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Happy birthday to Paul Stanley, born on 20th January 1952, guitar, vocals, KISS who had 1976 US No.11 album 'Rock and Roll Over' which spent 26 weeks on the chart. Plus the 1987 UK No.4 single 'Crazy Crazy Nights'. Kiss have been awarded 24 gold...

Elise Billmaier Happy birthday Paul!!! Here's my #KISS #FanArt drawn in lipstick💙
Nick Hales Facts are correct for the US only. Way underplays the impact Stanley and Kiss have had on the global stage.
Marion Savinsky
Jhon Hernandez Happy Birthday Paul Stanley!!
Julio Cesar Barrantes Zamora Esteban Barrantes Zamora mire man
Julie Perry Alex Pollack
Michael Steele Ray Milbank
Phil Kuo Dan Parsels Anthony Porter
Christie Meyers Jordyn Lussier
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20th January 1982, During an Ozzy Osbourne concert in Des Moines, Iowa, a member of the audience threw a bat onto the stage. Stunned by the light, the bat lay motionless, and thinking it was a rubber fake, the singer picked it up and attempted...

Andrew Mikula Ozzy is in a contest with Keith Richards... How did we ever live this long?
Helen Kelly He's a very nice person. I was in one of his videos. Fun times!
Linda Olson I live in Des Moines, Iowa. What an odd thing for us to be "famous" for!!!
Tim Combs 3-second rule Ozzy
Elise Billmaier Literally the coolest story I've ever heard.
Chris Dublynn Sr. A rich man none the less
Les Shifler
Tom Bergeron And this is news? 🤷🏻‍♂️
Christine Donfrancesco
Tori Buck M E M O R I E S 😂
Richard Laforest Should we call you Batman?lol
Shane Rittenhouse Robert Woolley
Andrea Aken Michael Bentzenn
Dave Hitchen tosser
Dominick Sanna #HeavyMetalBatMan
Kim Barnett Talentless cheating fukwit
Mary Ertz-Berger Graves Jennifer Delaney McNally
Alicia A. Link Winston Smith
Neal Ryan what a burn out case
Francis Henry Paul Monahan
Francis Henry Eamon Maguire
Jerome Evanson Saw them in Melbourne Australia for their Deceptive Bends tour. What an entertaining band. Now THAT would be one helluva reunion.
Kenny Flasher I would love to see 10cc one time man.
Kani Bawa There was a great programme on BBC4 about them. It was really good. So much I didn't know.
My Favorite 80's Music Lists i'm not in love
Ryan Oxley Dad Baz Oxley ! 🙂
Matt Gleeson Mark Atterby
This Day in Music
This Day in Music16 hours ago

Happy birthday to Eric Stewart, born on 20th January 1945. English singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who with the Mindbenders had the 1966 UK No.2 single 'Groovy Kind Of Love'. With Hotlegs the 1970 UK No.2 single 'Neanderthal Man' and as a member of 10cc the 1975...

Connie Burns I loved Groovy Kind of Love 💜
Wes Stanhope 👌👍 from groovy kind of love to present, yes.
Phil Naylor For me, Eric Stewart is one of the most overlooked and underrated musicians I can think of. Happy Birthday Eric. B|
John Corcoran Fine guitarist and songwriter. Happy birthday Eric.
Leo Phillips Superb and 10cc .i heard he was quite ill hope hes ok now
Steven Soloduk Art for Art's Sake, Money for God's Sake!
Ranieri Romano HAPPY Birthday Mr 🎩
Sławomir Grodzki Happy Birthday
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This Day in Music23 hours ago

What's on the deck? Do you have a favourite Janis Joplin track?

Roland Garnett I never was much of a Joplin fan but I'd have to say "Down on me" was one of her best.
Dean Haas Jr Ball and Chain - I saw her do it live, and no one can come close.......
Patricia Corsoe Mastrando I have every one of her albums...out of all her songs my favorite is "Cry Baby"...I just loved her ☮️💔🎶
Denise Ahearn I love the entire album. Mercedes Benz, Me and Bobby McGee, down on me, and piece of my heart
Deb Wallace Happy birthday Janis love all of the pearl album especially Half Moon
Dustin Stump Probably the most overrated artist ever. Seriously cannot see what anyone sees. I find her unlistenable.
Thomas Carr i have that album piece of my heart was my favorite
Sue Weicholtz Garber Happy Birthday Janis and my favorite is Down on Me
Philip Krausz Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz, My friends all drive Porches, I must make amends, And her cackle at the end is infectious.
Duygu Börte Serap Janis Joplin "Piece Of My Heart" 😍❤🙏
Gary Richards Yep. Spinning this today. I saw her with Big Brother at Monterey Pop. She was awesome.
Chuck Murray My friends all drive porshes I must make amends. So won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz. Oh Lord...........
Andrew Grainger Why is no one saying ball and chain.......that's Janis at her very best... My favourite female voice of all time...... Pure passion and emotion....
Justin Buchanan Yeah. The one where I turn it to another station anytime I hear her God awful voice.
Greg Koser "Piece of My Heart"and "Me and Bobby McGee "
Andrew Mikula Move Over from the Pearl LP.. Great vocal and a crack performance from her backing band.
Lurlie Coleman Piece of My Heart is my favorite. No one cans compare to her,
Amy Baldwin West "Get it While You Can" off that album. "A Woman Left Lonely" all time favorite.
Han Se Me and Bobby McGee, Cry and Maybe.
Brittany Chapman Can’t stand the rain by Janis Joplin in addictive 💕✌🏼😘 happy 75th birthday to such a beautiful soul!!
Daniella Cammarota Me and Bobby McGee! Reminds me of a love I shared my soul with; the only person I've shared my soul with.
Kaye Hillary My first record, love all of it.x
Wes Stanhope Down on me, Half Moon, but most heart wrenching is Mercedes Benz, and what She spoke before the take. For those that don't know, M B was her last song recorded before She passed, making her intro to M B more poignant.
Betty Dooley Always loved "Piece of My Heart", but "Cry" and "Ball and Chain" are also really good. And, of course, let's not forget that classic hit "Me and Bobby McGee".
Clay Edmonds Bobby Maggie was recorded today song writer Kris Kirstoferson
This Day in Music
This Day in Music1 day ago

19th January 1943, Born on this day, Janis Joplin, US singer, who had a 1971 U.S No.1 single with 'Me And Bobby McGee' and the 1971 U.S No.1 album 'Pearl'. Janis died on October 4th 1970 after an accidental heroin overdose. Joplin was cremated in...

Frani Miranda Happy Birthday my hippie sis Janis Joplin. How I loved you. 💗 You will always be my most favorite and unforgettable female singer. My favorites ....Me and Bobbie McGee, Down on Me, Mercedes Benz, and Try... Have missed you through the years wondering what other hit songs you could have belted out.
Leon Bazzle She's still singing even though we can't hear her
Dennis Doxtater Accidental? What happened, did she trip and fall on a loaded, point-up needle?
Brian Pedati Oh Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz
Paul Anthony Silva I thought that her ashes were taken on David Crosby's boat The Mayan and her ashes scattered from it
Liza Eileen Harris Happy birthday in Heaven Janis, keep on singing Me & Bobby McGee, my Mom is listening! 😘
Robert Morton It's also Robert E..Lee's b'day too
Kli S Lopes 🔊🎶Hey Janis, take a little piece of my heart...You know you gotta it if you make feel good...🎶Rest in Peace,Legend!!!
Jose Resendiz Santos Happy birthday to my impossible love...,
Edny-Hilde Strandmann Trist at denne flinke artisten døde. Elsker å høre henne synge Bobbie MacGee.....
Carolyn Bentley Happy Birthday Janis! You will always be a piece of my heart!
Don Sherwood Happy Birthday Janice miss you more than what words can say there is only one Janice
Lawrence Alvarez Happy birthday Janis Joplin said Lawrence
Gail Mayes Love your voice Happy birthday Janis lknow your belting out songs in heaven
Korenna Buchanan Kosmic blues that you were gone too soon😢😢
Jan Mortimer Talented & gone too soon.
Marion Savinsky
Valayda Peery
Greta Kralj
Gilson Bispo da Silva
Carolyn Bentley
John A Van Arsdall Happy Birthday Janis
Thomas McCalligan Jenn McCalligan what time is the show
Ed Hernandez Down on me
Hester de Kock RIP
This Day in Music
This Day in Music1 day ago

Happy birthday to Dolly Parton, born on 19th Jan 1946
in Sevierville, Tennessee, singer-songwriter, author, multi-instrumentalist, actress. She is one of the most successful female country artists of all time; with an estimated 100 million albums sold. Known as "The Queen of Country Music",...

Dave Williams The ONLY version of "I will always love you" that I will listen to, the other version by Houston is an insult to the beauty of Dolly's. And BLWIT I love to this day, Dolly is magnificent❤❤❤❤
Bruce Randall First met her when she was with Porter Waggoner and traveling with the Grand Old Opry. Long before any silicone ! Total sweetheart
Ernesto Amparo Jr. Her Duet with kenny rogers, "islands in the stream" is the best
Don Sherwood The most talented song writer of our time happy birthday Dolly
James Young Congratulations and Happy Birthday Dolly Patton
David Gibbard Happy Birthday Dolly. 72 years old? Never!!!! Islands in the Stream Kaye Gibbard?
Jack Kinslow Happy birthday today Dolly and many many more!!
Katie A. Girard Happy birthday Dolly love your beautiful voice your great talented person.❤❤❤❤
Bonnie J Nagel Happy Birthday! God Bless you!
Scott Moroz Would like to visit Dolly's World someday, or whatever the name of it is.
Rosa Ramirez Chamberlain Happy Birthday to my favorite country singer🎈🎂❤
Keith Lambeth Happy birthday Dolly!
Garry Vasser Happy Birthday Dolly; I've listened to you many hours!
Ranieri Romano HAPPY Birthday MADAME 👒 👒 👒
Graeme White I love her greatest hits....
Gary Arnold
Ingrid Lütcke Happy Birthday Dolly ....have a fine day....
Connie Gianformaggio
Gene Pfeil Oh, come here girl,......give me a great big hug.
Dee Dudgeon
Phillip Sarrazine
Margaret Buckingham Happy birthday Ms Parton.x
Dixie JJ Happy Birthday Dolly
Thomas Mullen Doyle
Maureen Lafferty Happy birthday Dolly Parton xx



Dothan Eagle
Dothan Eagle20 hours ago

The grant funds announced today will be used to renovate campus infrastructure to expand the College’s Advanced Composite Training Program.

Dothan Eagle
Dothan Eagle23 hours ago

Mendheim’s appointment as an Associate Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court is effective Tuesday.

Morris Sharp Congratulations Judge Mendheim on your appointment to the Alabama Supreme Count.
Curtavious Jones Congratulations very good man!
Dothan Eagle
Dothan Eagle1 day ago

To be fair, the Alabama team Auburn had prepared to play wasn’t the one that took the floor.

Dothan Eagle
Dothan Eagle1 day ago

Congratulations to coaches and athletes!

Dothan Eagle
Dothan Eagle2 days ago

The difference is all in the gluten.

Dothan Eagle
Dothan Eagle2 days ago

Community groups and individuals could assist through the People Against a Littered State (PALS) program.

Lana Dawson The trash is terrible down 231S! I don't understand someone who throws trash out their window!
Alice B. Tharpe Yep!
Sara Moring This is a serious problem. I live East 84 & it is terrible what is thrown out. I have noticed that most is done on weekends. Monday morning 84 East is littered from Ashford into Dothan. I actually pick trash up by my house all the time. The traffic is scary coming by but I hate the litter being close by my home. Good luck with anything that you can be do!
Twyla Phelps Williams It is bad on Flowers Chapel Road. I pick up often at the entrance to our neighborhood, but am saddened seeing so much litter on the sides of the road. Something definitely needs to be done in Dothan.
Chad Lowery It isn't just Houston county, we have the same issue here in Jackson County. It always gets worse in the months that the grass isn't cut.
Sherrie Pace-Truitt The side of the roads are so poisoned by herbicides it's all I notice. They plant grass after road construction just to kill it. Maybe if the countryside actually looked like country and not poisoned dead grass it wouldn't be used as a garbage drop. You cant claim to care about beautification only to care about garbage. Sustainably maintain Gods green earth and be an example of environmentally concerned then maybe others will have some concern too. If these reps really cared about the environment it should be all inclusive.
Jeff Taylor Take a ride down 231 into Florida or out 84 into Georgia and notice how dramatically the amount of litter drops when you cross the state lines. Apparantly these states invest in cleaning their roadways and find ways to put manpower out there to clean them. In four years of living here I have seen numberous DOC roadside cleaning crews in Fl but none in Alabama along 84 or 231. Alabama, Houston County and Dothan have to put the effort into creating solutions for this issue. If you don't want to put cleaning crews out at least up some cameras and start ticketing these jacka**es to the tune of a couple of hundred bucks each offense and post their photos in local papers and maybe it will help curb some of this ignorant and lazy behavoir.