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Great page on Queen here from our friends at uDiscover: https://www.udiscovermusic.com/artists/queen/

Song Surgeon who else really gets this
Jerry Lee Cooper II
Chris Rosella
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20th Sept 1970, Jim Morrison of The Doors was acquitted on charges of lewd and lascivious behavior, but was found guilty of exposing himself during a concert at The Dinner Key Auditorium in Coconut Grove a year and a half earlier. At his trial at...

Craig Kester The authorities coming down on Morrison was one reason he moved to Paris . The Doors were finished . If Morrison had lived , he wouldn't have come back to USA to face prison . He would have stayed in France and got more into film and poetry .. Another young rock star attracted to the wrong women .. Jims' girlfriend was a heroin addict .. You are the company you keep ...
Steven McCarthy-Hunt Six days hard labour for profanity? Jeez, think of todays music industry and you'd need to be building new jails every week 😆😆
Dom Da Mova My favorite, but as they say in the Bronx tale, The sadest thing in life is wasted talent. I can't let it go, an artist so talented, yet on a path of self destruction, people wish they had their talent and success, never enjoying a full life, I'm glad Clapton woke up. Unfortunately Hendrix, Joplin aND the rest of the 27 club were too stupid to realize the value of life.
Frank Semonious Curious how many women have faced the same charges in Florida. What he did would be legal here in Oregon. Tried to Google it. Almost every result was about Jim Morrison's weiner. Damn it must have really made an impression!
Spencer Spence I have to defend some of their music ! Like riders on the storm ! That was a master piece ! A rock classic , and love her madly was a jam
Jenifer N Ralphie Hopkins I have to say that I do enjoy the Doors, I just don't respect Jim Morrison. He was a talented writer. However, he had never trained as a singer before The Doors. His band mates on the other hand were truly talented well trained musicians. Together they created a unique sound. But due to Morrison's drug and alcohol induced behavior his band mates talents lived in his shadow of unprofessionalism. Definitely not the only musician of the time to be guilty of such behavior though.
Justin Campbell Tried to get into the doors. It never quite did it for me. From all there albums i could probably fill 1 g/hits cd that i might listen to occasionaly. From what i have read & seen Jim seemed a bit of a cock.
Jamie Leighton He was messed up by then. His music was still good, but was starting to suffer. A ruination of a life, and I heard that before 1967 he was a nerd.
Rhosier Morgan Great tunes and lyrics, and who can deny he looked the business, but can't say I enjoyed his vocal contribution.
John L. Castady Sorry, but Jim was an A-hole.
Mario Daniel Rodriguez
Brian Carlson How was he allowed to leave the country with jail time swinging over his head?
Eddie Kiffiak Couldn't stand this guy, or their crappy music
Callie Gibson Alive, She Cried...Waiting for me Outside...
Ragnhild Sund ITS was tragic ITS END like this he was a great musican ❤️❤️❤️
Kristian Rasmussen I'm the recurrence of J.M
Tony Lowe He should have been locked up for Riders On The Storm...
Glenn Richard Olson Rock and roll sure isn't the same.
Spencer Spence He was a lost brilliant mind !
Malcolm Sheehan Well I still love him and their music.❤
Jay Wood Funny how the Dr that signed his death certificate was never found.
Robyn Annear Riders on The Storm is classic! Its such a shame Jim was such a druggie
Jeff Kelly His drinking wrecked one of the best bands
Elvis Jimenez Donde menos lo esperaba la.puta ley americana hoy en día es una mierda d capitalistas x eso viva Castro y el chee
Ray Pellerin Jim was convicted in fact. It was appealed but died before it went back to court.
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20th Sept 1975, 'Fame' gave David Bowie his first No.1 in the US. The song was co-written with John Lennon. Lennon's voice is heard towards the ending of the song repeating the words: "Fame, Fame, Fame" from a fast track, through a regular track, to...

Craig Kester A little ironic in that Fame partly killed Lennon .. The Dark Side of fame . Insane obsessive fans ...
Carlos DeLeon Actually Lennon's voice is heard repeating "fame" during the chorus.
Tim Schoen Lennon sings through the WHOLE song, with the falsetto "fames" that answer Bowie's lead vocal.
Patrick Waits You can better hear Lennon singing with Bowie in the "Is it any wonder?" bit.
Thomas Moore That part shook the building when I saw him in Kzoo
George Yurkovic I think he ,Lennon,did the guitars also
Susan Flood Thanks 🙏🏻 Wendy, Iike the song Fame.
Lawrence Alvarez I allows remember john and David in my life in music in the 60s and up
Dawn Robertson Blimey.... David Bowie is so thin
Luana Guidolin Wow I never new that❤️❤️
JaniceandFred Happich Like David Bowie music!
DeAnn Hokokian Awesome Song!!!!
Russell Montilone Never knew. Thanks!
James Faulk
Cathy Botha
Zinha Basto
Kenna Contrael Hill Did not know that
James Faulk
Asanka Rodrigo I like FAME 90 version very much.....
Ariane Malo Sabine Calbert did you know this?!
Roy Granberg Amber Colombo awesome pic
Ashleigh Howes Graham Tedder
Carly Cheetham Angie Prehna
Jaime Louise Gough Saskia Lily
Andy Nelson Kathy Fowler
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19th Sept 1973, Country rock singer, songwriter 26-year-old Gram Parsons formerly of The Byrds and The Flying Burrito Brothers, died under mysterious conditions in Joshua Tree, California. His death was attributed to heart failure but later was officially announced as a drug overdose. His coffin...

Chuck Moody I remember listening to KROQ in Los Angeles when they played 3 Gram Parsons songs in a row. I thought that it was great that he was finally getting some airplay when the DJ came back on and announced his death. To this day, I get nervous when hearing an underplayed artist on the radio. There is a great documentary on Grams life available on DVD. The name escapes me though.
Mark Norris Many a Performer Accredited Gram Parsons with their fashion choices. Parsons was acutely aware and an active advocate of the visual fashion component in both entertainment and life in general.
Jim Massung Why did you have to leave us at such a young age Your legacy could have been even more beautiful than what you left us I for one will miss your voice and your musical talent
Robert Romkey They were not arrested for swiping his body, they were arrested for stealing the coffin. I saw a bit of an interview with Kaufman one time, and he told it. Apparently there isn't or wasn't any law against stealing a body in California. True or not? Who knows.
Debra Hall I was lucky enough to meet him at a Poco concert at the Swing Auditorium in San Bernardino in 1970. He even gave me & my friend a ride home. Nice guy.
Bryan Simmons Gram was a very inspired musician and a style guru, but he effectively ended the Byrd's career as a band. I remember him for what he contributed to the band whilst he was there. A lost talent.
Dave Dorland The Rolling Stones cancelled some concerts including Cardiff because Keith was distraught over losing his close friend.
Joe Polifroni Such a crazy story... Loved the movie Grand Theft Parsons...
RC Sanders Grand Theft Parsons with Johnny Knoxville as Phil Kaufman.
Douglas Work I have always wanted a Viking funeral.myself.
Jim Massung Thank you all for being Gram Parsons fans I thought I was truly all alone
Lynne Rooney-Brigham The duets Emmy Lou Harris are beautiful.
Don McMahan "Sweetheart of the Rodeo" was brilliant.
Bob Martin How in the world can you run off with a coffin?
Peggy Ford Bassford Visited the Country Music Hall of Fame recently in Nashville. My favorite exhibit.
Anna Ekstedt Thomas Önskar att Nalen startade sin Gram Parson kväll igen!
Jeff Balcerzak Grand Theft Parsons....
Christine Reid I hope my friends will honor my wishes. I want to be cremated and have my ashes released at Disneyland on the Matterhorn!!
Richard Severeid Better to burn out than to fade away, not fade away.
Craig Reynolds Kenny Miles Find a copy of the movie Grand Theft Parsons. It's about this.
Amadee Zachorski One of the best movies ever!!
Scott Hutter Grand Theft Parsons!!
Pilar Kofler I remember hearing that story about his funeral pyre...
Dean Haas Jr Emmylou Harris was devastated - the were an item at the time.
Brian Reule Basis for the song "I'm On Fire" by Dwight Twilley
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19th Sept 1943, Born on this day, Cass Elliott, singer, Mamas and the Papas, who scored the 1966 US No.1 & UK No.3 single 'Monday Monday'. After the breakup of The Mamas & the Papas, Elliot embarked on a solo career and had the 1968...

Steve Grace Didn't know she was staying with Harry at the time. If you saw his documentary then you know he was a raging coke head during those years, completely out of control. I see it all now, such a shame.
Olivia DiCarlo Garrison I had met her after their show in Orlando in 1966. She gladly gave us her autograph and was very thoughtful and sweet.
Chris Connor growing up over weight and having her to show the world sized does not matter its whats inside always gave me a sense of peace, love you mama!
Lawrence Alvarez It was mama cass i been with her in my life all her life in music in santa ana and santa Rosa and Sebastopol and so much more in music said Lawrence in the 1958 to 1970s
Alan Denning Fantastic voice. Much maligned because of her weight.
Rob Elkington And Keith Moon died in same flat 4 years later
Lynn Gigg she had an amazing voice ,gone to soon .
Andrew Charles Medhurst She was a fun girl, from what I remember, but whisked off the planet far too young ☆
Juliana Leitão She was just too young to be gone. RIP Cass Elliot.
Diana Capurro She did the best rendition of Dream a Little Dream of Me.
Arthur Steele She made "just another band" very special!
Kevin H Sloan Awesome talent can't find that anymore . Very beautiful person
Julie Sawyer Dunn Voice of a angel, gone way too soon.
Lesley Farrands Love Her great voice and what fab shoes I always thought She choked on a sandwich!
Jeff Bales But the shoes...they gotta go...
Gail Gem Morty Mortinson mamma cass was beautiful - lovely face, gorgeous voice and one unique lady. tragic she was taken from us so young.
Rich Budenas Yes, she had a beautiful voice. Gone too young. 😢😭😦😓
Sean Farthing Sadly Keith Moon passed away at the same address.RIP.
Arturo Aponte Oviedo Mama Cass!
Gail Gem Morty Mortinson iconic foto of mamma cass
Lee Ann Theis Humphries Such a loss.....what a beautiful soul
Lee Beaumont Better every day .. perfect pop song : )
Tony Scott *1941
Denise Lane Great voice.
Debbie Barret She had a beautiful voice.
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See how many you can score in our Jimi Hendrix quiz: http://www.thisdayinmusic.com/pages/jimi_hendrix_quiz

Lawrence Alvarez Its at the music festival with Jackson 5 and Lawrence Alvarez and all the bands playing music with Otis Redding and jimi Hendrix and Prince Roger and mana cass and Janis Joplin and Jerry Garcia and the blind owl the Baer and grace slick and so much more at the jimi reunion said Lawrence 1970
Patrick McDonnal 85%
Annick Kayemba Trop beau et trop talentueux !
Sarah Glenister Andrew Glenister



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We’ve been receiving dispatches from Florida thanking our crews.

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Students can take classes in education and training, health sciences, auto repair, aviation technology and welding.

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Three big plans appeared to garner the majority of attention.

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Fleming defeated Jemmie Watford by a 283-140 margin.

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M1 Support Services of Denton, Texas. has been awarded the potential 10-year rotary wing aviation maintenance contract.

Jeramy H. Smith Doesn't matter who "wins" this contract. When you put money as leverage over a scheduling maintenance plan...you throw out the fundamentals of maintenance management.
Tommy Lairmore Yall really should know what your talking about before you write such a drama driven article
Larry Kirkland They generally keep the mahority of the workers
Kathy Ewart Kalina How many people will loose their jobs if this happens?
Mindy Joyner Brian Buchanan
Michael Jurek Jeff
Noelle Bledsoe Erik Wood
Jessica Carroll Brandon Florence
Mark Smith Trevor Knight