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This Day in Music
This Day in Music16 hours ago

We love this new book which just landed in our office. Psychedelia: 101 Iconic Underground Rock Albums 1966-1970. Never before or since were so many classic albums made in such a short time. One hundred of them are evaluated in the book with rare photographs...

Dusty Deitch When was this published?
Gert Ørnbøll Only changes last for ever. "Forever changes" with LOVE is still a great album, and the artdrawing at the cover is fantastic.
Lilian Cooper I had a stack if them and when we moved here they mysteriously disappeared from the removal van. We didn't notice straight away nut After a few days when we settled lots of stuff never got here. They are Worth a packet now. Xx
Carolyn Reese That Sargeant Pepper and Jefferson Airplane if one of theirs is listed and then Moody Blues, Days Of Future Passed if it is listed. To me those are all Psychedelia.
Calle Johannesson Just out of curiosity - how do they justify Sgt Pepper's as an **underground** rock album...?
Dean Haas Jr I have probably most of them. Still have my 3,500+ record collection, which were all bought new back then by me.
Maja Maiore they're all in this picture
Sérgio de Moraes Alguém é contra a profusão de cores? Alguém se opõe ao Sunshine pop ou à psicodelia dos anos 60?
Nick Byrne 🎼❤️I've been trying to write some psychedelic tunes on my acoustic guitar, hoping for a new acoustic psychedelic movement
Nick Byrne 🎼❤️I think we need another psychedelic music movement
Ricardo Hinojosa Mira, Talvajita Laura!! :p
Melissa Betz Jefferson Airplane - yeeeeah 😎👌
Tony Coleby "Do I have a favourite psychedelic from this time?" Hell yeah 🙂
George Tatum the doors: 1967; hendrix: axis - bold as love: 1968 [?]
Annick Kayemba À moi les souvenirs ?
Brenda Miller Now I need another book!
Victor Quintanilla Yeah bring it!
Maria Estrella Bento, lembrei de vc!
Jose Jimenez No es undeground, es psicodélico.
Juan Jose Rdz Mis favoritos: Beatles, Doors, Cream y Rolling Stones.
Ken Vail Jr. Forever Changes
Terrence Davis Oh hell yeah!
Luisito Quiñones Are you experienced?
Glen Leiper What about the Moody Moody Blues
Wes Stanhope Blue Cheer was underground. 13th Floor Elevators was underground.
This Day in Music
This Day in Music24 hours ago

25th April 1987, U2 started a five-week run at No.1 on the US album chart with their fifth studio album The Joshua Tree. Inspired by American tour experiences, literature, and politics, the album topped the charts in over 20 countries, and is one of the...

Pamela Glen Donna Chisholm remember hanging about with Gordon and Darren just so we could get a listen to this album when it first came out because Gordon was the only person who could afford it lol x
Simon Hall Bullet the blue sky & were the streets have no name .great album great band but unforgettable fire and war! are my fave albums by u2 !
Norman Hunt For me U2 were never better that that album. A lot of people argue that fact with me. But as far as the success of that album. It did make them worldwide stars. You certainty can't argue with that one.
Howard Strum I always thought they were wanna bees, like The DOORS...Posers, there album is overated, and they hacked, stole, and robbed the Beatles from their rooftop live performance, and proved, that without millions of dollars backingthem from The UK, NO band, ever will be as good, esp. if charity corporate members of The RED HOT Red Hot Chili Peppers do it in VENICE, California...Because when it comes down to it...The UK, hires the rich and wealthy from NYC & specifically, Greenich, CT to pave the way they'd like to manipulate what exactly The Doors and others couldn't do for them! #u2
Jason Wortham Red Hill Mining Town & One Tree Hill are personal faves from The Joshua Tree-- hey, I like songs about hills, okay? 😉
Ryan Bayne My favorite tracks are: Bullet the Blue Sky, Trip Through Your Wires, One Tree Hill, Running to Stand Still, I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, Where the Streets Have No Name and With or Without You.
Don Grossman Red Hill Mining Town is not only my favorite song on the album, it's one of U2's best songs over all.
Thomas Dalton "One Tree Hill". The b-sides were actually better than the album tracks.
Thaddeus Dorville I love the entire album. My choice of music for today. How coincidental.
Abhiram Padmanabhan With or Without You, One Tree Hill, Trip through your wires
Tim Fay Nathan Verrilli David Soares need to brush up with a visit to J Tree this summer before gillette
Ryan Webb The whole album is incredible, Bullet The Blue Sky may be my fav off it.
Timothy Palaszewski "where the streets have no name"....subtitled "so where the fuck are we?"
Paul Cunningham U2'S BEST EVER ALBUM /CD...
Brian Swanson U2 sucks
Jody Lee Best U2 album
Bernardo Perez Not a fan but this is a great album
Richard Capote Jr. Lucky
Sam Foster 'Running to Stand Still', along with the big three.
Adria Winfield Trip through your wires
Ted M. Rogers The soundtrack of the late 80's
Diane Schwarten Barrett Where the Streets Have No Name and One Tree Hill. ❤❤❤❤
John Ferrero respect but don't enjoy their music
Michael Bowling One Tree Hill and Red Hill Mining Town.
Rob Rainey Stfu bono.
This Day in Music
This Day in Music2 days ago

Have a listen to our brand new This Week in Music Podcast - 24 - 30th April. Pete Mitchell is joined by author Harvey Kubernik live from Hollywood and music journalist Barry Caine. On the agenda the Clash, the Damned, Jackson 5, Elvis, X Factor,...

Kelli Vicary Jack Vicary
This Day in Music
This Day in Music2 days ago

24th April 1975, Peter Ham, British singer, songwriter with Badfinger committed suicide by hanging himself in the garage of his Surrey home, aged 27. Ham co-wrote 'Without You', with band mate Tom Evans (who also later committed suicide). The song won an Ivor Novello award...

Maggie Wilson This band were amazing. It has to be the most tragic story in the music business. It gets me every time I hear their music. Blue is the last song you will hear on the last episode of Breaking Bad.
Bruce Haley Without exaggerating, Pete had one of my favorite voices, ever. "Day After Day" is the reason for that. As well as "Baby Blue", "No Matter What", etc.. THAT includes the magnificent vocal harmonies by the other three guys on that song. Goosebumps every time I hear it.
Jim Marchant Wonderful band and songs and wronged by an evil manager and so very tragic end to both Pete Ham and Tom Evans 8 years later. God rest their souls they were a truly fantastic group
David Mabe Gone way too soon. Badfinger was really starting to find their sound when all the legal troubles started. There was so much more music that Polley robbed the world of.
Sherry Bills-Yarrish Very tragic story of how their manager took their money and just kept breaking their spirit until he couldn't take it anymore!
Toni Lorenzo Didn't know he was in the famous Club27! My God, it's great to be 60, healthy and still here...for whatever that's worth. 😉
Richard A. Whitney Jr. Great, but eventually doomed band..... Got to meet and hang out with Mike their drummer in Daytona about 10 years ago....hilarious guy....RIP
Kevin Thompson I liked their music then, and have been "re-discovering " it lately. Recently watched a documentary about them. Sad how their manager screwed them, as seems to happen a lot in the music industry. At the top of the charts , yet financially broke.
Craig Kester Badfinger are the dark side of the horrible music industry.. Welcome to the Machine ...
Craig Matthews Kinda prophetic words by Mr Lennon. "Nothing to get hung about". And I agree with John , life sucks but don't let the asshole win is my motto.
Dean Haas Jr They did the movie "magic Christian" with Ringo Starr, which featured the song 'Come and Get It'.
Rona L Peckich Loved Badfinger and Without You - such a tragic turn of events for two talented musicians.
Lorenzo Alberto Ramirez They should have called themselves Badmanagement..
Ken Nisbet Would have gone on to greatness. Brilliant all round sound. Shafted by a scumbag 'manager'.
Robert Prina The guy 2nd from the right commited suicide not to long after..
Sheila Dass Omg...i never knew young...what a sad this band 💛
David Lewis One of the finest bands ever great musicians vocals and song writers .Very tragic end but up there with the best.
Laurie DaSilva I have decided that this all about profit and numbers. It's just a BS page
Michelle Missy Mersereau Another one in the 27 club.
Eddie Fitzgerald One of the members of the 27 club that actually gos back to 1892 and has 62 known members
Andrew Baker Pete ham hanged himself in his garage in 1975
Blair McCarthy Do you really need to share the method of suicide?
Wanda Lyn Interesting article
Mark Williams Tragic story. Magic band.
Audrey Hensley
This Day in Music
This Day in Music2 days ago

23rd April 1969, The Beatles were at No.1 on the UK singles chart with 'Get Back' the group's 16th UK No.1. Credited to "The Beatles with Billy Preston", it was the Beatles' only single that credited another artist, 'Get Back' was also the Beatles' first...

Dave Newton Went out with a girl(RIP) in my youth. We were young & talked on the phone for hours. She used to play me Don't Let Me Down over the phone. She let me down & broke my heart. :' (
Sunshine Pup Love the Beatles when I am real tired IP John Lennon on it's pure s me to sleep poor Jose I thinking keeps him awake
Dan Fors Including some of the best piano playing in rock...courtesy of Billy Preston.
Leandro Pavon The great Billy Preston and also the fabulous Alan Parson behind them!! 👍👌
Clarke Kelly How much is the original single with picture sleeve worth now?
Jerry Logan Most of the crap they put out today don't even take talent!
Arthur Gallagher Don't let me down is one of their Best!!
Peter Rapport "Get back, Jo."
Marco Predieri Mitici Beatles Forever..
Ken Vail Jr. This day in Beatles I mean music 😂
Russell Johnston Over rated
Matthew Reeves Wish we could " Get Back!"
Mike Ragsdale George is the only one that looks Unaffected
Carol Smith The best band ...ever
Deb Parker OMG how classy
Adria Winfield #1 in the US the week I was born
Song Surgeon Awesome info very informative :/
Joseph Jones They look a little stoned. Haha
Annick Kayemba Nobody ever loves me like she doeesss
Steve Robertson "Get Back,to where you once belong -
Mike Pete Jr. The very best 🙂
Melody Mastin Pam Nault Pam.... 🙂
Gustavo Leguizamon Sebastian Caneva
ML Gonzalez Ruben Olmos Erika Marie Olmos nor ma Norma Gonzalez-Olmos
Vickie Dew Grant
This Day in Music
This Day in Music3 days ago

23rd April 1936, Born on this day, Roy Orbison singer, songwriter, who had a 1964 UK & US No.1 single with ‘Pretty Woman’ plus over 20 US & 30 UK Top 40 singles. With the Traveling Wilburys he had a 1988 UK No.21 single with...

Patricia Mclean Only the lonely. Roy had the most devastating private life. To loose your kids in a house fire then your wife Claudette in a motor cycle accident must have been horrendous for him. Elvis Presley was quoted as saying "Roy Orbison is the best singer in the world" i agree.
Andrew Mikula He had the greatest falsetto and range of any singer of his era, or probably since. Roy's songs and singing are timeless, but Roy the man was considered one of the nicest people one could ever hope to meet...The musicianship was a bonus.
Carol Driscoll In Dreams as I used to listen to this record when courting my husband of 50 years in the early sixties has special memories of those lovely cuddles.
George Launier Can't think of one song of his that wasn't special. One of my favorites was on the B side of Running Scared, "Love Hurts". It was first recorded by the Everly Brothers who also were pretty fantastic.
Wayne Nowak Whatever Roy sang-even on his last album- had that timeless voice-when you hear it-you know there's only one Roy Orbison!!!
David Lillicot I saw Roy in Sydney Australia, with the Rolling Stones and the Newbeats in 1965, and with the Yardbirds and the Walker Brothers in 1967.
Linda Wade Blue Angel was always my favorite. My husband hooked me with that song! Married 43 years. He recently passed away. But that song still makes me smile with beautiful memories. Roy had the most beautiful voice music has ever had!
Pam Kirk In dreams. My mother in laws favourite. After she passed away couldn't listen to it for years. Now ok. And Crying with kd Lang
Linda Wade This isn't fair! Roy fans love every one of his songs! It's impossible to choose one. Unless it is attached to a beautiful memory.
Dmitry Philippov I Drove All Night. And Not Alone Anymore (w/ Traveling Wilburys).
Rori Giles A B S O L U T E L E G E N D. It should be made a crime for anyone other than Roy to sing his songs.
Monte D. Jones Leah has always been my favorite with its haunting music and beautiful lyrics.
John L. Castady Here's a rare shot of Roy w/o his trademark glasses on. Also my favorite tune.
Chuck Dreyer Favorite? Pretty much all of them. Happy Birthday Lefty, Rest In Peace.
Patricia Mclean Penny arcade is the 2nd most requested songs on karioke, after my way.
Georgina Johnson In Dreams. I saw him in 1967 at Festival Hall with Walker Bros and Yardbirds and was mesmerised.
Luisito Quiñones In dreams. I was in seventh grade when he died. Ive listened to oldies since fifth! !!!
Sue Spencer Only the lonely awesome song. Love Roy 👍🤗🎈🎈
Michael Price You got it
Marilyn Crosbie Crying.
Brian Myburgh Roy Orbison.... One of the very best. ❤❤
Tom Spoor Jr. Jeff Spoor Roy Orbison. 👍
Don Riley In dreams or running scared
Kenneth Magnusson Beautiful Lana
This Day in Music
This Day in Music4 days ago

Have a listen to our Record Store Day Special podcast with Pete Mitchell and guests:

Song Surgeon Awesome info



Dothan Eagle
Dothan Eagle4 hours ago

Is the city catching up on marking its water lines, or is a new construction project coming?

Dothan Eagle
Dothan Eagle6 hours ago

The special primary election will be Aug. 15, 2017.

Dothan Eagle
Dothan Eagle8 hours ago

Drop in graduation rates centers around change in criteria for considering a student a graduate.

Dothan Eagle
Dothan Eagle12 hours ago

A $250 delinquent limit for customers before services were shut off has been removed from the utilities ordinance.

Brandy Bouch Beaty What about your "convience fee"? That's wrong.
Dothan Eagle
Dothan Eagle15 hours ago

Garrett Sanders said he will likely redshirt his first year at the Atlantic Coast Conference school.

Dothan Eagle
Dothan Eagle1 day ago

Photos from Wiregrass Blues Fest 2017.