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Sad to hear that guitarist and AC/DC co-founder Malcolm Young has died aged 64 after a long battle with dementia. After forming AC/DC in 1973, Malcolm and his brothers were credited as co-writers on every song the band recorded by the band between their 1975...

Brian McCoy Rest in peace, Malcolm Young, you were the guitarist who inspired me to pick one up. You are already missed. #ACDC #malcomyoung
Jerome Evanson Makes me sad. So many great bands and artists of my generation pushing towards that final horizon. I was living in Melbourne in 76/77 when they released "It's a Long Way to the Top". The video had the boys mounted on the back of a flat bed truck as they ripped through the song holding their instruments. Such exuberance. Once in a lifetime band. Condolences to the family.
Janis Brown So very sad but Will ALWAYS BE REMEMBERED for GREAT Music. I work in a dementia community it is a horrible disease may his soul rest.
Andrew Donass My condolences go out to his family and his band mates. It is always a sad sad day when the music world loses a talented and respected musician. Rest In Peace Sir🌖🌗🌘🌑🌒🌓🌔
Bryan Selsor Over 40 something years of my life I've been a life long fan and this was a little bit of a sudden exit.....He will be remembered 💖
Gert Ørnbøll Thank you for all the great riffs Malcolm ~ hope you enjoy beeing part of the Heavently Band ~ we will miss you ...
Brian Latimer Thanks for the music sir and rock on in heaven 🙏🏼🎸🤘🏼
Mary Stewart Cennamo Way too young to suffer and die from such an awful disease. RIP.
Randy Crawford Iconic sound. You could always tell it was an AC☇DC song before a single lyric was uttered. RIP
Marianne Jacobsen The most under rated rhythm guitarists ever
Jesse Loew RIH Malcolm... Let the jam session begin.
Sugi Tjatorson R.I.P. Malcolm Mitchell Young (6 January 1953 – 18 November 2017)
Jason Rindall RIP Melcolm, thanks for the music, and memories...true legend, incredible legacy left behind....
Wendy Harrison Sorry to hear that. Was the one that used to dress up in school boy clothes?
Matt Williamson One of the great riff masters.
Mike Nuno Rest in peace, thanks for the rockin roll
Nicholas DiGirolomo Very sad to hear, R.I P Malcom. Rock on in Rock and Roll heaven.
Carol Gardiner Rip
Janeth Missie Walling Lawson R.I.P. Malcolm Young
Stephen Platt RIP. Hope you rock in heaven too.🤘
Todd Ogden Rest in peace Malcolm Young
Mike Gibbs Really sad news. RIP Malcolm
Matt Leen R.I.P
Imtiaz Ahmed Harris
Barbara Lindgren
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This Day in Music6 hours ago

What's on the deck! We love Led Zeppelin III. And the original artwork with the spinning wheel is a work of art. Did Jimmy page ever beat the solo in 'Since I've Been Loving You'?

Josh Blakesley Since ive been loving you might be my favorite zeppelin song.
Michael D. Wright He may have, with his solo in "No Quarter", live, from 'The Song Led Zeppelin: The Song Remains the Same. A personal favorite.
Tom Bivens According to Jimmy Page, Since I've Been Loving You is his best guitar solo.
Shannon Lee Daffron Ten years gone, my personal favorite, off physical graffiti
Brandon Houser Best Zep Album.
Mark Adkins "Nobody's fault but mine "
Jimmy K Jackson Shout out to ACDC
Bell Matthew Achilles' last stand beats it.
Ammar Al Midani he did with Prison Blues
Ed Bergheimer How about Rubber Soul?
Jörg Elsenrath Hervorragend
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18th Nov 1970, Led Zeppelin III was at No.1 on the UK & US album charts. The original cover and interior gatefold art consisted of a surreal collection of random images. Behind the front cover was a rotatable laminated card disc, covered with more images,...

William F. Nappi The last time I saw my Led Zeppelin III album is when it was available for sale at my garage sale, possibly left in that garage in Oct. 1989. I doubt it's still there. I was renting a room in that house where the garage existed before I moved on to CA. Nothing against CDs but the album artwork of that era just always seemed to add to the appeal in most cases. Like this one.
Jim Buckley Since I've Been Loving You and Tangerine from this album are two of my favourite LedZep tracks.
Neil Bingham The best album from the best band ever! I listen to it almost every day.
Paul N Callicoat When I first bought it back then, I was disappointed. I grew to love it dearly however.
Gospa Na Kreku not a bad album at all, considering it's Led Zep
Steven Soloduk My favourite by them, at least 6 times out of 7 times asked...
Agustin Reyes Have the LP with original package, cassette and CD
Claude Bell On the first pressing, the runoff groove is inscribed with Aleister Crowley quotes.
Michelle Buttles We played, and played and still play, what a great piece and fantastic rock! Let it roll
Roddy Martinez I love Led Zepp but for some reason I don't listen to them anymore.
Bill Striejewske Bernie Gerling Looks like LZ3 gets a spin today, eh?
William F. Nappi Come to think of it now, I had this on 8 track too. I have it today on CD myself.
Deborah Knight Best album 🎼❤️
Jeff Matthews Still my favorite of theirs'
Michael Pelletier 3 albums in 18 months. Incredible.
Mark Lausche My favorite Zep album
Marilyn Pelletier Gosson Still have my vinyl!
Marcos Romanholy
Russ Charnsongkram Back to your senses huh?
Ken Cheshire Truly an outstanding album!!
Chi Sun Lau I used to have one.... what a pity!
Suzy Moorman Gerry My favorite album
Cailean Cuimreach My favourite Zep album.
Ed Ruane Got this somewhere
Ian Spence Garry Bannister
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17th Nov 1973, The Who's double album Quadrophenia entered the UK album chart peaking at No.2. One of two two full-scale rock operas from The Who (the other being the 1969 ‘Tommy’). The 1979 film based on the story stars Phil Daniels, Toyah Willcox, Ray...

Michael Rock The patience, persistence and experimentation required to make this album, given the state of electronics at the time...no wonder Pete nearly went mad.
William Smith This album is forever in me.
John Foster One of my all time favourite albums. Helped me through some tough times.
Billy Gorrie the best album the who ever made.......
Bill Kalivas One of my favorites. I still listen to it. All of it. A masterpiece from beginning to end
Jeff Aten gotta crank The Real Me any time I hear it.
Michael Kriz Better album than Tommie!
Kathy Jo North Reign o'er me
Dan Miller Len Skinner opened.
Uldis Zemzars For me Tommy is better
Martin Barber My favorite WHO album
Sam Hernandez A "mod'' bible.
Chris Reed Crap film, crap acting
Nasja Stokvis 🌺
Jim Pennington John Piscitelli
100%Bloodline Productions LIKE our page goo.gl/lLnT4k
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This Day in Music1 day ago

17th Nov 1966, The Beach Boys were at No.1 on the UK singles chart with 'Good Vibrations.' As a child, Brian Wilsons mother told him that dogs could pick up "vibrations" from people, so that the dog would bark at "bad vibrations" Wilson turned this...

Philip Wyn Davies Why not show the 45 then?
Geoff Clements Pet Sounds is up there with the best and most influential albums ever produced - Saw Brian Wilson & Co perform it a couple of years ago and the London Palladium - a quality gig!!
Rick Dow The Beach Boys still hold the record for the longest time between number 1 hits...Good Vibrations to Kokomo!
John Lazenby And on that album is what I consider the greatest song ever written, God Only Knows. It was the B side on a single and never really charted that high when first out. Later is was discovered and appreciated. It is a masterpiece. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EkPy18xW1j8
Michael Rock The vocal on God Only Knows.
Ken Poole Changed the sound of rock and roll
Brett Moore The best album ever made by Americans
Martin Martin The most overrated piece of shite I ever heard
Nancy Priddy Murray One of the best albums of all time! Paul McCartney agrees😎
Rick Buckendahl Ain't you got any far out records? To many obvious ones
Ken Vail Jr. Good vibrations isn't on this album hellooo lol..
Dave Shaw Most overrated record ever made
Patrizia Monti
Pini Rod Masterpiece
Paul Wheeler My favourite album, totally unique.
Brent Chambers One of my favorite albums.
Eckhard Vogt Beste Scheibe...
Teri White Tony xx
Jen Marie Green <3
John Hazek Larry Oliver Rich Cassidy
Jean Corrêa Marianna Silva
Neil Pincus Much better version. https://youtu.be/Nplz679dsEI
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17th Nov 1966, Born on this day, Jeff Buckley, US singer songwriter, (1995 album 'Grace'). His singer songwriter father Tim Buckley, died on 29th June 1975 of a heroin and morphine overdose. Jeff Buckley drowned on 29th May 1997 in Wolf River Harbor on the...

Bogi Uhu the first song I heard from JB was Cohan's Hallelujah on French TV from 1996. I was left speachless and thought wtf this guy is lookin for on this planet. well,hopefully ge is on a better one now. love his music.
Izzy Burberry His voice was truly amazing. 'Grace' is a 'desert island' album for me.
Wayne Hansen His daddy weren't no slouch
William Smith Two of the greatest ever.
Barry Edwards Best album recorded in the 90's !
Traycee Hanvy Carol Quinn I thought of you when I read this post.
Avvy Phillips Fenton My favourite male singer of all time. Who knows what he could have done had he lived?
Mollie Chook Welcome back again TDIM.
Julie Houle So young and talented
Christopher Clark So vocally gifted
Sannay Tonight Gone too soon .
Joachim Guischard Great musician Unforgettable
Cyndi Keough Springford Voice of an angel. ❤
Tilo Musser Ein begnadeter Sänger und Musiker
Tim Zizza Lilac wine... 🍷✌🌟
Christopher Bowman Smart guys
Jelena Prtorić Antonio Margheriti 😢 sjetih te se Buckley 😘
Sergio Carvajal Mario Carvajal Manuel Benitez
Wayne Hansen Lachlan Hansen
Rob Huggett Rachel Mauchlen
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16th Nov 1968, The Jimi Hendrix Experience went to No.1 on the US album chart with their third and final studio album Electric Ladyland. The double album included ‘Crosstown Traffic,’ ‘Voodoo Chile’ and a version of Bob Dylan's ‘All Along the Watchtower’. Hendrix expressed displeasure...

Greg Brodie No one ever mentions Little Miss Strange,have a listen to the cute little chicken picken riffs.
Jeff Riggins Side D is one of the greatest albums sides of all time. - Still Raining, Still Dreaming, House Burning Down, All Along the Watchtower, Voodoo Child (Slight Return).
Frank Walsh Voodoo Child, Jimi with Casady, Winwood and Mitch Mitchell. My favorite Hendrix track overall. Still astounding all these years later. Absolutely magical.
Barry Jay Why most discount Long Hot Summer Night, House Burning Down, 1983 is a mystery. Even Noel's Little Miss Strange Jimi explodes with a contolled reckless abandon. What a gift.
Simon Wood Voodoo Chile (slight return). Still one of the best sonic experiences you can have with your pants on.
Patrick Hett The entire double album, after it's entirety, you are in an almost awe, with the top of your head twisted off and smoking... they simply do not record like this any more...
William Stephenson Clark Watchtower is perhaps the best recording of the Rock era ('64 to '75) but it has been played to death like Layla, Stairway and Born to Run. If I am picking a cut to listen to today, it would probably be Voodoo Child.
Richard Bamber 1983/Moon Turn The Tides can't be separated and also happen to be my favourite Hendrix songs into the bargain. Absolutely beautiful.
Don Hosler All along the watchtower and voodoo chile are 2 of the best songs by my favorite guitarist of all time Jimi Hendrix.
Te Ahunga Hakopa Original cover, Nice mate. I remember seeing this in the store when i was just a kid - Voodoo Chile for me, recorded on the fly and the moon turned a fire red!
Morgan Thomas Lee Bond they didn't even have to pay them birds to do the photoshoot, just took some photos around Hendrix's flat
Joseph Beggy I'd like to have the album and meet bomber, PD with yourself, JC, and sadly those who have passed away.
Tommy Cascio 1983 (A Merman I Should Turn To Be)
David Wells The bluesy Voodoo Chile with Steve Winwood.
Rob Rainey Favorite would be the best rock song ever recorded: Voodoo Child (Slight Return) .
Brendan Foster Burning of the Midnight Lamp
Wayne Burrows All of it every song and then axis bold as love
Ryan Bayne I love "All Along the Watchtower".
Cheryl Laskey Thank u baby , I needed a hug hippie ! Hugs for u always
Daniel Davis It is a tie for me Voodoo Child, All along the watchtower.
Steven Soloduk The superlatives have been used up... this is a great album. Period.
William Apgar Gypsy Eyes, Long Hot Summer Nights, 1983, Burning of the Midnight Lamp <3
Ben Stevens Voodoo child one of the great rock songs
Boyd Cracknell Its a classic album all the tracks are great...enough said
Jim Carter All Along the Watchtower is one of the great recordings ever!



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In addition to price gouging, Marshall Perry said a few patrons have purchased bogus tickets.

Dothan Eagle
Dothan Eagle1 day ago

The goal of Mama Tina’s Mission this Thanksgiving is to make sure anyone needing a meal, gets a meal.

Dothan Eagle
Dothan Eagle1 day ago

The Purple Cats have a chance to earn the program’s most wins since 1991 and a state quarterfinal spot for the first time since 1993.

Dothan Eagle
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Coach Bart Snyder says they have had a lot of fun this season.

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Special education students from Northview will grow herbs in the greenhouse and prepare them to be sold to Taziki’s. Students will grow basil, rosemary, cilantro, and oregano.

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If you know someone that might be dealing with depression, make some time for them during the holiday season.