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Auburn Tigers
Auburn Tigers4 hours ago

Join Auburn Men's Basketball and VOTE for Bruce and @ChildrensHarbor using #Timeout2Vote and #CoachBrucePearl in the Coaches Charity Challenge! Click the link below to VOTE NOW!

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Auburn Tigers
Auburn Tigers
Auburn Tigers is at Auburn Arena.4 hours ago

Wake up! It's Auburn Men's Basketball GAMEDAY in Auburn Arena!


Auburn Tigers
Gerald Martin War Eagle
Auburn Tigers
Auburn Tigers is at Auburn Arena.4 hours ago

Auburn Gymnastics scored a 196.375 in its first SEC road meet of the season at Georgia!

Don't miss the Tigers in action vs No. 5 Kentucky on Friday, Jan. 26! Limited tickets remaining!

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Auburn Tigers
Margaret Myers Tough loss but so-o-o-o close! War Eagle!
Julia Westhaus Brough Go get ‘em Gracie!!!!!
Ferdy Marcia Levy Clarke Yay! Auburn!
Donna Schmidt Good luck girls. WAR EAGLE!!!! 🦅
Darell Brewer War Eagle!!!
Dianne Looney Parker Jennifer Hise Mehaffey🧡Avery💙🏅🤸🏼‍♂️
Auburn Tigers
Auburn Tigers is at Auburn Athletic Complex.22 hours ago

“I understand that there are lofty expectations for Auburn Athletics and I embrace that wholeheartedly."

🗣 » Allen Greene, Auburn Director of Athletics


Alva R. Marty Needs to change the color of his tie.
Amy Stanford Unless he can over-ride Gus’s contract, it’s fake news.
Mike Miller I would prefer an Auburn man.
Anderson Wood This guy is young and hungry. He's also new blood. He'll learn about Auburn like we all did. That's the easy part. After his press conference today, I'm impressed.
Joshua Henderson How old is Mr. Greene? just curious
Mark Burns Just keep winning them on the field. As a grad I think our beating bAMA and GA as No. 1s is the most significant event of the season. Watching them play for being named champions of the CFB TV show was bitter but knowing we beat them both on the field was sweet. They may wear the tee shirt, but we both know who the champions really are beneath it.
Ann Hatch Congratulations to Auburn’s new AD.
Cathy Key Good luck and welcome to Auburn!!
Melissa M Welcome to the AU family Allen Greene! 🧡💙
Jeanna Watts Dennis Someone please tell him it is Auburn University, NOT University of Auburn!
Jon Miller Who???????
Auburn Tigers
Auburn Tigers is at Plainsman Park.1 day ago

Four weeks until @AuburnBaseball opens up the 2018 season at Plainsman Park!

Don't miss your chance to catch the Tigers in action this season. Limited number of season tickets remaining!

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Auburn Tigers
Sidney Pridgen Auburn baseball just became a priority with the athletics department.
Hank McClary What about women's softball?? When does it start on ESPN?
Becky Williams Osborne War Eagle!
Paula Dorn Herbek Can't wait! War Eagle!!!
Auburn Tigers
Auburn Tigers was live.1 day ago

Watch as Auburn introduces new Director of Athletics, Allen Greene.


Auburn Tigers
Caleb Rotton He's been in Auburn for 24 hours. He won't know every single thing about the University. I have no doubt he will catch on quickly. He's going to do great things for AU. War Eagle!
Ryan Edwards Unfortunately you can't erase skin color from it. But this is one of those instances where it's not a negative conversation
Grant Maddox cmon people the guy is nervous and excited give him a break
Greg Hoyt The video won't play for me but he is in Auburn man now let's get him a new tie and get behind him. If you're not on board get off the train.
Zach Willis Somebody get this Michael Parrish guy Tommys number so they can go on a date and go on somewhere. We get it dude. Your a Tommy guy
Michael Parrish I wanted somebody with more experience also somebody who understood the Auburn family and what it means to its fan base I wanted Tommy tuberville
Anderson Wood Someone said it earlier, we needed new blood. We need someone who's excited for this opportunity and sees Auburn as what it is, top-quality.
Tanya Boring Mr. Greene is very well spoken with Auburn values! I like that he is humble and not a know it all. My only hesitation is that he is a ND grad. Guess it is better than a Bama grad. LOL
Carolyn Perkins Gibson "Taking those challenges or setbacks and helping our young people grow in life" "Remembering that these are games..." Perspective is right!
Cody Allen Loggins Hey Michael Parrish how much experience does Tuberville have as an AD? That's right, NONE. He would have been a nightmare.
Melissa Hocker Pope The angry faces wanted Tuberville, who has ZERO experience running any aspect of an athletic dept, we didn't need Jacobs 2.0
Roderick D. Torbert Michael Parrish, don’t hate, congratulate. He’s here now, nothing you can do about it. Maybe he can clean up some of the mess that’s happened in the past year or so.
Lisa Garlen YES!!! This is much bigger than athletics! This is about developing the character of these young people! Welcome to Auburn! War Eagle!
Kaye Cryar Matthes Love the sense of humor and quick wit. The AD needs to be a communicator and that seems to be a strong point.
Marla Ebert He's not here to only coach the coaches, he's here to improve athletics as a whole. However, to each their own!
Brad Logan Auburn hit this one out of the park. This guy is going to be a Star
Gale McDonnell Fuller What a well spoken young man! He is perfect for Auburn in 2018!!
Darin Miller I like this guy. Sharp, young, outside perspective. This will be good.
Susan Storey Pat Dye said the same thing when he was introduced as head coach. He'll learn ...
Jennifer Bevel McCaghren Very impressed! Excited for the future of Auburn Athletics. War Eagle!!
Jack L. Lowrey Thank you Jay Jacobs. Like Pat Dye , you took us to the next level Mr Greene will be given the same great opportunity 🦅👍
Melissa Hocker Pope Thankful to have someone with management and fundraising experience to lead the Athletic Department.
Anderson Wood This guy is young and hungry. I was meh about the announcement, but I'm pumped after watching this live.
JoJo Martin He feels the Auburn Family passion and the love for our university. I like this hire. Let's support him and give him a chance. He has earned it. He has done a great job everywhere he has been.
Sara Dunn Allen Greene(WDE)=WarEagles can't wait to see what the AU future holds with this great addition to the Athletic Department
Auburn Tigers
Auburn Tigers1 day ago

Watch Allen Greene's introductory press conference this morning at 10 a.m. CT here on Facebook Live.

🎥 » auburntige.rs/2rjimmp


Ryan Banks We didn't need a yankee. The south is being over run by liberal yankees. I guess we have to deal with him just like we have to deal with the pos Gus Malzahn.
Laura Dixon hope he is ready to clean house
Arthur Rosen Sorry to see the few negative comments. Let’s give him a chance please.
Madeline Maxwell Welcome to our Auburn family! War Eagle!!
Tillie Taylor Bouler Welcome to the Auburn Family! WDE!!!
Bryan Pape Drain the AU athletic dept. SWAMP, please!
Danae Quirk Welcome to the Plains, Greene family.
Anita Taylor Smith War Eagle, Mr. Greene!!
Rhonda Lynn H Welcome to the Auburn family & WDE
Whitney Flanary I was very impressed! Give the man time! War Eagle!
Anna Marie Hendry-Hinson We certainly wish him well. War Eagle!
Con Gaines Welcome to Auburn and WDE!!!
Jan Reeves War Eagle Mr Greene!!!
Celtie Wade Welcome and War Eagle!
Auburn Tigers
Auburn Tigers was live.2 days ago
Auburn Tigers
Otis Rempel Bruce P. What a class guy you are and you have brought class to the basketball program. War Eagle
William Henegar Proud of the team nonetheless. They've all played well. And a big hat tip to Coach. It was almost his best coaching of the season. The guy can coach.
Chris Goldschmidt Just tuning in, so you might have already covered this, but one question: What is your opinion about the new athletic director?
Terry Nelson Do you focus any practice on free throws after missing so many? War Eagle!
Jason Ragsdale War Eagle coach Pearl from Mobile, Al...... You are doing a great job ! So proud of the season we are having and looking forward to being in the Big Dance!
Kevin Robinson Hate that we lost but like the fact that against a talented tall lanky team that we were able to get the ball to the hole even when the three ball wasn’t falling
John Cason WDE from Boaz....Coach Pearl and this team are gonna be fine....didn't play our best and still could have won
Stephen McLaughlin this is funny to watch their faces and such during commercial. Coach has so much personality! it's Ausome
Matt Trice Proud of MBB last night. They never quit and you could see it in their eyes. WDE
Justin Snider Coach Pearl tell the guys to keep their head up chin up chest up. Keep grinding and work hard. War Eagle!!
John Starnes Love Coach Pearl. Put that loss behind us. Beat UGA. Can’t wait to get down for the Vanderbilt game.
Jeff Chaney Get another shot at Bama in a couple of weeks. Plus the trophy presentation...War Eagle!
Jeff Starling Hit our free throws down the stretch we win last night.
Ed Mann Maten gets 2nd and 3rd chances all the time.
Rob Turner How’s the track team looking in the early season? WDE!
Keith Booker When are you taken the next bus trip? Georgia? If not I’ll see you again over there
Glenda Wakefield Go Tigers! Bama won't matter! Just keep winning! War Eagle!
Greg Neal Tough beat last night. Tough game coming up vs GA
Marsha Easley Hey Coach. Marsha Easley and Dr. Susan Newman says Beat Cancer !!!,
William Henegar Larry Watkins, that and the FTs killed us.
Ed Mann Guard Maten when he doesn't have the ball
Ed Mann Recruit North Cobb Christian, Greenforest,
Larry Watkins Alabama player making 8 three pointers did not help.
Patti Trotter Love this team. They’re so exciting to watch. Bruce Pearl’s da man!
Sherry Lamons Polk Bruce Pearl you are such an asset to AU......WDE
Auburn Tigers
Auburn Tigers2 days ago

‪“It became overwhelmingly clear that Allen has the right combination of leadership, enthusiasm, experience and management to lead Auburn Athletics to success well into the future.”‬

‪📰 » auburntige.rs/2DQ5ebi‬


Robert Camp And the politically correct color....
Ken Wiggins So will he fire Tim Jackson and Meredith Jenkins?? Clean the stable!!
Jeff Cooper I will reserve judgement until he does the job.
Rashad Landon WDE🦅
Auburn Tigers
Auburn Tigers2 days ago

‪Please join us in welcoming Allen Greene to the Auburn Family as our new Director of Athletics.‬

‪📰 » auburntige.rs/2DOsBlp‬


Ryan Hathcock No dice. He’s a glorified fundraiser with ties to Ole Miss’ hiring of Hugh Freeze which brings along the NCAA investigators. Hate to say no but no thanks
Bill Mckenzie We hire a baseball player that could not make it in the major league has done nothing in his career has no ties to Auburn at all not qualified for the job why cause he is a good fun raiser whats he promising for the money he brings in what has he actually done to better the programs he been a part of nothing
Daniel Rice Someone needs to inform Charles Barkley we finally hired an African American from Buffalo 😂($1 to Turner Gill)
Alan Caudle War Eagle and welcome to Sweet Home Alabama!
Sloth Addams Welcome! New blood, original thinking, that's what we need.
Barry Vickers AD Green, please read the AUBURN creed everyday. Then share a copy with each person that reports to you. Follow it, we’ll be golden.
Paul Haynes I read that he is a great fundraiser? That will come in handy when Malzahn's contract has to be bought out.
Joe Sellers War Eagle! Now let's get a plan to build a new football facility and renovate Jordan Hare Stadium!
Stanley Carter Welcome to Auburn! War Eagle! Look forward to great things.
Lewis Carter I’m pleased the new brooms swept clean. Thanks to thinking outside the box.
Dianne Sharp War Eagle, welcome to the AU family!
Amy Strickland Welcome to the family and War Eagle!
Fred Green War Eagle Baby, The future is BRIGHT!
Javier C. Goizueta War Eagle Allen! Welcome to the Loveliest Village...
Jack Riley The good ole boys are uneasy.
Preston Sparks Congrats and welcome to Auburn!
Carolyn Decker Cheek Welcome from a transplanted Buffalonian!
Sherry Marie Smith Harrison Welcome to the Auburn family Mr. Greene, God Bless u and Warrrrrrrr Eagle!!!
Vicki Mullinax Glad to have you with our family
Don Little Welcome to Auburn, congrats on the new role. War Eagle!
Mike Lesley Welcome to the Auburn family.
Tommy Tynes If Gary Waters likes this announcement, I do too.
Beth Hood Welcome to Auburn! Your are gonna love it! War Eagle!!!!
Marie Molnar Yelvington Welcome to the family!
Barbara Goodgame Seay Welcome and congratulations!