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23rd Oct 1966, The Jimi Hendrix Experience recorded their first single 'Hey Joe', at De Lane Lea studios in London. The earliest known commercial recording of the song is the late-1965 single by the Los Angeles garage band the The Leaves; the band then re-recorded...

Loved his debut single, Never would have thought he would be the best guitarist who ever lived after hearing this track but it had a fine vocal as well. Beats out The Beatles Love Me Do for debut singles.
Love ❤️ Jimi !!!
Would never get released today
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23rd Oct 1963, Bob Dylan recorded 'The Times They Are A-Changin' at Columbia Recording Studios in New York City. Dylan wrote the song as a deliberate attempt to create an anthem of change for the time, influenced by Irish and Scottish ballads. In January 1984,...

Masterpiece,The Title of this song is still relevant today....
Cat Talon Who watches the watcher ?
Monumental !!
Ari Sutton
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22nd October 1969, Paul McCartney publicly denied rumors that he was dead. The most recent of many "clues" of this Death Hoax was the fact that he was the only barefoot Beatle on the newly released Abbey Road LP cover. The story was actually started...

Listening to the quality of music Paul has produced in the last 50 years, maybe he did die in 1969
Gotta love this conspiracy theory... not only would they have had to find someone that looked just like him, but talk and sing just like him, played bass, who just happened to be left handed, and capable of legendary songwriting lol
I remember hearing the old Russ Gibb broadcast detailing the clues in the songs & the album covers...very intriguing at!
This hoax was an outrage. Not cool at all
He was wearing sandals and took them off before they walked across the street
I still have this magazine!
Reminds me of that scene in Life of Brian, when the crowd yells "We are all different", and one guy reluctantly says: I'm not... Everybody: Paul McCartney is dead! Paul McCartney: I'm not.
Hoax or rumours were mostly made by people with bad hearts.
it even made the cover of LIFE magazine.
I read where someone wrote, "you either die a hero, or you record something like Egypt Station."
Every year same boring hoax story again.
ALSO the Volkswagen license plate on thar cover was 28 IF. He'd be 28 if he were alive.
Faul replaced Paul, and is a great performer, I would even say, he is better than Paul, who died November 9, 1966
The debunk is fake news from the deep state. Paul was the CIA'S greatest hit of the 60's.
The album cover even included the 5th Beatle courtesy of Volkswagen
Creaped me out at the time, and #9 backwards!
Lol... The first sentence cracks me up!
Cranberry Sauce.........
Humpty was pushed.
Winfred Samuel Jones
Steve Madeloni
Tomma Halford
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22nd Oct 1969, Led Zeppelin II was released on Atlantic Records in the UK. The Jimmy Page produced album which was recorded over six months between four European and three American tours, peaked at No.1 in both the UK and US, going on to sell...

Not bad for a bunch of plagiarists.
Probably my fave Led Zep album. It was the first one I heard and it blew me away! It still holds up well after all these years!👍
The bass playing on this album is GREAT
Listened to this album every morning getting ready for high school! They mesmerized me! Carved their way into music history with this debut
...blew me away when I bought this...didn't listen to any other bands for weeks.... and when 'Physical Graffiti' was released some years later, got blown away.. again.....x
To me, the debut is one of the bests in the entire rock and roll history.
This was the one that changed everything. Definitely the best hard rock record ever.
My favourite Led Zeppelin album. Four master craftsmen at work, this is just an amazing album
Get the LED OUT!
Although I wasn’t born yet,thankfully because of my dad I was exposed to them and love their music to this day. 🤘
I owned the original released LP, it had a raised leathery cover on some areas. Great album
Ron Eisenman. This album always reminds me of you.
My 1st Zep album was Presence. Threw away all David Bowie and Elton John albums out. Zep was my 1st concert at 15. The 77 tour in Largo Md.
Good album though I find certain songs hard to listen to after a while like Whole Lotta Love, Heartbreaker, Ramble On, etc. Maybe because theyre on the radio every single day, I dont know... The ones that stand out to me more are the lesser knowns like Thank You, What Is..., Bring it on Home - if those are actually lesser known...
It will hold up as one of the greatest rock album of all time. Lucy, you got some 'splanin to do.
A great record considering some artists second record is not as good as the debut. Just can’t beat the first two albums but still love Physical Graffiti the best 😉
My favorite album from LedZep besides Physical Graffiti
El mejor LP de toda la historia del heavy rock......................
classic album one of my favorites
Dazed and Confused!Yes!
Still have this album
The best zepp album, imho. Heartbreaker rules!!!😀😀😀
The best hard rock album ever
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22nd October 1966, The Beach Boys ‘Good Vibrations’ made its debut on the US singles chart. Written by Brian Wilson and Mike Love, the track was recorded over 6 weeks in four different Los Angeles studios, at a cost of over $16,000. The recording engineer...

The most overrated band ever to run on.......... Standing by for the vitriol.......
iconic album groundbreaking
I find it hard to believe, The Beach Boys have never won a Grammy Award, Neither have The Rolling Stones.
The recording engineer's last name probably was NOT Wilson?
Still have the 8 track!
Jonny Major
Kevin Doolan
Yet another Dipshit heard from!
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21st Oct 1976, Keith Moon played his last show with The Who at the end of a North American tour at Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto. On September 7, 1978, Moon died of an overdose of a sedative Heminevrin, that had been prescribed to prevent seizures...

Great drummer with a style all his own but think John Bonham was a better drummer in rock as well as Neil Peart & Carl Palmer.
Great drummer. Just listen to, “I Can See For Miles”.
My favorite drummer. His doctor should have been shot for that
Greatest rock drummer ever nobody compares.
Still my favorite Drummer! He actually made the Who a band worth hearing & seeing! He accentuated all the import phrases in every song tremblingly perfect!
He took 32 pills that night ? 32 of the same pill ? You don't even take 32 aspirin without knowing you probably won't wake up. Suicide ?
Moon the Loon! Most exciting drummer ever!!!
A drummer with a Lead Guitarist's mentality. To play over Entwhistle and Pete needed a colossal talent. That was Moonie. Their are legendary stories not only in music circles about some of his antics. His next door neighbor was Charlton Heston I believe. and Keith would torment the hell out of him. Moon would wake up and decide to don complete Nazi regalia and be Hitler for a week, just to piss that ill tempered man off. More importantly than anything though. He was a hellava drummer.
My choice for best drummer ever!
Heminevrin is usually only given on a pill-by-pill out-patient daily basis. Giving Keith a bottle of these was like giving a recovering heroin addict a barrel full of methadone with a ladle and telling him to help himself. Keith had a new minder and doctor that year, neither of whom who didn't what to watch out for.
I was at this show. He was a wild man behind the kit. What a live act they were.
When I think of Keith Moon. I think of C4 dynamite with exploding hotel toilets. I read a story about him. He would have snare drums lined up against the wall in the hotel room and would take one and fling it off the balcony and watch it bounce all the way down the street. Ludwig snares no less too. But he's definitely one of my favorite drummers.
I thought the footage shot for the kids are alright was the last
One hell of a drummer .. Gotta be in the top 5 of all time
I heard that a movie was going to be made. Whatever happened to that?
John Arcamone never knew his last show was in toronto . R.i.p.
No one was Better at my game!
The one and only, best ever, "there is no substitute" !
God Bless!
Yes, a great drummer, but.....😕😕
Poor Keith.
R. I. P.
Dave D'Angelo🎶
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21st Oct 1965, Bill Black, Elvis Presley's bass player, (1954-57), died four months after receiving surgery to remove a brain tumour, aged 39. With guitarist Scotty Moore, and Elvis Presley on rhythm guitar, Black played on ‘That's All Right (Mama)’, Heartbreak Hotel, ‘Baby Let's Play...

Bill was a great engine to have in the band ..
Bill blake still rembered not forgotten great days of music with these guys
Bill along with Scotty & Elvis of course changed the way music was to go in the years to follow



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According to Headland Mayor Ray Marler, no cuts were made and all city full-time workers employed with the city for a year or more will receive a 2 percent pay raise.

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Last week, the town council voted to strip Mayor Elbert Melton of everything but his title and turn leadership of the town’s government over to Mayor Pro-tem Shana Ray.

I'm curious, is that town ran by democrats because we know democrats can't efficiently run hot dog stand or a car wash?
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Health workers say they are seeing signs of mental problems in residents more than a week after Michael, and the issues could continue as a short-term disaster turns into a long-term recovery that will take years.

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Opponents may wonder how much better the Crimson Tide can get.

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Scores of commenters on YouTube have expressed outrage over how the matter was handled.

UNACCEPTABLE...So glad the passenger recorded this...otherwise,it would've been swept under the sad!
Well Ryanair is the WORST
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