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24th June 1967, Procol Harum's 'A Whiter Shade Of Pale' entered the Billboard chart, where it would peak at No 5. The song was written by the band around a melody composed by the group's organist, Matthew Fisher, who was inspired by the chord progression...

John Lennon said this was his favorite song.
The Best 60's song ever!
Oh well,.. I'll take "Conquistador" - live, (1971) with the ESO as one of my favorite live performances of all time.*
no style at all. a bunch of geeks. but the song apart from The Beatles summed up that heady 67 summer. It's a song of pure bittersweet magnificance.
And you could slow dance too it!
One of my favorites. I don’t know why but it reminds me of my mom who died in 1987.
Why wouldn't he leave that girl alone....knowing the chill in her face said No!
Still sounds awesome all these years later.
I love Johnny Rivers version of this song.
One of my favourites!
One of my top 5 faves.
This is my husband's and my favorite song.
One of the greatest songs of all time 🙂
In my top five
Awesome song
Essa música é uma bosta, não sei porque falam tanto desses caras, acho que só fizeram isso mesmo...
Dermot Cassidy
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This Day in Music13 hours ago

24th June 1947, Born on this day, Mick Fleetwood, drummer and co-founder of the rock band Fleetwood Mac who had the 1968 UK No.1 hit 'Albatross' and the hits 'Man of the World' and 'Oh Well. In 1977 they scored the US No.1 single 'Dreams'...

But it was Peter Green who put them all together.
Happy Birthday Mick Fleetwood!
Happy Birthday Mick!
peter green with albatross, great guitarist.
I love Albatross
Love Fleetwood Mac
Great Band
Vanessa McCormick
Jordan Lamson
This Day in Music
This Day in Music20 hours ago

Happy birthday to Jeff Beck, born on 24th June 1944, English rock guitarist. He replaced Eric Clapton in the Yardbirds. As a solo artist, he released the 1967 single 'Hi-Ho Silver Lining', before forming The Jeff Beck Group, which featured Rod Stewart. His 1975 album...

He also played guitar on David Bowie’s final ‘Ziggy’ concert in 1973...Jaming with Mick Ronson on ‘Jean Genie’.. which was never released on the dvd .. never has been...Yep, I saw him on that tour...U TUBE has it mind.....x
I got to see Jeff Beck open up for ZZ Top about 3 years ago n he still got it. His band is tight and the bass player is a phenom. 😎
Happy Birthday Jeff! You are the best rock guitarist I've ever knew. Your right hand is just fantastic!
Brilliant guitarist & Wired is one of my fave’s. Happy birthday!
Best guitarist I've ever seen live
The man the myth the legend....MR. BECK!
Happy Birthday My favourite guitar player Jeff Beck!!
Happy Birthday 🎉 to the Master!
Für mich der beste Gitarrist Seine Musik begleitet mich seit, ich glaube 1964/65
Ain't Superstitious
Jimi, SRV and Beck are the greatest guitarists IMHO.
Jeff Beck is the man. The Yardbirds’ Shapes of Things was a groundbreaking single. Then Jeff recorded an even more thunderous version with Rod Stewart and Ron Wood. I also loved BBA and all his solo work. Still going strong today.
Happy Birthday to a great talent!
Great stuff....great albums.....Truth....and Rough and Ready.
Scatterbrain, Freeway Jam, People get ready & You know what I mean
Wishing you a most happy birthday Jeff 🎸
I was lucky enough to see Beck and Clapton in Toronto. What a show that was.
Beck's Bolero 🙂
Blow By Blow!
It's my birthday today a well!
Happy Birthday!
Since We've Ended As Lovers ..... is an epic song😎
Happy Birthday Jeff Beck
Led Boots!
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This Day in Music2 days ago

23rd June 1937, Born on this day, Niki Sullivan, guitarist, singer, one of the three original members of Buddy Holly's backing group, The Crickets. He co-wrote a number of his hit songs and sang back-up vocals on 27 of the 32 songs Buddy recorded over...

Admin check inbox and reply me
John Bennett second from left?
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This Day in Music2 days ago

23rd June 1966, The Beatles had their tenth consecutive UK No.1 single with 'Paperback Writer' / 'Rain.' The track is marked by the boosted bass guitar sound throughout, partly in response to John Lennon demanding to know why the bass on a certain Wilson Pickett...

‘Rain’ is one of my favourite songs of all time.
Brilliant single! Just second to "Hey Jude/Revolution"! my opinion...
RIP Vinnie Paul!
Favorite Single!
Good article.
Rain ✨
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This Day in Music2 days ago

Happy birthday to Todd Rundgren, born on 22nd June 1948. American multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, and record producer . Member of Nazz and Utopia. Had the solo 1972 US No.16 & 1973 UK No.36 single 'I Saw The Light'. Rundgren engineered / produced many notable albums...

It was only one song that i know from him when he duet with Bonnie Tyler "Loving you is a dirty job" in 1985.
Happy Birthday Todd! Loved "Hello its Me" played a lot when we were in High School in the 1970's...still a great tune!
Happy Birthday Todd Rungren and Thank You for writing a Beautiful song that we Covered “It Wouldn’t Have Made Any Difference” on the Planet Patrol 1983 LP🎼💽👍
Hello It’s Me...Sometimes I Don’t Know What To Feel...need Just One Bang On The Drum All Day❣️
First saw Todd in 1975 at Hammersmith Odeon, the infamous "Spaghetti House" gig, Luther Vandross on backing vocals! Have bought every official Todd & Utopia album released since then. Still listening to "The Ikon", 30+ minutes of total "Toddness". The Runt, A Wizard A True Star, Faithful, all of the above. He is and always will be " ...Odd, Toddly Enough!... "
The runt got me my first woman back in’70, a legend.
Deface the Music is still one of my favorite albums.
Happy birthday, Todd. Hermit of Mink Hollow is the best album ever made!
I sitll have this LP he was so ahead of his time love his music.
Met him in Laurel Canyon early 80's. Nice guy...
Hello It's Me is a great song 🙂
❤❤❤❤❤❤❤I've seen him 10 times and will go next time❤❤❤❤❤❤
Does Todd live anywhere near the volcano eruptions?
Got to love Todd. The first time I ever heard his music, I saw the light ♥️
I always loved his music!
Also produced the Psychedelic Furs
Hello it’s me gives me life thank you Todd.
Jennifer Nieves it’s our mans birthday
Remember Some People by Nazz? Great single.
The Tubes
Produced "Skylarking" for XTC.
Very talented. Way ahead of his time
Belongs in R&R Hall of Fame!
Hello it's me is my favorite
One of the BEST. So incredibly talented! ❤🎵
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This Day in Music3 days ago

22nd June 1968, The Otis Redding album Dock Of The Bay went to No.1 in the UK. The posthumously released album, and his sixth studio album contained a number of singles and B-sides dating back to 1965 and one of his best known songs, the...

Just sad that he never saw the success of the song
Great song,thank you!
Tania Mansfield McWhinney
Travis Root



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Oh no. Vince is upset there’s too much sugar in his orange mocha Frappuccino. Who cares. Real news?
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