorite albums are that run between Face to Face and Muswelll Hillibillies... You can explain a lot about why the Kinks and Ray Davies are so great listening to those LPs.
Gert Ørnbøll "Thank you for the Days" ~ and a lot of others. Maybee "You really got Me" was the first punk music with the great Dave Davis riffs ... (y)
Dianne Walker Lola and Apeman although to be honest any of them when heard would be your favourite. Sir Raymond Davies brilliant songwriter.
Julie Houle I met her in a club down in old soho where you drink champain in the days Just like cherry cola .... And the funny ending ... I know what i am in a bed im a man and so is lola !!! Based on a real life story of Ray davies 🙂
Bryan Beard A favorite Kinks track? Just 1? Impossible! Sunny Afternoon, Days, See my friends, Apeman, Tired of Waiting, You Really Got Me (of course), I'm Not Like Everybody Else.... So many stellar songs!
Lizzie Katie Murtagh So many, but to name a few Lola, dedicated follower of fashion, Lola, sunny afternoon. Although strangers the chorus Strangers on this road we are on We are not two we are one
Jesus Suarez Otero See my friends. I'll remember. Love me till the sun shines. Days. Did you see his name. Big black smoke. I'm not like everybody else. Shangri-la. This time tomorrow. Complicated life. Celluloid heroes. Here comes Flash. Artificial man. Ordinary people. I'm in disgrace. Life goes on. A rock'n'roll fantasy. Catch me now I'm falling. Destroyer. Don't forget to dance. Do it again. Lost and found. What are we doing. The informer. To the bone.
Andy Stricklin She's got everything, get back in line, sunny after noon, some mother's son Victoria, brainwashed and All day and all of the night, too
Albert Gates Destroyer; Dr. Dr. help her please I know you'll understand There's a time device inside of me I'm a self-destructin' man...
Christopher Clark Impossible to pick one, but Waterloo sunset,all day and all of the night,sunny afternoon,lazy old sun just to name a few.
Alan Christensen "Catch me now In falling" off of Low Budget is an amazing song, but as with everyone else, its hard to pick one
Mike Dodds the only reason they sold tickets was because everybody knew there would be a brawl on stage not a lot of talent there
Stephen Maxwell Waterloo Sunset, a fantastic word picture.
Gareth Wynn Vernon Waterloo Sunset.....One of the greatest songs ever written about life in and around London.
Ib Hansen Days and Waterloo Sunset
Oscar Angeles Nano Impossible to choose only one song ..You Really Got Me, Tired Of Waiting For You, Lola, The Hard Way, Celluloid Heroes, Father Christmas, Stop Your Sobbing, Better Things, Come Dancing .... More
Paul Foster " Till the End of the Day "
James Amstutz Father Christmas, the greatest rock n roll Yuletide song, period.
Paul Ibarra "All day and all of the night"
Lesley Young Difficult to pick one, but if pushed, Lola!
Regina Mills Humphreys Lola, You got me goin.....too
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This Day in Music2 days ago

11th Dec 1968, Filming began for The Rolling Stones 'Rock & Roll Circus.' As well as clowns and acrobats, John Lennon and his fiancee Yoko Ono performed as part of a supergroup called The Dirty Mac, along with Eric Clapton, Mitch Mitchell, and Keith Richards....

Richard Bamber Early appearance from Tony Iommi when he briefly joined Jethro Tull, but the highlight of this is the Who's performance of A Quick One.
Andy Stricklin The Who's, A Quick one while he's away, stole the show and the stones didn't like getting shown up at their own rock n roll circus, basically. Dirty Mac's Yer Blues is legendary though, of course. Lennon, Need, Clapton and Mitch Mitchell in the same band? It's like rock n roll heaven.
Steve Massey I was nearly 17 and part of the audience at the BBC studios, even found myself in the video bopping away with the Stones & Who and a few more who were just sitting to my left. Wow ! what a surprise when I found it had been released on VHS a few years back. such memories
Jay Alford In my opinion, a very over rated film. Most of the performances were mediocre at best. But it is a cool little time capsule of what was happening in 1968!
Brett Purdy Boy I bet they were super excited to have Yoko there for her great voice and musical expertise 😬
Juan Carlos Ugarte Niemes I like it, dirty mac good, taj mahal supperb, jethro tull nice, the who yeah, stotes with simpathy for the devil excelent. Yoko...not good. Dirty mac and taj mahal the best ones
Steve Murano From a historical standpoint, excellent. From a musical standpoint it was pretty good. The stones were unhappy with their performance...it wasn't THAT bad. The Who were outstanding. Tad majal, dirty Mac, Tull....all good stuff...
Jeff Riggins The Who’s, A Quick One While He’s Away was the highlight of the show. The Who made the rest of the performers look weak.
Eddie Dantès Lynyrd Skynyrd did the same to the Stones at Knebworth in '76, hence no footage released of them at that gig either.
Timi Flaherty They were pissed off because The Who blew them offstage with a brilliant performance of 'a quick one'!
Dan Miller Ms. Ono was fabulous. 3 thumbs up from our family for this transplant from Toyoko. A welcome edition to the musical family. A true diamond in the rough. 🙋
Gary Wernke They were not happy with their performance only THEN??
Julie Wordsworth Sour grapes - they were blown off the stage by The Who 😊
Les Shifler John's infamous sanded top casino.... I wonder what happened to it?
David Layne Gregorski Jethro Tull did the best performance of the entire show.
Ulrick Jacobsen The Yer Blues take is better than the Beatles take....
Jess Neikirk Watched the take of Yer Blues on Friday
Andrew Mikula Wasn't this the last public performance for Brian Jones?
Alan Alphonso Harding If you look at the Dirty Mac , Eric does a really classy solo! Brilliant.
John Ruehrmund Love Brian's slide work on No Expectations. Nothing difficult but he nailed it with feeling!
Bill Friggins I thought it was one of the Stones very best performance
Martin Honnor The whole thing works .. real 60’s snapshot and understandably why we are where we are today
Ron Hunter The Who blew the stones off the stage
Gary Denis Cool concert, but I always forward past the Yoko nonsense. 🙂



Dothan Eagle
Dothan Eagle7 hours ago

Alabama's Democratic Party has been on life support since Republicans gained ascendency years ago, holding no statewide offices and a minority in each legislative chamber.

Aaron Pollack Doug! Way to go! You are everyone's senator now, much like how they love to remind everyone that trump is their president! I hope that they remember that, and offer you their prayers and support as you lead Alabama to prosperity. I hope that you take that to heart and do what you can to show everyone that you represent this great state on the national stage with grace and fairness.
Clif Doyal Doug Jones spoke like a leader tonight. About reaching across the aisle. About the rule of law. About respect and caring for all. Take heed to his words.
Jeremy Powell The votes have not been certified. There is going to be a recount, and all the deceased and inmates ballots will be thrown out. Voter fraud is real in Alabama
Stuart Patterson Wiregrass Commons would like you to know that they've lifted the ban on Roy Moore, since he's now proven he's impotent.
Edward Simmons Jones is no better than Schumer or Pelosi. He will do nothing for this country.
David Campbell Kudos, sweet Alabama, kudos!
John Bailey A new day for Alabama we did it
George Crumbly Democrat 101, destroy your opponent & you win. The democrats are doing their best to destroy America
Deborah Landerman Don't go celebrating just yet. All the ballots have not been counted.
George Crumbly Sad sad day for Alabama
Jeremy Raines It's time for change.
Will Chism
Janet Mathews Blackmon All I need to know!
Tommy Lairmore He's a fuk tard
Dothan Eagle
Dothan Eagle9 hours ago

The simplistic approach to Christmas can be very beautiful.

Dothan Eagle
Dothan Eagle13 hours ago

Both father and daughter were very surprised.

President Fart Be the difference... 😘
Dothan Eagle
Dothan Eagle15 hours ago

Liddon Furniture was established in 1929 - before the Great Depression. http://bit.ly/2B5W7Uz

Dothan Eagle
Dothan Eagle17 hours ago

Nathan Mathis, a former county commissioner and state representative in Alabama, said he was speaking out against Roy Moore because of his own experience with his daughter, Patti Sue.

T-Bird Ingram I would imagine someone's parent having more influence on a person than anyone else. Especially if the father said terrible things and maybe didn't accept his child. But hey we can always blame other people right
David Brown Sorry for your loss, Sir. Some of the nicest people I’ve ever come across are “perverts”. Conversely, some of the most hateful (and judgmental) attend church every Sunday. It’s too bad so many think they need to settle for the lesser of two evils yet again...
Leticia Buehl What’s up with you Dothan Eagle? Are all you guys liberals that you keep posting articles against Moore??
Karin Triola I don’t know this man, but I’m a lesbian and I want to reach through my phone and hug him so tight. I want to cry with him and tell him his sweet baby girl, Patti Sue, isn’t burning in hell and he is forgiven. That she loves him still and she’s perfectly at peace in heaven. Someone find this sweet dad for me so I can share all these things on my own heart. My mom passed away before I could come out to her, so I know how painful things left unsaid are. You are loved, Nathan Mathis & Marry Christmas.
Jordan Wilson THANK YOU, Dothan Eagle for sharing this man's beautiful story. It's extremely important and relevant considering Roy Moore wants to criminalize homosexuality.
Zoe Tribur I can't imagine the grief and guilt this man must endure. Having lost a sibling and a parent and watched both the other parent and my grandmother deal with the experience of outliving a child, I do believe it must be the most painful form of loss imaginable. I am sorry Mr. and Mrs. Mathis have to endure judgment and scorn from an unknowing public, but I am even more moved by the courage, grace and humility Mr. Mathis has shown. May he find peace in his heart. May his daughter rest in peace, and may we all listen to the pleas of this noble father, and let a little more love into our hearts. For all of our children's sake.
Shirley Shoupe God never looses ... everybody better know that! He may not answer our prayers but the situation outcome is always in His plan. People we better learn not to judge until proven guilty and let God handle it. God be with Alabama.
Tony Reeder Who cares? The other option is one who believes it’s okay to rip a baby out of the womb piece by piece.
Sherry Kirkland Miller Can't believe Nathan is putting the blame of his daughters suicide off on someone else.my sister was friends with Patti and the reason she done it because her daddy wouldn't except her.
David Campbell Lot of vile, bigoted hate on this thread. God bless you, Mr. Mathis....
Garrett Exum God bless you sir. Sorry for your loss and keep fighting the good fight.
Sandra Atkinson All the more reason to vote for Roy Moore
Cyndi Olson I was born and raised on a farm in Iowa. I am a lesbian and my mom and dad loved and accepted me although a gay daughter was something they had never expected. Christians, like my parents and Mr. Mathis, live and walk in the footsteps of Jesus. Thank you!
Patti Grice Todd Hell he is a crook!! The state of Alabama hear just gone to HELL!!
Sue Parker He is just another liberal pandering his dead daughter to further his liberal political agenda.
Mohammed N. Razavi Learn some science and study the laws, that will help.
Paul Garritson I lived in Second in the 70's.. He is a pure bred Democrat.
Danny Robbins Goodbye Steve Bannon and Donald Duck!!!!!
Deb Adkinson This man is my hero.
Shannon Crome Be the difference... 😘
Deborah Landerman More liberal left BS...
John Bailey
Leah Kennedy Dragovich
John Bailey And yes I live in Alabama
John Bailey
Dothan Eagle
Dothan Eagle20 hours ago

There were a few tense exchanges between Moore supporters and protesters outside the event in Midland City last night.

Elaine Galloway I didn’t see any protests at his opponents rally!!! Are they scared we are gone clean them like we did Strange, and Clinton!!! We take care of our own business they try to mind ours while ignoring theirs.
Sue Parker Nathan Mathis, defeated last years by Martha Roby for 2nd District seat in Congress, was at the rally to pander his gay daughter's death to further his political agenda.
Jackie Thomas I'll bet the majority of protesters were gay, black or welfare kings and queens. That's the typical democrat base.
Gary Thatcher to people of alabama. if you vote roy moore in office. you are saying its alright to molested children
Clif Doyal So much hate by some on this thread.
John Bailey
John Bailey And yes I live in Alabama
Holly Partlow #dougjones yay
John Bailey Vote Jones Alabama
John Bailey
John Bailey