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Auburn Tigers
Auburn Tigers5 hours ago

Tiger Jake is back!
A little competition for Aubie? 😏

Auburn Tigers
“Service dog”?? All I see is an animal being used to get its owner attention! That’s not a service dog, but thanks for playing!
OMG how cute! And everyone calm down. They DO make dye that is safe for dogs.
That dog has been around a long time. He’s always happy. Loves people and attention.
Auburn grad here who is NOT liking this.
That dog looks pretty happy, and very well taken care of.
I've seen the pup in person and he's adorable! I hope that dye isn't harmful!
Omg!!! Why would you do that to a animal
I love this!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️
God I thought that had gone away for good.
what kind of dye did they put on that poor puppy?
Peter, Tiger is back
Reagan Britt remember this pup?
Amber Weeks Patterson can we paint cam like this !!!!
So CUTE!!!
Omg that is so cute
Will that paint not hurt that puppy ??
It's adorable!
So cute!
Taylor Bloch I need that puppy 💙
Poor baby!
Kenny... Hazel?
Leigh Payne Sullivan Curtis Sullivan don't ever let me take Lilly to the groomer 😉
Auburn Tigers
Auburn Tigers6 hours ago

“Spirit animal for me would be a panda bear. Not a bear but a panda bear. They’re really unique.”
🗣 » Jarrett Stidham
#WarEagle | #SECMD18

Swoon ❤ Lol
If football doesn't work out, there is always GQ.
Be aPanda off the field and a grizzly on the field 😉
So glad he’s back can’t wait for season to start. WDE
Congrats on your graduation and on your engagement!!! Lookin forward to a great season!!
A very handsome distinguished-looking guy
War eagle. Can’t wait to watch you and the rest of the team n
Sooooooo ready for some War Eagle football 🏈🦅💙
Good looking guy and War Eagle!!!!
Kung fu panda
My kind of guy! War eagle!!
War Eagle
Jarrett stidham 🐯🐼😊😂
War Eagles 🎉❤️
War Eagle
Banks 🤔
Rachel Elizabeth Baud
Auburn Tigers
Auburn Tigers7 hours ago

Follow along with our #SECMD18 for live updates throughout the day.


Auburn Tigers
Auburn Tigers1 day ago

Auburn Sports Network's Andy Burcham sits down former Auburn Football defensive tackle Jeff Whitaker.

You're not going to want to miss this! ⤵️

🎙 » auburntige.rs/2zPKLEX


Auburn Tigers
Auburn Tigers2 days ago

In 1958, Auburn Football opened the season with a shutout vs Tennessee in one of the stranger games in program history.

Don't miss any of the action as the Tigers face off against the Volunteers on Oct. 13, inside Jordan-Hare Stadium....

I have in a frame hanging in my office the original program from this game
Matthew Brooks this is what i was tellin you about
Hard to believe that we only scored 13 points if they never got a first down
Ja'Cobie Edwards this is awesome
Ryan Zach wow!!
Gordon Wilson
Logan Lonsdale
Constance Cooper Paulk Chelsea Cooper
Pj Whitten Kyle Trotter
Joseph McCarty Hill Jr..
Chase Grubb
Pnut Harris
Donald Lewis
Auburn Tigers
Auburn Tigers3 days ago

"It literally changed the course of my life....I was fortunate enough to have that great experience at Auburn.”

🗣 Rowdy Gaines 🥇🥇🥇Olympian 🏊‍♂️

Watch #Rowdy, an SEC Storied film directed by Hannah Storm, tonight at 7...

My daughter was fortunate to meet him while at Auburn swim camp. It was very exciting! He was so nice!
At first glance I thought it read "Rowdy Yates" #heademupmovemout #rawhide (LOL)
I have been Rowdy Gaines fan since the 80's Olympics, and may have bumped into him in the Auburn end zone once at a game :))! Can't wait to watch this...War Eagle!
It was great! Every Auburn fan should watch!
Great !
I missed it. Hope they will show it again.
Can’t wait to watch it
Steve Bludsworth
Donald Lewis
Wes Renfro
Auburn Tigers
Auburn Tigers3 days ago

@aubiethetiger01 with the SAUCE! 💦

Auburn Tigers
Not digging the tails or whatever coming from his head!!!
I'm so tired of this song but Aubie is amazing!
Anthony and Evan, you mad? Bet old overweight big al can't break it down like that.
Kimberly Miller. Ever seen Aubie with dreads?
Thats a great mascot for ya!!!!!!💞💕
The tails weren’t necessary for dreads we got the picture 😕
Aubie come to Max Fitness Friday at 10:30 and dance in my Zumba class!!
Irvin Manuel Hernandez my mascot is cooler than yours just sayin'
The coolest 😎 Tiger 🐅 in the world WDE !!
On my timeline gross Here y’all go Matt Ray Summer Winfield 🤭🤢🤮
War Eagle looks more like a kids cereal box critter!
Erin English ❤️ it. Best mascot ever. Listened the whole way thru 😜😂👍
Long way from the Aubie that I used to know.
Courtney Davis Panesha Reynolds when y'all mascot get dreads? I'm loving it
Lose the dreads!!!
Lol everybody complaining about the dreads hasn't been to a game in a few years. I remember lil aubie from at least 2010
Jared Holmes That’s too much sauce💯
Best mascot!!!
War eagle
War Eagle 🦅
Aubie changing with the times. War Eagle!!
Yeah y’all can dance alright
War eagle🤗
Auburn Tigers
Auburn Tigers5 days ago

Auburn Sports Network's Andy Burcham sits down Strength & Conditioning Coaches for Auburn Men's Basketball and Auburn Women's Basketball, Damon Davis & Claus Souza and talks about the importance of summer work and the impact on the season.

🎙 » auburntige.rs/2fF3I0e...

Auburn Tigers
Auburn Tigers6 days ago

Auburn Women's Basketball dancin’ into the weekend. 💪

Hutch Pine, Sid Gray, and Jan Morey, they must have learned their dance moves from you all. War Eagle!
Haley Catherine I think we look just like them when we do it
Hate Auburn but I loved this 😂 they look like a fun crew
Christy Pritchard, are you SURE you haven’t been hanging out at Auburn with this group?! 😂 They got moves......
They’re going to put Tiger Paws out of business! 😂
Linda Choi see, here is the dance where i learned. lol
Brandon Barnes why aren’t you in this?
Joelye Davis us in our new kitchen
Go AU ladies 🧡💙
Soooul Traaainn !!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Hell yeah War Eagle ❤️👌🏾👊🏾🙋🏾‍♂️
Love it.
War Eagle baby!!!
War Eagle.
War Eagle 🦅
War Eagle
WDE! Hahaha. Lol
Macy Beth Lee we are learning this
War Eagle
Cynetria Malone bruh they got me hype
Auburn Tigers
Auburn Tigers7 days ago

We've got a new look at AuburnTigers.com. 👀